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I Want To See You Again

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/twelve, summer/

“Jin-ah, can you please give Mrs. Kim from next door some of the kimchi that we made, so that they could also enjoy it. Also, tell her I really enjoyed the radish kimchi she sent us last week,”

“But ma, it was way too salty!” Jin stomped his feet, claiming the container full of kimchi from the table.

“Shut you mouth Jin! Can you give that woman a break? They just moved here last month from a condominium to an apartment because the head of their family suddenly left them. Okay? Now could you please give mommy a peace of mind and tell me when you get back that you told her the kimchi she made was good,” his mother’s grip was to firm on his shoulder that he made no sound of refusion.

A nod was all he gave. His mother was impossible to argue.

He arrived at the next door. The “612” was engraved on the door. Theirs was “613”.

It was his first time stepping on their moldy welcome sign he always sees before going to school. Jin gave a loud sigh and an eyeroll before pressing the bell.

A boy a bit taller than him, opened the door. His aura was absolutely threatening and cold, different of what his mother described to him.

“What.” It wasn’t even a question.

“Uhm, is Mrs. Kim there?” Jin showed off his smile that he used when meeting people for the first time.

“My mom said your dad died a month ago, why are you smiling like that?” Namjoon said it with a very straight face which causes Jin to break his happy mask away. His father’s injustice death was a very sensitive topic to Jin that even his mother and classmates never opened up the topic in front of him.

“Is Mrs. Kim there?” he repeated, now gritting his teeth.

“That’s more like it,” Namjoon muttered but loud to Jin’s hearing. “Mom! The next door is giving us kimchi.”

When his mom came to the door, Namjoon ran away to his own room.

Namjoon’s mom was a pale and slim woman with fine marks around her eyes. Her features were gentle and her smile was soft but never full.

“Oh my! I finally met you, your mom has been telling me stories about you. Come in and have a drink, it is too hot out there,” She ushered him inside the cool room. He followed her to the kitchen where he smelled burning food, the smell of unwashed dishes, and unwrapped full trash bin.

The same structure of their kitchen but the total opposite one. He thought.

“You should’ve gone to the living room, oh dear, just ignore everything you see. Oh, thank you for this,” she receives the container and pushed his back gently to the living room, which is empty. Only a couch, a tiny coffee table and a small television was all he could see.

Sitting on the couch, he felt alone for the first time. People that surrounded him kept him happy, made his thoughts of his father go away. But, in this room, he felt the coldness atmosphere inside; thoughts of his father and what he witnessed crept back in.

He hated this room. He absolutely hated thinking of his poor father.

His thoughts popped like a bubble when Namjoon’s mother placed an iced tea on the coffee table.

“Thank you, Mrs. Kim,” He quickly laughed. “It’s like calling my mother.”

She chuckled softly, now relaxed. Proving again his great ability.

“Speaking of my mother, she said the radish kimchi you sent was well made,”

“Oh, I think it was too salty. My son even doesn’t like it.” Her face fell. He needs to think fast.

To tell or not to tell. To be honest or not.

“But my mom said the radishes you picked was good. We even made it into a soup, and it was absolutely the best.” He didn’t tell her it was salty and what he told her wasn’t a lie either but her face lit up. That is all that matters to him.

“Thank you,” she said it too quietly with a blush creeping up to her cheeks.

After finishing his drink and their small talk, he left and went straight to the mart. He quickly grabbed and bought some salty chips and a sour drink.

He ate and drink it with a relief.

The iced tea was too sweet.

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/fifteen, spring/




Still ignored.

“Joonie!” Namjoon quickly slid his headphone on his neck.

“I told you not to call me that in school,” Namjoon glared on Jin who all in fours on the ground, catching his breath.

“Yah, don’t speak to me informally I am two years older than you and this, apparently, is a bus stop. So, I could call you Joonie!” Seokjin flashed his smiled which irked Namjoon so much who he wanted to annoy.

