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From Darkness to Eternity

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IMPORTANT PLEASE DO NOT SKIP, SKIP AT OWN RISK, normally I hate large ans before a story but try to read them as they are usually there for a reason and have skipped to my own regret before.

Hello all, this is my first work for AO3 and I have been working on it in my head for a while now, it may take some time to get it all on paper and posted for all of you but if you can bear with me it may be worth the wait. As I said I have been kicking this around in my head for a couple of months and finally decided to try typing it up, I am mostly a visual reader/writer so whatever I read or write plays in my head like a movie and thus it is sometimes quite difficult to transfer the images I see into words for others to read, as it stands I originally just started this out as a fun “movie” to watch in my head when I was bored but it has become so MASSIVE and fantastically detailed I just can’t keep it all to myself, if all of the parts I have already played through were already typed up and posted this story would already have over 100 chapters and upwards of a million words and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon. I will be working hard to try and catch this up to what is already finished in my head but can already tell it will be difficult because of trying to make sure not to leave anything out or mix things up. Now on to the fun stuff, If you recognize something from somewhere else I freely admit that it may very well be from there, I am truly unsure at this point, I just discovered the Kuro fandom only a few months back and binged the entire series in 3 days and am still working on the manga, but this lead to my burning through EVERY work on this archive that has my favorite character (Undertaker) as a main character, thus the apology if I accidentally pull inspiration from a work of someone else, all of the works have blended into the anime and bits of manga I have seen and created a jumbled mass that I pulled things from to create this, I know that I have used several canonical characters and a lot of characters of my own creation, but I believe I used MOSTLY my own ideas for the flow and plots, one thing that I do know of that is pulled from somewhere else is a piece of my Undertaker’s background story, not sure where or who I got it from but I know I used some of it to add an extra element to the reasons for Undertaker’s retirement (or in the case of this work saying “fuck it” and quitting), so if any of you recognize something know that my pulling inspiration was not intentional or malicious in any way, in fact please let me know if you recognize your own idea or character (though I’m almost completely positive I didn’t borrow anyone’s characters) so that I may properly thank you for the inspiration. This story will be an epic length story, I may just put it all together or I may split different arks up and turn it into a series, still debating on that point, but as to the point of that statement there will be a ton of stuff in here, I can guarantee that there will be things that will probably mortally offend some people or things that others find absolutely blasphemous in nature, it is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anyone, this story just took on a life of its own (literally) and even I didn’t see some of the insanity that makes this up coming, a large portion of this will not be in canon verse after a point and there will be EXTENSIVE and LIBERAL use of creative license in some areas, there will also be a few appearances of some characters from other fandoms but mostly as small pop ups and not actual parts of the story except for a few who were woven into the story to my own surprise, as this is my first work on here I am putting this exclusively under the Kuro fandom as I don’t want to have someone searching in the other fandoms find an interesting tag for a character they like and then finding out that this has no ties to said fandom other than very minor mentions of terms or ideas or a small character pop up and them becoming upset, if this is later found to be the wrong thing to do and this is tagged for all the fandoms that make even tiny appearances then I apologize to those who are seeing this that were looking for a story based in those fandoms. There will be points where characters will speak of things in history of different nations or countries as fact that is in fact not true, this is not an attempt to mock or insult the rich histories or cultures of these places, this is simply a means of weaving an interesting plot device or story hook into the story in the most believable way I can manage, this will also lead to some characters seeming to randomly go off on rambling tangents in conversation but in the end will eventually make sense as to why these caveats are present, so if you see something that doesn’t make sense in the way it is presented or is straight up historical fabrication remember this is a work of fiction not fact, but if I do mention something that is partially true but has some errors or facts jumbled please let me know (politely please) what the true legends or histories are as I love learning new things. Sorry, just noticed the rambling, back to the point there will be EXTREME content in certain parts of this work and I will try my best to carefully mark a warning at the beginning of chapters that this content is in, some can be skipped as unnecessary to plot continuity but most will have direct impact on it and cannot be skipped without possibility of missing a major plot point, the presence of this subject matter does not by any means indicate my approval or condoning of said situations, some of these range from heavy kink mentions to straight up brutal rape, if you cannot handle any of these things, which I will try very hard to tag all of these with warnings, please do not read this work, I would rather lose out on a possible reader than have someone have a major trigger or become truly upset by my writing, I will list some of the majors in this note, that hopefully no one just skipped, I have done so, (which if you are still reading, thank you). There will be several relationship types including M/M, F/M, and Multi, encounters will almost always be one on one but an occasional more way may pop up just have to see where this crazy train goes, there WILL be heavy mentions of BDSM and humiliation in certain areas, as well as other possible triggers. There will be graphic depictions of brutality and rape as well as other horrific depravities committed upon several characters that could include anyone but as of this notice so far includes leading characters, corpses (including necrophilia), and even a child (major plot relevance or would never even consider putting into any story I write), whether other beings will join this list later is as of yet unknown even to myself, at this point I just started the ship and it has completely taken off on its own (I find this exciting because it means even though I am writing it, it is still like I am reading it for the first time too and cannot see the end spoilers ahead of time). There will be points of massive excesses of gore, including, dismemberment, disembowelment, decapitation, flaying, torture, self-torture, severe self-harm, suicide/attempts of suicide, homicide, genocide, and some wholesale rage driven slaughter, some of these are given to extreme levels of detail due to plot relevance while others may be mentioned in passing. Hopefully this is all the bad stuff, if I missed something please mention so I can properly tag the warning,. Now better (and more fun) topic, there will be smut, and lots of it, there will be solo fun, paired up fun, public fun, voyeuristic fun, fun in strange places (includes a coffin(hello this does include Undertaker) hot spring, and giant decorative fountain(in the center of a city), and a vault full of treasure), kinky fun (absolute boatloads of this), workplace fun, and several caught with the pants down moments. For those who actually stuck in and read this monster notice (sorry bout that) hopefully you are totally forewarned of anything that could cause you distress, again notify me of missing or forgotten warnings, and are still willing to give this a shot, if not thank you for taking the time to read the warnings and walk away instead of skipping straight into something you could regret and yelling at me for not warning you (that is the point of this note), now to those still here and not scared off I say, “Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be an epic adventure”. Oops almost forgot, there will be several different POV points throughout this work hopefully they are easily recognized, but for sudden first to first character jumps, or other quick shifts I will try to mark them to keep you all from getting lost, also there will be points of MASSIVE time shift or jumps that I will try my best to mark as there are a couple of these that are very sudden and extremely disorienting at first step.


