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Bella's Lust

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Bella stood with her arms crossed, in the early morning light, watching the retreating figure of a young woman, who was astride a large dusky wolf. She watched until the strange sight disappeared into the distant trees. Standing next to Bella was a pale handsome man.
“She’s grown up so fast, Edward”, she told the man in a quiet thoughtful voice. She was still looking into the distance.
“Yes she has,” Edward answered, with a languid smile. “We’re lucky she can still pass for a highschool student. 3 years already and no incidents.” He added, folding his arms in mirror of his wife.
“We’re lucky we can too--although I do sometimes feel like a granny on the inside,” Bella said with her trademark wry delivery.
“Not a problem; I got enough youthful energy for the both of us.” Smiled Edward, playfully nosing her neck.
“Or maybe you’ve just always been a grandpa,” responded Bella, with a trademark subtle smile.
“Maybe you’ll get a chance to see for yourself tonight,” he whispered to her, exaggerating his voice for comedic effect. She pushed him away playfully, with a quick boyish laugh. Edward put his arm around her shoulder as they turned to go back into the house behind them. It was small but welcoming-looking white house, single-floor in design. It had a quaint little porch appended to its front face. It was in fact--not coincidentally--quite reminiscent of Bella’s former west coast home, back when she had lived with her father. The young couple had moved here 3 years prior--out of necessity, yes; but also for a change of scenery, and a fresh place for Renesmee to grow up. Although it had only been a little over 10 years since Bella gave birth to her. Renesmee’s growth, accelerated as it was, had been rapid. Her appearance was that of a young girl in her late teens or early 20’s. Hence, as Edward has said, they had been able to start a clean ‘cycle’. To maximize their time in the area, they all three started out as highschoolers--as 3 years had past mother, father and child were all ‘seniors’ in high school. Of course, to avoid complications, they all three had to attend separate high schools in the area--Edward and Bella in the adjacent town and Renesmee in a neighboring town. And every morning, Jacob appeared out of the trees near their house to whisk her away to school. He had followed them to the east coast when they moved--followed his love, rather. He and Renesmee shared a blossoming relationship that had only recently fully developed from its genesis all those years ago. So much time had passed--and yet, not much had changed. Bella’s love for Edward, her love for he daughter, these were the constants that formed the center of her life. Nearly everything else was a product of, or done in pursuit of, these two loves. Such was Bella’s life as she lived and experienced it.
The two entered the foyer. As they removed their shoes, Bella suddenly said in a low sultry voice, “We don’t have to wait ‘till tonight,” She grabbed her husband and tackled him onto the plaid cushioned sofa in the next room--taking place all in a blurred split second to a human observer-- and sat up on his chest, locking her knees against his sides. “Now’s your chance,” she told him. “Excite me.” She ran her hand around his shirt collar, finding and starting to undo his buttons from the neck.
“Ooh, spicy,” Edward chuckled. Pushing his upper body up on his elbows, he gently checked her hand at his buttons. “You know I’d love to, but I got to get to school--we both do,” he said, kissing her hand as he removed it. “We have to make it on days like this so we can take off on sunny ones,” he said softly. Bella stubbornly held her knees in place. She knew he was right--they did indeed have a presence to maintain, a visage of normalcy that needed to be upheld. This was the only way to ensure their true happiness was secure. Reluctantly, she dismounted him. “Promise me you’ll save some of that energy for tonight, Bella,” Edward said lovingly as they stood up and embraced. Bella helped him re-button his shirt. “I’ll try,” she said softly. But she knew she could not promise that, even to herself.


“Here I go,” said Edward, coming down the stairs and heading for the door. “You’re not going out with me?” He asked, noticing her standing there in the living room doorway. Although they attended separate schools, they typically left the house together. Bella was leaning slightly on the doorframe, arms folded. “Yeah, I got--I still need to wash my hair,” she said, furrowing her brow in her endearing way.
“Alright then, see you later tonight,” he walked over and kissed her on the forehead. As he slipped on his shoes, he winked back at her from the tiled shoe area. “See you soon babe,” Bella said. Pushing off the doorway, she walked over to him. She was able to look him directly in the face as she stood on the raised wood flooring. Wearing a faint smile, she almost imperceptibly looked over his whole face. “See you soon,” she said again. Cupping his chin in her hands, she kissed him on the mouth briefly. “Love you,” whispered Edward, smiling. Then, turning to the door, he opened it and, walking out, he was gone.