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The Scoobies' Group Chat

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buffytheslayer added gaywitch, underyourspell, soulfulspike, dawniekey, kissthelibrarian, xanman and notanexdemon to the chat! 


buffytheslayer: so this is basically a place where we can all talk without being in the same room

gaywitch: but.. most of us are in the same room.

kissthelibrarian: Except me. And others, I suspect. Buffy, I only just figured out how to use this tiny idiot box. Now this? 

buffytheslayer: yep

soulfulspike: i'm a tad confused, luv

xanman: wow u used proper grammar that's a surprise

dawniekey: leave him alone, xander. sheesh are you ever gonna like him?

xanman: nah.

soulfulspike: um.. thanks nibblet. so why do we need this again?

underyourspell: yeah, we're all literally sitting in your living room besides giles, xander and anya

notanexdemon: the phone was making noise!! that usually means for me to go to the phone. i'm here now!!

xanman: hey an!

notanexdemon: hey! this makes no sense. we are sitting next to each other. we should just talk.

xanman: an, we've talked about this already. this chat is just for emergencies or laziness.

notanexdemon: so you're too lazy to talk to me? and how are we gonna know the difference??

buffytheslayer: okay ENOUGH

soulfulspike: i agree with blondie

xanman: oh of course you do

soulfulspike: sod off it's just because she's right

kissthelibrarian: *sips tea*

xanman: even if she was wrong you'd say she was right!!

soulfulspike: piss OFF you whelp!!

buffytheslayer: OKAY CUT IT OUT. first off: i'm dating spike now! so shut up, xander!

xanman: >:(

soulfulspike: ;~)

buffytheslayer: and spike, you really don't sound intimidating over text.

soulfulspike: hey! i'm still the big bad! i'm scary as hell!

buffytheslayer: you're literally smelling my hair right now

gaywitch: and you aren't even a vampire anymore

soulfulspike: well yeah but. i'm still strong! I could take you ponces out in a heartbeat!

xanman: i may have one eye but i can still see that you're a heckin liar

underyourspell: uhh did xander just say heckin??

dawniekey: i think he did. ew.

xanman: guys this is bullying

gaywitch: cyber bullying, actually.

kissthelibrarian: What the blithering hell did you just say?

gaywitch: cyber bullying. like bullying but on the internet.

kissthelibrarian: dear lord. the earth is extremely doomed.

dawniekey: i bet he's cleaning his glasses right now.

buffytheslayer: yeah and probably sighing at all of us

soulfulspike: some things never change


dawniekey: hey we should play a game!!

underyourspell: like what?

dawniekey: truth or dare? or just the truths, seeing as we're on phones

soulfulspike: oh hell no

notanexdemon: oh hell yeah!! i love games!! do we win money?

buffytheslayer: NO. MONEY.

kissthelibrarian: oh lord. okay.

dawniekey: okay. who here isn't straight?

gaywitch: well I'm obviously gay

underyourspell: yeah i'm a lesbian

xanman: i'm straight

kissthelibrarian: i'm bisexual 

buffytheslayer: oh my god I never knew that!!

soulfulspike: well obviously

gaywitch: yeah obviously. you definitely had sexual tension with Ethan Rayne

kissthelibrarian: my lips are sealed.

notanexdemon: i take the fifth!

underyourspell: what?

notanexdemon: what??

buffytheslayer: i'm straight. i mean i've had gay thoughts like.. once.. but that's it.

soulfulspike: to be honest i've never really cared. i'm mostly attracted to girls but i have shagged a bloke or two

gaywitch: i mean i never thought i'd say it but.. great philosophy, spike?!

buffytheslayer: wow okay then

soulfulspike: and if you ever wanted a threesome with a girl, buffy, i wouldn't say no

buffytheslayer: wow back to being a pig again

dawniekey: moving on!! who here has killed a person?

gaywitch: i have..

underyourspell: i haven't.

buffytheslayer: i haven't either!!

xanman: yeah i haven't

notanexdemon: i've killed many people!!

soulfulspike: i used to be a bloody vampire. i obviously have

kissthelibrarian: I might've. Okay, I have.

buffytheslayer: uh what??

soulfulspike: you don't wanna know.

gaywitch: remember ben? and how he was glory?

buffytheslayer: you killed him??

kissthelibrarian: Buffy, I apologise.

buffytheslayer: no, don't! I mean, yeah, it's kinda bad, but you killed a GOD, Giles! thanks, i guess!

kissthelibrarian: oh thank the lord.

soulfulspike: not bad, watcher