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Be My Muse?

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Levi puffed up his cheeks as he walked down the corridor in the hospital. He was at the hospital again for another check-up. Levi was a cancer survivor. At the age of 5 Levi had been diagnosed with stage 2 leukaemia, he spent most of his childhood in a hospital but now that he was 18 and free from cancer he only came in for check-ups. He was now a college student, he was studying literature, he was planning on becoming a writer, he even worked for a small publishing firm already, so he was close to achieving his dream, he was writing a novel based on his cancer, but he was missing something. he was not expecting to run into the missing piece in the hospital after his monthly check-up.


His something was rather a someone who quite literally knocked him down onto his ass. He let out a shriek as he landed on the floor. He looked up at the tall brunette male that knocked him down. He did not expect to see Caribbean green and blue to look at him in worry, they were the most mesmerising eyes Levi had ever seen. “Shit! I am so sorry! I didn’t see you walking and oh my god, are you okay?” The brunette blurted out in a panic helping Levi back up looking him over for any injuries.


“I’m okay…” Levi said quietly fixing his jet-black hair. The brunette let out a breath of relief looking at the smaller male, he suddenly smiled and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Ha…sorry about knocking you down, I’m just really tall and I didn’t see you since you’re so much shorter than me…um, I’m Eren Jaeger by the way.” Eren said letting out a small awkward laugh.


“I’m Levi Ackerman.” The raven-haired male said observing Eren’s awkward behaviour, the brunette smelled really good, not that Levi was smelling him or anything, but he got a whiff of the male’s cologne he assumed. “Don’t worry about it, that’s what I get for being cursed for being the height of a 12-year-old boy,” Levi added smiling slightly at the male who chuckled at Levi’s statement.


“I think your height is really cute actually, you’d be the perfect cuddle buddy.” Eren laughed. “If you’re leaving do you maybe want me to walk you out? I was heading out too.” The burette nervous blabbered out. Levi let out a soft giggle and nodded. “I’d like some company…” He said softly starting to walk again. Eren nodded before quickly following.


“So how old are you? I don’t really wanna assume your age…Because you kinda look like you’re like 14 and it’s concerning.” Eren asked as he looked at the small male walking beside him, Levi wasn’t only short, but he was really cute, skinny to a concerning point and all Eren wanted was to wrap his arms around the smaller male.


“I’m 18, don’t worry I don’t need adult supervision.” Levi reassured the male. “But seeing as you know my age it’s only fair that you tell me yours.” He added poking the taller male’s stomach. Eren laughed and nodded. “Ha, you’re probably right, I just turned 19 last month.” He said poking Levi’s cute cheek, he held back a girly squeal at how cutely confused Levi looked at the poke.


Levi shook off his confusion and smiled slightly. “Well I see you don’t need an adult escort either.” He said jokingly nudging Eren playfully making the male smile. Eren playfully wrapped his arm around Levi’s waist. “So, what is such a cutie like you doing here in such a morbid place?” He asked pulling Levi into him.


“I’m here for my monthly check up.” Levi said a blush spreading over his pale skin. “And what is such a handsome guy like yourself doing here?” He then asked trying to ignore the warm sensation on his face. “I was visiting my mama, she’s ill so she’s stuck in this miserable place, I try my best to visit her often, what are your monthly check-ups for?” Eren asked as he pulled Levi closer purposely to make that cute blush more red.


“I was a cancer patient about a year ago here, but I kicked cancers ass and now I only come in once a month for a check-up.” Levi said as he looked up at the male. “You are way too tall…” He added before looking away his blush making his face feel like it was on fire. Eren gasped and practically lifted Levi off the floor making the male squeak in surprise.


“Oh, my brave Levi!” Eren said dramatically hugging Levi tightly. Levi looked at Eren concerned when he heard someone clear their throat. He looked in the direction and awkwardly wave at his mother who was a nurse at the hospital. Eren looked at the woman then at Levi and then at the woman and Levi again. His eyes widened as he gently put Levi down.


“Hi ma, I was just heading out.” Levi smiled softly at his mother and kissed her cheek. “Didn’t I tell you to come see me after your check-up?” Kuckle asked fixing Levi’s hair before kissing his forehead. “I couldn’t find you.” He said as Eren awkwardly watched. “Oh, right, ma this is Eren, he literally knocked me off my feet, so he decided to walk me out, Eren this is Kuchel, my mother.” Levi introduced.


“It’s nice to meet you Mrs Ackerman.” Eren smiled. “I apologise for knocking your son off his feet, I couldn’t help myself with how cute he is.” He added winking at Levi. Levi giggled slightly before rolling his eyes. Kuchel laughed. “Oh, he’s a charmer, it’s nice to meet you Eren, you can call me Kuchel.” She smiled at the male.


Kuchel hugged Levi whispering. “Get his number before he leaves.” Levi giggled and rolled his eyes. “I’ll see you at home ma.” He said pulling away, he kissed her cheek one more time before pulling Eren away from his mother before she could embarrass him more.


Eren laughed. “She’s so cute, is she single?” He asked jokingly. “She actually is.” Levi smirked looking at Eren who instantly paled. Levi burst into a fit of giggles loving Eren’s reaction. “Oh my god! You’re way too young for her Eren, don’t worry.” The raven-haired male laughed. Eren smiled brightly at Levi’s laugh, it was like angels singing.


“Can I have your number? I’d love to get to know you.” Eren asked smiling at the small giggling male. Levi nodded. “Give me your phone, I’ll put my number in.” He said putting his hand out. Eren happily handed over his phone. Levi tapped the add new contact button and typed in his number and put his name as ‘Future Wife’ and took a selfie and put that as his contact picture before saving and handing the phone back to Eren who laughed at the contact name. “Cute.” He smiled.


Levi smiled as they reached the entrance of the hospital, they walked and said their farewells before going their own ways, both having the other on each other’s minds, Levi couldn’t wait to see Eren again. Eren was even more exited to see the smaller male again, he could tell this was going to be an amazing experience.