Three years ago, Namjoon blatantly told Seokjin about his father (which he hated so much). They haven’t seen that much after the event. But as Namjoon started his first year in middle school in the same school. He wanted to annoy him as a revenge because it is what he was best at. Kill ‘em with kindness, they said.

Wide Smile? Check.

Cutesy Nickname? Check.

Enemy Access? Double Check.

“I know my mom told you to look after me but can you please stop it?” The both of them stood side by side, waiting for the bus.

“Yeah, she told me you were a total freak at 6th grade. Getting into fights… and whatsoever happened to… you,” his voice started to fade when Namjoon started to glare at him. Seokjin can’t stop blurting out everything out but he decided not to in this conversation. He might get beaten up.

“Why? Do you only eat dirt on your elementary days? That’s why you are called ‘dirt boy’ at school?” He expected Namjoon to laugh at the fact because everyone did but he wasn’t.

What’s wrong with this boy?

“I was just freaking curious! You know dirt? The brown thing? It looked good whenever I see it but it was just one time. One freaking time! One taste and I am done with it. I spat the whole thing out of my mouth. Damn that kid Yoongi for seeing it and spreading it around the elementary grade. But I can’t believe someone still calls me that until now. That was decades ago.” Seokjin spoke so fast that he turned beet red. He put his hands on his waist and huffed out a big breath.

He then turned around to Namjoon who had his headphones back in place, bobbing his head to some kind of metal music.

The both of them then quietly waited for the bus. Jin couldn’t annoy him furthermore because he was also annoyed and he lost his energy explaining the dirt boy situation.

When the bus arrived, Seokjin was first to enter but was pushed away by Namjoon.

“Whatever you say dirt boy, you talk so fast,” Namjoon passed by him and took the last seat inside the bus.

He heard it.

“Take the next bus, kid. It will come any minute now.” The driver then closed the door, leaving Jin at the bus stop.

Seokjin was beyond baffled at his situation right now. He did nothing wrong but he received all of the karma. He wanted to annoy him but he also wanted to know more of him and why he was different from him even if both of them lost their fathers.

He was a bright kid like you. You definitely have the same personality before but he started to isolate himself since his father left him. I’m very worried about him at school. Can you please look after him?

The bus was taking a long time, Jin has no choice but to walk.

Besides, the cherry blossom petals are beautiful right now.


A loud thud frightened Jin as he passed by the back alley of the school.

“Woah, I just can’t believe a hoobae just glared at his sunbae. I really can’t believe it!” He recognized who was on the ground. It was Namjoon.

“If you start opening your eyes and you’ll believe why,” Namjoon replied informally to his 6-foot opposite. The bully was absolutely in rage, he started throwing thing near Namjoon’s head. Namjoon, however, was stationary, no movements but still throwing glares from his sharp eyes.

Seokjin was in no way to interrupt because he knew it is going to affect his reputation at school and worry his mother the minute that big fist come in contact with his face but he knew Namjoon needed help, especially he was carrying the words of his mother.

He was a bright kid like you. You definitely have the same personality before but he started to isolate himself since his father left him. I’m very worried about him at school. Can you please look after him?

Can you please look after him?


Oh no, he is about to get punched. Think fast, Kim Seokjin.

“Park Hyunjoon-ah! The teacher is looking for you. If you go right now, I won’t report anything that I have witnessed,” A lie but he was also the class president, giving him the direct power next to the teachers. He knew he would get in trouble after but he had to sacrifice himself.

Cue the internal eye-roll.

Sacrifice? What a big word.

Am I some kind of sheep? He thought.

“Ugh, I am so not done with you… Kim Namjoon.” Thankfully, he just walked away without harming Namjoon.

Seokjin then walked his way and stood in front of a seated Namjoon, who was now staring down on the ground.

“You could’ve just left me,” he mumbled.

“Sorry can’t hear yah,” Seokjin faked it. He does not want those kinds of word.