NOW ON WITH THE SHOW (lol always wanted to do that)


Chapter 1

Undertaker sat upon the edge of his personal coffin in the bedroom in his shop and gazed at his scythe with uncertainty. “Well old friend, is it time, or will it be another day,” he says slightly lost. “Everything is so grey now, no colors, not even a speck,” he continues forlornly. “I can feel myself slipping, losing touch, my mind becoming cloudy and dark, I fear that soon I will lose myself completely,” continuing to converse with the beautiful but deadly weapon while stroking his hand across its skull. “The worst part is, I know that out there somewhere, my one is waiting, I can sense them, muffled though, as if buried, I cant get an exact location or I would already have gone to them, but I fear if I wait any longer for a better sense of location my mind will be utterly consumed by the madness I can feel festering, and I know that with my power and abilities, not to mention knowledge, that this could prove catastrophic for more than just myself,” he speaks as if confiding a terrible secret upon an old friend, his voice taking on notes of deep sorrow and loneliness on mentions of his one, the one being in all of existence made just for him, as he is for them, the being whom he has shared a soul link with since his creation, a hollow spot inside, deep in the very core of his being, a link that usually pulls the two inexorably together, but hasn’t for some reason. “Well, hopefully my one will understand and I will come back again and get another chance to meet them,” he says with sudden conviction while turning the scythe and placing the tip on his chest above his heart. “Come old friend, the one friend I have had from the very beginning, let us end this, I refuse to be ended by another, so it comes to you, sorry, but I have to do this now or I won’t have the strength, I can already tell this is the only chance I will get, I do wonder though whether you will go with me or be left here alone, hopefully the first, but I apologize if it is the second,” he continues and upon the last words draws back his scythe preparing to drive the magnificent blade through his own heart. With grim determination he swings the blade with all the strength he can muster, only to stop with the tip pressed against the skin over his heart in shock, just as the blade is about to cut him he felt it, the tug, well more like massive yank, from the bond with his one, a yank that felt like someone had tied a rope around his heart and tried to pull it out of him, a frantic panic filled yank from his souls anchor to reality, desperately trying to stop him, and it works.

