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The Pure Omega

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Louis Tomlinson remembered the first time he saw a Hell hound. He remembered the screaming, the struggle, the horror on everyone's faces as soon as disaster struck. He could recall back to the emotional pain, and oh, how young he was when he first discovered what it was like to hurt. To hurt in ways you shouldn't at such a youth.

Louis could recall back to when he and his family were still together; he and his family were always the odd ones out when it came to all the others. He didn't understand at first when he asked to play with the other pups in the camp, only to be turned down within a blink of an eye. Or why he was never allowed to receive any food from the camps headquarters whenever they had feasts. He was too young. Too naive to fully understand.

Louis' small family lived in an isolated camp that sat along the mountains covered in trees. The camp consisted of all omegas and Betas, and the population was around 50. They were all caring wolves and because of their natural, they allowed the Tomlinsons to be apart of the camp. However, because of what Louis’ family was, they were forced to stay farther away from the others.

“Why can’t we be closer? Why do we have to be separated?” Louis would ask, his bottom lip stuck out. 

His mother would smile and speak softly to him. “Our bloodline can attract many unwanted visitors, and to keep the others safe, we agreed to be out here,” she would say as she pinched at his cheek in a playfully manner. “Your father and I know how hard it is for you and your little brother, but it’s how we survive.” 

Louis’ family was to be separated at most times of the day. The only times they were allowed to enter the camp was to fetch water from the camp well or to join in with the feasts, but other than that, it was off limits to enter.

Instead of finding comfort in the middle of the camp and joining in with the pups, Louis and his little brother found fun in playing in the mud while the others played games with each other. Instead of eating food that was provided by the hunters of the camp, their family was forced to provide for themselves.

Their treatment was because they were pure Omegas - a bloodline that was so rare that it was thought of as a myth. Of course, there were pure Betas and Alphas, along with pure Hell hounds, but they weren't as rare. In fact, the only bloodline that was thought to be as rare as a pure Omega was the bloodline of a pure Alpha Hell hound.

Louis had always been told a myth that if a pure Omega and pure Alpha Hell hound were to create offspring, they would be as strong as anything that ever happened to exist. But did he believe it? Not quite, but again, others don't believe in the fact that pure Omegas exist, and Louis knows one hundred percent that they do exist. Louis was proof of that.

Louis was in camp with his father while he taught him to retrieve water from the camp well. He remembered walking past a group of older pups than him, and he overheard them talking about the situation.

"Pure Omegas are the best to birth ambitious and smart offspring, whereas pure Alpha Hell hounds are the best to create dominant and strong offspring. Mix them, and you get something unstoppable," one of the pups had told the others.

Louis always wondered if there was any truth behind the words.

However, Louis did know that pure's were considered to be the perfect Omegas; or the perfect mates, for their bloodline wasn't touched by any others that were born into a family of Betas or Alphas. They were able to create perfect offspring's compared to other pure's. Their pups would be more ambitious to reach different heights and create changes rather than normal Omegas, they would mature earlier and contain more strength behind their frames. However, because of this, being a pure had more consequences than advantages. Pure's were so hard to come across that others hunted and slaved them.

Once Louis hit the age of ten, pure Omegas were almost extinct because of the demand of Betas and Alphas wanting a mate to create strong offspring. They were all forced into hiding, and when Louis hit the age of twelve, the only pure Omegas left were him and his family. They didn't understand how they went so long without being caught, but they were grateful to still be alive and together; however, at the same time, there were no others that their family could ever have the chance of meeting. It was just Louis, his brother, and his parents against the world. They felt isolated and alone.

Sometimes Louis would find himself blanked out as he thought about the pure Alpha Hell hounds - that's if there were any still alive. Did they feel isolated? Did they have to hide too? Did they feel alone?

Do they think about them too?

At the age of fourteen, Louis’ life was completely flipped around. It was just Louis and his little brother against the world; the only two pure Omegas left in existence. Not only was it the day that they had lost their parents, but it was also the day where Louis realized it was the end for them. For pure Omegas in general. If there was no other pure's to create offspring with, than there was no one to keep the bloodline going.

Louis remembered sitting with his little brother, Sam, along the back of a chicken coop. Sam was begging Louis to play Rocks with him, a game that they had created when they were of a younger age. It was like a game of dolls, but with rocks. There was a Papa rock, Mama rock, Louis rock, and Sam rock.

"I'm getting too old to play Rocks, Sam, find a different game," Louis told his little brother, only to get a pout in return. "Create a different game. I'm not of age to continue kid play."

"But Lou, I like this game," Sam begged, his small hand gripping softly at Louis' forearm and his eyes glistening from the hot sun.

Louis looked up at his parents. They were standing at the well in the middle of the camp as Omegas passed by, glares being sent their way. He huffed as he looked down at Sam. "Fine, but only until Mama and Papa come back from the well. We don't wanna be here for too long."

Sam's face lit up from where he sat in front of Louis. His small, toothless smile spread from ear to ear and his eyes squinted at the edges as he giggled. Louis watched as his brother picked up a large rock and handed it to him. Louis took it and looked down at it as he brushed his thumb across the smooth surface.

"You be Papa rock, and I be Sam rock and Mama rock," Sam told Louis.

"Now wait a second, who gets to be Louis rock?" Louis looked up from the rock in his hand and pinched at his brothers cheek. Something that he got from his mother.

Sam swatted his hand away as he looked around the ground, a small giggle escaping his mouth. His laughter stopped as his eyebrows furrowed together. He began to emit a small whine from his throat.

”What’s wrong, bud?” Louis asked Sam when he saw a worried expression cross his brothers face.

"I don't know where Louis rock is. But you can be Mama rock too?" Sam offered.

"Louis rock is gone? Why am I always missing?" Louis asked as Sam handed him over another rock. "Why do I always have to play Papa and Mama rock?"

Sam had opened his mouth to respond, but a loud, hair-raising scream had pierced through the open air that was once full of welcoming peace. Louis quickly pulled Sam into his body before looking up at the commotion, his hair falling in front of his eyes as he found his vision being directed on his parents.

There, in the middle of the camp, where his parents were earlier gathering some water from the well, was a large man. He couldn't tell what he looked like because the man was dressed in all black, but he looked as if he was pulled out from the medieval era and thrown into the present. He wore all black armor with a large, black cape that drifted from his shoulders and to the middle of his calves. He wore a black centurion helmet that hugged all angles of his face, and on top of it rested a long strip of what looked like an orange brush.

Everyone was retreating far from the well, their screams echoing and eyes wide with terror as they scooped up their pups and ran off into the nearby trees. Louis watched with horror as the man swung his arms around his kicking mother and hoisted her above his shoulder. She banged her fists against the back of his armor and yelled out for help.

"Mama!" Louis' voice cracked as he hugged Sam tight against his chest.

"I'm scared, Lou," Sam cried into his white shirt as he struggled against his older brother.

"It's okay Sam, I promise," Louis managed to breath out as he watched his father fling himself at the attacker. But Louis had a feeling deep down that there wasn't going to be anyway to save his mother.

His father was big for a pure Omega, but the man that stood before him was larger. He was larger than an alpha, but from his scent, clothing, and the orange stripe - that represented the colors of Betas - he could tell that the man was a Hell hound Beta. One that wasn't scared enough to storm through an entire camp and abduct his sweet, loving mother.

Louis wondered that if a Hell hound Beta was about the size of a normal Alpha - which was huge - then how large were the Hell hound Alphas? How did Hell hound Alphas compare to pure Hell hound Alphas? Were they twice the size? Third? He didn't want to imagine.

Louis quickly pulled himself back against hanging vines that hung from a large, wooden barn next to the chicken coop. He pulled them back, moved behind them, and let them swing back in front of him to keep their spot hidden. Sam struggled against him, his arms coming to wrap around Louis before he silently cried into Louis' shirt. The screams of the others were still echoing through out the open air and beating at Louis' eardrums. But he couldn't care. All he wanted was his parents to be safe.

"Let go of her!" his father screamed at the Hell hound, but his strength was nothing compared to the other. He flung a punch at the mans back, but it only seemed to aggravate him without any movement. He watched his fathers lips move in a curse as he held his hand. "Please! Leave her alone! I won't let you take her!"

"But you will," the man roared out load as he swung around, his hand striking at his fathers throat.

Louis watched the man lift his father up off the ground with one hand. He kicked and grabbed at the mans wrist, but no prevail, he was too weak compared to the Hell hound. Louis was shocked at the strength that a Hell hound can contain. If this Hell hound, who was a Beta, could lift another large man in the air with just his hand, what could a pure Alpha Hell hound do? Louis shook his thoughts. He wanted to jump out and save his parents, but the echo of their words kept him in his tracks.

"If anything ever happens to me or your father, you don't be a hero for us. You be a hero for your brother and you run as far away as you can. You keep him safe. Do you understand me, Louis?" his mother told him as she tucked him away into his small bed.

Louis shook his head. He was only eight at the time, but he understood. His parents made sure of it.

"Repeat what I told you, Louis."

"Don't be a hero for you, be a hero for Sam and run," Louis repeated it, and before he fell asleep, those were the only words he would tell himself before his slumber. They were the only words he ever needed.

Louis closed his eyes and tried his best to breath in fresh air, but he began to shake and cry as Sam reached out towards his parents. His body jerked with sobs and whines, and Louis knew that if he waited any longer, both he and his little brother would witness the death of his father and possibly his mother. He couldn't let that happen. He wanted Sam to be a kid for as long as he could. He wanted to give Sam time, time that Louis never had to experience a childhood. Louis wanted Sam to be able to play the game Rocks and have fun at his age, not to sit back and have the vision of his father dying flash through his eyes every time he closed them.

So Louis ran. He ran with Sam clinging to his chest. He ran with his little brother crying out to his parents while reaching out for them. Louis ran until he could no more.

Louis knew that at this moment in his life he couldn't ever be the same. He had to make courage instead of find it, he was gonna have to go out by himself, at age fourteen, and find food for the both of them. He had to protect the both of them against creatures more than twice his own size.

Just being a pure Omega made the world ten times more dangerous for him. But he was forced to protect his bloodline and family. He had to do it for Sam.

Louis had to give up his position of being a kid. He was gonna have to force himself to grow up.

At this moment, Louis knew why he was always playing Mama and Papa rock.

❍ 7 Years Later ❍

Louis sat completely still in the night.

He had a wooden, handmade crossbow that was currently sitting across his outstretched legs, a pack of arrows sitting next to his thigh and in reach of an emergency. He sat in the music of the night with the screeching owls and singing crickets, the only thing coming from him was small, unheard huffs as he breathed in and out calmly. He didn’t know who was around, or rather what was around.

Louis embraced the silence; it was all he really knew.

He looked up slowly through a small hole in the ceiling above him, it’s diameter the size of his own balled up fist. The space was just wide enough to allow any ray of moonlight to blast into the room Louis sat present in. His back was resting against a piece of broken plaster that was hanging off the wall, and he was surrounded by debris that fell from the buildings ceiling long ago.

All around him were old, detailed images of Hell hounds painted on the damaged walls. He took his time to study an image of an Omega, it’s tail between its legs and ears back, submitting to what looked like an Omega Hell hound with a snarling muzzle. Louis rolled his eyes.

“Idiotic Hell hounds,” he murmured as he picked up a small piece of drywall. He studied it before setting it back down quietly. “Thick-headed I tell you, all of them.”

Louis drummed his fingers against the dusty floor before he placed the back of his head against the wall. "That comment was your cue. You can come out now, Mr. Gilborn. I know you've been hiding outside the window, you're not quiet enough." 

A short time later, Louis could make out the silhouette of a head poking through the shattered window that was on the wall right next to him. Louis had to turn his head to the side to look at the new presence. It was an older Beta, one way older than Louis. He was clearly coming to the age of his late sixties with a long, graying beard that welcomed troubling knots and reached to his clavicles. His face was wrinkled and his eyes were red around the edges from exhaustion. He carefully pulled himself through the window, almost tumbling over from old age, and dusted himself off as he straightened his posture. 

"I guess I'm not good enough to pass your pure Omega senses," he joked as he watched Louis place the bow from his lap next to him before picking himself up. 

"Well, you're a crazy, clumsy man. You make noises that you can't hear yourself," Louis responded. 

