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A Night to Remember

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- - - Taro Tanaka has joined the chat - - -
- - - Setton has joined the chat - - -
- - - Kanra has joined the chat - - -

[Taro Tanaka]: Have you guys heard of the Phantom Thieves?
[Kanra]: You’re joking, right? Who hasn’t heard of the Phantom Thieves? The whole country’s talking about them.
[Setton]: The Phantom Thieves?
[Kanra]: almost the whole country, lol
[Taro Tanaka]: They seem kinda like the Dollars, don’t they? I mean, with the anonymity. And they’ve got a website too!
[Kanra]: I’ll bet they’re a more exclusive club than the Dollars. You’re not likely to walk by one of them on the street anytime soon.
[Setton]: Who are the Phantom Thieves?
[Taro Tanaka]: You really haven’t heard?
[Kanra]: I’ll message you, Setton. You need to get caught up.
[Setton]: Hackers? Calling cards? Phan-Site? This is crazy!
[Kanra]: No crazier than Ikebukuro. We’ve got our very own Headless Rider, after all!
[Taro Tanaka]: Do you think the Phantom Thieves will come to Ikebukuro?
[Kanra]: Planning to change someone’s heart? There are better ways to get a girl, you know.
[Taro Tanaka]: Hey! It’s not like that. I just think it’d be cool for them to visit Ikebukuro. That’s all!
[Kanra]: Suuure, Taro. Anyways, who can say? Maybe you’ll see them sooner than you think.