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Love Shines so bright

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The Doctor stared in front of herself with an unreadable expression on her cute face. Her brown-grey eyes were vacant to say the least, but it was her whole expression that could only be described as blank, that worrying blank that usually preceded frantic panic, if Missy knew her Doctor well enough.

“I’m glad you stopped talking for once” She snapped teasingly. “You’re a bloody mess”

And a bloody mess she had been indeed.

Missy had found her blond nemesis wailing in pain on a dirty patch of ground, still wearing her twelfth regeneration’s clothes. The TARDIS had appeared only later, presenting itself with the doors wide opened and a complete mess of what had been inside.

“You can’t tell me she fell off the TARDIS!” Missy had yelled back at the offending time machine as soon she had seen it, but the answer that lightly brushed at the back of her mind just confirmed what had happened.

Overly worried, Missy had searched for a copy of the TARDIS key amongst debris and ruined books, got a handful of girl’s clothes from the wardrobe – she didn’t really attempt to find something matching, after all some of the Doctor’s ensembles were terrible - shut the door close and did her best to drag the semi-unconscious Time Lady to her current lair.

She eventually managed to drop the Doctor on her bed and drag her up to a sitting position, so that she could try her best to care for the worst scratches. One in particular, right above the Doctor’s eyebrow, worried Missy quite a bit.

“You could have died again, you know?” Missy growled irately, trying not to focus on her will to kill the Doctor for almost losing a regeneration like that. “I still don’t understand how I succeeded in killing you leading you to fall from that tower when you managed to survive now falling off from what knows where”

Missy stoically swallowed her guilt as soon as she felt it rise inside her chest and took another gauze to tend to the Doctor’s wounds. When she’d finished with the last one, she double-checked her enemy and best friend for other injuries she might have missed, but the other Time Lady, all things considered, seemed well enough.

“Now, would you talk to me, my dear?” Missy offered eventually, despite her better judgement. A silent Doctor was usually a Doctor ready to talk for hours and she just wanted to get it over with.

“I’m not good enough to be called the Doctor!” The Doctor cried out eventually, hiding her eyes behind her hands in post-traumatic despair. “I have to be kind and I am not!”

Missy stared unmoved at her friend’s desperation, but hearing the word kind she rose graciously her eyebrow at the other Time Lady.

“Oh dear” She observed with disdain.

“You don’t understand!” The Doctor yelled, turning to her dramatically as she caught her hands in hers. “I wanted to be the Doctor to cure you, but look at me! I didn’t get a single thing done in thirteen regenerations and you ended up doing evil things most of the time!”

“I thought you point was being kind?” Missy attempted to point out, annoyed at the reference to her misdeeds but also mildly reassured by the Doctor’s after-regeneration sincerity about her devotion to her.

“It is! If I can’t even cure my best friend, what’s the point in being the Doctor” The Doctor’s eyes fell theatrically to stare at their entwined hands.

“I’m a girl” She noticed, in the end.

Big hopeful eyes stared back at Missy, but they found only dry coldness there.

“No, love, still not ginger” Missy anticipated without an inch of empathy for her friend’s distress.

“You see? I can’t even force my regeneration the way I like!” The Doctor’s eyes fell again, earning Missy’s irritated scoff for it.

“Look, ginger hair aside” Missy tried to comfort her. “No one can really help me, so don’t put your name on the table just for me, alright?”

“I should. Promising to help and not delivering is the unkindest of all the things” The Doctor moaned sadly. “It’s just that… Well, you changed to Missy, but I still thought you as Koschei when I was supposed to just call you Master… I’m not really sure I can go through all that again with myself”

Missy rolled her eyes at the Doctor’s statement.

“Call me the way you want, I’m always the same Time Lord you knew.” She said hardly at her, before continuing in a much warmer tone. “That also applies to you, my dear. You can change name, if you feel like it, but you will always be my kind Doctor”

“Your unkind Doctor” The Doctor snapped, pouting miserably. “I still couldn’t cure you”

“It’s kind of you to be still trying to help” Missy told her tenderly, freeing one of her hands to caress adoringly her friend’s higher cheeks. “Despite what we do, you know I love you for that”

“I could kiss you for this” The Doctor admitted, staring back at her fondly, touched by Missy’s attempt to reassure her about what she felt was her biggest failure as both a lover and a friend.