Sitting in shocked awe Undertaker marvels at the felling of the connection stretching out between him and his one, feeling some of the soul crushing loneliness he has been feeling for over a century melting away with the knowledge that his one is truly out there, and quite close if the direction of the pull is any indication. With startling clarity he pinpoints the source of the pull as a small forest about fifty miles outside of London. With this realization the world comes back into sharp vibrant color, and without a thought he is up and racing from his shop, barely remembering to push the door closed as he launches himself through it. Using every ounce of speed and power that he has he races through the evening in the light of the setting sun, and with the sunset still at least a half hour off he finds the source of the pull. Undertaker stares at the side of the hill in puzzlement, in front of him is a hill that obviously has a cave hollowed into it, but the confusion comes from the stone, door, for lack of a better word, that seals it. The stone slab is covered in glyphs and runes, many he recognizes, but that should not exist in the same place much less on the same object, for covering every inch of the door are runes of the most astonishing combination of angel, demon, and even reaper origins he has ever seen, he has seen all of them before but never combined in this way, always separate from each other as none of the three races would normally ever cooperate with each other much less do whatever this is. As he studies the symbols he sees that there are several chains of glyphs and runes for sealing and concealment as well as alert chains that would warn the casters upon the door being opened, the more he looks the more dizzying it becomes, and the more obvious that this is some kind of trap or prison, the most shocking glyph chain is the one containing symbols from all three races, from what he can piece together it is a bond suppression chain. With this realization he is gripped by a blinding fury that he hasn’t felt since they tried to take his scythe, acting purely on rage fueled instinct he calls his scythe and floods it with his power, igniting it with the greenish-black flames of death energy, and slices through the stone as though it isn’t even there, even in his rage knowing that there will soon be several parties coming to investigate, he races into the surprisingly shallow cave to see a man hanging suspended in the center of the cave with a chain going from each wrist to the cave walls causing his arms to be stretched to their max, and a chain on his ankles driven into the cave floor as well as one around his neck driven into the ceiling pulled tight to stretch him out as if upon a rack, having caught this in a glance he slashes all of the chains and catches the man as he begins to fall before calling on an old ability he hasn’t used in years, one no other reaper has or knows he has, he portals away to a point far distant from the cave, and then immediately ports again, and again, porting randomly all over the place and even a couple into neighboring countries, to lose any possible trackers even using his favorite trick of porting high into the air and then porting again just before hitting the ground, or in this case the Thames, going through at least a dozen portals before ending on the opposite side of London from his shop and racing back on foot, never releasing the precious burden in his arms.

Upon reaching his shop Undertaker goes directly to his bedroom before placing his newly discovered one upon the top of his coffin, finally taking a moment to look at the man, for it is obviously a male, for the first time, and feeling a horrible wrenching in his chest when he sees that the exquisitely gorgeous man is in only a strange undergarment but the entirety of his body is covered in more glyph and rune chains. There are chains of sleep and stasis, power and bond suppression, ones to keep him completely immobilized, ones to cut off all of his senses and render him totally unaware of the world around him, the sheer number is astounding. Feeling an intense wave of agony in his heart at the thought of his one being forever comatose from the runes branded onto his skin he reaches out slowly, hesitating a few times before placing his hand on the mans arm, and feeling immediately relieved when he realizes that the symbols are only painted on and not branded or tattooed, and thus permanent. Knowing that the man, his one, his fated, his heart and soul, his beloved mate, is safe he gets up and walks into the bathroom to fill the tub, determined to remove every trace of the markings from his skin. He shivers at the tingle in his fingers from where he had grabbed his loves arm, remembering the feeling of silken velvet over absolute steel, unconsciously flexing his hand in a squeezing motion as he runs the water. As the water fills the tub he strips off the extra layers of his outfit, leaving him in his pants boots and a button down shirt, and rolls up his sleeves while gathering towels, washcloths and soaps before turning off the water when the tub is full enough. Returning to the bedroom to bring his love to the tub he gets a better look now that he isn’t panicking over him possibly being branded, the man is tall, and by Undertaker’s guess slightly taller than himself, after a bit of thought he thinks that should he be standing that he could rest his chin on his head if they were to embrace each other, besides being tall he is also incredibly well built with broad shoulders and a trim waist, easily weighing two or possibly three times his own weight in pure muscle. Moving on from his loves physique he starts noting the finer details, a strong aristocratic face that would put even royalty to shame, long midnight black hair wound into a tight braid that stretches down to his ankles, Undertaker’s fingers itch to run through that hair, and a single lock of bright silver, the same shade as his own he notes in shock, that runs from his right temple to mid thigh also in a braid, on seeing this striking silver braid he starts twirling his own around his fingers without even realizing that it mirrors the one he is looking at, finally looking at his hands, making a very pointed and determined effort not to let his eyes wander elsewhere, they are large and he can see the strength in them but he also has the long delicate fingers of a master surgeon or musician. Picking up his love and carrying him into the bathroom his mind turns to the other extremely obvious features of the man in his arms, the ones that prove beyond any speck of doubt that this man is not human, looking down upon the devastatingly beautiful face as he kneels next to the tub he reaches up to his loves face, to the slightly parted lips, and uses his thumb to lift one side of his top lip confirming what he saw, there gleaming in the light of the bathroom are a set of vicious fangs, his canines easily an inch and a half long with another set on each side of those that are an inch long, and rounding it out yet another set a half inch long on either side of those, he marvels at the sight of the fangs he is seeing, trying to place the distinctive pattern of one long fang with two shorter fangs on each side and two more even shorter ones on each side of those, he knows he has heard mention of this five fang configuration somewhere, he just can’t remember where. Deciding maybe some of the obvious things will help he looks at the deadly claws tipping each finger, not as long as his own nails but decidedly sharper, not getting anything from this he moves on to the two features that are totally captivating his attention, and those are the ears, which are not on the sides of his head but the top and are furry triangles the same deep black as his hair, and the tails, the sleek black tails attached to the base of his spine, as he is finally placing him in the water he counts a total of twelve, still having trouble placing this mans race, and dying to see what his eyes look like in the hope of finally solving the puzzle.