And it was true. Mr. Gilborn brought his body forward in an attempt to hear what Louis had to say, one side of his head tilted closer to the boy and his eyes squinting as he tried to register the words of the younger wolf. Not to mention, but he was also an insane Beta. If Mr. Gilborn was placed in a pack of Hell hounds, he would talk their heads off before they could even raise a fist at him. He reminded Louis of one of those crazy scientists, one that couldn't ever relax and was constantly jumping off the walls from self-adrenaline. 

"Louis!" Mr. Gilborn yelled out as his eyes grew wide. Louis jumped from the sudden change in the mans volume and he quietly stalked forward in skilled silence."I'm in dire need to tell you of a new discovery of mine! It's world changi-"

Louis held his finger to the mans lips and shushed him. "Okay, alright. But be quiet now. You can't tell me this new discovery if your loudness brings marauders."

"Yes, of course," Mr. Gilborn rubbed at his calloused knuckles as he looked down towards his feet. "Excitement gets the best of me."

"Everything gets the best of you."

"I can't defend myself from your words, Mr. Tomlinson."

Louis smiled slightly before sitting down in his spot again. He patted the dusty area right next to him and waited as the older man lowered himself slowly to rest against the unpainted drywall.

"Tell me, what did you discover now?" Louis asked. 

"I discovered something incredible," Mr. Gilborn said. He reached into the pocket of his torn up jacket and pulled out a white bottle, the words HH Scent embracing the side in red marker. "Inside this bottle is a pill that can alter your scent. It only lasts a month, but if takes up to two hours for the effect to kick in."

Louis was offered the bottle and he gladly accepted it. He uncapped the top and peeked inside. The bottle was full of red gel-like pills and they had a strong, sweet aroma of what Louis guessed was roses.

"What's the difference between these and suppressants?" Louis asked as he screwed the cap back on tightly. 

Mr. Gilborn rubbed the sweat off his brow and pointed at the bottle. "Suppressants hide your scent, these pills manipulate it. You're a pure Omega, your scent is intoxicating for others and brings bad people to you."

Louis raised his eyebrows and made an 'ah' sound. "Yes, thank you for reminding me of my flaws. It's the highlight of my night."

"That's not the point here," Mr. Gilborn raised his voice, but Louis quickly shushed him. "Like I was saying, your scent is of a pure Omega, but what if there was a way to make your scent change so you were...safer? What if you were to smell like a Hell hound? Not just any, but an Alpha Hell hound?"

Louis was quiet as he thought about it. He furrowed his eyebrows before looking between the older man and the bottle in his hands. "Is that even possible?"

"Yes," Mr. Gilborn was quick to answer. "I didn't think it was, but you see, it is. I was out late at night, looking for more herbs to experiment with when I tripped over something. Now Louis, you know me old man senses, I couldn't smell a damn thing. So I turned around and saw something that I'd never thought I'd see in my life. A dead Alpha Hell hound. What can kill one of those things? Man, I don't have one single clue."

Louis shook his head to show that he was listening. The old man had his full attention. 

"But I thought of something. Hell hounds have scent glands under the skin, correct? I thought, what if I was to remove these and use ‘em as an ingredient for making pills? And you know what I did? I did just that. They were the easiest pills I made, but it's hard to get the materials for it," he told Louis. "That bottle is just one of three that I got. I wanted to give it to you."

"You got three bottles from just one Hell hound?" Louis asked. Mr. Gilborn shook his head, a smile fading onto his face. 

"I tried them out too. I took one and within two hours I felt like I could run miles, more than I could when I was your age. It was like taking a breath of fresh air that you ain't ever breathed before."

Louis scanned the bottle over and thought of all the possibilities that these pills could give him. With these, he could hide his pure scent and venture out more without fear. The suppressants he took were barely strong enough to contain the way he smelled to others, but maybe these were stronger. "Have you been by any Hell hounds with these?"

Mr. Gilborn shook his head, his beard bouncing as he did. "I ain't ever seen one outside their territory, so I traveled to their border. I saw one, and let me tell you, they're one scary sons of guns. This man was just a Beta, and he stood twice my size. He saw me and didn't even flinch at me scent. He just pointed, asked what I was doing outside the border, and I told 'em 'I'm old and I don't remember' and he says 'Go on then'. The pills worked I tell you. He didn't try to kill me." 

"Really?" Louis was amazed by the story, his eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open in awe as he listened. 

"I visited multiple times within the first week of trying 'em. Every time, it happened the same. But I had to stop because the last time I was at the borders, I got so scared that me bladder failed," he laughed at himself, but his eyes never meet Louis'.

"No way. Mr. Gilborn being scared? I never thought I'd hear those words. What happened that you made yourself so scared?" Louis questioned. 

Mr. Gilborn turned to look at Louis, his brown eyes hooded over and dull. "I've seen the leader at the edge of the territory. He was with some of his members, I think they were hunters. But I go up to the line, not seeing the leader, and one of them asks what I was doing. I said the same thing I did the first time, but instead of the lad responding to me, a man stepped out from behind them."

He paused and took a deep breath. Louis didn't push for him to continue as he waited. He let the man put himself together. 

"Louis, this man wasn't just a man. He was a pure Alpha Hell hound. I ain't ever seen one before, and I didn't even know they was real. He was a scary fella, and everything about him just rang power and danger. His movements, his voice, his scent. He could've crushed my head with his finger if he really wanted to. He asked me what I was doing, and I was completely silent because of the shock of seeing such a creature. I couldn't move, but he sent me on my own way and away from the border."

Louis was too shocked to even listen to the last part. A pure Alpha Hell hound was seen in flesh and blood? Louis turned quickly to the older lad with wide eyes and shaky breaths. 

"Tell me more about the leader. What was he like? Do you remember?" Louis asked.

Mr. Gilmore laughed silently and patted Louis' shoulder. "You don't forget a man like that. All I can tell you was that he was ten times scarier than a normal Alpha Hell hound, and they're pretty scary. Oh, I also heard one of the guards call out to him. His name was Henry? Harry? Harold? Something along those lines, but I didn't dare stay any longer in fear of the man ripping my throat out."

Louis shook his head as his way of showing that he understood. He remembered back to when he first saw the Hell hound Beta and how much fear had ran through him at just the sight. Knowing that a creature twice the size was walking the same grounds Louis was, was absolutely terrifying. 

"Anyways, I ain't got all night," Mr. Gilborn reached into his other pocket and pulled out a smaller bottle, one that Louis realized was his suppressants. He took the bottle and thanked the old man. "It's safe to take 'em both together, don't worry."

Louis gave him a small, tight lipped smile and stood up as Mr. Gilborn did. He helped haul the man up from his position, the mans back cracking in the process, and he helped him squeeze back through the window he entered earlier. Once he was to the other side, the older man looked at him, his eyes sad and heavy through the dark night.

"I didn't want to bring this up, but I can't pretend that I don't know what's going on. I'm sorry for your loss, Louis. Your brother would've been a fine man. But we both know this life would've been too hard on him. Wherever he is, he's with your parents. He's home and running in a field full of roses and not having to worry about what's around every corner. To go through life alone with the scars you have takes courage, especially in a time like this where war is around every corner. You're a brave man, Louis, and if I was to be honest, no pure Alpha Hell hound could ever stand a chance against a god damn pure Omega."

They were both quiet as Louis let out a shaky breath and looked away. When he found the courage to look back, he gave the man a forced smile. 

“When do you plan on ridding of his body?” Mr. Gilborn asked. 

It was hard for Louis to be asked that. He flinched and clenched his teeth together before providing an answer. “Tomorrow night. At the sea.”

The man shook his head and gave a comforting pat on Louis’ shoulder. “Well, good luck, Louis.”

And with that, Mr. Gilborn had flocked away from the window and disappeared into the night, leaving Louis to be completely alone.

He looked down at both of the bottles, his mind racing with different thoughts before he forced himself to open each bottle. He picked out one pill from each, his hands shaking uncontrollably, and hesitated before he threw his head back to swallow them whole. 

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It was hard for Louis to concentrate on the task at hand. His cheeks were glistening from fresh tears that shone against the moonlight, and the sounds of the ocean roared against his ears as his head hung between his shoulders. He tightened his hands against the edge of the wooden canoe that he took days to search for, his knuckles turning white from his grip.

“You deserve better than this, Sam. I’m so sorry,” Louis whispered under his breath as he picked his head up and threw his shoulders back.

"God, I shouldn't have left you. Alphas suck, right?" Louis laughed, but it quickly faded when no other laughter accompanied his. "I'm gonna find every last one, and I'm gonna kill them. I swear." 

He had to stop himself from continuing. His cheeks were stained and his face was scrunched up from trying to stop any escaping tears. The edges of his eyes were red and he kept his head low in shame, not even bothering to glance at the wrapped up corpse that was lying inside the canoe.

Louis huffed out and continued to drive all his force into moving the canoe forward. The sand around his toes were cold in the night and he wiggled them as he moved to press his back against the wood. He dug his heels into the sand and tried with all his might to move the large object.

"I always thought we were both gonna get taken out by a Hell hound, not some Alpha," Louis felt his blood boil, but it didn't last long for him.

Once he found the canoe halfway in the water, he rested against the edge of the wood and glanced at the corpse of his brother inside. He wanted to see him one last time, to be in his brothers presence before he sent him off. Being with his brother - dead or not - made him feel like he had someone with him, but after today, he was officially going to be all by himself.

Louis' eyes were darker than usual and a puddle of water collected at his waterline. He threw his head back, a large, sobbing whine escaping through his mouth as he tried to hold his emotions in.

“Be brave Louis,” he told himself. He positioned himself back against the end of the canoe that still sat in the cold sand, his lips moving in an attempt to whisper words of encouragement. All he needed was one last push.

“If you can’t be a damn hero for Sam, be one for yourself.”

“Find the strength to give this thing one last push. Come on, Louis.”

“You’re stronger than this.”

With one last push, Louis felt the heaviness lift from his shoulders as the canoe fell swiftly into the water. He tumbled backwards and felt the sand around him bounce at the impact, causing some to get into Louis' mouth and eyes. The canoe rocked before it balanced, and he noticed that there were no waves to drive it back onto the shore. 

For the rest of the night it was quiet, and so was Louis as he plopped down onto the sand. His knees hit the ground first, and his bottom fell back onto his heels as strands of his hair dangled into his face. His eyes followed the slow motions of the small boat, and he stayed on the shore until he couldn’t face the sight any longer. He picked himself up while scooping a handful of sand, letting it slip through his fingers as he walked, and found a small space between two large rocks. He wedged himself in, having to fit himself into awkward positions before finding a comfortable one, and looked up into the starry night.

He used to always find the sky relaxing, but that night, he couldn’t dare stand the sight of it. 

Louis closed his eyes to welcome slumber, but instead, he felt a sudden urge to run along the beach. He wanted to scream and yell, to punch the sky and shout names at the heavens above. He wanted to feel the sand between his toes as he ran along in the cold night. He took in what felt like his first breath, one that felt different from any other. It burned his throat in a good way and it felt clearer to breathe, like he had been sucking on a cough drop seconds before.

It wasn’t two hours for the pill to kick in like Mr. Gilborn had said, it was under about twenty four hours for Louis. but it was worth it when it finally hit him. It was the first time he felt at actual peace, and soon, he found himself in a tranquil slumber.


 Louis awoke with a startle, his eyes flinging open as he felt a sharp, metallic poke at his cheek. His hand swatted at the object as he sat up as fast as his body could manage. He didn’t see anyone at first when he came to, until he heard a thump from behind him. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked out into the sea, but his mind was entirely on what - or who - was behind him. Louis twisted himself to see the unwanted visitor, his back cracking as he did so. 

Behind him sat a man, his blonde hair messy and black armor shining against the sunlight. Louis had to squint from the suns glare to observe him. He had blue eyes that bore into Louis’, and the helmet that sat in the sand next to him had a yellow stripe along the top - the color that represented all Omegas. Next to him stood three more, all of their stripes of their helmets an orange color. Betas. 

Not just any. He had four Hell Hounds standing in his space, and he froze in his spot. However, they weren’t trying to kill him which meant only one thing; the pill was true in what it does. They thought he was like them.

Behind them was a female, her frame small and body skinny. She smelled like a Hell hound too, but her clothes were torn and dirty, and Louis noticed that she had a long scar traveling from her throat and down pass her shirt.

