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circumstances .

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Hena was a brooding girl , but then again she always was. She never knew of empathy , nor guilt. If anything she was blank ,desolate. Obsolete.

She knew of emotion , and treated it like an object.

The air was cool and stale , like a coat of plastic filmed your face. It rustled the leaves , and cherry blossoms fell near her feet. She felt her back push to straighten her posture by the woman who loomed behind her.

She was taking it all in , this new atmosphere. Most of the time her dainty world consisted of the constant smelling of burning coal and ash freckled in the air. And now she was surrounded by shiny things , and beautiful objects lined in gold.

“What is that.” this was a statement more than a question.

Azula .

Their mother seemed harsh , afterall Hena stood in front of two children as she would describe them to be. They both looked like they got anything and everything handed to them , wrapped in a bow and served on fine china.

“This is a new friend , she’ll be staying with us for some time.”

Of course questions persisted with this statement , more from the daughter than of the son. All that the mother had answered and nothing came from Hena’s mouth. At that moment she didn’t want to speak , she knew why she was there. What she would do , and that business was danced around by one of the soul providers when that question came up.

“Does she even talk ?” This girl was pretentious.

“I do.”

Azula’s face soured.

After the brief introduction , the mother scurried off down an outside hall that lead into the massive palace. And now these three were just left there , seemingly unattended , excluding the inclusion of some guards nearby.

The son had been observing her , and she noticed.


“How old are you ?” Great , hes timid.

“I’m sixteen.”


The siblings both gulped silently , their eyes had widened just slightly but enough to be counted for.

“That’s pretty old.” He followed up with.

“Amazing choice of words.” Hena had snapped back with , her eyes adart.

An obvious pink flared over his pale cheek and he kicked at the grass beneath his feet. His small , high ponytail swaying just slightly as he pivoted.

“Oh-! Does Zuzu have a crush ?” Her voice was annoyingly high.

They argued for a moment , back and forth between each other though Hena didn’t seem to care that much.

She took it upon herself to explore the garden slightly , her eyes and feet falling to the turtle duck pond just a few feet away from where she stood before.

It was crystal clear , and beautiful.


Her dim eyes store back at her as she felt that stale breeze brush against her face again. Her dark hair shifted by the wind’s touch. She was dressed in the regular royal Firenation attire for females of her age , and for a moment she didn’t recognize herself.

She was clean , and kempt. She looked like someone who was worthy , someone who was important.

She liked the feeling , found joy in it.


Her shoulder felt a soft , yet intimidating grasp. She looked behind her , seeing the women who clothed and introduced her. She had a soft , inviting smile ridden between her teeth. Though it seemed forced , shifted.

“My husband,” She paused , brief. “the Firelord,” She corrected “Would like to see you in court.”

Hena blinked.




He was intimating at first , his shoulders were broad and his cheeks were high. He sat , tall and confident with his eyebrows arched high. He looked like pure marble , felt like it too.


“I heard you are void of emotion.”

“That is correct.”

“And you are also given to the gift of fire.”

“Also correct.”


He inhaled deep , his chest arise visibly.

“I have a task for you.”