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“You blew up half the city!”  she said with marching towards him with arms akimbo before gesticulating frantically between him and the TARDIS doors, beyond which now lay a heap of smoldering ruins.

“Oh, only the miserable half!” he dismissed with a wave of his hand.

“Were there people down there?” she asked sounding thoroughly appalled at the idea.

“No, of course not, Clara! What do you take me for? A Dalek?!”

“I’m not dignifying that with a response. Doctor, why did you blow up half of an abandoned city then?”

“I may have, erm, done a thing…”

She bobbed her head expectantly as if to say, “Care to expound on that?”

“Well you see it wasn’t my fault, Clara.” he said with an exasperated sigh, looking away.

“I’ll be the judge of that. Go on.” she crossed her arms and waited for him to continue.

“There was a sentient tree root…” he said whilst twiddling his fingertips together nervously.

“Right, I’m sure there was, and?” the red button on his coat sleeve was suddenly very fascinating to him.

“Before I knew what had happened it reached out and grabbed my boot! And I tripped and accidentally-and-definitely-not-on-purpose-pushed-a-big-red-button-that-was-blinking-by-mistake.” he sped through the last bit in an effort to gloss over the details and cleared his throat. Of course, nothing slipped past Clara’s notice.

“Oh my stars! Doctor! What did we just agree on last week about pushing buttons when we don’t know what they do?”

“Last week? You humans are so linear in the way you view time, Clara. Really, a Time Lord cannot be expected to remember such a small detail in our nearly infinite lifespan.”

“Oh really? Well, since these “small details” are so easy for you to forget then you can just forget about next Wednesday’s excursion as well.”

“But, Clara!”

“No! As if I can trust you around a group of children in a museum now. You’d probably manage to set off the fire alarm or destroy some ancient irreplaceable relic.”

He paused for a moment with pursed lips to let his defeat sink in, “Touché.”