“Wouldn’t be the first time” Missy pointed out mischievously, shortening the distance between them. “Change your name or your appearance: you are always you. Everything included in the package”

“I happen to think the same” The Doctor admitted, licking shyly her lips as she stared back at Missy and felt the familiar tension building between the two of them. “Isn’t it a little soon for this, though? We usually take our times after regenerating before-”

The Doctor couldn’t really finish her phrase, since Missy took her lips in a quick and resolute drive. Even though it had been unexpected and rash, the dark haired Time Lady put all her efforts to maintain the kiss as sweet and gentle as she could, in order to not scare the Doctor away.

Tender and delicate, only a light brush of soft lips one pair against the other. Kind, Missy would have called it, if she didn’t fear to set the Doctor off once again on that kind rambling he had imposed on herself.

Missy didn’t even try to move things forward and, in the same way she had connected their lips with the Doctor’s at the beginning, she also broke the kiss, curious to see the Doctor’s face after her first kiss as a woman.

“How was it?” Missy asked, her voice husky and mellow.

“Great” The Doctor admitted. “Girls sure have soft lips”

“Indeed” Missy agreed, moving closer to the Doctor to hold her by the waist and bring her even closer. “A new body means many new things to learn… Moreover, this is special, is your first regeneration as a girl… And we’re here already-”

“I’m still jumbled from my regeneration, my dear Missy” The Doctor confessed, letting her forehead rest against the one of the other Time Lady. “And this kind thing really made me wonder about what had been going on with my… purpose, in life”

“This should remind you to not try to hypnotise your next regeneration, the next time it happens” Missy admonished her friend, nuzzling the Doctor’s neck and making her shiver in delight at the contact.

“I fear this is my last” The Doctor moaned, closing her eyes involuntarily.

“Thirteen is overrated” Missy countered, kissing lightly the soft skin of the Doctor’s newly regenerated neck and making both her hearts skipping a beat.

“Focusing is overrated” The Doctor cried out before grabbing her friend’s shoulders and pinning her down on the mattress with a quick move that eerily remembered Missy of that regeneration in which the Doctor was well versed in Venusian aikido.

They both gasped as they stared at one another, searching their friend’s expression for a sign that could communicate their will to continue or otherwise. Eventually, they both came together, their lips locking in a passionate kiss as their hands started exploring every spot they could reach.

Missy was glad that she could finally tear off her Lady Doctor the too large clothes that had belonged to her last incarnation. In some sort of way, for Missy it was a means of peeling away from this new regeneration the lasts of her former lover, in order to finally know and indulge the new one, currently showing a body too petite to belong into those old and gloomy clothes. She only wished she could do the same to the Doctor’s mind, so that finally the shock and confusion of the traumatic renewal could leave her alone and let Missy finally know this new female version of the Doctor that had miraculously fallen in her lap.

The Doctor herself was glad to be freed of those clothes, too dark, too ancient and too big for her tastes, but she was even gladder that it had been the Master eventually helping her out of them. She could run away all across the universe, but Missy was right: they were always them, and her very first male body had belonged to Koschei, and so had almost all her following regenerations at one point or another. They kept falling in each other’s arms, even though she eventually always ended up running away… Because it was true what she had said in her after-regeneration confusion: she couldn’t cure Koschei, and that was the proof of her failure as the Doctor.

Maybe it was not what her former regeneration wished to tell her, but it felt true all the same.

With a wet flick of her tongue over the Doctor’s lower lip, Missy asked permission to deepen the kiss, and she was most glad to find her friend compliant about it. As her mouth opened, Missy took advantage of it despite her submissive position, pinned down by the by now half-naked blonde.

Missy’s tongue took her time to explore, tease and tickle the roof of the Doctor’s mouth, making her fair-haired friend’s knees weaken and her slender body fall over her still velvet-clad form. Missy smirked inside the kiss, a quick hand taking the chance to slip inside her loose pants and between the Doctor’s legs just to tease and find out how far gone her lover was.

As she retrieved her hand and licked it clean, she could certainly say quite a lot, at least considering that they had just fumbled a bit. Still, she reasoned, it was her first time as a woman, so probably the Doctor wouldn’t even comprehend how close she was until it was too late.