“Yup, definitely not dead,” the blonde lad spoke as he picked himself up, his hand reaching for his helmet.

He was the same size as Louis, but the others were doubling the both of them. Louis watched the man rub the sand off of his armor before giving the pure Omega a friendly smile.

“You scared me with how fast you can manage to move,” the man joked while releasing a chuckle.

Louis quietly picked himself up from the rocks. He never took his eyes off him unless he looked at any of the others.

“Anyways, I’m Niall,” the man, Niall, told him. The smile was still resting on his face as he scratched the back of his neck. “Oh, and these three lads are Aeron, Fetsly, and Otak.” 

Louis looked between each of them. Not a word escaped his mouth, but he attempted to speak. Instead, his mouth fell slightly open before he closed it.

“Can we get your name?” one of the Betas, Otak, asked. 

Louis’ eyes meet the Betas through the black helmet, his bottom lip stuck between his teeth as he shook his head cautiously.

“Louis. Louis Tomlinson.”

”Ah, that’s a good name! Welcome Louis!” Otak excitingly said, the tone of his voice making Louis tilt his head in confusion. 

Louis never thought he’d hear an excited Hell hound. It never crossed his mind. 

”How do you feel about heading off with us?” Niall questioned him as he made his way around the rocks. 

“Heading off?” Louis almost stumbled in the sand when Niall entered into his space.

Niall flung an arm around Louis’ shoulders and turned to the Betas, his arm squishing Louis against his side in an uncomfortable manner. He squirmed against the other Omegas hold. 

“Yes, heading off. We’re scouts. We go out and find fellow Hell hounds to bring back to our territory. We have food, shelter, and protection. It’s better than out here with the disgusting werewolves,” Niall told him.

The three Betas shook their head as they all shared a loud, annoying laugh. Louis clenched his teeth together and found himself bawling his fists at the insult; he didn’t want to just stand there and accept the fact that these Hell hounds were using his kind as an excuse to sound more superior than himself. Louis crossed his arms as he looked down at the sand, his eyes trained on the others through long, thick eyelashes. He bit his cheeks and hoped to taste blood.

The blonde Omega pointed at the female across the rocks from them. “That’s Alice, a fellow Hell hound Omega. Found her in a tree and she agreed to come back with us. Why don’t you join her, Louis?”

Louis took a while to answer, his words being caught in his throat as he dismissed himself from Niall’s grip. 

“I don’t know.”

”Come on, Louis. We could use an Alpha Hell hound like yourself,” Niall told him, his eyes scanning his body before adding. “You’re actually pretty small for one, but you’re fast.”

So they thought he was an Alpha? Cool.

Louis rubbed at his arms before glancing towards all of them. They stood waiting for his answer, their eyes hopeful and searching. They offered nothing but protection and a home. Something Louis never found himself having. 

But he had to remember - they were strangers that just insulted who he was. But again, what exactly did he have to lose nowadays? Deep down, in the pits of his character, he agreed that his own kind were disgusting. Yet, he only thought they were because of the way pure Omegas were treated in general. He saw his kind the way that the Hell hounds saw them; tainted, flawed, careless.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbled, and from the smiles on their faces, he knew they heard it.

The first thing Louis noticed was the instant change of the aroma in the Hell hound territory. It smelled better, more pleasant than the air before, and he inhaled a large amount as he threw his head backwards. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Alice throw a glance his way, a frown written over her face. He tried to cover up what he was doing by pretending to crack his neck.

“Sorry,” Louis mumbled as he rubbed at the soft flesh of his nape. 

Alice looked away without speaking to him. Her hazel eyes were wide and she kept her hands tucked underneath her armpits. Louis observed her and noticed the veins in her neck that began to grow apparent from clenching her teeth together tightly. She looked nervous by the small glances Louis caught and the shaking of her legs looked unhealthy to him.

She looked too skinny and kept her distance from the rest of them. She hadn't attempted to make conversation either. Her skin was pale and her eyes sunk in, making her look as if she knew sickness all her life.

Louis opened his mouth to say something and brought his hand up to place on her shoulder, but he stopped himself midway from touching her. If she was distancing herself, it would be good to keep his own space. He slumped his shoulders as he dropped his arm back down to his side. He hugged his chest as he followed behind the others, his steps slow and dragging until they neared closer to voices.

Louis pulled his head up to squint at the new scenery, his head rolling on his shoulders from lack of not enough sleep. What Louis saw made him plant his feet deep in the ground to stop his stride.

"Alice, Louis," Niall turned around and held his hands up. "Welcome to the pack."

A small smile crossed Louis' face as he meet with kind eyes from passerby's, their hands full with baskets of various foods like bread or berries, and there were men and women with sheaf's of wheat thrown over their shoulder to carry. Everyone was walking along a large trail that ran as far as the eye could see, and all around were small, wooden huts. Farther away, Louis could make out larger buildings like barns, churches, and houses behind growing trees.

Louis was taken aback when he felt something brush against his leg. He shot forward and looked down to see a wobbly metal hoop racing away from him. A young girl appeared shortly behind it with a metal stick gripped in her tiny, dainty hands.

He turned away and watched as a group of pups maneuvered their way through the busy path, sticks held tightly in their hand as they hit at moving metal hoops. Louis took a step back before he could get in the way of another runaway hoop, the pup mumbling a soft sorry before storming by him, his stick high in the air as he ran while shouting for the others to wait for him.

"You gotta watch out for them little buggers, they always do hoop rolling in the busiest places," Niall spoke as he motioned with his fingers to continue following him. 

Louis obeyed as he looked around him and at all the small buildings. The trail they were walking down reminded Louis of his old camp and of when he was younger. His father made a path for him and his family to find their way to the camp, something he tended to every month to keep it visible from growing bushes and snowy days. But these ones were lined with rocks and stones of all sorts and sizes, unlike the dirt one his father built years ago. It was now probably overrun with weeds and bushes of the sort. 

Smaller stone paths diverted off of the larger one and ended at what looked like cone shaped tents. Niall explained that they were called 'tipis' when he found Louis squinting at them, his head tilted to the side as he observed them from the distance they stood at. 

“They’re warm and actually have a lot of room inside. Usually the larger houses near the middle are more for the authorities like the scouts, hunters, warriors, generals, and the pack leader. You only get a tipi if you’re new to the place or you’re just an average citizen,” Niall told him as they walked along the stone path. 

“So does that mean we get a tipi?” Louis questioned as he looked behind him and at Alice. “Both her and I?” 

“Separate, yes. Unless you plan to become a hunter, scout, or warrior, but you have to prove yourself to Harry. Or, well, Leader Styles. Only the closest to him can call him Harry, so keep to Styles,” Niall began to tumble over his words and scratched at the back of his neck.

Louis’ eyes widened. “Leader Styles? Harry? Is he a pure Alpha Hell hound?”

Niall shook his head before leaning closer in. “The only one left. It’s sad if you ask me. To be the very last of your kind.“

He could relate to Harry. He could feel his pain and his longing to not feel alone. 

”Yeah, no kidding. I can feel his pain,” Louis responded. After he realized what he said, he shrugged his shoulders and coughed into his inner elbow. He continued to ramble on as he felt the blood rush to his cheeks. “I mean, I’m not the last of my kind, but I’m the last of my family. They died because...I guess old age got to them, you know?”

All the lies. They died because of what they were, not because of their age. His parents were still young when they were taken from him, and so was his brother.

The blonde lad shook his head and placed his hand on Louis’ shoulder. “Well Louis, you’re here now. You’re home.”

Louis shook his head in understanding, pieces of his hair falling in front of his eyes. They began to burn from the feeling of incoming tears, the death of his brother still fresh in his mind. 

Yeah, he was there now. But he didn’t feel at home. Not without his family.

“So what do the scouts do? And the hunters? The warriors?” Louis attempted to change the subject.

”Well, the hunters tend to hunt for food, the scouts go out to look for Hell hounds to take in, and the warriors go out at night to kill any werewolves close to our territory,” Niall told him.

The pure Omega let out a small ‘ah’ sound as they continued walking. He watched as a group of armored men and women, all red stripes on their helmet, walk out of an old, red barn in a line formation. They were all in sync with both step and swing of the arm as they marched by them. Not one glance was thrown their way. Louis was sure that wearing red was a sign of Alphas, he could tell from their size that they had to be.

”Are those warriors?” Louis asked when he arched his back in a way to watch them. 


”I thought you said warriors go out only at night?”

Niall shook his head. “They do go out at night most of the time. The only time when they go out in the daylight is to look for a pure Omega.”

Louis stopped and caught Niall’s wide eyes. The Hell hounds were looking for a pure Omega? What for? Did they know that there was only one left in the world? He had so many questions.

“You’re lo...searching for a pure Omega?” Louis’ voice wavered as he was pushed forward by one of the Betas. 

He forgot that the others were still there.

“Yes. I don’t think they’re even still alive, but Leader Styles doesn’t believe that. He says he’s got a gut feeling that there’s still at least one out there,” Niall explained. 

“Why is he looking for it?” Louis felt himself zoning into only Niall. When he got shoulderchecked from someone walking by him, he didn’t even spare a glance.

”To make him stronger. Do you not know this stuff, Louis?” Niall looked at him with a tilt to his head. “The bond between a pure Omega and pure Alpha Hell Hound is the strongest bond there is. If Harry, I mean Leader Styles, was to find the pure Omega, we could win the war between us and the werewolves.”

Louis opened his mouth but was stopped from something behind him. He silently cursed whatever it was. 

"Niall?" Everyone turned around to glare at Alice, her voice weak and tumbling as she fumbled with her fingers. Her cheeks crimson from the blood rushing to them. "I don't think I should be here. I don’t do good with crowds."

Niall shared a glance with the three Betas and then with Louis. He made a sweeping motion to the others and pointed at Alice. 

He leaned over to whisper in one of the Betas ear, his voice low, but due to Louis' heightened senses from being a pure Omega, he could hear it crystal clear. "Show Alice where the exit is. I'll take Louis with me to tour the place. I'll also have to stop by Styles place too before I assign Louis his tipi."

Louis shared a glance with Alice as the others held a conversation, his smile forced into a friendly thin lipped one as they waited. She sent him a dirty glare in return and looked him over with a sweep of her eyes. 

As Niall turned back around to face Louis, his hand coming to pat at his back to urge him forward, Alice turned away from them for one last time. Louis furrowed his eyebrows at the female before he continued onward with the other Omega. He watched the Betas usher Alice back the way they came before forcing himself to keep up with Niall’s pace.

”I think there was something wrong with her, Niall. She should be checked out, not thrown out,” Louis told Niall as they stopped at a large opening within the trees, the amount of people around them doubling. “I think that was her way of saying she needed help.”

“What makes you think we’re throwing her back out?” Niall raised his eyebrow as he turned to walk along a path lined with trees.

There weren’t a lot of people on this path, but whenever someone was, they wore black armor and stern looks. Not one sent a smile their way, just a nod of the head that Niall returned in a power manner. 

“Because I heard you,” Louis retaliated.

”You heard me? Damn. Not only are you fast, but you have some great hearing,” Niall joked.

However, Louis didn’t find it funny. He felt a hand slap down onto his shoulder and tighten, only for the hand to belong to Niall. 

“I guess it’s time to go meet the pack leader, Louis, so turn that frown upside down.”

Chapter Text


Niall and Louis stood at the bottom of a large staircase, their eyes looking up and into a space where two wooden doors were propped open. Louis recognized the place as a church; one that looked freshly painted white and with brown tinted windows. The staircase had three large steps leading up to the doors, and on either side, tall bushes of grass stood up to the same height as Louis’ own waist. 

“Hear them?” Niall asked, turning his head to Louis.

He was in a trance like state. His eyes were focused on the doorframe of the church, body relaxed, mouth hanging open a little. 

Through the doors of the church came a wonderful melody, one that Louis never heard before in his years of his life. It sounded angelic, possibly inhuman if you were to ask him. He only heard voices, many voices, and soft music to accompany them, but there was no words within the song itself. Just men and women singing their hearts out with angelic tunes.

”They sound so well and I haven’t even seen them,” Louis was swelling with anticipation to go inside. 

