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Moments of Wildcards and Social Links/Confidantes

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“You realize you’re lucky neither of them killed you, right?”

Kou grinned with equal parts mischief and wry humor at Daisuke. “Probably. Still totally worth it.”

Daisuke, not for the first time, wondered if his best friend was secretly suicidal. “You’ll be on Hanamura’s shit list for eternity. That’s plenty of time to decide to kill you anyway.”

“Worth. It.”

“…You have a secret death wish, don’t you…”

Kou rolled his eyes so hard it was shocking they didn’t fall out of his skull. “Souji won’t let Hanamura kill me, even if he’s annoyed at the moment. Besides, they’ll be grateful eventually. They would’ve taken forever to get together on their own.”

“So you thought the doing the cliche ‘make someone jealous’ combined with the ‘trip, catch, and kiss’ routine was a reasonable way to help?” Daisuke’s tone couldn’t get anymore incredulous. “You stole Souji’s first kiss. If either of them forgive you, ever, I’ll be shocked.”

“Okay, how was I supposed to know the guy had never kissed anyone before?! Souji’s popular enough, I figured someone would’ve kissed him by now.” Kou would sooner let Yosuke punch him again than admit he was pouting. “Besides, girls worry more about that than guys, gay or not.”

The silent, flat look Daisuke leveled at Kou spoke volumes. But after a minute, he still decided to point out the obvious. “Souji slapped you for it. He even specified that he slapped you because it was his first kiss.” Kou shrugged at him. “Dude, that slap sent you bouncing off the freakin’ wall!


Muttering under his breath about possible brain damage, Daisuke changed tracks. “Was calling him ‘partner’ afterward necessary? With Hanamura standing there? You know that’s their thing. I thought for sure Hanamura was going to rip your throat out if I didn’t drag him and Souji outside away from you.”

“It did the job though.” Kou smirked with satisfaction. “I heard what Hanamura yelled, and I saw that kiss he pulled Souji into.”

It was Daisuke’s turn to roll his eyes. “Everybody still on campus heard him. Hell, I’d be shocked if Souji’s uncle didn’t hear it over at the police station! And your debatable success isn’t the issue here! Hanamura’s probably gonna punch you again the first chance he gets, if not outright strangle you.”

“Still worth it.”

Daisuke threw his hands up. “I’m best friends with a suicidal idiot. If I get killed by association, I’m making your afterlife miserable.”