Undertaker begins to carefully scrub the painted symbols off of his loves skin making sure to steer clear of the large immobilizing chain that runs from a glyph over his heart to a glyph at the bottom of his abs which he knows he needs to remove last or risk damage to his nervous system if removed before all of the others. After removing all of the marks on his back and limbs he carefully starts on the sleep and stasis chain that begins with a large glyph on his forehead and runs down the left side of his face and spirals around his neck from the point it touches his throat to a final glyph in the dip at the base of the front of his throat. The moment he wipes the last of the paint off of that throat he looks up and is captivated by the most tantalizing eyes he has ever seen, the entire background of the eye is an insane cerulean blue, the iris is the same crimson as fresh blood, and the pupil looks like a pool of molten gold, he can feel his breath catch as those eyes regard him with an aloof curiosity veiled by unshielded wariness, although he can’t blame him for that after the way he found him. Deciding to lift some of his loves worries he begins speaking, knowing that he can’t reply or move until the final glyphs are scrubbed off, “hello love, glad you are awake, I found you in a truly horrible place and refused to leave you there in the state you were in, so I brought you to my home and am removing those nasty glyph chains from you, if you give me just a moment to make sure I have removed all of the others I will start on the final chain, the one that is immobilizing you.” As he speaks he sees some of the wariness fading leaving the curiosity, which is becoming less aloof and more focused, he knows some of it is probably over the hidden part of his face but decides to finish removing the glyphs before messing with clearing his bangs from his face. Becoming caught up in the process of removing the twisting spiral of runes spread across his torso, leaning over the edge of the tub and giving his love an unintentionally excellent view of his rear end, which is right in the immobilized mans face, he doesn’t see the twitch of that straight elegant nose as he takes a deep breath and totally misses the dilation of those golden pupils. Undertaker is so caught up in what he is doing that he is completely taken off guard when, the second the last speck of paint is removed, in a move faster than even he could track, he is suddenly on his back with both of his wrists in one of his loves hands and with said man kneeling between his legs, before he can fully comprehend this change in position the other hand comes up and pushes his hair out of his face. As soon as his bright green eyes meet those tricolor ones of the larger man above him there is a deep silky growl rippling through the air and his love is kissing him, and he is immediately lost to the sensation, it feels like he is sucking on a lightning bolt.


X is bored, has been for centuries, trapped in this tiny cave with nothing but darkness, he curses his own foolishness for his current predicament, he should never have gotten complacent, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t be in this mess, when he escapes he is going to rip that uppity little spark too big for his britches limb from limb. He has been able to sense his one more and more the past two centuries and is becoming very worried over what he feels, his one is fading, loneliness is pushing him into madness and the darkness is rising in his soul, he starts pushing on the bindings keeping him from reaching out to his love, it has weakened over time, as he knew all of the seals would, another half a century and they may be weak enough for him to break free, but he is unsure if his one has that long before he fades completely. Then like a spear to the gut he feels it, his one is going to end himself, he has known for quite some time that his destined mate is male, had learned this on the first sensing of him, driven by panic he puts every ounce of what little remains of his power into stabbing through the suppression seal and giving a massive jerk to the link between them. He feels the shock as his mate freezes in his mission of self termination and sighs with relief at accomplishing his goal, but now that he has freed the link he gives another pull to try and get his mate to come free him from this place. He hangs in the dark silently tracking the distance between himself and his mate shrinking, and then he is there on the other side of the door, X feels the flash of blinding rage before feeling an intoxicating rush of death energy pouring out of his mate, oh yes, this is his mate, the sheer amount of power contained in the being on the other side of the door is definitely high enough to stand up to him when he goes off on one of his snits. In moments there is a rush of fresh air, then a whooshing sound, and he is falling, free from the chains tying him to this place at last, he is surprised at the strength he can feel in the body that catches him, and before he can get a good sense of his mate they are gone, the crackle of portal energy along his skin is a shock but not as much as the next near dozen back to back ports, a feat he did not know any but himself could accomplish, of course he doesn’t actually port anymore having discovered something much more efficient and far less energy intensive. After the swirling rush of portals his mate carries him for a bit before entering a building of some sort.