”Yes, well, Styles usually spends his time in here. I’m sure you can sit and listen when I’m speaking to him,” Niall said as he began his trek up the staircase.



”Niall,” Louis looked up at the Omega, their blue eyes meeting each other. “What if he won’t accept me into the pack?”

”Oh, what are you about to go on about? He accepts anything that doesn’t smell like a werewolf,” Niall said matter-of-factly.

”Except for the pure Omega.”

”Well, yes, but that’s the only exception that Styles would make.”

Louis took a step closer to Niall. “If he was to find it...what would he do to it?”

Niall crossed his arms and leaned against the railing of the church steps. His gaze pierced Louis, his eyes searching the pure Omegas for a sign of distress - something that was radiating off him ever since mentioning the pack leader.

”Mate with it? Bond with it? Breed with it?” Niall shrugged his shoulders. “But you see, Styles has a mate. They haven’t bonded yet and everyone thinks that it won’t happen either, too many people have tried to get him to settle down a bit, to enjoy his life and focus more on his pack, but they clearly got nowhere.”

Niall paused to let out a sigh, his stomach rumbling in the process before he continued with what he was saying. “The man’s too focused on the pure Omega to let others get the best of him. So yeah, I think he’s trying to save himself for when we find it. The man’s got patience, I give him that.”

”He has a mate?” Louis felt a tinge of jealousy soar in his character. Out of all the things Niall said, his mind focused on that bit.

He hasn’t even meet the man and here he stood, feeling feelings that he’s sure he never felt before. Emotions that he doesn’t like.

Niall shook his head. “She’s from another Hell hound pack in the South and her father, who’s the leader, is about to pass away. He’s gettin’ there. Styles agreed to take her in as a mate, but we all know what happens - it’s not the first time, and probably not the last.”

”What will he do to her?”

”He’ll bring her to their bonding ceremony, which is when her father will give his land out to Styles, and when the time comes afterwards to seal them together as one, he’ll throw the poor soul out into the wildness without a thought of thinking that it’s the wrong thing to do. Then he’ll probably slit her fathers throat and that’ll be the end of it.”

”So he just wants her fathers land?” Louis asked. 

“Technically speaking, yes.”

”Why doesn’t he just, I don’t know, fight for it?” 

Niall shrugged his shoulders again, his lips coming out to resemble a ducks beak. “Not sure, I think he just likes the thrill? He’s told me he can’t stand intimidatingly touching - or being touched - by something other than a pure Omega.”

Louis felt sad for the man, even after hearing what he did to his mates - make them think of having a future with the man everyone must want, only to be thrown out on the best night of your life. He must’ve dedicated his other life to searching for a pure Omega, and when Styles gets close enough, he wouldn’t even know of it. Louis would be under his nose the whole time, and he felt a self-victory taint over him.

”What made you so giddy?” Niall asked him from where he stood looking down at him.


”You're randomly smiling. What’s gotten in your pants now?”

”Shut up, Niall,” Louis told the blonde lad who smiled in return. 

“Follow me, mister Alpha,” Niall laughed and turned to go up the large stairs. Louis followed suit, careful not to trip over the steps and make a fool of himself.

The music that escaped from Louis’ mind came flooding back once he realized they were entering into the church. There were candles lining the entire walls, providing a warm glow against the brown, wooden walls. Large paintings of Hell hounds were apparent everywhere you looked, and the seats were all lined up in the room to face a large stage. Behind it was a statue of a stone man, his body built strong and in a fighting position. His hands were held up as if he were to throw a punch, but the lower half of his body had been uncarved and left into a large slabe of stone. Louis wondered what it could’ve looked like finished, or who had done the work. It was beautiful, capturing about every detail that even Louis could see from far away.

There, in front of the statue and on the stage, was a group of men and women wearing white robes and singing their hearts out to only one witness - a shirtless man sitting hunched over in the aisle between the seats, his body leaning forward to look at papers spread all around him and on the floor. He had brown, soft looking hair that was styled upwards into a quiff, making Louis want to run his fingers swiftly through it.

His smell hit Louis like he hit a wall; his knees felt suddenly weak and his mouth started to water every time he breathed in. He smelled of cinnamon, roses, pumpkin, strawberry. Louis couldn’t pick out an individual smell, but he found himself liking all of it.

Louis stopped midway from the pure Alpha Hell hound, his eyes zoning into Niall’s figure as he made his way towards the sitting man.

”Harry,” Niall closed in on the alpha who sat working in the aisle.

He didn’t answer Niall, just continued to reach across for papers or scribble something important down. Louis watched the muscles in his back ripple under his skin, and he noticed that his back looked drenched in sweat from the small droplets that glistened in the lights of the candles. At the bottom of his back sat two indents, indicating that he had two small back dimples, something that Louis had on his own body and always hated. But on Harry, he found his attractive, almost adorable. 

“Harry, I need to speak with you,” Niall tried to speak over the singing choir. 

Harry looked up at the blonde lad who stood next to him. He hadn’t yet noticed Louis from where he stood halfway in the isle. 

“What about?” Harry asked, his voice was deep and rumbled in his chest. Louis liked it.

 “Leader Reddair,” Niall responded while crossing his arms in front of him. 

“Go on.”

”We passed by one of his scout groups today, they claimed that he was ready to hand over his territory once you were ready to accept it.”

Louis could hear Harry scoff from where he stood. “Of course I’m ready. I’d rather take it right now than pretend to love his daughter for another day.”

Louis’ eyes went wide at the insult, his gaze landing on Niall to gain his reaction, but there was nothing, not even a flinch.

”Understandable. But more land means more resources,” Niall told him. 

“Of course it does, Omega. Now what else do you need? I must get back to my work,” Harry motioned to the papers with a tilt of his head. 

Niall pointed at Louis, a smile plastering his face as he did so. He felt his cheeks heat up as the attention was directed to him, he wasn’t use to being the center of many eyes, and having the eyes of the leader of the pack on him felt like many.

”That's Louis. Found him while scouting. He’s small, fast, and has some dang good hearing. Don’t you, Louis?” Niall talked as if he was trying to show him off, as if he was a trophy that he found.

”Sure?” Louis answered as if he was afraid to give the wrong reply. 

Harry didn’t take his eyes off of Louis for a mere second. His gaze pierced him as he sat silently. Now that he was facing the man, he saw that he was beautiful, almost like a carefully sculpted statue that took years to carve. One that was finished, of course. 

“Louis,” Harry’s voice broke over him.

”That's me.”

”Of course it is.”

”And you're Leader Styles?”


Louis didn’t know what to say after. He nodded his head respectfully to the Alpha before the man raised his hand, his finger motioning for Louis to come closer. 

Oh god. 

“Come here.” 

He obeyed. He was fast to, which made him wonder if it was just his inner wolf reacting to the powerful alpha, or just his obedience to get under the man’s good side. When he neared closer, the voices still singing in the background, Harry gathered his papers and lifted himself up. He completely towered over both Niall and Louis, his frame built strong and muscular. 

He wasn’t as tall as Louis expected; however he was as tall as a Alpha Hell hound, and he was built stronger than any being he’s ever seen. He was more lean and framed well, his body just screaming power behind it. 

“Louis will stay with me for the rest of his day,” Harry told Niall as he adjusted the stack of papers in his hand.

”I still have to assign him his own tipi. I have muc-“ 

“Niall,” Harry warned, his eyes dark and glare fierce. 

Louis and Niall shared a look before the blonde took a step back, bowed with a shameful head, and nodded at Louis as in saying his farewells.

”I’ll see you later, Louis.” 

And just like that, Niall sauntered away from the both of them and out of the large front doors of the church. His body was like an angel against the light, making him appear like a black silhouette, only to dissapear seconds later. His last saving grace was gone, and now both he and Harry were together. 

“Why must he leave?” Louis asked as he turned around to face the alpha. 

When he turned, he noticed Harry staring at him, his lip caught inbetween his teeth as his eyes scanned Louis’ face. He felt like he was being scrutinized or examined closely. Louis felt himself slowly grow uncomfortable in the situation. Harry quickly looked away and released his lip from the grip of his white canines. 

“Because something’s off with you and it’s driving me nuts,” Harry told him.

Louis froze up. He had to keep himself from reacting in a way that made him seem shady, so he forced a nervous smile that didn’t seem to last as long as he wanted.

“What do you mean?” Louis tilted his head.

“Your scent, it’s weird in a way I can’t describe,” Harry responded.

“Do I at least smell nice?” 

Humor was the only thing that comforted Louis, so he attempted with all his might to change the situation. 

But he also noticed how easy it was to talk to the Alpha, despite only knowing him for not long enough. Their conversation felt familiar and calming.

“Yes, but that’s not the point.”

”Then what’s your point?”

”It’s weird to explain, I don’t know how to describe it.”

”Then let’s change the subject,” Louis told him. 

“To what?” Harry looked amused, his eyebrow raised as his lips tugged up into a smile before quickly fading away.

Louis looked around the room to find something to talk about. Anything would work at that moment, as long as he didn’t have to worry about saying something off about his scent, because he knew within a doubt that yeah, his scent was one hundred percent off.

“Those papers. What have you written on them?” Louis couldn’t find anything better to ask. 

“Stuff that’s incredibly important,” Harry’s response was short and blunt. 

“So pack stuff?”


Louis furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the papers. “Isn’t pack stuff incredibly important?”

Harry shook his head. “Of course, but not as important as this...other thing.”

When Louis’ confused expression didn’t change, Harry handed the papers to him so he could look for himself. For being a pure Alpha Hell hound, Harry was much different from the rumors he had heard throughout his life about Alpha Hell hounds. They were ruthless, always angry and looking for trouble. Louis expected Harry to be like that, but he guessed not. And now here they were, with Harry giving Louis - who was still a stranger to him - something that he deemed important. Incredibly important.

He wondered if Harry was just being nice for the sake of Louis. Or if he was too trusting with the Omega. Unless Harry’s inner wolf felt for Louis’ without even realizing it. If a bond between a pure Omega and pure Alpha Hell hound was the strongest, then shouldn’t they feel something? Even if Louis was on suppressants and scent manipulation pills, and they exactly haven’t bonded bonded with each other, there’s always that attraction to bring them together. There had to be something deeper, something more meaningful. Louis felt a small spark at the thought, almost like a shock that jolted him. He wasn’t sure if Harry felt the same, but he didn’t dare even ask in risk of blowing his cover.

”Louis? Are you just gonna stand there and stare at the front page all day? Or are you actually gonna read it?” Harry asked him, a small smile on his face as Louis looked up at him. 

“I’m getting to it. Patience, Leader Styles,” Louis shot back as he looked down at the front page. 

“It’s Harry.”

Louis looked up at him again, but this time he was in sort of a daze. Niall said that only people close to him were allowed to call him Harry. 

He was sure that the Alpha had to feel something deeper. Harry couldn’t be this trusting with others, especially not new comers. Alpha Hell hounds were suppose to be ruthless. Pure Alpha Hell hounds were suppose to be double that. Louis decided; it was going too far. Harry was falling into him, giving him trust without even realizing it.

“Right, Harry,” Louis gave him a small smile before looking back down at the papers.

The first one didn’t have much, it was mostly blank but contained multiple dates written on it. It looked like a table of contents, and right next to each day was a hashtagged number. It started from one and continued on to the next page. He wasn’t sure what the last one was, for he couldn’t find it under the scribbles and dried, spilt liquid that morphed the pencil into an unreadable smudge.

”What are these dates for?” Louis asked as he flipped to the next page. More dates.

“They’re hunts. Or, I should say missions.”

”Are you searching for something?” Louis still didn’t look up, but after he said the words, he was sure of what Harry’s next words were gonna be.

“Searching for a pure Omega,” Harry told him, to which Louis didn’t find himself surprised. 

“Why do you wanna find it so bad?” Louis felt weird talking about himself like that, like he was now completely someone else. He felt weird referring to himself as it.

“Because my kind and their kind were made perfectly for each other, to fit together like a puzzle piece. To have a pure Omega as a mate is like having your other half, you’re real other half,” Harry went on.

Louis could tell he was passionate about the situation. The way he moved, talked, and sounded confident in his voice made Louis wanna smile, but he held the urge to down.

 “So if I’m right, you catalogue the hunts? And you write what you find on each one?” Louis asked. 

