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To Remember Again

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Thomas Sanders had a normal life.

He was doing decently well on his own as a YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers so far. But the numbers didn’t matter so much as the fact that every week he was able to make people smile and have fun with his friends creating character and just being themselves.

Some of his neighbors were a little quirky. And four of them practically lived with him despite having their own homes. Patton Hearts, the loving baker from across the street, was always making treats in Thomas’s kitchen with the excuse that the stupid landlord would never get around to fixing his oven. He didn’t complain though as long as he was a taste tester to whatever the other cooked up. Logan Pallas, a permanent substitute teacher for one of the women on maternity leave, was often taking residence on his couch either with a book or grading papers. But that never stopped the other from taking Thomas out at night and showing him the beauty of the stars. Roman Prince, one of two college students in the apartment next door, would engulf the entire living room into a practice area. Apparently it was much neater than his own place, plus he was always glad to have Thomas jump in and play a part or two before an important rehearsal. And Virgil Mallory, or Roman’s Roommate, would always be lounging on the stairs with a pair of headphones and a stress ball in his pocket. Occasionally Virgil would introduce him to a new band or song and Thomas couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Panic! At the Disco was still his personal favorite of the recommendations.

Yep, Thomas had a relatively normal life. At least, he believed.

It all started one afternoon, starting off the way any good one would. Logan had borrowed Virgil’s headphones to block out the bickering between Virgil and Roman. Thomas and Patton were in the kitchen, giggling along to Disney songs as Patton prepped brownies for the oven. Logan could be occasionally heard humming along to his own music as he flicked through the pages of his psychology book. The doorbell rang and everyone paused in what they were doing, looking expectantly at one another.

“I’ll get it.” Virgil finally offered. “Better than arguing with Mr. Extra-vert over here.”

“Can I use that please?” Roman asked to his roommates’ eye roll. Virgil peaked outside before quickly slamming the door in the other person’s face.

“We do not open that door.” Thomas looked at him questioning as Virgil’s expression was one of fear. “Thomas, if you’re thinking what I assume you are ...”

“C’mon, whoever is out there is probably really offended that you slammed the door in their face. If I had to bet it’s just Joan and they forgot Marco again.”

“It’s a not a who ...” Virgil muttered, but Thomas seemed to either not hear or ignore the comment.

“Virgil, let me open the door.” Thomas demanded.

“Thomas, trust me when I say this. You DO NOT want to know what’s behind this door.” Thomas quickly made his way past Virgil and opened the door before the other could stop him.

Two white, pure snowfall white, beings stood outside Thomas’s house. They stood way above his head at about 7 feet tall with no discernible features whatsoever besides the standard makeup of a human male. Despite this, Thomas could almost feel them glaring at him as he looked up into those empty faces. He screamed as he slammed the door.

“Told you.” Virgil whispered, and Thomas shot him a glare. The latter quickly locked the door as to make sure the things never got inside.

“Very manly scream. 10/10.” Roman commented. “Now, would you please enlighten us on what’s on the other side?”

“Humans ... but not.” Thomas breathed. “Like ... someone tried to make people ... out of oobleck.”

“Virgil, translate please.” Logan asked.

“Codicellos.” All of the others eyes widen in Panic.

“Wait, you know what they are?!?!” Thomas exclaims, but the question goes unanswered.

“Well, that’s not good.” Patton saus, turning off the oven and the CD player. Logan rises from his stack of papers, some from his lap fluttering to the floor.

“I’ll go get the watch.” He states, before ascending the stairs.

“Wait, what watch?” Thomas asks to once more fall on deaf ears. “Logan!” Another shriek echoes from his mouth as a sword made from what looks one of the codicello’s hands breaks through the door between Virgil and Thomas. The two back away from the door, inching closer to Roman.

“Ugh, and I was just getting used to this.” Roman sighs, before grabbing his sword from the corner of the room. “Everyone, get behind me. I’ll fight them.”

“Roman, that is a foam sword.” Thomas pointed out.

“Is it though?” Roman brandished the sword in front of Thomas’ face.

“Yes.” He looked at the sword again.

“Whoops. Almost forgot to take the cover off.” He slid the foam off the sword, revealing a glistening blade of pure metal. “Thanks Thomas.”

“When did you have a sword? And how did you get it?”

“The whole time. Very easy to get them in Imperial Japan, too.” Before Thomas could fully comprehend the sentence, the door shattered into hundreds of splinters. He quickly ducked behind Roman and Virgil followed suit, stepping between the other two. Patton remained in the kitchen, ducking his head below the counter. The codicellos made their way into the house, stopping just before the living room.

“Scanning ...” One of them said in a metallic voice. “Analysis: Five humans present in current establishment. Traces of Time Lord energy present.”

“What’s a Time Lord?” Thomas asked, the only one seemingly phased by the others findings. “And why won’t any of you guys answer my questions?”

“Thomas, I could take half and hour to explain everything.” Virgil suggested. “Or we could deal with the slime things from a slimy Boi that are standing in your house.”

“Fair enough.”

“You’re all coming with us.” The second codicellos said.

“We’re not going anywhere.” Roman spoke through gritted teeth, taking a step forward.

“NOBODY HURTS MY SONS!!!” Patton shouted from behind the codicellos, hitting one in the back of the head with a frying pan. It collapsed and as the other turned Patton had already lined up the shot. The pan hit right under the chin, throwing the second one back onto the floor. “Was that a good?”

“Patton, that was a perfect.” Roman said, putting his sword away. Patton squealed, rising up on the balls of his feet. “Now, lets get out of here before they ... do they come to or reboot?”

“Let’s not stuck around to find out.” Virgil said as he made his way to the bottom of the stairs. “Logan! We’ve got to go!” Logan came quickly down the stairs, stopping only about halfway down.

“I can’t find the watch.” He breathed.

“What do you mean you can’t find it?” Roman attacked. “You know how important that is?”

“I’m aware. I’m also highly conscious of how meticulously organized I am and if I am not able to locate such a valuable pocket watch then someone must have moved it. Didn’t think of that, did you Mr. Prince?”

“Wait, did you mean this pocket watch?” Everyone turned toward Thomas, where a golden pocket watch attached to a chain dangled from his fingers. An intricate design of geometric figures, circles primarily, danced across the surface in a pattern that was highly calculated at the same time random. Logan beamed as he made his way toward his friend.

“Why do you have that, Thomas?”

“I ... I don’t really know. Something told me to take it this morning.” Logan gripped Thomas by both shoulders, looking him in the eye.

“Whatever it was, trust it.” Logan let go, turning toward the rest of the group. “Let’s go.”

They ran. Thomas would have loved to take his car but the hood was currently smoking black and and he was pretty sure if he even touched it then it would explode like a Micheal Bay film. So he ran along side the people he thought he knew away from the life he knew.

Everything had changed. Nothing was normal anymore.