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The Fic Where Jared Isn't 2D

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"Dude, I'm telling you, my mom is only paying for me to attend here because she: one, doesn't want me spending junior year at high school, and two, thinks you're a good influence on me!" Jared Kleinman counted ‘one’ and ‘two’ on his fingers as he told Evan Hansen another lie.

They were packing for boarding school as the bus waited outside. Jared and Evan were notified previously that they were the only students in the neighborhood on their specific bus, meaning it was gonna be a long bus ride with just the two of them. "Oh, and Evan, make sure to pack your weird sex toys because there's gonna be a lot of masturbation material at this boarding school and I don't think your sex letters are gonna be enough." Jared spoke and patted a tense Evan on the back.

"They're not my 'weird sex letters', and I don't even own a sex toy, you probably do though so don't forget." Evan smacked Jared and went back to packing his clothes; Jared went back to shoving his clothes in his suitcase.

"You got me." Jared spoke absentmindedly. He examined his suitcase to make sure he had everything: clothes; a toothbrush; his phone charger; his sleeping pills; his laptop and charger; and a hidden flask.

"Uh, Jared? Are you scared to go to this school?" Evan looked up to him while he tried to secretly pack his anxiety pills on his own. Key word: tried. Evan never really spoke about his anxiety, and didn't think people knew, much less Jared. If you were to ask Evan, he'd probably same something along the lines of "Jared? Pay attention to any of my words or actions? Na, he'll never know."

"You are just cute as a freaking button. Are you scared for school?" Jared said with a smirk.

"No, but, what if we're not in the same classes? Or I'm bunked with two random, uh, stoners or whatever? Or the classes are too hard, and I fail, and lose my scholarship? Or-"

"I'm stopping you right there before you make yourself cry, because if you start crying then I'm gonna start crying and you're gonna start crying even harder." Jared said, holding the ‘r’.

“Nice one, Jared.”

Jared finished packing and looked over to see Evan finishing too. “Alright, lets go, Tree Boy. I need to walk in with a nerd, like you, since I don’t think this school can handle my insanely coolness on its own.”

“Jared, that literally makes no sense.”

“I’m too cool to make sense.”