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Of all of the things Peter loved and cherished, Peyton was and always would be at the top of the list. It wasn't hard to see that the two were twins, they both had the same thick, curly, brunette hair, dark brown eyes framed in long eyelashes, and the best puppy dog face to ever exist on planet earth. Plus the fact that they were so obviously best friends. Neither ever strayer too far from the other and the longest they had ever been apart was around 12 hours... That's why a trip go Germany without her sounded terrible.

When Peter walked into his apartment to see none other than Tony Stark sitting in his living room with his aunt May, his first thought was of how badly Peyton would be freaking out had she not had to stay after school for orchestra practice (she could play the cello like nobody's business). The second was why in the world was the man there in the first place.

Then it was revealed that now Tony also knew about Spiderman and wanted to recruit him. Peyton would have bristled. Would have shook her head. Begged him not to go. She was already frightened of the dangers of being Spiderman, she did support him, but that didn't stop that gnawing in her stomach every time he went out. It would only grow if she had to sit at home for Lord knows how long as he fought freaking Avengers.

"I can't. Not without my sister." he said, cutting the billionaire off as he explained things.

"Who? Peyton?" Tony asked. Tony didn't need to do research on the Parker's to know about the twins and their relations and their grades and their activities. He may have been a distant, secret, father, but he kept an eye out.

Mary had been adamant about not wanting her children to grow up without a father. Tony had been adamant about not letting any more children grow up the way he did, and he wasn't confident in his abilities to be anything unlike his own father. So he had given the woman money, sent her away, watched as she married Richard Parker, and kept a protective eye on his children. Then Peter became Spiderman and the Avengers fell apart and he decided now he needed to reenter the kids lives, if only to protect his son from the dangers of being a superhero and maybe even get a little help out of it.

"Yeah... How'd you know about-"

"Did my research kid. I know everything. Like the fact that she's at orchestra practice right now. Like the fact that the two of you have never been far apart from each other for long." he explained.

"So then you know I can't leave the country without her." he said. Tony sighed. He figured this would happen, he had just hoped it wouldn't, he really didn't want to endanger both of them, especially when she didn't have any powers, but oh well.

"Of course, kid, she can stay in the hotel and eat room service and watch soap operas to her little hearts content." he said.

"I don't watch soap operas." the two males jumped at the sound of the female’s voice. She smirked, leaning back on the now closed door. How did they not notice her come in?

"You'll have all the channels you need." he said. Peter watched as his sister peered down at the superhero and sat next to him on the bed. She may have been freaking out on the inside, but she had always been much better concealing her excitement than Peter.

"Where are we going? I'm afraid I only caught that last snippet of the conversation. Though, I'm assuming it has nothing to do with that grant aunt May was talking about seeing as last time I checked, Peter didn't sign up for any grant and he would have told me if he did... Hell, we'da signed up together if he did." she said.

"Germany. Spiderman." Peter said.

"Ah. Suppose it was only a matter of time... Okay. I'm in."

And that was the beginning of a very complicated series of events. Of course, Peyton would be the one to make it all that, harder to keep secrets and a lot less lenient towards Tony's many jerky moves, especially when it could hurt her brother. Take energetic, overly compassionate, happy Peter and observant, stubborn, calm Peyton, and put the two geniuses into a whole new world and you're pretty much asking for a disaster. However, no one knew that at the time, so they did it. They packed their bags, and went to Germany.