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“I am a private detective. I am paid to be inquisitive and presumptuous.”

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"John - don't be ridiculous. I can walk."

"No, in fact, you can't, which is why I'm carrying you up the stairs, you git."

"It wasn't -"

"Entirely your fault?"

"I am a private detective -"

"Yes... that is true..."

"I am paid to be inquisitive and presumptuous."

"Not as such, actually. Fifteen - when - sixteen - was the last time - seventeen - really the door is locked for once - you were actually paid?"


"In pounds, not in socks -"

"You have to admit they were nice socks -"

"Tea, I need all the tea."

"John -"

"You truly are an idiot, at times."

"I know, I'm -"

"Budge up, don't apologise, I just wish that you would think before trying to take down a suspect twice your size -"


"He was only a suspect until he confessed, after he -"

"Don't say it."

"Fell on your leg and broke it in, how many places?"

"But did you see how green Donovan went, when she saw?"

"That was impressive -"

"Nearly worth it."

"You know it will be weeks in a cast - the hottest summer in decades -"



"No, just sleepy. I am sorry, John."

"I know, love. I know. Just go to sleep."

"You'll stay?"

"Of course, nowhere else I'd rather be."

"I do -"

"I know, love, me too."