“You could’ve left me! You could’ve run away and forgotten everything you saw anything like those other people do! You should’ve not saved me! You are so fucking annoying!” he was now shouting, looking up to Jin with tears in his eyes. Seokjin was shocked at how easily Namjoon broke down his tough guy image. He must have been scared at the ordeal earlier. He must have –

He realized something.

All the fight that happened to Namjoon, he was just waiting for someone to reach their hands for him.

But all this time, everyone left him in the hands of the bullies.

Everyone just left him to be hurt.

Just like his father.

“Yah you are sooo dumb, I am a class president, I should not tolerate this kind of violence in this school,” he just nervously laughed because he might get beaten up next.

The school bell rang.

“You should go now to your class, knucklehead. See you at the bus stop, Joonie!” He ruffled his head and briskly walked away from Namjoon before he sees Jin’s reddening face.

He now knew the purpose of his own personality that he questioned for a long time.

He now knew that God made him like this because he had to save someone, same as him, from the darkness.

Namjoon’s crying face went back to Jin’s mind. He wasn’t expecting to see it today.

He noticed the petals was covering now the grey path. Looking up, he saw what it was.

Cherry blossoms are indeed more beautiful right now.

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/nineteen, winter/


Everyone has secrets.

A secret which could bring hell on earth.


One month ago. Winter Break.

“Kim Seokjin.”

“Yah! Kim Namjoon!” Seokjin threw his empty water bottle to Namjoon, which he just swiftly caught and threw it in the bin. “I am older than you why are you calling me by name since middle school?”

Namjoon just nonchalantly chuckled and went to sit beside him. “I got you hot tea and you are treating me like this,” he slowly slid the hot can on Jin’s ungloved hands. They drank their tea in silence while waiting for the bus.

It was the same bus stop where Seokjin sputtered things to Namjoon the day before Jin saved him and them from being the worst enemies to now being frenemies.

3 years had passed since their fateful beginning.

“Shut up! you asked for my friendship, you followed me into our hallway, which is actually restricted to underclassmen,” he laughed so loud causing Namjoon to splutter all of his tea in his mouth.

“I did not f-follow you! Christ, I still can’t get used to your laugh,” he wiped his mouth with the hem of his jacket. He took a look at Seokjin’s hand that was getting red from the freezing temperature. He took off his own gloves and handed it to Jin.

“What are you scowling for while giving me your gloves?” he teased Namjoon for his cold exterior yet warm personality. Namjoon pushed further his gloves to Jin.

“Aww, you really love me that much Joonie? That you are willing to give me your PE uniform earlier, helped me carry the notebooks earlier, gave me tea, and now your gloves? Aw! Come give hyung a hug and a kiss!” Seokjin reached his arms to Namjoon, who backed out to the edge of the seat.

“Aw, don’t be shy little Joonie. Your mom said you said my name every time in your sleep. Didn’t you know me and your mom are total BFFs?” Jin reached to him more and more.

“I-I did no- Woah!” Namjoon backed out too much he slid out of the bench and fell into the snow.

“You are too cute, Joon-ah”

“Shut up,”

Namjoon was thankful that on that day that the cold covered his red cheeks.

Seokjin was also thankful that the bus got delayed that day.


Winter break is almost finished but Jin’s suffering from letting Namjoon out of his room has not.


It is already the millionth time that Jin has knocked on his door that it already left a mark for the past 3 years. Namjoon has already stopped his fights and now already got good grades. Too good that he climbed his way to the top since then but still he stayed locked up in his room.

“Go away.”


Knock. Knock. Knock



“Yah Kim Nam-” Namjoon suddenly opened the door and pulled him in. Seokjin let out a little shriek.

It was the first that Jin ever entered his room. He looked around his room. It was decent. Blue paint. A rack full of clothes. A bookshelf filled with books in different language and genre. A neat desk. A collection of small items. A play station and a TV. A normal boy room…

But what stood out the most was the incredible number of stuffed toys in his bed and more on the shelf above.

All Ryan stuff toys.

Lots of them.