X ponders on the strange smells of his mates home as he listens to the water run in the next room, there is a scent of death permeating the building, intermingled with the scents of chemicals and preservatives, by his best guess he is in a place of the dead but is unsure of which kind, one thing he is sure of is that his mate is going to drive him mad, the flashes of desire he keeps catching in his scent is so distracting that he can’t concentrate on breaking the chains on himself, and oh how he wanted to chuckle at the hint of shyness while he was being inspected and his mate was trying to not take a good look at all of him, and he is back and carrying him again, into the room that he assumes is a bathroom, which is proven when he is sat upon the floor leaning against his mates leg. X’s puzzlement over his mates purpose doesn’t last long as he feels a long thin finger on his lip, lifting it to reveal his fangs, the satisfaction of causing his mates mind to twist and spin trying to figure out what he is only barely distracts from the sensations caused by being examined, the claws weren’t too bad, the ears were a bit harder to ignore, but his mate grabbing one of his tails and giving it a tight squeezing stroke along the entire length of it had lit him on fire, and sitting in the water as his mate rubs all over him is really not helping matters at all. Being able to look at him just makes it worse, he is exquisite, even with a good portion of his face hidden by that glorious silver hair, he didn’t even hear what was being said because he was so distracted by taking in the appearance of the moon kissed being in front of him.


First person POV (X)

My entire mind froze when he leaned in to scrub across my torso and that pert little ass came to rest right in my face, I refuse to blink so I don’t miss the slight twitching and movements it makes as he goes lower down my abs, and then his scent hits me, the burn of desire and sweet flush of arousal sets my fangs to itching, begging to sink into that tight supple flesh being waved under my nose. The moment I feel the last sparks of power binding me fade I move, in a split second I have him pinned under me, arms stretched above his head and held by the wrist in one of my hands and legs spread for me to kneel between, I must see him, I push the hair out of his face and see bright, slightly glowing, emeralds staring back at me, with a growl I give in to the urge to taste him and seal our lips together. The dark seductive flavor of death energy pours from him as I move from his lips to his neck licking and nuzzling my way to where it meets his shoulder, the decapitation scar on his throat causes a deep growling groan to leave my chest as I trace it with my tongue, drawing a soft whispery moan from him. I can’t take it I must see more of him, I use my free hand to yank his shirt over his head after undoing a few buttons, revealing a delicious expanse of firm pale skin striped with even more wonderful scars that I gladly lavish with attention, I drag my tongue across one of his pale pink nipples as I reach down and cup the now quite obvious bulge in his tight pants giving it a firm squeeze causing him to give a hard jerk and release a moan that shoots straight to my painfully hard cock, giving a light growl of frustration I release his wrists so I can strip him of the last barriers between my eyes and his flesh, luckily he is just as eager as he helps with the sinful boots he is wearing, way to many buckles but damn if they don’t do fantastic things for his legs and ass, so I can peel off his tight leather pants.