Harry shook his head, his hair bouncing as he did so. When Louis started to scan over another page, he saw Harry’s large hand come into view to flip the paper over. What Louis saw on the other side made him tense up in an instant. 

Right here in front of him wasn’t just sheets of hunting dates or doodling paper. No, it was research on Louis’ kind. It was about how pure Omegas acted. If was about what they tended to lean toward in different subjects, how their heats/ruts worked, and so much more that Louis didn’t even know about himself. The craziest thing was that all of the information in his hands was all gathered and collected by Harry himself. It must’ve taken years, many years, to get pages of that kind of information.

Louis wanted to keep the papers to read for later. He didn’t understand how heats worked, not when he’s been taking suppressants his whole life. In fact, Louis hadn’t even experienced his first heat. The suppressants he had were holding the pheromones back and if he were to come off them unexpectedly, the surge of all of those pheromones could take over his body, sending his body into overdrive, or worse case scenario, even lead to death. He knew that from Mr. Gilborn, but being younger at the time, he didn’t care.

He just wanted to be safe. And because of that, the suppressants made him numb to certain feelings, or made him lack in wanting to feel an Alphas touch.

With Louis being himself, he didn’t ask why or how Harry got the information he had. Instead, he pointed at a section on the page and looked up at Harry.

”Pure Omegas prefer raspberries over blueberries for their breakfast snack. Bonus if you put them inside their pancakes or waffles,” Louis stated bluntly. He looked back down at the page and pointed at another part. “It says here that they’re shy, but they do make up for it with their humor. Give them more credit.”

He looked back up at Harry, who was staring at him in complete awe. Did Louis spill too much? Did he blow his cover that quick?

”How do you know so much about them?” Harry asked as Louis handed him the stack of papers back.

Louis had to take some time to think of an answer, but in the end all he could do was shrug his shoulders.

”I guess I just do. Heard stories from my dad about how he had a friend that was one. He passed away though, of course,” Louis added. 

“So you know some information on them?”

Louis nodded. “Just a bit more than usual.”

”Then help me. I want all the details, no matter how small,” Harry seemed excited, but his smile faded away when someone appeared in the doorway. 

Louis looked over to see Niall, his helmet in hand as he looked between the both of them. Louis noticed how quick Harry’s demeanor changed within the drop of a dime. He was all smiles and trusting one minute, then distant and aggressive the next. Maybe Harry didn’t want anyone to see him that way. 

”Niall, I gave strict instructions to run along,” Harry told him, giving him a glare that made Louis feel sorry for the Omega. 

“You have, but Sasha told me to fetch you. She needs to go over arrangements for your bonding ceremony,” Niall stated, not making any eye contact.

Harry growled in annoyance and tucked the papers under his arm. Louis put the pieces together quickly, Sasha must’ve been his mate. But not for any longer.

“Yeah, for the bonding that’s not gonna happen,” Harry stalked forward as he dragged his fingers through his hair. 

“Do you wish for me to resume Louis’ tour?” Niall asked as Harry walked by him.

He moved to give room to the Alpha. As he passed by, the height difference was clear. It was weird to see two ends of the spectrum standing side by side. To notice how small and skinny Niall was compared to Harry, who in return, looked like an absolute beast.

”Show him to the closest open tipi to town, the kitchen, and then to my den. That’s all he needs to know for now,” he stopped before looking back at Louis. “I’ll find you again, Louis. I need those details.” 

He sent him one last smile behind Niall’s back before turning around and walking away. Louis watched him disappear as he came to stand next to Niall in the church doorway, his forearm coming to rest on the frame as he watched in silence. That’s until Niall broke it with a laugh.

”Louis, I don’t know what it is about you, but I saw the look on his face. You broke him,” he punched Louis’ arm, who only raised an eyebrow in return.

”He opened up to me. He showed me what was on his sheets, even smiled a few. Is that normal?” 

From the sudden look on Niall’s face, it wasn’t normal. His eyes looked as wide as saucers and his mouth hung open to speak, but nothing came out until a moment of silence for Niall to find his words. 

“No, not at all. He doesn’t let anyone touch those papers. He’s a ruthless bastard that runs the biggest Hell hound pack known to mankind. He’s not some grown man that smiles or shares his personal belongings,” Niall confessed, leaving Louis to sag against the doorframe.

So it was true. Harry’s inner wolf was connecting with Louis’, but the alpha wasn’t detecting it, not in the way naturally at least. If Harry was to be aware of it, his cover was sure to be blown.

“I think I should leave,” Louis said after a few moments of silence.

His arms were now crossed in front of him as his shoulder was planted to the doorframe. Louis was trying to think reasonably. If Harry was beginning to trust him, there was a good possibility that Louis’ inner wolf would find protection in that, protection in Harry’s Alpha. He would want to stay, and if Louis stayed, his secret would be thrown out. He could hear the rumors being said now. About how a pure Omega was found to be close to a pure Alpha Hell hound.

Oh, how many people were going to lose their minds. It was the meeting everyone would be waiting for. 

“I don’t think that leaving would be a good idea, Louis,” Niall retaliated.


”Because I know Harry and he doesn’t open up to anyone. But he did to you within seconds of meeting, which means you’re special. He won’t let someone like that leave from his life,” Niall pushed himself off from the stairs and found his way to the bottom of the steps. He looked back up at Louis who followed behind him.

“So you’re basically saying that I’m screwed?” Louis asked. 

Niall raised his eyebrow and gave him a weird smile. “Oh, you’d be screwed alright.”

Louis punched his arm and looked away in a hard blush. He felt his whole face warm up and he tried to hide it from the blonde man. 

“I’m just kidding, man. But yeah, in all sense, Harry’s not gonna let the newbie leave. You’re stuck with us, whether you like it or not,” Niall wrapped his arm around Louis’ neck and dragged him under his chest. 

“Oh get off me you freak,” Louis pushed away from Niall, a laugh escaping from his lips as he did so.

”Hey, if I’m a freak, you’re an even bigger one.”

Louis didn’t even attempt to snap back at that, because deep down, he knew it was true.

Chapter Text

Louis felt like his shoulder popped out of his socket from the way his father had pulled him forward. His hand was wrapped around Louis’ tiny wrist as he flung him face first into the dusty gravel, embracing for the rough hit of the ground against his whole body. His knees and elbows hurt from taking the most impact, and he buried his face so Louis didn’t have to see how ashamed his father was of him.

”Leave him alone. He’s only eight for crying out loud! He’s even bleeding!” his mothers voice rang through the open air. 

“Honey, now is not the time,” his father said as he grabbed at Louis’ scrapped elbow.

He pulled his son up with force and helped him stand to his feet. Louis’ eyes were red with tear marks staining a path down his cheeks, the pain starting to get to him both mentally and physically. A streak of blood was running down his forehead and past his temples, creating a red path down the side of his face. He needed rest, his small body was screaming for it as his mouth hung open and his breathing was too fast to count. He was also thirsty, but they hadn’t retrieved any water from the well yesterday morning. They were getting low and he didn’t want to use any of it.

”He’s not going to learn anything if I don’t teach him,” Louis’ father told his mother who stood worriedly in front of them both. 

“Babe, that’s no-“ Louis’ mother was interrupted.

”When we are long gone and Louis is still standing, do you wish for him and Sam to be alone in a world where they know no defense? Should we leave them unprepared for a world that’s going to beat them senseless?” 

His mother hit his father’s arm. “I can’t believe you’re talkin’ like that in front of him. You could scare him with that talk.”

”He deserves to know.”

”I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to know, I’m saying that he’s too young to hear this stuff. He’s only eight and you’re out here beatin’ him around like a rag doll,” his mother moved closer to them, making Louis scramble backwards and behind his father. 

”He’s doing fine the way he is. Right, Louis?”

Louis looked up into his father’s bright blue eyes, a sparkle of hope for Louis to agree with him. Only to prove his mother that she was wrong. Louis nodded his head before looking between the two of them, his arms hugging his father’s thigh. He heard his mother sigh in defeat, her arms raising in irritation before dropping them back down to her side.

”You're teaching our son how to be a killer,” his mom spoke, her voice cloaked in a sad, lost tone.

”No, I’m teaching our son how to defend himself from a killer.”

The next thing Louis knew was that he was forced away from his father with a push, only to stumble across the gravel and catch his balance a few feet away. When he was finally stable enough to stand on his own two feet, he watched his father dart towards him in a quick motion, a scream echoing loudly in the air as he ran at Louis.

Louis shot up quickly from his slumber, his breathing in short bursts and occasional coughing. The blanket he had was now at a pool at his waist, making his torso bare and cold as he put a palm over his racing heart. Sweat drenched his whole body and his hair stuck against his forehead in a tight hug. The heels of his palms rubbed at the sleepiness in his eyes as he slumped in his bed. He was a complete mess, but he didn’t care. 

It was quiet. From the sounds of owls screeching, crickets singing, and the rustle of leaves from rodents outside his tent, he still figured that it still must’ve been night. He heard no talking or saw any of the sun illuminating against the material of his own tipi. 

“You’re okay, Louis,” he whispered to himself as he leaned forward onto his elbows. “You’re okay.”

But deep down, scratching at the surface of his core, was a feeling that was tugging at him. It made his blood run cold. It made him tug at his hair and clench his teeth. It was strong enough to make him remember memories that he didn’t want to remember; parts of his life he wished wouldn’t haunt him in his sleep.

Something was off.

It was the same feeling he got the day Sam died. It was a sense of urgency. It was the sense that he’s done something wrong, and if he wasn’t quick to fix it, then something bad was gonna happen. However, the last time he had the feeling he ignored it, just chalked it up to a bad stomachache. But because of his dumb decision to go against his own senses, it got Sam killed.

He felt like he had to save something. Save someone, perhaps. But who? Mr. Gilborn? Niall? Maybe even Harry? Was it someone he didn’t know?

”What does this feeling mean?” Louis whispered as he looked down at his hands. He ran his thumb along the crevices in his palm, almost as if the answer was there and ready to give itself away.

However, even though he wasn’t expecting an answer, he got one. It just wasn’t the one Louis wanted; it wasn’t the one he was ready for.

“It means you’re feeling danger. You got heightened senses, yeah? Well, there you go. There’s your answer,” a feminine voice was outside of Louis’ tipi, one that sounded familiar to him. 

Louis didn’t answer. He sat as silent and still in his bed, his eyes never leaving the opening of his tent. He felt like someone was choking him, making him unable to speak out to who the woman was outside.

“It’s sad to see someone so distance from themselves. Hell, I know more about your kind than you do yourself,” the voice continued. 

Louis felt his body tense up under the statement. He gripped tightly at his blanket, his cheeks hollowing as he bit them with all his force. He squinted his eyes, crying out internally for putting himself in danger by staying here—a danger he was sure wouldn’t have come this quickly. He expected a few more days, give or take, but not even twenty four hours and he was already found out about. Who? He didn’t know.

”Wanna come out of that little tipi of yours, Louis?” The voice was taunting him.

He threw the blanket over his waist and shuffled himself out of bed as quietly as he could, his hands feeling around the tipi in the dark as he moved. Louis’ heart was racing every second that he looked around, his breathing becoming worse in fear of anyone hearing his attacker. He couldn’t find anything for a weapon, nothing, and the cracking of sticks outside his tipi was starting to make goosebumps crawl over his skin.

“I never expected Mr. pure Omega to be weak. Always heard your kind could hold their own ground, but I guess not,” there was a laughter that followed after.

It sounded like it came from outside the corner of his tipi; the same corner that Louis sat crouching in the dark, his hands skimming the surface of the ground in search of a weapon.

Within seconds, a spear had punctured through the material of his tent and came close to Louis torso. He was quick to think as he threw himself backwards into a roll, his body fast and flexible before darting out the only way he could go. When the noise of the flap of his tent signaled his escape, Louis ran quickly and into the nearest mass of woods for cover. He didn’t want to run into the middle of the camp, only to have people hear his attacker blasting out his true identity. 

So he ran. He ran like Sam was back in his arms. Like he needed to be a hero.

But Louis wasn’t. His role of protecting the ones he loved wasn’t his role anymore—it was just him who need protection, and running away like a coward didn't do it. His attacker knew who he was. They knew who was searching for him, and they could easily find comfort in giving his identity away.

