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Three times Dick kissed Wally and the one time Wally kissed him

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Wally feels like he’s going to be sick.

            “I am not going to kiss Donna,” Dick says, sticking his tongue out at Garth, who rolls his eyes.

            “Then what’s the point of playing this stupid game?” Garth retorts.

            “Oh my gods,” adds Donna.

            While Lilith giggles and Roy looks between Dick, Donna, and Garth as if they were playing tennis, Wally wants the floor to swallow him whole. When Donna proposed staying tonight at Dick’s place, since Bruce was away doing scary, creepy things, everyone agreed because it seemed like a good idea—when Roy said that he could bring alcohol, everyone cheered because they were sixteen-year-olds that couldn’t drink alcohol and, let’s be fair, they drank alcohol anyway. When Lilith suggested playing spin the bottle, everyone thought it was a good idea.

            Now… not so much.

            So far, Roy has kissed Garth; Lilith has kissed Donna and Garth; Donna has kissed Wally; Dick has kissed Roy. They’ve had no problem, partly because by the time Lilith proposed playing all of them had already had some beers. But Dick apparently has a problem with kissing Donna, and so does she.

            “Dude, she’s like my sister,” Dick says for the hundredth time. “Would you kiss your sister?”

            “If the game says so.” Garth realizes his mistake a little too late, when everyone is iugh-ing.

            Lilith hits him on the shoulder. “Oh god, I have that picture on my brain now.” She hits Garth again. “That’s so gross!”

            They keep arguing about whether Dick should kiss Donna or not, chattering and laughing from time to time, and even though Wally would like to join the conversation, he can’t. He’s totally sober—not because he wants to, but because the alcohol wouldn’t do a thing to him—and he’s been panicking internally since the game started because… what if he has to kiss Dick?

            All odds indicate that the game is going to end right now, but Wally can’t stop thinking—what if they keep playing? What if Dick spins the bottle and it points to Wally? What if Wally spins the bottle and it points to Dick? Wally doesn’t know what would be more mortifying, having to kiss Dick or Dick rejecting to kiss like he’s doing right now with Donna.

            “Guys and gays,” Roy says. Everyone turns no him—he’s smiling deliriously, and maybe he’s had too many beers. “You are all dumbasses.”

            He doesn’t say anything else, so everyone just stares at him, waiting for something more. Maybe Wally should snatch away the beer he’s drinking right now, but before he can do it Roy starts drinking. Not even Garth breathes. When he’s done, Roy throws the bottle somewhere behind him—Wally cringes at the sound of glass breaking.

            “Dude—” Donna begins.

            “Haven’t any of you played at this before?” Roy says, rolling his eyes. No answers. “Jesus Chris—okay.” He sighs. “Neeerds.” He’s about to take another bottle, but Dick is faster; Roy grunts, but just crosses his arms and says, “When someone doesn’t want to kiss another person, he or she just drinks a shot and that’s it, the game continues. So—”

            Lilith gasps. “Are you telling me I could have avoided kissing Garth?”

            “Hey!” Garth protests. “What’s the matter with kissing me?”

            “You taste like fish,” Donna and Lilith say at the same time.

            Wally barks a laugh at the same time as Garth turns to Donna, “You haven’t even kissed me!”

            Donna just shrugs. Dick comes from the kitchen with a shot glass, and Wally wants to die a little bit more because that means that the game is still up. He can always take a shot instead of kissing Dick but… that would be too obvious, right? Because Dick’s his best friend—he’s not supposed to have a crush on his best friend!

            Dick kissed Roy, who didn’t complain. It could have been because he was too drunk at the time to complain, but still! Dick saying no to kissing Donna is because she’s like his sister. What would be Wally’s excuse? Also, this would be Wally’s first kiss—he doesn’t want his first kiss (with a boy) to be while playing spin the bottle, he doesn’t care how pathetic that sounds.

            “Are you sure you can handle that, Boy Blunder?” Garth teases.

            Dick scoffs. “It sure will be better than kissing my sister.”

            “Ooh, man,” Roy says, curled up on the couch. “That hurt.”

            Dick looks at the drink in his glass and smirks. Then he looks at Wally, probably for the first time in the whole night, and winks. Wally thinks he might have died right there and right then. Because Dick wearing his pajamas—which consist of a red undershirt and grey sweatpants—and having messy hair winking at him right before downing a shot is something Wally thought he’d never see.

            The dream ends quickly anyway, because as soon as Dick gulps he starts coughing so violently he doubles over. Everyone except for Roy, who is already snoring, laughs so hard they have to double over too.

            “What is this?” Dick asks before he starts coughing again.

            When they stop laughing everyone is lying on a couch—except for Wally, who is on the floor because they don’t have enough couches—, the game obviously finished, and Wally can’t be happier. Because he’s only been kissed once tonight and now the possibility of kissing Dick is completely gone. And he knows that next time, when someone suggests playing spin the bottle, he has to get up and get the hell away from his friends.

            “I think this is the first time I’ve gotten drunk,” Dick mutters out of nowhere. He’s on the couch beside Wally, so Wally can perfectly see it when Dick rolls to one side; now one of his hands is dangerously close to Wally’s face.

            Donna snorts. “Really?”