Seeing him spread out under me completely bare makes the burning twisting pull of my soul screaming to claim him unbearable, he is like moonlight with his shimmering silver hair and inhumanly pale skin, the scars marking his body make him even more enticing, they are proof of his strength and will to survive. I am having trouble keeping myself under control, but I refuse to even consider harming him by moving along to quickly, although the way he is panting and giving out all those delicious little gasps and whimpers as I stroke and lick him all over tell me I need to get on with it. I look into his now brightly glowing green eyes as I give a flex of will and subtle flick of the hand that is out of his line of sight, the moan that tears out of him when I rub one of my slicked fingers around his tight entrance draws a purring chuckle from me. I take my time to make sure he is thoroughly prepared for my rather impressive size, by the time I have gotten him to the point of taking four of my fingers he has become a writhing puddle of need and is actively pleading for me to take him. I speak softly into his ear as I create more lubricant and liberally coat myself with it, and stare into his eyes as I hook his knees over my arms and line myself up with him. I drop my head to his chest and let out a long drawn out groan as I carefully push into him, I have to stop moving entirely as soon as I am fully seated so that I don’t embarrass myself, he is clenching me so tightly I am afraid I may hurt him if I try to move now, but the thing that was truly unexpected and so absolutely magnificent that I nearly lost it as soon as I started is the chill, I have always run extremely hot but sinking into him was better than when I had to jump into a frozen lake to cool off, I have no idea why he is so delightfully cool to the touch but I know it’s not because he is a reaper, those little shits that the little spark sent to trap me alongside those glowing feather balls and sneaky shadow flowers weren’t cold, they definitely had their hands in enough places for me to know that much. When he squirms and rakes his long nails down my back I know he is ready for more, and I give it to him, slowly at first but that plan quickly flies out the window as he becomes quite insistent for more, for me to go harder and faster, and far sooner than I would like I feel the tightening in my groin marking my quickly approaching release, and judging by the sounds he is making his too. It takes every bit of focus I have left to lean forward and start laving the spot where his left shoulder joins to his neck, while adjusting the angle of my head so that the same spot on my neck is right in his face, and as the first snap of release hits I sink my fangs into his neck, only barely feeling him do the same, and ride out the storm flashing through my nerve endings. Having made sure not to loosen my jaw, and holding his head to my neck with my hand, throughout the entirety of our climax I pull my fangs free while keeping my mouth sealed around the wound, after licking the wound free of blood I slice my tongue on one of my fangs and firmly work my blood into the bite, while giving my mate a gentle nudge with my mind to do the same, the light burning in the skin of my neck shows he got the hint. Once I feel smooth skin under my tongue and have cleaned all the blood from his skin I pull back to admire my mark upon him, it takes the form of a ten pointed star inside a circle with a flame in the center of the star, the flame is a silvery-gold color while the rest of it is the same liquid gold color of my blood, as I do this I feel my mate curl into me and his breathing getting more even, I know without looking he has fallen asleep. I gently remove myself from him before standing, and catch a glimpse of a mirror on the wall, letting my curiosity get to me I walk over and turn so that I can see his mark on me, it is beautiful, the mark is the same size as my own on him but so different too, there is a crescent moon crossed by a scythe, a classic staff style one with a long haft and large blade, with a skull resting between them at the bottom of the scythe staff and snowflakes drifting from the moon onto it, the whole thing looks like quicksilver painted onto my skin, after admiring the liquid like shimmer of the color I turn and scoop my mate into my arms. When I enter the bedroom I have to admit to being a bit surprised on seeing an oversized coffin instead of a bed, better than some places I’ve had to sleep, deciding to get a better look at it in the morning, although from the glimpses I catch I can tell the detail work is exceptional, and lift the lid, noting that it is quite spacious inside I am relieved it appears I can lay with my mate. After placing him inside I climb in and admire the work that was obviously put into this coffin, as I pull the lid closed I admire the interior, the sides and lid are lined in high quality velvet, and the bottom, sheet and pillows, both of them, are of the finest silk I have ever felt, the whole inside is cushioned with some kind of padding I can’t identify and is a deep dark red, the sight of my mate’s pale coloring against the red in the last light before closing the lid is breathtaking, as I curl around my new mate I can’t help but to realize that this coffin is way more comfortable than my bed, before burying my nose into his neck, curling my tails around him, and drifting off to sleep myself.


First person POV over

As Undertaker wakes he notices something different, he is warm, extremely warm, much more so than usual, if it weren’t for the fact that he can feel the sheet of his coffin against his skin he would believe he had fallen asleep in front of the fire again, although there is something off about the padding under his chest and head. Deciding to check later to see if it needs replacement he reaches up and opens the lid allowing light to flood into the darkness, and feeling his face flame as he immediately remembers everything from the night before on sight of the broad muscled back he had been resting on. “He reminds me of those tales of the legendary spartan warriors,” he says quietly to himself while admiring the view, and finally noticing the exquisite tattoo across the entire spread of his new lovers back from shoulder to shoulder and from the base of the neck to just above the base of his tails is a pair of magnificent midnight black wings. After marveling at the truly incredible level of detail in the body art, he would swear that the feathers were real if he didn’t feel skin under his hands, he climbs out of his coffin to get ready for the day. Leaving the lid of his coffin open he exits the bedroom to find something to eat, but realizing he isn’t really hungry decides to just get a cookie or two, and walking out into the shop to find the jar. After looking for a bit he spots it on a shelf above the coffin he sits on to talk with customers, and walks over to get it. Having leaned forward a bit to reach up for the jar causing his hair slide forward over his shoulders he feels the muscles in his back relaxing a bit at being stretched out to his full height, and the sudden thought crossed his mind of how hunching over to disguise his height all the time really hurts his back. Smiling as his hand closes around the jar his whole body freezes when he realizes he never locked the doors last night, which had just been driven home by the sound of the bell over the door followed by several gasps and a lusty purring moan of someone saying, “oh, my, how delightful.”

