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Star Seed

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Being the Man on the Moon is not as fun as it sounds. Keeping track of the Moon's orbit, status, passerbys, and such. The Man on the Moon is his real name; the one that the Moon chose to keep her company. He has pretty silver hair with porcelain skin, and a hidden mark at the back by the shoulder; the phases of the moon. He does not know if there are other people–no, other spirits like him. Did Uranus pick a spirit for herself too? Either way, he is content, but he wonders what it feels like to be a human that lives on the planet earth.


At some point, he ventured towards earth to observe human beings. It is not easy to go out and go to earth; he needs all his energy that he can muster to travel to earth and back to the Moon. But he is careful, for he would turn into a star if he lost his energy while he's on earth! He enjoyed his days observing breathing meats with feelings, so it is all worth it in the end. He was confused at first because there are other species on earth, and that's when he discovered animals. His personal favorite is what humans call "dog". He cannot help but to wonder what it feels like to be able to sense such pure feelings towards species that do not function like humans and cannot even speak human languages.


What he did not know is that the Moon can sense his longing and curiosity. Each time he comes back to the Moon, she would sense calmness, happiness, tiredness and longing, but the Moon stayed silent about it. She is worried about his energy being drained so frequently. It is not good to do so; he can turn into a star if he tire himself too much. It reminded her how she ended up as the Moon.


His adventure continued; he observed from afar, or closely. He watched kids play in the playground with their guardians looking after them. Some of them tried to make small conversations, sometimes resulting a big awkward talk. He was there when a teenager had his eighteenth birthday; too loud and messy, but happy nonetheless. He witnessed two people share their first kiss under his home; the Moon. He also witnessed a "proposal" at a restaurant while observing the chef cook 5 course meals. 


Out of all the human beings, events, and places he had witnessed, he picked his personal favorite person, event, and place at the most simplest way. It happened every midnight; a boy would go out and speed his way towards their garden, shouting about seeing a face on the Moon. The said boy kept talking to an empty space while looking at the Moon. The boy is unbothered, he kept sharing how his day went and would ramble about the stories he loves dearly. He did not understand why this male human would converse with the Moon, because she would not talk back. She is too busy doing her job. So instead of ignoring the boy, he stayed to listen to him every single time. He even replied to the boy sometimes, even if he knew the young man would not hear him.


The Moon got used to his whereabouts, so to the emptyness she feels when her company is not home. She is okay with it as long as he is okay. Everytime he comes back, he would talk fast and excitedly tell her what he saw, always mentioning the blonde boy who would tell the moon how his day went. She finds it amusing and very calming to know that he is doing more than fine. What scares her though is him feeling too happy. They are not supposed to feel, especially too much. She can't bear to see the same thing happen again, but this time, to her beloved company.


He did not know how long he had been observing humans and animals, but he can tell it had been a long time. He measured it through the boy he had been observing, now that has just turned twenty-five. The boy, now an adult, still talks to the Moon but not as frequent as when he was still a child. The Man on the Moon had witnessed this adult grow into someone more beautiful and kind each day. He was there when the child first ranted all his anger out to the Moon; he was bullied for being too smart and sarcastic for his own good. He was there when the adolescent sobbed his heart out because of his first heartbreak, how painful it felt. He was there when the adolescent packed his belongings in numerous boxes and bags, ready to move out. He was also there when he gave his last name to his wife.


He came back home to the castle on the Moon happily, yet super curious. The boy who he had been observing for years now is happily married. He can feel the pure love and admiration the adult and his wife felt when they vowed to each other; to love each other through sickness, through thick and thin, through it all. He thinks he wants to feel such pure feeling. It must be nice.


For a long time now, the castle on the Moon feels a bit too dull and big for him. Being the only spirit there can get pretty boring. He is grateful to be gifted with a castle and a comoany, that is the Moon, but she is not always there. He wants to have a company. He is may be ignorant towards the things humans do, own, and say, but he knows all about their emotions and feelings.


The Moon was not surprised when he told her that he wants to be a human, even just for a day. To be able to feel, sense, love, and all that. He asked the Moon if he can be a person, not just a spirit anymore. The Moon cards his hair while caressing his cheek;


“My dearest, have you heard the story of the genesis of the Sun and the Moon?” the Moon asked him, even if she knew he does not know, and so he replied by shaking his head. “They were once the happiest couple. I think God grew favoritism on them,” she chuckled. “They love each other too much that God decided to put them at a polar opposite; never to catch a glimpse of each other unless the times have come.”


“I never knew you and the Sun were once humans.” he said.


“Well, now you know.” She sighed. “Child, it is very dangerous for you to feel while you are a spirit.”


“But why? Aren't you happy that I feel okay?”


“We became the Sun and the Moon because of our undying love. We exist and shine to produce more love on different planets, including earth.” She smiled, “You might turn into a star if you feel too much while you're a spirit. You will shine for the people to see and hope once again.”


He buried his body in the Moon's open and loving arms. He is scared. He does not want to be a star! He watched how stars exist and die. No matter how beautiful they are, he can never imagine himself as one.


“I will give you a choice, my sweet child.” The Moon spoke again, “To stop visiting earth, or–”


“Or what?” he eagerly asked.


“Or live on earth as a human, only to come back here after your death.”


He gasped, “You can do that?”


“Only for you, my sweet child.” the Moon replied.




One day, he went home to the Moon, eyes shining brighter than the stars around them. She had to do it, even if he likes it or not. So, she lets him go with a heavy heart. Only for awhile, the Moon reminded herself. Only for awhile.












“Push!” the doctor gently encouraged a pregnant woman.


“Honey, you can do it. Just a little more.” her husband said, holding her hand tightly.


With that, the baby was finally out of her. The nurse immediately wrapped the baby on a soft pastel yellow towel with little ducklings on it. The nurse gave the baby to his loving mother. Her husband rushed to their side, happily crying. The baby has a cute noise, on top was a dot of a mole. He also has petite and pouty lips and soft cat-like eyes. The mother could not help but to tear up with her baby in her arms, and with her husband beside her.


“Darling,” the mother rasped tiredly.


“Yes, honey?” her husband replied with a thick yet happy voice.


“Let's name him Yoongi.” the mother sniffed, smiling widely at the baby.


“Min Yoongi,” her husband said. “I love it.” he kissed his wife's forehead.


On March 9, 1993, a male child named Min Yoongi was born; one of the star seeds on earth.