Missy freed herself from beneath her lover and quickly undressed from her Victorian dress, resolute to enjoy her Doctor fully even though for a short while, and then swiftly proceeded to help her friend out of her own clothes. As soon as she could finally see her in all her naked beauty, Missy couldn’t refrain to lick her lips in anticipation: her lips suddenly felt too dry, her mouth parched and her respiratory bypass unexpectedly didn’t help her breathing at all as it should have.

“You should see yourself” Missy breathed out eventually, despite her better judgement. “You’re beautiful”

 The Doctor’s cheek tinged light pink as she smiled shyly at her lover.

“I imagine you know how hot you look, I also already told you plenty of times” The Doctor offered playfully, advancing on her knees towards Missy in order to reach for her friend and lead her once again closer to her, putting her arm around her neck and letting their breasts press together pleasantly. “I still barely know how I look like, though... I just got a glimpse of it, mostly through your eyes”

Missy smiled back at her and draw her even closer, so that they bodies were completely flushed one against the other. “And that’s all you need to know, my dear Doctor”

They kissed again hungrily, and this time was it was the Doctor the one who let herself fell backwards on the bed to let Missy tower over her. It was strange, honestly, being almost the same height as the Master, even stranger now that the Master had become Missy, but the Doctor had to admit that it was a good kind of strange and less troublesome too, considering how conscious was the Master about the matter.

Missy’s body was still the one she had met during her last regeneration: the same well-refined cleavage, the same soft skin, the same firm butt… She was still sensitive when she kissed her just below her jaw, her knees still turned to mush when she bit her right ear’s lobe – not the left, mind that – and she still moaned in surprise when she caressed her sides up in one single subtle move.

Missy and her body were still the same she had learned to know, but much newer were the Doctor’s own responses to her own ministrations. Missy’s breasts felt bigger in her much tinier and smooth hands, her full lips felt firmer against her much more delicate ones and against her softer skin. The heady mix of different, old and new were making her still post-regeneration clouded mind even less focused.

Focus, however, was by all means overrated. She’d been damn right on that.

The Doctor took her chance to kiss Missy once again and devour her lips with so much passion she didn’t even know she held in herself. Her lover kissed her back as fiercely as she was doing, but also took her chance to finally take the situation in her hand, not really sure that the Doctor could resist much more in that overly-excited agony.

They were going to have many more days together, after all. Weeks, months, years, centuries.

Missy made her hand slip once gain between the Doctor’s legs, and moved it idly up from her bent knee to her sex. She didn’t even need to actually go all the way up her thigh to feel the hot wetness trailing down from the Doctor’s pussy.

“I’m going to make you come” Missy murmured into her ear, as her other hand cupped a firm breast to up the ante. “Is it fine for you, my dear Doctor?”

“T-together” The Doctor pleaded, her eyes darker and unfocused with lust, but also unsure and searching for the Master’s support in the new mess of sensations she was feeling.

“Not right now” Missy told her, healing her disappointment with a light peck on her lips. “Think about yourself right now, we’ll have time later to find our own ways to come together”

That said, Missy finally let her fingers slid inside the Doctor’s wet and hot folds. She enjoyed the warmth, the slickness and the Doctor’s surprised reaction to her movements, but despite that, she without further preamble searched for the hard numb of her clitoris. As soon as she had found it, a light shock of pleasure passed through not only the Doctor’s body, but through Missy’s, much to her own surprise.

Her mental defences were still up, were them?

Missy tried moving once again, now working on the hard nub of nerves surer and with a much more regular rhythm, at the same time teasing her breasts lazily with her other hand and mouth. The Doctor’s breath turned shallow as she trashed on the bed, both scared and blown away by all those different sensations all coming together at the same time.

The Doctor’s mind defences were still up as well as Missy’s were, though. Yet, the dark haired Time Lady could feel her orgasm building steadily as well as her discomfort at having told the Doctor to just stay put and confusion at her reactions to all that.

Missy moaned against the Doctor’s cheek, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter as she slowly was bringing her lover to completion. She moved slightly up, searching desperately for the Doctor’s lips to kiss her deeply and restore their connection, and then shamefully decided to knock gently at her lover’s mind.

The Doctor opened her eyes, feeling the silent mental plea, and stared surprised in the self-deprecating and desperate ones of her lover. If the Doctor didn’t know better, the whole situation was eerily similar to their very first time, during which, for all his big words before starting, Koschei ended up so flustered with himself and what he was honestly feeling that he had eventually searched the mental comfort that only the Doctor could give him.