“Do not laugh! I know you are going to laugh! Your face is freaking crimson red right now Seokjin-ah,” he warned Jin who was about to bust the loudest laugh he will ever make.

“Ugh, this is why I never let my friends enter my room. You exactly make the same expression as them right now,”

“Alri- HAHAHA- I’m so sorry,” he covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe his eyes that the cold Namjoon could be really this soft and adorable.

“Actually, I wanted you to be the first boy to let you see my room,” Namjoon mumbled so softly that it would seem like he was breathing.

“Hmm? What you sayin’?”

“I mean you, Jin-ah, are the first person that ever entered my room,” Namjoon covered his face to hide his warming cheeks.

“Well, I am beyond honor that you let me see your room but you seriously need you me hyung before I leave high school.” Jin sat on his bed, feeling the soft comforter and the pillows.

“Unless you make me cry, I will now call you ‘hyung’. I am one tough cookie.”

“You will, someday.” He reached one Ryan. “But seriously, where do you sleep?”

Namjoon just chucked one large stuffed toy and they spent time together even if Jin wasn’t successful in letting Namjoon out.


One month after. Graduation Day.

“Congratulations Mrs. Kim!” Namjoon’s mom went for a quick hug to her long-time neighbor.

“Thank you! But you should congratulate Seokj– Where is he? JIN LET’S GO WE ARE GETTING LATE!” she shouted so loud that Jin hurriedly ran outside with his socks only.

“Come, come, come, let’s go so please stop being so loud ma,” He pleaded, clinging into her arms. She just flicked him away.

“YOU HAVE NO SHOES DEAR LORD!” Seokjin’s mother took no more of her patience. She stomped her way inside the house, followed by Joon’s mom who was calming her.

“Your mom is a bit feisty right?” Namjoon swiftly slid beside Jin.  He also slid his hands into Jin’s while they were alone outside.

Their relationship changed a lot since Jin entered Namjoon’s room. At that day, Namjoon was baring it all to Jin. The ugly sides that he couldn’t even show to his mom. His darkest moments that he could even face it all. He showed it all to Jin and after all the time they have spent together, a budding love grew inside Namjoon. It took him a while to realize it. That Jin was all he needed in his unfortunate life.

Jin who was his savior.

Jin who was his sunshine.

Jin who was still Jin, and

Jin who he loves the most.

“Stop, I am getting embarrassed,” Jin mumbled, covering his mouth who was itching to grow a large, goofy grin.

Seokjin too didn’t realize all that he felt, everything clicked perfectly when Namjoon confessed inside his room.

I mean, I don’t like, like you but I do lik– UGH OKAY I LOVE YOU KIM SEOKJIN I STILL HATE YOU SO MUCH THOUGH!.

Namjoon’s confession still doesn’t want to leave his mind and he replayed every second over and over again. It was unexpected but it puts everything in the right perspective. They needed each other. Little did they know they were each other’s saviors.

Namjoon needed someone to help him out of the darkness.

Seokjin needed someone to pull him out in every suffocating act that he needs to do, to hide his pain and trauma.

It is with each other that they pull out their mask and face their true self.

“Let’s go Seokjin!” his mom threw his leather shoes and ran out the hallway.

“See you later,” Seokjin whispered as he ran after his mom.


It was after the ceremonies that the two Kim families dined together outside. After years of being neighbors, they become like a family to each other, supporting each other as they lost their head of the family.

“Oh my thank you for the dinner, Mrs. Kim, you saved me a lot from cooking.” Joon’s mother nudged her.

“Oh you just shut up and eat Mrs. Kim, I am going pay it all cause my handsome son has graduated! Next time I’ll treat is when he gets married,” she nudged her back causing the two of them to giggle loudly inside the restaurant. Two simultaneous coughs from the other side caught their attention.



“Ha? What?” her confused mother frowned.

“Nothing,” both of them muttered at the same time, waving their mother off.