Louis pushed his feet into the mud as he began slidding along the muck, his hand reaching out to grab the nearest, thickest tree. When he felt stable enough, he ignored the pain from the rough bark as he wrapped his hand around each tree limb. He had to be quick, for the sound of rapid footsteps was beginning to catch up to him. His muscles buldged as he lifted himself up each branch, and when he was high enough to the point where he was hidden from the leaves, he crouched down and waited as patiently as he could. 

The footsteps stopped just seconds after, but Louis could still hear the cracking of twigs around him. 

“Louis, come on now. Fight me like a true pure Omega,” the female voice was now closer to him, only a few feet away from him.

”You wanna know how I know what you are? I saw you that night, pushing the canoe into the water. I heard you speaking, and I smelled you. The real you.”

Louis heard a noise that sounded like a whack, the sound of leaves brushing against each other following soon after. 

“I knew you were a pure, you had that smell. Now you didn’t smell like an Omega, because I guess the suppressants really do you a favor, huh? But with the size you were, I could tell that you certainly weren’t no Alpha. You weren’t a Hell hound either.” 

The voice paused before it continued again, it’s location in a completely different place. Louis listened whole heartedly, trying to observe his mistakes that he had made along the way of where he was now. 

“Then, out of the blue, your scent just changed. That’s when I knew something was up—one second you were someone else on the other side, then the next you were one of us.”

Louis recognized the word of us. The list of who his attacker could be shortened down quite a bit. The person was a Hell hound, which was what she had smelled like, but now she just confirmed it for him. Whoever it was, they watched Louis the night he pushed his brothers body out into the ocean water, which meant that he was being watched the whole time. Louis cringed at the thought.

“So you know what I did the next morning? I found a scout group—Niall’s scout group—and told them that I found someone at the beach. I wanted them to find you, to kill you right then and there for what you were doing. But no, they took you in. They fucking took you in, you son of a bitch!” 

Louis found himself flinching at the sudden change of tone. He was still in the tree, his eyes focused below him, just waiting for a body to pass by for his moment to pounce. 

“Then in the camp, when they were showing us around, you were interested in the pure Omega. Then it hit me!” the voice rose into a high pitch, a laugh following the words. “Your size, your personality, the scent change, what you said on the ocean - you were the pure Omega. The last one! And you wanna know something? I hate pure Omegas.”

A dark silhouette moved underneath Louis’ location, only to stop directly beneath him to listen for any sound. He held his breath, his eyes piercing the top of the woman’s head before he made his move. Louis dropped down from his perch, his body smoothly falling from the branch, and landed behind his attacker. He reached down for the spear in their hand before pulling them backwards by tugging at the collar of their shirt. His foot was stuck out as he tripped the person, their back landing directly into a puddle of mud. Their body was small and their limbs were constantly sliding in the mud at an attempt to crawl backwards. 

Louis raised the spear, his movements hesitant as he moved closer to speak. 

“And I hate Hell hounds, Alice,” Louis growled. 

He throw himself forward, his hand reaching to rest on her throat before bringing the spear backwards. One of her hands came to grip at Louis’ larger one before she threw her other one up in defense.

”Why are you coming after me?” he asked. “What have I done to you?”

”What have you done? Surviving is what you have done,” Alice began to speak, but he cut her off.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows as he scoffed. “There must be a different reason, Alice.”

”There is.”

”What is that reason?”

Alice laughed but it quickly faded when Louis tightened his grip, only to loosen it seconds after. “Tell me. Now.”

They glared at each other before Alice looked away. She was struggling under his grip as her eyes glanced at the spear head that Louis held in a position behind him. At any point he could end her life, but he chose to wait.

“There’s a werewolf pack. It’s as big as this one and almost as strong. They’re also searching for you, but only to kill you,” Alice admitted.

Louis looked her up and down. “Why? Wouldn’t they want me on their side?”

”No, not when Styles could easily reel you in because of what you two are. They don’t want that bond to happen, so their plan is to find and kill you. It gives them a chance to win.”

”Okay, but if they’re trying to kill me, why are you also trying? Are you helping them?” Louis asked. 

Alice shook her head the best she could under his grip. Louis scanned her eyes to detect any signs of her lying, but she seemed truthful and downright scared. He could smell the pheromones that she was giving off, and it reeked strongly of intense fear.

”You smell of fear,” Louis commented.

”Because I know who you are.”

“You do?” His tone was dripping sarcasm as he spoke.

”Yes. You’re Louis Tomlinson, you’re a pure Omega, and I know that they are forgiving,” Alice had changed her whole demeanor to begging, but he didn’t budge. “They love and care about others, and they don’t like putting their families in danger. They don't have an instinct to kill.”

”Correct,” Louis shook his head. “But you also know what suppressants do, right? They change our emotions, our scents. Make us people that we aren’t. They give us instincts.”

”Louis please. I won’t tell any-“

He cut her off by tighten his grip around her throat, his teeth clenching together. 

“You know, my father was killed by one of you. So was my mother. My father knew how to fight, but he didn’t even try to save himself when a Hell hound stormed into our camp and took my mother. You know what that tells me?” Louis asked, releasing his grip off her throat for her to answer.

She coughed and began to choke on air, only for her to break into sobs. “That your father wanted to die.”

“And he died because he couldn’t take it anymore. The way we pure Omegas get treated by people like you,” Louis could feel his blood boil as his skin grew hot to the touch. “I may be young and caring, but when you come after me, the last thing I’m gonna be is forgiving. I’m not gonna give up like my father and let the Hell hound win. No, I’m gonna hold my fucking ground.”

And with one last push of Louis, he drove the spear forward and into the chest of Alice. She let out a small whine before it turned into that of a dying moan, the lightness of her eyes turning dull and lifeless within a fraction of a second. Louis pushed himself up and stumbled sideways, his hands sprawled out in front of him to examine her blood staining his fingers. He was still shirtless, the cold night brushing his bare flesh, as he stood there over her body. 

The worse thing was that Louis didn’t feel guilty.

He plopped down onto his bottom and rested his back against the tree he was in minutes ago, his eyes staring straight ahead and hands resting limply in his lap. 

He always wanted to forget this part of him. The part that was forced to kill others for all the years it was just him and Sam. He had to protect them both, and by the time Louis was fifteen, he had a kill count of over five werewolves. Of course, Alice was his first Hell hound, but it felt new. Fresh even. But he didn’t want to kill anymore. He saw coming into the pack as a way to escape, as a way to lay low for a while. 

But he guessed he was wrong. 

Chapter Text

Louis didn’t come back to camp until sunrise. With his hands stained with the blood of a traitor and his black jeans covered in dried up mud, he tried to make his way through the trees without being caught by any of the scouts or hunters out in the morning. The last thing he needed was to be investigated as to why he was in the state that he was. He wasn't exactly the best at making excuses, especially when he uncomfortably stood covered in blood and grime. His bare torso was glistening with sweat, a curtain of shine rolling over his skin with every inhale and exhale as the sun broke through the trees above him.

He found himself jumping and tumbling over large, broken trees and protruding roots. Small, spiky burs were sticking to his pants and shoes, their origin of a certain plant that Louis didn’t know (but what he did know was that he hated them to his core.)

”Why must there be so many of you?” Louis murmured to himself as he bent down, picking off a tiny bur from his pant leg.

His balance was certainly off as he stumbled from the lack of fatigue—and because of the constant poking of the small burs against his ankles—something a pure Omega needed and valued over any other kind. With heightened senses, it made Louis more aware and energized, quickly eating at his high energy level to tire him. It was why they were known as the sleepiest between other kinds.  

Louis tried to rub Alice’s blood off on his pants, his nose crunched up in a cringing expression as he caught a glimpse of his hands. They smelled of a metallic scent, almost like rust, and burned Louis' nose as he looked away. The crimson liquid was now a darker brown, having been dried up between the creases in his palm, making the flesh padding of his human paw itchy and cracking under the substance.

To say that he hid Alice’s body wasn’t something that he found himself to be proud of at the very least. He took the rest of the night scoping out for any hiding place and took a nearby swamp for a win. It was just inches away from the pack's border, so Louis had to be quiet as he dragged and dropped her body into the water, getting his pants soaked just under his kneecaps. It felt uncomfortable, but the whole situation made him strain under the thought.

Louis hadn’t felt guilty at first, but when the night carried on and into the morning, he started to feel a deep sorrow for her. He even had an urge to leave her body where it originally was, just to have someone accidentally stumble across it and report it so the pack could give her a proper burial.

But he couldn’t let her be discovered. She had attacked him and went against her own kind. And for what? He wished he had given her more time to pop the question, but he wasn’t thinking when he was in the moment. Perhaps it was similar to Louis' situation; maybe she just had beef against Hell hounds and felt like her heart was fixed on the other side. If so, Louis could understand that. He wasn't a fan of werewolves and was staked directly in a Hell hound camp, so at the end, he was going against his own kind too. He and Alice weren't any different, and the only reason that she came after him was to prevent him from giving himself in to the Hell hounds. To prevent him and Harry from becoming powerful against a kind she felt she belonged to. Louis shook the thought away.

He wasn't sure what to think when it came to him being the key to winning a war against two powerful sides.

In addition to hiding Alice's body, with Louis being a newbie, the blame would be rightfully placed on him in an educational sense. The pack was, or seemed, to be a calm, silent one that told of no danger within it's own borders. Yet, it just so happens that when Louis joins the pack, a murder occurs just hours after? Louis knew he didn’t want to disrupt that tranquil slumber within the trust between others, all because a body had been found in the woods. It was that very thought that made him decide to conceal the body, especially outside of the border which is where she was last brought to by the Betas.

Besides for that, Louis also kept the pups in mind, leaving the key mental note that they were young and adventurous, and the woods were a perfect place for them to find a journey. Or a body of that matter. 

Louis took the back route to return to his tent. The way he took made the trip a while longer, but it was worth not being spotted by any early bloomers wandering around in the morning to cover whatever job they were intending to do. When Louis could see the small figure of his make shift home, his eyes immediately traveled to meet with the back side of his tipi where the small rip from Alice’s spear was located. The wind was decent that morning, making the edges of the opening flap in the corner to taunt him, screaming out to him as if he would just get the memo that being there was dangerous.

His mouth ran dry as he wiped at his sweaty brow with his forearm. After he was to dress and clean, his first job as one of the pack would be to tend the tear. 

"Howdy there. I've been looking for you."

Louis felt a hand slap against his upper back, making him release a small huff in return. He looked up from where he was sitting in the corner of the kitchen, his blue eyes finding Niall's. 

The large, open window next to Louis allowed a breeze to drift through and run along his hair. His face was hot and the cold draft felt nice. He was sitting in the kitchen, trying to find a way to distract himself from last night. The voices of people passing by outside the window was his only form of distraction, and it was as entertaining as one could find it. One person had been complaining to another about how they 'found Greg in his tipi with another Omega' and how they were going to 'smash his face into a brick wall'. Oh, how pleasant pack life was, right?

"I've been here almost all morning," Louis told him as he looked back down at his food.

On top of Louis' plate looked to be a piece of meet hugged between two bread slices. Some lettuce and cheese were on the side of it, along with a small container of handmade ketchup and a bowl of freshly deep fried french fries. He didn't have the stomach to take a bite out of his sandwich, leaving it to grow cold on his plate. Instead, he just decided to munch slowly on his fries as he sat back to watch people enter and exit the kitchen. Some people stayed to eat while others left, their lives too busy to sit down and enjoy the food.

"Your sandwich is getting cold, lad," Niall pointed out.

In response to that, Louis pushed the plate in front of the blonde man. His friend took no time with digging into the sandwich--cold or not.

"Hey, I got a question," Niall spoke after he took a mouthful of his sandwich.

He wasn't looking at Louis. His gaze was directly at his food, his eyes wide as he leaned back to moan. "This is so good, don't know how you can just give it away like you did."

Louis laughed as he rested his elbow on the table. He looked down at his fry as he dipped it in the ketchup before glancing to look at Niall.

"What's your question?" he asked while chewing on the fry.

He waited patiently as he watched Niall take another huge bite from the sandwich, his attention completely lost and directed towards just the food. Louis furrowed his eyebrows as he watched, not knowing how the boy could take such an enormous bite. When he got no answer, he rolled his eyes and leaned forward in his seat.

