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The Liaison

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Chapter 1: Return and Horrifying Discoveries

Mycroft Holmes walked into his neat home for the first time after being kidnapped by his sister, Eurus, his subsequent rescue, and mandatory psychological evaluation. He put his umbrella in the stand, dropped his small bag, and sighed. He walked to the kitchen to get a late dinner, as it was already close to midnight and he had not eaten.

Just as he was about to open the fridge, he noticed a post-it note that said "call Torchwood tomorrow" that was dated a week ago. Mycroft sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose and steeled himself for another interaction with those idiots. They were better than some of the goldfish, but they were still inferior and very, very frustrating.

He prepared himself a meager dinner of bread and cheese, with a small slice of cake for after. He sat down at the table and looked to see if he had any messages on the phone. There were twenty, all of them from a certain Captain Jack Harkness. For once, Mycroft had no idea what was wrong.

He’s played the messages.


Mycroft no longer had any appetite. He pushed aside the uneaten food and put his head in his hands. How had all of this happened in only five days? How had the world gone to hell in only five days? How had Torchwood collapsed in only five days? It was the last message that had pushed Mycroft to close for comfort towards compassion.

"Mycroft, I don't know why you aren't picking up the damn phone, but you need to know: Torchwood is done. The 456 attacked Thames House and Ianto-" -Jack's voice cracked here-"-Ianto died, and so many more... and this time we can't re-write time with the Doctor. Don't worry, the 456 are gone, I did my job, even if you and the government didn't. I'm leaving. I don't know where, but I'm going to try to leave everything behind. Don't try to find me. Or Gwen. She's hiding from the world after your government tried to kill us all. There's nothing left for me here. Someday we may meet again, but honestly, I doubt that I'll ever return. Goodbye, Mycroft. I don't know where the hell you are, but I hope you weren't the one to agree to turn your back on us. I'm sorry to say I can't be sure."

Would he have turned his back on them? Yes, yes he would if it was for the better of the nation. Was he any better than Eurus? Did he deserve to be locked up, too? He was cold, calculating, and far smarter than anyone else… and he didn't care about anyone.

Or he hadn't until a group of goldfish that went by the name of Torchwood had wormed their way into his icy heart, something that no-one else had ever achieved. Now they were gone.

He was going to find Jack, no matter what the captain had said. He owed it to Tosh, Owen, and Ianto.