After dinner, Seokjin and Namjoon stayed behind while their mother head home. They took this time as their first date since they started dating. This date was different from their time school and the time they went home from school to home because Namjoon went out of his shell and started to explore more of his world including Jin.

“This exists?!” Namjoon exclaimed as he took a bite off the treat that he wasn’t able to taste before. Seokjin looked at him, now fondly due to their newly found perspective. He laughed at the man who’s had the same expressions as him.

He was a bright kid like you. You definitely have the same personality before…

His mother was indeed right.

It was the first time that Namjoon went over from his protective space.

He chased squirrels.

Caught small fishes and frogs and let them go after

He smelled the air from the park, taking it all as he realized how lucky is he to meet Jin.

“Seems like you had tons of fun tonight,” they sat on the bench, overlooking the city landscape while waiting for their delivery.

“Yeah, I lot. I do regret a bit not knowing this much before, I feel like a tourist in my own country instead.” After their small talks, they immersed themselves in their comfortable silence.

No sounds, only the wind and the rustle of the leaves.

But a phone call from Seokjin’s mother broke it all.


“Come home quick.” There was a sense of urgency that was filling her trembling voice.

Being the only one that protects his mother, he quickly became worried.

“I am so sorry to leave you behind Namjoon with the delivery but I need to come home quick, my mom desperately needs me.”

“No, it’s alright. No need for apologies. Go now, your mother needs you the most right now.” He reassured Jin, who was trembling with fear.

He ran outside the park where he immediately hailed a taxi and rushed his way home. He so much that his mom wasn’t in danger.

When he arrived, he can’t wait anymore for the busy elevator that he ran all his way up to the 6th floor.

“Ma!” he burst open the door, seeing his sobbing mom and a man clad in a formal dress suit. He immediately went to the man and grabbed his collar, threatening him with his fist.

“What did he do to you ma?” he seethed with his hand trembled in pure rage.

“Stop it, he is your father’s lawyer,” she pulled her son beside her, calming him down. The lawyer fixed his collar, nervously drinking his water.

Seokjin started shaking, everything related to his father scared him so much.

Dad? Is that you? DAD!

His father was a vision he wants to forget.


A dark vision of fear.

A dark vision of loneliness.

“Are you alright?” his mom knocked him out of his spiral of fear. He just nodded.

“Mrs. Kim, just today, a new information about your husband just came in. It turns out there was a car directly in front of the scene, its owner just sold the car in the morning of the accident and that is why no evidence was found; the new owner found a suspicious file thumbnail and it turns out to be the block box video of the crime scene.” He turned his laptop and pressed play. Everything that happened 7 years ago played again in colors.

Mr. Kim was walking home in an alleyway, it was raining very hard that day. He was bringing home his family some ice cream.

He was smiling. He cannot wait to be home to his family.

A black car was speeding down the alley.

It hit Mr. Kim, sending him on the car’s roof and then on the ground but the car wasn't showing signs of helping him or stopping.

After the rain stopped, Seokjin was asked by his mother to wait for his dad at the post office, where they usually meet and go home together.

But that day, Seokjin saw his father bleeding to death on the ground.

No one helped. No one was there.

Dad? Is that you? DAD!


Seokjin immediately saw his father’s phone and called 119.

He also called his mother for help but it turned worst.

His mother fainted and collapsed upon seeing his husband on the ground, bloodied.

She lost both her husband and unborn child that day.

Seokjin blamed himself for calling his mother. He blamed himself asking for ice cream.

“We also found information the driver of the black car since the plate number was very visible on the video.” He handed a file containing the complete details of the suspect. “It is Mr. Kim Jung Hwan, 48 years old. He has a family on Seoul but as we dug on further they are currently in this apartment complex. The wife’s name is Kim Seo Hyun and their 17-year-old son, Kim Namjoon.”

Everything Seokjin heard was too loud on his ears. The buzz was deafening and everything was silent except for that buzz.

He wanted to vomit.

“Where is he now sir!?” His mother was definitely furious.