"Calm down, Niall. Take smaller bites or else you're going to choke," Louis warned as he seized the food from his friend's grip. Niall watched in horror as Louis placed it back down on the plate, pieces of shredded lettuce falling from the sides and taunting him.

"What's the question."

"I can't believe you had the nerve to take food away from me," Niall never took his gaze away from the plate, which left Louis to rest his elbow on the table and lean forward, cutting directly in line of Niall's gaze. Niall sighed before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Me and some friends are heading out for arrow practice today. I told 'em about you and they wanted to meet you. Get you in with the group since you're new."

Louis lifted his eyebrows and tilted his head forward a little. "So you're asking me to hang out?"

"Indeed," Niall gave him a small smile. "You gonna come?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?"

Niall shrugged his shoulders. "I thought you were probably going to be hanging out with Styles."

Louis looked around as he flung his hand outwards, acting as if he was carrying an invisible platter. "Why would I be hanging out with him?"

Deep down, Louis really wished he wasn't sitting down in the kitchen. Instead, he wanted to be near Harry and to feel his presence. His inner wolf was crying out, biting and growling through a cage that Louis had built inside him years ago. 

"I don't know. In the church he said something about needing details or whatever it was," Niall rubbed at his arm before searching Louis' face. 

Louis surprisingly forgot about that. He began to wonder if Harry had tried to search him out yesterday but couldn't. What if he came by when Louis was gone? His mouth went dry at the thought and he pushed himself up from his seat.

"Yeah know what I need? I need a drink," Louis mumbled.

Within a fraction of a second, Niall reached forward and grabbed at the edge of Louis' plate, who, in return, just rolled his eyes for a second time and couldn't help but hide his smile.

"They got good alcohol here. It's homemade," Niall commented as he wrapped his hands back around the sandwich.

"That doesn't help. I don't drink anything that can make me stumble. Wine and champagne included," Louis retaliated before he began a trek to the front desk where there was luckily no line.

He ordered two free waters in plastic cups and received them quickly by the quiet female Beta behind the counter, their hands brushing before he noticed a small blush creep upon the girls face. Her eyes never left Louis' as she gave him a final flirty smile. Louis, however, didn't give it much thought though. He just chalked it up to her being a little too friendly. Either way, he gave her a neutral smile and headed back to where Niall was currently still stuffing his face.

He set one of the waters down for his friend before throwing the other back to swallow the freezing liquid. It felt nice against his throat and moistened his dry mouth, making a sudden coldness cascade down his chest as he downed it all. He felt thankful to be able to just gather water whenever he was thirsty. Most of the time, when he was with Sam, it took them hours just to find a safe, open source of clean water. 

He brought the cup away from his mouth while letting out a quiet sigh. He was about ready to make his way back up to counter to ask for a refill, but he found himself freezing in the spot that he stood. Outside of the window was a familiar voice, one that he longed for deeply within the pits of his core. He turned his head, as did Niall, and watched as Harry stalked down the stone path next to the kitchen. His jaw was clenched as he stared in annoyance. His body looked rigid and tense from what Louis could tell.

A female had appeared behind him, her hands resting on her hips as she ran around his large frame to stop in front of him. She placed a small, dainty hand on his chest as Harry came to an abrupt stop. He looked down at the female and removed her hand by flicking it away.

"Leave me be, Sasha. I have leader duties to attend to," he growled, but she didn't dare move from his way. 

Louis put the pieces together and realized that she was his never-to-be mate. She was pretty, he had to give her that, and she smelt of an Alpha Hell hound bloodline. She had long, straight, black hair that reached to her mid-back and she looked to have beautiful green eyes from what Louis could see. Freckles dotted her perky nose, and her lips were pink and perfectly plump. A set of high cheek bones accompanied the rest of her features, and Louis felt jealous of her. She held herself confidently and didn't back down to when Styles commanded her to. He was intimidating, so he had to give her that. 

"Do not make me yell at you in front of everyone, Harry. But I will if I have to," Sasha argued her ground. A devilish look crossed her face before she brought her hands up. "Actually, I change my mind. I think your pack should be aware of the fact that you're using me for my fathers land."

Harry laughed at that. "I think you should be aware of the fact that my pack already knows this. Now move along."

Harry stepped to the side, only to have Sasha follow his actions. Louis brought the cup back up to his mouth to hide a humorous laugh, a small smile following along after. However, he didn't expect for Harry to hear it from the distance they were. His green eyes moved at a lightening speed to search for Louis'. Once their gaze connected, Louis turned his head quickly and dropped down onto his seat, his eyes wide and motionless as if he's seen something horrifying. Not only had he been caught eavesdropping, but he had also been caught laughing at a serious situation. 

He could only imagine the look on Harry's face right now. He didn't dare even peek one glance towards the window.

"I bet you he can't wait to get rid of her. She looks like a wild one," Niall said as he pushed his plate away and looked back to Louis. "You ready to go meet the boys?"

Louis didn't answer. Instead, he placed his cup down swiftly, crumpling it in the process, before stealing Niall's and downing it whole. When he was done, he dropped it onto the counter and slid out his seat. Niall was quick to follow.


Chapter Text

Niall pushed a wooden door open to an average sized log cabin, it’s location just sitting a few blocks from the kitchen. The wood the building was made out of consisted of shiny, orange looking logs, and the natural building material looked as if it had been polished. Whenever the sun rays beat down on it, it gave it a new, fancy satisfactory look. He wanted to stroke his hand against it, to feel the smoothness of it just to see if it was even real wood or not.

The windows were all closed to prevent a hot draft from coming in and ruining the cold circulation inside, especially on a 80 degree day. Louis for sure could feel his whole body burning from the temperature, having to wipe his brow every five minutes to rid of the sweat building up, but he chose not to whine about it whenever Niall brought up the topic of the scorching heat. His friend had red cheeks and his forehead looked moist against the light, making every dot of sweat visible from the sun. One thing was for sure, they were both ready to get out of the sun and bask in the coldness of the next location.

When they entered into the building, the first thing Louis noticed—besides for the nice cold air inside and the doors screaming hinges—was the amount of weapons that sat hanging up along the wall to his right. He looked them all over to get a glimpse of what the wall had to offer on display. There were multiple options for bows and arrows, the spears were made of different wood, the swords were of different lengths and steel, and there were other things that he’s never even seen before. One weapon that caught Louis’ attention consisted of a long piece of wood with a handle on one end, and then nails sticking out from the other. He cringed at the thought of what it could do. He didn’t want to be on the nail side of the weapon, that’s for sure.

”Aye, Niall!” a voice bellowed throughout the air as it was directed towards Louis’ blonde friend.

He turned to watch as Niall embraced the man who had hollered out to him. His hair was brown and short, eyes the color of the bluest ocean, and his skin was of a darker shade than the two Omegas. He sported a pair of jeans and a baggy grey shirt that complimented his eyes. When Niall broke away from the hug, he turned to point at Louis, a large, white smile painted along both of their faces.

“Louis, come meet Abdul, the packs Swordsmith. Abdul, this is Louis, he’s the newbie,” Niall introduced them.

Abdul moved swiftly across the small distance before pulling Louis into a large hug. He wrapped his arms around him in a way that made Louis unable to replicate the man’s actions. Instead, he just smiled and laughed until Abdul pulled away. 

“What brings the two of you here?” he stepped back, one hand resting on Louis’ shoulder, as he turned to Niall.

Louis noticed that the two of them never stopped smiling within each other’s presence. ”The newbie needs a weapon for practice,” Niall responded as he placed a hand on Louis’ other shoulder, his hand squeezing the bony area.

Abdul looked at him with a smirk, his blue eyes crinkled at the edges. He was taller than the both of them, his build also constructed stronger than a Betas. However, Louis unintentionally noticed the fact that he wasn’t as lean as Harry, that was for sure. Plus, from the man’s rosey smell and swift, calculated movements, Louis could tell he was an Alpha Hell hound—and I strong one at that. 

“Ah, what do you prefer for your choice of destruction? We got all kinds of weapons, and if one doesn’t toot the bell, it’s my duty to make one that does,” Abdul swiftly put his arm out to direct their attention to the wall of weapons. “Go on, step up closer to take a look.” 

Niall put his hand on Louis’ lower back to usher him forward. When he followed through the motion, his friends hand falling from the touch, and closed the short distance to the wall, he found himself reaching out to stroke the nearest bow. It was made of just pure, light wood and it was a smaller one, probably made for that of a teen. It also had no indent to where you were to place your hand, leaving it to be of a beginner bow. He had a fascination with bows, even to the point where he had created his own from wood and melted glass. Louis always wanted to go all out of his, even creating tallies along the wood for every werewolf kill he had. It was a little detail of it that Louis couldn’t help but show off to anyone he meet.

However, on the bow in front of him, there weren’t any details, something that he was always fond of, and he found himself missing his own handmade one. He tried to rack his brain with where he had last seen it, his eyes squinting and mouth puckered in deep thought as dropped his hand back to his side.

Niall and Abdul had taken up a conversation as they looked between the weapons, their voice fading away as they traveled down the wall and farther from Louis. He didn’t mind, however. He wanted time and space to chose his weapon, and seeing how many there were against the wall, he knew he needed the most time he could possibly get. He stepped back once to look at all the other options and pulled his head to the side, only to find himself looking the other way when a hand—that wasn’t his, mind you—found it’s way to a beautiful bow a few feet away. Louis looked up at the owner of the hand, his eyes traveling along the long, veiny arm before finding a pair of green eyes boring into his own.

”You know, Louis, I hate people who eavesdrop,” Harry’s voice hit Louis like a wall of bricks, his tone deep and serious. 

Louis tried to keep his mouth shut, but his inner self had forced him to retaliate, to stand his own ground against the brute.

”Well, I hate Alphas who hide stuff from their pack,” he said matter of factly, not daring to look away.

An amused look crossed Harry’s face, his eyebrows rising and a small laugh escaping from his slightly parted lips. He didn’t respond back to the Omega, and instead, he retrieved the bow from the wall that his hand was resting on and held it in front of them both, his eyes never bothering to leave Louis’. 

The bow had a darker, polished wood with two shiny, gray metal pieces placed in the curve of the bow where his hand would go. All along the wood were details of fancy swirls etched in perfectly and without flaw, and he noticed that the metal had carvings of what looked to be like dragons, Chinese dragons if he was to be specific. He studied it, taking it in before Harry nudged it towards him.

”I think this one would suit you,” he told Louis, who carefully accepted it.

He looked it over, his fingers dragging across the smooth, polished wood. It felt nice against his skin, feeling cold and comfortable when gripped in his warm hands. 

“Yeah, I think it fits okay,” he whispered quietly, his eyes looking up at Harry. “Let me guess, this is the part where I say thank you?”

He watched as two dimples popped out from Harry’s cheeks, a smile quickly showing itself from the Omegas words before it turned into a small fit of deep chuckles. Louis felt proud of himself as he straightened his posture, his demeanor becoming more confident with every passing second. He got the Alpha to laugh. To him that felt like an accomplishment he never knew he had.

”Actually yes, I think this is the part where the newbie says thank you,” Harry answered softly.

However, before Louis could even open his mouth to even utter his next words, he found Harry quickly pulling him into his chest with just one hand. It was a quick motion, one that felt like it gave Louis whiplash as he dropped his bow. His body was now pressed tightly against the Alphas, something that Louis never saw coming. He could feel every curve, every indent and muscle under the man’s shirt. Harry emitted a low, possessive growl that tumbled and vibrated against the Omegas smaller frame.

Louis’ inner wolf began to tear at its cage, crying out to Harry’s in an attempt to rescue it, almost as if their rib cages were a wall to easily escape from and unite as one. He had to bite his cheek to keep from listening to the deep thoughts.

At first, he was utterly confused as to why Harry had done what he done, but when he turned his face, his cheek pressed against Harry’s pectoral, he surveyed whatever he could in his line of vision. 

Abdul was behind him, his hands up in surrender as he glared worriedly at Harry. His eyes were wide, body slumped and submissive under the pure Alphas stare. Niall was a few feet behind him, his eyes also in the shape of saucers as he backed up a few feet. Louis felt under pressure, maybe even scared at that point, but Harry’s hand found its way to rest between his shoulder blades and calm him down. His touch was like magic, making him melt against his chest in a submissive manner. 

