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007 (Tom Holland AU)

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Moscow Easter Festival:  Moscow, Russia

Agent 007 sits outside of the Mariinsky Theater. He sips black coffee from a disposable travel cup. His black sunglasses conceal his tired eyes. His three piece, black Tom Ford suit helps him blend in with the illustrious passersby. He loosens his skinny black tie. He feels like it’s choking him.

He glances down at his watch: 17:00.

The performance doesn’t start until 19:00.

But he isn’t here to watch the ballet. Although, it’s apparently one of the best in the world.

He’s here to find Mr. Petrov. One of the puppeteers in an intricate web of Russian infiltration in England. His daughter, Olya, is a big fan of ballet. There was almost no chance that he wouldn’t show up. He may or may not have been responsible for the collapse of several English banks… but Olya with her big blue eyes, had him on a leash for every major ballet event in western Russia.

007 runs a hand through his curls, observing the beautiful sunset. The pastel colors in the sky match those of the giant painted Easter eggs that speckle the city.

He hears a calamity from behind. An inconspicuous glance around confirms a scuffle in the dumpster area towards the back of the theater. The two men have at it, one of them ends up unconscious, slumped against the wall. The winner enters the theater through a backdoor that he leaves propped open with an empty plastic water bottle.

It would seem that he is expecting someone to join him in a few moments. Giving another glance around, 007 takes advantage of the opportunity to follow a suspicious character that may lead him to Petrov. He dumps the empty coffee cup in the dumpster, takes off his sunglasses and checks the pulse of the unconscious man. He’ll live.

He opens the door and slips through silently, kicking the water bottle away from the door. Whoever intended to follow that man was going to have to find another way.

He finds himself backstage. It’s dark, props are everywhere and the sound of hustle and bustle echos a little further down to his left. He finds himself entering a costume room and then a dressing room. The half-dressed ballerinas pay him no mind as they rush around caking makeup on their faces.

The man was clearly not here.

007 pushes his way through to the door at the other end of the room, hoping he isn’t too late to follow the man’s trail.

A tall, blonde ballerina with her ribs protruding from her leotard catches the agent’s eye. She stands by the exit door, eyeing him curiously. She knows he’s out of place. He puts on his best charming smile, hoping that she wouldn’t raise any alarms.

As he approaches the door, she steps in front of it, her blue eyes piercing into his. Her arms crossed she says, «Что вы хотите?»

007 laughs politely and flashes her a sexy smile- he has no idea what she just said. He doesn’t know a lick of Russian.

He rests his hands on her arms and gently moves her aside replying with the only Russian phrase he can remember at the moment- «Я люблю тебя» and exits.

Before the door closes, he hears her gasp with surprise. Now he really wishes he knew what he just said to her… he hopes it wasn’t mean. She was very beautiful, afterall.

He sees the man he was following just disappear around a corner. So he picks up the pace. He is almost certain that this man is a lacky that will lead him to Mr. Petrov. He caught a glimpse of the man’s watch and it is the same style and brand that is a staple of Petrov’s men.

Following the man’s path, 007 finds himself in another costume room. Racks and racks of dresses and tutus, glitter and sequins.

Suddenly, the door behind him flies open. 007 spins on his heels- prepared for anything.

It’s the blonde ballerina from earlier. She’s crazy eyed and lunges for him. 007 braces for an attack, but she merely wraps her legs around his waist and starts whispering sweet nothings into his ear. They were truly sweet nothings because he understood- NOTHING.

Now, he really wonders what he possible could’ve said to her moments ago.

She starts kissing his neck and pulling at his tie. He might have no idea what she said, but he’s pretty sure he knows exactly what she wants...

007, is at a crossroads and becomes quite conflicted. He doesn’t want to lose the man’s trail but he also doesn’t want to pry this gorgeous ballerina off his chest. She could raise alarm and get him caught if he isn’t careful! But let’s face it- raising alarm wasn’t the only reason he didn’t want to pull away. He lets his hand rub up and down her tight little body. He kisses her passionately.

Suddenly, the man 007 was following appears in the doorway at the other end of the room. Th man shouts in Russian and the ballerina picks her head up in surprise. The man is holding a bouquet of red roses which he throws dramatically to the ground. She shouts back apologetically falling away from 007’s arms.

What 007 would not know until much later was that the ballerina was expecting to meet a secret admirer she had been writing to for months. They were going to meet face to face for the first time before the show in her dressing room. The man walked passed the dressing room only to retrieve the roses for her first. While he was part of Petrov’s crew that was responsible for a London bank bombing- he had no intention of meeting up with the kingpin tonight. This unlucky night was strictly for romancing his ballerina. The phrase 007 uttered to her earlier translates to, “I love you,” hence her great confusion when he immediately walked away-  and also why she jumped on him. 007 was able to successfully capture the surprised mob member but it was no dice for getting more intel on Mr. Petrov.

He gave the ballerina his number, but it’s safe to say she won’t be calling anytime soon. Not after he knocked out her boyfriend...

The night’s mission was a complete failure and headquarters wasn’t going to be happy. Especially, since he wasn’t supposed to take on this mission alone…