“The police are now currently in a manhunt, he is for sure hiding because he closed his every bank account and his credit card. He is a very wealthy man, so he might use his power over people to hide him.”

Seokjin can’t take any more; he sprinted outside, gasping for air.

He can’t believe that his father’s killer is free.

He can’t believe it was Namjoon’s father.

Who were his best friend and the one who taught him to love.

“Jin?” Seokjin whipped his head to the origin of the voice. Namjoon looked at him with pure confusion.

“Where did you hide him?” His voice was dangerously low. He knew his anger was taking over.

“Are you okay?” He crouched near Jin and touched his tense shoulder.

Seokjin flicked it away, standing up.

“Don’t dodge the question Joon-ah, I know what you are doing. This is a fucking joke right?” he was now sarcastically chuckling.

“I don’t get you Jin,”

“Oh no, you get me so much Namjoon, is that why you suddenly stick yourself to me? So when I found out your dad killed mine, I wouldn’t get so much mad at you. You are such a joke. That is why my gut feeling was always telling me to be away from you before but you know what? I ignored it because I fucking liked you but you used me!” Seokjin tears fell like the rain that poured outside right now. He turned his back and started walking out.

“I definitely didn’t use you hyung! Hyung please listen to me! I didn’t do it for my dad!” Namjoon chased after him.

“Don’t fucking follow me.” He pushed Namjoon aside and ran outside the pouring rain.

“Hyung!” Namjoon sobbed on the ground, feeling powerless and weak. All the years of being tough fell in one piece.

His tears broke down the tough cookie.

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/twenty-three, autumn/


4 years had passed since the killer of Seokjin’s father had been caught by the police.

In the news, it also included that he had held his family in a hostage for years who were unknowing to his crimes but after his family knew about his crimes, they immediately reported his whereabouts to the police.

And since then, they moved to another place now, away from the media.

Seokjin’s mother went back to her parent’s hometown to avoid media too and he just lived alone in his university dorm.

He was still the same jolly person as before, making a lot of friends at university, getting too popular but he also still couldn’t forget the events 4 years ago.

He couldn’t bring to forgive his own self for what he did to Namjoon. He just knew Namjoon is surely angry with him.

And all he had his number which his mother just gave it to him two years ago.

I just met with Namjoon, they are doing just fine. They have also found a new home because the media kept following them. I know you are probably angry at them son, but they helped us a lot with the investigation. Please ask how's he doing. You were so close to him.

Two years had passed and he hasn’t dialed those numbers.

He now probably changed his number. He thought.

“Sunbae! Why are you sleeping on the leaf pile? Are you coming with us tonight with the freshmen?” An underclassman broke his train of thoughts. He opened his eyes and found two silhouettes of heads.

“Yeah, yeah I will. Go away, hyung-nim is sleeping. I worked my report until this morning.” He pulled his hoodie to head and slept away.


Seokjin was a bit tipsy after a night of drinking with his friends. No taxi came for him, so he just wandered along in the autumn midnight.

After his mindless wander, he suddenly arrived at the park where they waited for their delivery. He sat on the same bench and slinked down to lay down.

“ah, Namjoon, I definitely miss you and I want to see you again,” he sighed, a cloud of air came out from his mouth. It was definitely a cold night.

You could’ve called me, dummy.

He stood shot up straight from the bench, looking around for the voice but he was just alone in the park. He shivered and went home because it was getting too cold.

You could’ve called me, dummy.

You could’ve called me, dummy.

You could’ve called me, dummy.

He wished that voice could warm him up that cold night.


A headache woke him up late in the morning. It was that day his new roommate is coming, so he must be cleaning up his room. He picked up his clothes and groaned.

“Ugh coffee, I need my coffee,” he groaned all the way out of the dorm hallways.

He arrived at the café near the dorm buildings. It was a bit busy because everyone has no classes today.






It was like everyone was greeting at him inside but he just raised his hand at everyone, his jolly persona was at zero percent.