Sebastian was not expecting much for the day beyond the normal boring routine that came with serving his child master, even the new case given to his master by the Queen didn’t catch his interest, what did he care if whores were being killed, it’s their own damn fault anyways, but what he wasn’t expecting was the sight that greeted him when he, his master, madam red, her absolute failure of a butler, and lau entered Undertaker’s shop. There directly across the room from the door is the naked back of an exceptionally gorgeous man stretched out to take something from a shelf, long and lean, incredibly pale skin crisscrossed by vicious scars from what looked to be deadly combat, he doesn’t even notice the shocked gasps of the others at the sight as he runs off at the mouth and purrs out, “oh, my, how delightful.” He is quickly reminded of the situation with his master’s sharp scandalized call of his name, although any response is cut off by the figure in front of them whirling around with a flare of long silver hair, and even the shock of realizing that he is staring at Undertaker, cannot detract from the sheer glory of what had been hidden beneath those horrible morticians robes all this time, only the silver, is that fur, towel barely covering his groin preserved any of the mans modesty. Again his mouth runs off when he notices all of the signs of a rather vigorous night of exercise, “well, someone certainly had a good night,” comes out of his mouth in a teasing tone.

Undertaker whips around to face his unexpected customers trying not to panic when he sees the little earl among them, he finds out who had made the comment when the earl gave his demon butler a truly scandalized look and sharply called his name, although he can clearly see the naked lust in the demons glowing red eyes, there is nothing that could stop him from cracking up at the demon running off at the mouth and making such a crass statement. As he falls on his backside laughing uproariously he sees everyone but the butler and earls faces blaze red in embarrassment, the earl was too horrified by his demons comment to notice though. After calming down enough to speak he finally greets his company, “hello, little earl,” *snicker* “how lovely to see you again,” *soft chuckle* “what can I help you with this time,” *more snickers* “don’t worry about anymore payment this time, that last bit was plenty,” he says as calmly as he can before losing it and laughing even more at the look on the earls face.

Sebastian feels no shame for his comments but is slightly disappointed by the fact that he let them out in the first place, but seeing Undertaker cracking up at the look on his masters face makes it totally worth it, and as a bonus his statements did count as payment for his services today. Before his master can speak about their reason for being here they are interrupted by someone clearing their throat off to the left side of the room. Turning to look he is struck dumb by the sight of another naked man, although also with a furry towel covering the best parts, who can only be called perfect, whose appearance immediately brings to mind memories of the statues of gods in museums, and causes a strange stab of pain deep in his head. “Love, I believe you may wish to take a moment before continuing your conversation,” the new arrival says in a voice that causes sparks to race up his spine. “What’s that lovely, take a moment, why,” Undertaker asks as he stands and gives the man a look of confusion. The mans response shocks him as he proceeds to give a slow pointedly appraising look over Undertaker from head to toe before locking eyes with him and raising an eyebrow at him. The blatant look causes Undertaker to blush madly which only gets worse when he looks down and notices his state of undress, and squeaks, “please, excuse me for a moment,” he says before quickly making his way towards the door behind the stranger. Sebastian almost chokes on his tongue when just as Undertaker passes him the man gives a sharp smack to his ass, causing Undertaker to jump and give a slight yelp, then turning to give everyone a smug smirk of satisfaction before following Undertaker into the next room and closing the door behind him. He looks around to see everyone’s reactions to this and is amused to see madam red staring at the door blankly and drooling while her butler is wide eyed and has a nosebleed, lau doesn’t seem to care, and his master looks to be flipping between shock, confusion, and anger.

