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Remember We'll Be History

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One: Walls Caving In

The day Belladonna Baggins the Second was born, it was a quite the frightful day for any proper hobbit to be out.  It was raining in the Shire like it hadn't in a while. Mrs. Baggins was having a hard time trying to have her child that her Old Friend Gandalf had to be called in.

"Oh Gandalf, please tell me she will make it." Bungo asked. 

"She will be fine my friend, but sadly this will be the only child she gives you." Gandalf said. 

"That is fine as long as both shall live." Bungo told him. They heard thunder and a cry. 

"Its a girl." Gandalf told him. Bungo had not heard as he was running toward them. Gandalf walked slowly and saw his friends and the babe. 

"Gandalf, come meet Bella." Belladonna said with a smile. 

"Oh, my old friend." Gandalf said reaching for the small child. The babe was quiet and opened her eyes toward him. Gandalf gasped a bit.

"Is something wrong?." Belladonna asked.

"Your daughter is an Old Soul." Gandalf said. Bungo and Belladonna looked at each other. This also meant their daughter would have an interesting and hard life.

They heard of Old Souls the Baggins and Tooks had a few in their history. Old Took himself  was one himself. 

"Oh can you see the companion?" Belladonna asked. She knew her Father had a companion a human woman. He was always a happy man and he was a good leader always saying about family. She had even heard the companion called her Father Dom. 

"Oh no, he or she will come when she needs them most, but she will be different." 

"Of course she will, she is my daughter after all." Belladonna said.

"Oh Bella, what will your life be." Gandalf said to the babe.


As Bella grew she was a fine little hobbit girl to her parents. She was odd to a lot of Hobbits except for Old Took, who took the young little girl under his wing.