He ordered a hot coffee and sat by the window, the usual chatters went back.

He threw away the thought of his new roommate and his room. He couldn’t care more, it isn’t like his new roommate is not going to see the mess the longer they live together.

In the corner of his eye, he caught a shadow passing by. He whipped his head at it. A familiar hoodie passed by the café. He stared it until it looked at his back but it wasn’t looking at him but at someone who called him behind.

He squinted at the laughing man. He squinted and leaned in closer the glass wall but the shadow turned his back again and started walking again.

Damn his near-sighted eyes.

He finished his coffee and chased behind the man.

He followed it everywhere it went.

Seokjin grabbed his phone and surfed his contacts for his number.

If it rings, it’s him.

He sat at the nearby bush where the man was talking to someone.

He pressed call.

“Thanks, hyung for the hoodie!”

Wait, what? Was it just borrowed? Wait everyone had that hoodie! I’m so stu- The call! No, no, where’s the end button?  He fumbled on his phone which slid out the bush.


Wait, I didn’t know my phone was that loud during calls.

He didn’t realize that the voice was near him. He looked up, clutching his phone, and saw Namjoon, also clutching his phone to his ears and the hoodie in his other hand.

“Why are you calling when you are just nearby, hyung?” He pressed the end call and it ended also at Jin’s phone.

“I-I…” he panicked looking for excuses.

“And what are you doing at my department? I know that yours is at the opposite end. You are quite popular here, so you better run,” he chuckled and crouched on the ground, where Jin stumbled. He offered a hand and pulled him up.

“You got taller than me,” he commented, looking up at his height.

“Seriously? After 4 years, we met again and that’s what you all can say? Well, I’m still quite touched since it was a compliment.” He shrugged.

Namjoon was no longer the gloomy kid. He looked brighter than usual, somebody that his mother had told Jin.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure, we got all the time since I moved here this semester. Still adjusting though but I’m catching up quite well since it was just the same major but new school.” They sat at the bench nearby.

“Why here? You got bad memories here.”

“Not all though,”He smiled. “Mom liked it here so much and she never adjusted very well to other places except here. So, she got a house here.” Seokjin quietly nodded. He got so much to say but it wasn’t coming out.

They got silent.

A phone call again broke it.

“Again? Wow, I am getting a déjà vu,” Namjoon faked a shiver. Seokjin sent an apologetic smile and answered the phone.

“Hello? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” He put down the call. “Sorry, I need to go back to the dorm building,”

“Great, me too!” Namjoon slung his arms around Jin.

On the way to the dorm, they talk about the old times, the years they weren't there for each other, the food Namjoon newly discovered, Seokjin's presidency again, their mothers, and themselves. 

“Wait? Same floor?” They both laugh as they exited the same elevator door.

“Same corner? Don’t tell me you are my new roommate?” Jin exclaimed as they are both arriving in front of their doors.

“No way! This is mine!” Namjoon pointed at the door next door on the right.

Namjoon was 613. His was 612.

They’re neighbors again.

Like before.

“You know what our staring contest right now is getting weird. I wanna kiss you but I’m going in, I need to visit my mom today,” He was going in but Seokjin stopped him. He kissed him near the lips.

“I’m really sorry about that time I pus-” he was getting nervous talking about the past but Namjoon’s kiss stopped him.

“Yeah, I know.” He rests his head on Jin’s forehead. “I know, I missed you and I wanted to see you again even more after you muttered those words at the park but I couldn’t bring to show myself to you because I thought you hated me,”

He pushed him slightly, breaking their hug. “Y-you were there?” Namjoon just chuckled and waved him goodbye, leaving a wide-eyed Jin outside.

Ah, Namjoon, I definitely miss you and I want to see you again.”  Namjoon mocked Jin’s voice and make a kissy sound before going into the room.

“Shut up Joonie!” he went in slammed the door.

Namjoon peeked out the door again. “I hate you,”

“I know you love me,” he peeked out too and they both slammed the door.


END <3