            “I’ve drunk alcohol before, but I haven’t gotten drunk. Bruce would kill me.” Wally can practically hear the smile on Dick’s face. “Once I took a sip of champagne and Bruce almost broke his rule of no-killing.”

            Wally smiles at the memory, but the smile changes into a frown when he feels Dick’s hand on his forehead. It’s just his pinky probably, making circles over his skin, but it sends shivers down his spine and help. Dick’s said that he’s drunk and maybe he’s doing it unconsciously, but Wally’s only thought right now is: !!!

            “We’re such losers,” moans Lilith. “It’s not even midnight.”

            “It’s like three a.m.” Garth retorts.

            “I’m sure it’s half past two a.m.” adds Donna.

            “I bet you both,” Lilith says, covering herself with a blanket, “it’s not even midnight.”

            Wally is too occupied to concentrate on their bickering, because now it’s not only Dick’s pinky touching his forehead, but his whole hand is buried in his hair. He feels him running his fingers through his hair and it’s relaxing and it makes Wally feel sleepy but also antsy because holy hell, Dick is running a hand through Wally’s hair.

            It’s also confusing. Because Wally and Dick have always been touchy, that’s no news to anyone, but it’s not often that Dick does this. But Dick’s also drunk, so… does this count as something? However, Wally can’t help but notice that while Roy is sleeping and the rest of the team is bickering, Dick and Wally are the only ones that aren’t talking.

            And it’s making him all bubbly inside and Wally knows that he shouldn’t get this excited because goddammit, it’s Dick. Dick, who’s dated Kori and Babs and Dick, who’s never going to like him back.

            Sighing, Wally gets to his feet and heads to the kitchen as Lilith, Garth, and Donna stop arguing to look at him in silence. “Wally—” Dick calls, but Wally pretends that he didn’t listen because now he’s just sad.

            When he’s in the kitchen he leans on the counter and sighs deeply. He drags a hand down his face and tries to think about something else, whatever. He should be enjoying this night with his friends and bickering about the time with the guys and he definitely shouldn’t be thinking about Dick. But it’s partly Dick’s fault, right? He’s the one that decided to start touching his hair. And Lilith was the one that suggested playing spin the bottle. And—

            “Who am I kidding,” he mumbles to himself. “This is so silly.”

            “What’s silly?” Dick asks, because he’s also decided to follow Wally into the kitchen, apparently.

            Wally shakes his head and pretends that he’s looking for a glass of water—because going to the kitchen all of a sudden to be alone would be super suspicious. And Dick’s a detective, no matter how much alcohol he’s had or how drunk he is.

            Dick’s fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and biting his lip when Wally turns to him again, a glass of water in one hand. It’s kind of cute, but Wally has to remind himself not to think about that. “So,” Dick says.

            “So…” Wally answers, because he doesn’t know what else to say.

            “I. Um. I’m sorry if that… bothered you.” Dick says, pointing to the living room. “Wasn’t my intention.”

            A full minute passes before Wally realizes that Dick’s talking about the hair-touching. When it comes to him, he almost slaps himself—of course Dick noticed Wally was uncomfortable. Only for the wrong reasons. He gets to Dick’s side, bumps his shoulder against his.

            “It’s fine,” he says, smiling. Because it totally is, honestly.

            Dick just stares at Wally, and for a second, Wally could’ve sworn that he was looking at his lips. Probably his imagination. “You were just… there.”

            “I’m usually by your side,” Wally says. He meant it to sound funny, but it kind of sounded… flirty.

            Dick giggles. “You’re a pain in the ass.”

            Wally gasps loudly, pretending to be offended. He puts a hand over his heart and wipes an imaginary tear from his cheek. “I thought we were best friends.”

            “I’ve been trying to get away from you for years, dude. You just won’t leave me alone for a second,” Dick retorts. Wally starts giggling too, and this time Dick bumps him. “Stop giggling.”

            “You first,” Wally says. And the next thing that he knows is that Dick’s lips are against his own.

            It happens so fast Wally doesn’t even have time to process what’s happening. One instant he’s laughing over Dick’s stupid joke and the next one they are kissing. It also takes him a minute to understand that it was Dick the one who started it.

            Wally feels Dick’s hands over him, one on his waist and the other on the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Wally doesn’t even close his eyes, so surprised he is, and he can perfectly see Dick’s little freckles over his nose, a fading scar just above his eyes. They just have their lips pressed together, but when they pull apart they are out of air.

            He’s been waiting for this moment for actual years, but now that he’s kissed Dick, Wally doesn’t feel any different. There’s electricity running down his spine—like when he runs superfast, faster than Uncle Barry—and he feels like he isn’t touching the floor, but that’s it. He’s still Wally. And Dick—Dick, just in front of him, has his cheeks flushed and is smiling shyly.

            “Hey,” Dick says, biting his lips.

            “Hi,” Wally mumbles, biting his lips as well.

            And then it dawns on him—this was his first kiss with a boy. And it was with Dick Grayson. Now Wally’s starting to feel the complete weight of the situation. He feels dizzy with emotion and he wants to say, let’s do it again but he can barely stop himself from laughing. Because he’s been worried the whole night that he might have to kiss Dick and here they are.

            Dick catches Wally’s hand and smiles at him. And everything’s just so perfect.

            However, Wally isn’t sure it really happened, because Dick doesn’t mention it the next day and neither does Wally.