Undertaker turns to look at X as soon as the door closes, “you smacked me,” he says accusingly. “Yes, I did, you were about to conduct business naked, that’s fine in certain situations or occupations but I don’t think that this is either of those, besides I saw how that little flower was looking at you,” X says flatly. “True, I forgot to lock the door last night when I got back and didn’t realize it until they walked in, and what do you mean by little flower,” he asks confused. “Oh, guess that is a bit my fault, I did distract you a bit, and the flower is the baby dark one that was standing next to the child,” X answers a bit sheepishly while scratching his head a bit. Undertaker blinks at that, he has never heard anyone call a demon a flower before, much less the baby comment, unable to resist he says, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call a demon a flower or a baby before.” “That, that’s not a demon, that is a weak little flower baby, I have seen real demons before, and your guest is nothing in comparison,” X says with a derisive snort. Deciding to put this topic away for now Undertaker heads into the bedroom to start getting dressed while saying, “I better get back out there before they start getting really antsy and come looking for me.” Chuckling X responds, “they did look kind of interesting, but I think the only one that might do that is the kid, also love, could I get your name, I never got the chance to ask last night,”and smirks at him. Blushing as he pulls on his pants Undertaker realizes that he is right, “I actually hadn’t thought of that, most people call me Undertaker nowadays, what about you?” “Undertaker huh, sounds like a job more than a name, but eh, to each his own, and my name is Xavier Nightwing, but friends and family call me X,” he replies while rolling Undertaker’s name around in his head trying to figure out how it fit with the man himself and failing to get it. “X, I like it, I would ask if you want to join me in the shop but I don’t think I have anything that will fit you,” Undertaker says, finally having a name for his love. “Oh love, we have so much to talk about once your guests leave,” X replies with a laugh. The statement peaks Undertaker’s curiosity as he finishes putting on the last of his regular outfit and returns to the kitchen only to stare in shock at a dressed X and stammer, “but…what…how did you.” X just gives him a smirk and says, “I did say we have a lot to discuss after your company leaves, didn’t I.” Seeing the lost look on Undertaker’s face X walks over to him, “although I could have recreated my original outfit doing so and then having to dress would have taken much longer than it would be acceptable to keep your guests waiting,” grabs his hand and places it on his chest, “this is just an illusion until I have more time and we have had a chance to talk, that is also why I don’t have shoes on, illusionary shoes are a pain to do and always present issues, so shall we go see what your guests have come for.”

X watches in amusement as Undertaker answers his guests questions while trying to make them squirm at the same time, the child is the most amusing, his reaction when Undertaker had grabbed him to demonstrate the way that some prostitutes had been killed and gutted was so funny he almost lost it and started laughing. Once everyone has left Undertaker locks the door before returning to the kitchen to speak with X and get some answers to the many questions he has about him. “Ok love, I know that you have a lot of questions, all of which will be answered, but there is a pressing issue of some urgency that we need to take care of beforehand,” X says once they are seated at the table. “What’s the issue and why is it so urgent,” Undertaker asks in response. “The problem is our incomplete bond, do you feel that pain in your head, probably feels like someone driving a spike into your brain with a hammer,” X asks quietly. “Now that you mention it I do, and what do you mean incomplete,” Undertaker asks becoming a bit concerned. “That feeling is also the answer to both, the hammering is the bond pounding on the shields around my mind trying to start the mental portion of itself, it is much worse on my end, I shielded my mind last night so that I could speak to you before our minds become one,” X replies with a wince of pain as the bond tries harder to rip through his shields. “Ok, that explains the headache but why did you put up shields, that I don’t understand,” Undertaker replies as he catches sight of the wince. “As you know, when non-mortals find and bond with their one they become one in mind, soul, and body, which in most cases is finished before they wake the next day but can take longer, the longest so far was three days, depending on a few things, the most common factors in this time are the length of their life, their experiences, any mental damages, and if there are any things that could be hard to accept and understand, the last is usually the big one because for the bond to seal both of those joining must fully understand and accept everything about each other, now the reason I stopped the bond from starting this part last night was so that I could give you a heads up that you could be out for several days or possibly weeks depending on how quickly you go through my incredibly long life so far, and I wanted to give you a chance to clear your schedule if necessary,” X continues while beginning to rub at his temples to relieve some of the pain in his head. “I don’t have any pressing business that cannot wait for a while, why would it take so long to live your life, so to speak, and are you ok, you seem to be having a bit of trouble,”Undertaker asks before getting up, walking to stand beside X, and placing a hand on his shoulder. “I am ok for now, I can hold out for a while yet before my shields are ripped open, although the feeling of the bond trying to rip my head open is very unpleasant I will not let it in until you are ready, having all of my years dropped into your mind is going to be extremely stressful and there are things that may be very hard to wrap your mind around,” X grits out before reaching up and taking Undertaker’s hand into his own. “I doubt there is anything that could cause me to turn away from you, and I have quite a long life myself that is going to be pushed onto you too,I am ready whenever you are,” Undertaker says as he pulls on X’s hand to get him to stand. “Very well love, we shall see what you have to say afterwards, it is probably a good idea to go and lay down for this,” X concedes before walking into the bedroom while still holding Undertaker’s hand. After helping him to remove some of the extra layers he is wearing X lays down next to Undertaker in his coffin before saying to him, “ok love, this will probably not be pleasant, there are some parts of my mind that were damaged when I was trapped, causing large pieces of my memories to be lost, but I will see you when this is done,” and with a kiss drops all of the shields keeping the bond from tying their minds together, hoping that he would still have his mate after this. Undertaker wonders what happened to X that could cause mental damage and figures that he will probably find out very soon as he feels himself pulled into darkness and sinking into the vast unknown ocean that is X’s memories.