And no matter what hell they had put themselves through in the meanwhile, the Doctor’s mind barriers fell on their own accord, as she smiled back adoringly at Missy. “You’re welcomed, my dear Missy” She whispered on her lips before claiming them once again, her hands burying in her lover’s dark and wild curls.

Missy couldn’t wait another second more and fervently joined her mind with the Doctor’s as she moved her hands faster and steadier. Despite her better judgement, her tights tightened around the Doctor’s, hoping to find some kind of friction for herself. In the meanwhile, her mind was safe, securely swept away together with the Doctor’s in the throws of a passion she herself was building up.

In the end, despite Missy’s intents, it all became too much to bear and both the Doctor and Missy came together, holding tight on one another, their minds still tightly grasping on one another’s.

Missy was the first realising what she had ended up doing, and grudgingly retired from the Doctor’s mind as well as from between her legs.

“S-sorry” She mumbled, flushing scarlet as she dried her hand on the sheets of her bed.

“What for?” The Doctor countered, smiling bright at her and leaving her mind barriers down for more than it was sensible doing now that Missy had regained once again a hold of herself. “You know that you’re welcomed whenever you’re on your best behaviour”

Missy cough a little, trying to reclaim her composure, but eventually just decided to lie at the Doctor’s side and hold tight her new petite body against her own.

“I’m always on my best behaviour” Missy protested eventually.

“You’re not” The Doctor countered lightly. “But you really are my best everything and my love. I do mean this, believe me”

Missy sighed and held the Doctor even tighter.

“And you are really kind, I mean it” Missy told her harshly despite the teasing undertone. “And this is not a compliment.”

“I thought as much” The Doctor duly noted, chuckling lightly.

Missy could not miss how both her hearts skipped more than just one beat finally hearing her carefree laughter, but she didn’t really want to remind herself how much it meant for her making the Doctor happy.

“I really do need to be kind, though” The Doctor continued, pouting miserably as she stared at Missy. “Why do I? What did I miss?”

“Hmn…” Missy reflected, even though she really couldn’t understand the Doctor’s point. None of the points she was trying to make, actually.

The Doctor held her tighter in her arms, leaving a sweet kiss on her head.

“I’m certain you’re one I wronged the most, but… You’re not the only one”

“You can’t really hope to find every desperate man or woman you’ve left pining after you” Missy objected irritably before she could stop herself. Realising what she had said, however, she flushed even more and hid her face against the Doctor’s breasts in embarrassment. “I didn’t really meant-”

The Doctor just offered her a light chuckle and covered her head in kisses to make her re-emerge from her cleavage. As soon as Missy peaked up from there, still looking like the perfect image of the scolded teenager, the Doctor left a meaningful peck on her lips and smiled at her.

“I love you, Koschei. Know that I’ve been pining and I’m still pining after you as much as you were and are pining after me”

Missy grumbled at the Doctor’s words and attacked her the easiest way she could think about: tickling every inch of skin that she could reach. Eventually, they both rolled opposite sides to have the chance to catch their breaths, all the while laughing and giggling.

When they had both calmed down, it was Missy’s time to actually try doing something about the Doctor’s Kindness Problem.

“Jack Harkness” She proposed to the Doctor, who stared back at her dubiously. “If I were to name someone that you – and I, just to say it out loud – wronged, that’s the first name that comes to my mind”

“You’re bloody right!” The Doctor yelled in realisation, sitting up as if the bed had been set afire. “I need to find a way to reach for him! And then I need a plan for fixing him!”

The Doctor jumped off the bed completely naked to search for an address book or something among her old and new clothes.

Missy stared at her lost in her thoughts for a while, then she simply rolled her eyes at her beloved friend and sighed.

“My boosted processor can find your former companion easily enough, you know, my dear Doctor?”

“Really?” The Doctor cheered overjoyed, rushing back to Missy. “Will you help me then?”

“I’ll help you in more way you can imagine, if I know myself well enough. But first, let me tell you something slightly more important” Missy declared teasingly, moving dangerously closer to the Doctor’s lips that were curling in a cute and curious pout. “Women’s body can have multiple orgasms and also have no refractory period”

The Doctor stared at her with her mouth slightly open three whole seconds before realising the not so subtle proposition. Giving her friend a wicked smile that was promptly answered back, she eventually joined once again Missy on her bed.

After all, she had more than one person to be kind to and her lover was one of them.