Do not touch him, Abdul,” Harry growled loudly, his voice low and possessive. He could hear the man’s heartbeat through his chest, it’s pace picking up within a fraction of a second.

At this point, Louis searched the rest of the room to see if anyone else was paying attention, but they seemed to be the only ones there—luckily. 

“I’m sorry, Leader Styles. I was just gonna touch his shoulder to get his attention,” Abdul spoke quickly, his eyes hooded and connected to the ground beneath his two feet.

But his answer didn’t calm the pure Alpha any less. It seemed to make him angrier as he spun around to let go of Louis. The Omega stumbled forward quickly, holding his hand out to keep himself from face planting the ground as he fell. His knees hit roughly, but it didn’t bother Louis more than the growl did behind him. A small huff escaped from his parted lips as he quickly turned around from his crouching position, his eyes quickly moving back and forth to gather what was going on. 

First, he saw Niall running over to help pick Louis from the ground, his legs moving quick and swiftly as he reached out to him. He then turned to Harry and Abdul, his throat tightening as his chest constricted at the scene between the two Alphas.

Harry had Abdul pressed against the logs, the weapons around him falling from their post at the impact of his body slamming into the wall. Harry’s hand was wrapped around the man’s throat, his knuckles white and hot as his jaw was clenched tightly, his jawline becoming more prominent and deep. Louis noticed the veins in his neck were protruding as his eyebrows were furrowed together to create a crease in-between them, his eyes low but piercing into Abdul’s angrily through long eyelashes. Abdul’s face was beginning to grow red under the cut off oxygen, his hands gripping Harry’s in an attempt to get the pure Alpha off. 

But Harry didn’t move a muscle or even flinch. He stood there, his body as rigid and powerful as Louis ever witnessed.

Louis didn’t understand as to how they got in the situation in the first place, but as he began to put the puzzle pieces together, he realized. When Abdul went to go touch Louis, Harry’s inner wolf must’ve reacted in a way to protect him without his mind fully registering his actions. To have another Alphas touch on Louis must’ve triggered something in Harry to the point where he grew possessive, even aggressive to the point where he felt it was necessary to protect what was his—or what his inner wolf thought was his.

They haven’t even known each other long enough and here Harry was, finding comfort in Louis’ inner wolf without even realizing it. They weren’t bonded. It was just the connection between them—the powerful line that kept them connected to each other in a way no one else was. It was who they were, and who they were, were a kind made to fit perfectly together without wanting to.

”Harry, stop!” Louis roared with all his might, his hands balled into fists as he picked himself up quickly to face the pure Alpha.

But there was no sign of stopping from Harry. His intentions were blunt to Louis; he was never going to let go. Not unless someone pried him off. 

Now Louis knew he wasn’t the strongest out there, definitely not the meanest either, but when he looked at the scene and realized how familiar it was to him, his blood began to boil. The way Harry held Abdul reminded him of the day his parents were painfully removed from his life, of how the Hell hound had unrightfully stormed into his camp and took them without warning. He remembered the hand gripped around his father’s throat, just like the way Harry’s was around Abdul’s. But this time, Louis couldn’t let the attacker win. 

He pushed himself forward, making Niall fall backwards in the process as he shoved all his body weight into Harry. Louis found himself ridding the pure Alpha of his balance as he stumbled sideways, his glare transitioning from hard to soft as he looked between Abdul and Louis. 

“I said stop!” Louis cried out again, and this time, he knew Harry heard him.

Without another word or moment of eye contact, Harry swiftly walked towards the door and flung it open with all his might. His nostrils were flared and his face was a deep crimson. His chest was rising up and down in quick reps while long, gaunt fingers found their way through his hair as he disappeared through the doorway.

He never bothered to look back at Louis with a smile. Not like he had the first time. 

Chapter Text

Louis hasn’t seen Harry ever since the incident, or, well, not in the way he hoped.

After Harry had stormed out and Abdul was confirmed to be okay with close examination from both Omegas, Louis had bolted out the cabin door, it’s hinges screaming at him to be careful as he flung himself out onto the deck and stopped suddenly at the top of the staircase. He regretted coming out in the heat, but it didn’t beat the fact that he had more important things to do as he scanned the grounds in front of him for a tall, dark haired brute retreating from the building they had departed from. But Louis didn’t see anyone that matched the description, only a few women here and there carrying small children, the back of their hands wiping at the sweat dressing their forehead. There were only a few men in the area, but they were none that Louis happened to be searching for.

He jumped off the creaking deck, his nose wiggling as he smelled the air to catch the alphas scent, and found himself managing his balance at the bottom step. Once the ground was firmly beneath his feet, he pushed himself across the small, unpopulated area in search of the man he needed answers from.

Even though Louis was fast, Harry was faster, and even with Louis’ heightened senses, Harry’s aroma was everywhere—fresh or not—and just took him in circles. Never had he failed to track down someone, and even though he tried to follow the freshest scent, today was the day that marked the first time his nose had failed him.

Sadly, he wouldn’t find his answers today.

“What I don’t get is why?” Louis stated his concerns, the crease between his eyebrows becoming more apparent as he thought deeply. 

“Me neither,” Niall was quick to agree, his shadow being thrown across the inside of Louis’ tipi and haunting the side of it. He stood at the entrance of Louis’ make shift home, his body showing signs of exhaustion with slumped shoulders. “Harry and Abdul are great friends too, which makes me even more shocked.”

Louis turned his head to his friend, a shocked expression crossing his face as he parted his lips slightly. “I didn’t know that?”

Niall let out a small laugh that caught the pure Omegas attention, his lips curled up as he looked at a small woven basket that sat empty in the corner of Louis’ tipi. He hadn’t any idea what he wanted to put in there. Possibly clothes? “I wouldn’t expect you to know that either. It’s the first time you see them in a room together and they’re fighting like thieves over a bundle of cash—but in this instant, you’re the bundle of cash and Abdul is the thief that’s not really a thief, just happened to be there at the wrong time.”

”Thanks for the comparison Niall. But I got a serious question here,” Louis threw himself back on his bed, the feeling of the fur pelt that he uses as a blanket tickling his skin. “What do we do now?”

”No, it’s not we. It’s you,” Niall told him quickly. 

Louis brought his head up, his eyes searching for his friend at the entrance of his tipi while trying to support his neck with his hand. At Niall’s statement, Louis felt a sudden sadness creep into him, making him pout without noticing as he looked at Niall’s sudden change to a guilty expression. To the pure Omega, he took it as a sign that he was just by himself in this one, and he didn’t like the fact that his only friend just admitted to him that he doesn’t have his back. If something like this happened to Niall, you’d be damn sure that Louis would be right next to him, helping the man fight his fight. Together

“I mean, I’ll help you, yes. I’ll help you with cooking, hunting, and all that jazz, but there is no way that I’m helping when it comes to Harry. That man can squash me like a bug if he wanted, and by what happened today, I’m honestly sorta afraid to even stand next to you, Louis,” Niall held his hands up as if an invincible man had drawn his gun and pointed it straight at him, his eyes wide and body tense at what he admitted to the pure Omega.

”Okay, I get where you’re coming from. But for being your friend, I’m only asking one thing of you. To help keep him away from me,” Louis wanted to stick his input into the conversation to ease the other, but how could it help when it didn’t even ring true to the man who spoke it himself?

He didn’t want Harry to be kept away from him, he wanted to accept his presence, bathe in his scent, love him.

Louis had to take a few seconds to gulp down some fresh air at the thought. He felt like his mouth was dry and closed his partly open lips, his head falling back down onto his bed as his chest heaved with slow breaths. He wasn’t supposed to be falling in love with the only man made to break him. But as science had it, his inner wolf told him to fall so deeply in love that he couldn’t breathe.

 “I’m sorry Louis, but when it comes to Harry, I can’t help. Whatever he wants, he gets, and I’m no match to tell his otherwise,” Niall informed him before marching over to the side of Louis’ bed.

The pure Omega didn’t say anything in response. He looked up through long lashes at the blonde above him, their eyes meeting before his friend pulled the blanket from underneath him. Louis huffed as he turned onto his side to allow him the fur blanket, only to fall back fully on his back, his eyes never stopping to watch Niall. 

“But like I said, I’ll help you with everything else, and as long as Harry isn’t here, I’ll be happy to tuck little Louis into bed,” Niall joked while flapping the blanket from its dusty inhabitants, his smile wide and white as can be.

Louis shook his head in response and tried to kick his laughing friend away when he came at him with the blanket. He groaned as he lifted himself up to throw his legs over the bed, his abs burning for a split second as he did so. 

“Give me my blanket and go away you freak,” Louis reached out for the blanket that Niall waved tauntingly in front of him, only for the blonde to pull it back once his hand came close to it. Louis couldn’t help but laugh at the man who thought his attempts were the funniest thing in the world. “God damn it Niall. I’m not a kid anymore, I can tuck myself in.”

”I know you’re not a kid, but I can help my friend prepare for what’s to come when Harry gets his hands on him,” Niall joked, flapping the blanket in front of Louis to make a breeze of wind draft over his face, the force pushing his hair back a little. “I bet you’ll get treated like a baby. You want that? Well you can have it! You wanna be the first to feast? Of course you can! Want me to tuck you in? I’ll be right there! You wanna get it on? I call top—I’m always top!”

Louis threw his pillow at him before he could continue, the sudden thought of his and Harry’s sweaty bodies pressed against each other making his cheeks turn a shade of pink. “Grow up you absolute bawbag.”

❍ Three Days Later ❍

The bonding ceremony was something that had been hyped up by everyone—even Niall. Louis found himself wondering exactly what these ceremonies were; it wasn't like he was around long enough to experience the one before that, or the one before that. Apparently, from what Niall spoke of, these bonding ceremonies were to celebrate the bonding of their pack leaders, but this was going to be the packs third one which meant only one thing; this wasn't Harry's first and it definitely wasn't his last either.

He was already aware of Harry using his current mate—Sasha—for her father's land, who happened to be known as Leader Reddair, and apparently everyone else was aware too. But he wasn't sure how it would go down. He didn't have past experiences like the others, yet from Niall's bright eyes and wide smiles when he told Louis of the past, it was going to be very entertaining. His best friend told the pure Omega about how usually, instead of going through with what a bonding ceremony was actually for, Harry was using it as a plan to get Leader Reddair on the pack land to go through with a strike.

It would be a quick move, from what Louis was told. The man would accompany his daughter to her pack ceremony, sign his land over to Harry, and then have his throat slit before the deed could be taken back. After, Sasha would be either thrown out to the rogues or werewolves, or ordered to the lowest of the low of the packs; the ones that spent all day cleaning and picking up after the others for the rest of their lives.

Louis felt bad for Sasha, he really did, but to know that Harry had done this two times before and she hadn't a clue was far beyond him. Plus, thinking back to the day he had heard them fighting outside the kitchen meant that she knew of his ideal, making Louis wonder if she had brought up the idea to her father. Maybe she had and he didn't believe her? He shook his head to rid of the thought. Whatever it was, he didn’t want to know.

An unlabeled bottle was held up in front of Louis' face, the liquid looking dark inside the brown glass as it revolved inside the bottle. He watched it as Niall brought it back to his side, a lazy smile filling his face as he hiccuped.

“Have a drink, lad. Get wasted," Niall slung an arm around Louis' shoulder as the blonde stumbled. The ceremony hasn't even started and here he was, already halfway to getting plastered.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I don't drink," Louis drew his friends arm away from his neck as Niall stumbled forward, a few curse words emptying from his mouth.

Once Niall picked himself up, he pointed at two men sitting at a large picnic table. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as they talked and laughed along with each other, their smiles intoxicating and loving. One had short brown hair, his brown eyes wide with excitement as he conversed with the other black haired boy. They were both fairly attractive, certainly grabbing Louis' attention before the blonde raised his bottle and hollered out to them. They turned their heads to watch the man stumble towards them, Louis in tow as he threw his hands into the pockets of his grey sweatshirt. He'd practically given up on trying to support Niall as he walked. His friend would just find his own way out of Louis' grip, or annoy Louis to the point where he had to practically pry his friends hands off of him.

“Me lads!" Niall caught himself on the picnic table, the sound of his hand slapping the wood jolting some others nearby before they continued on with whatever they were doing.

Louis rolled his eyes with a smile before sniffing the air. Both of the men were Alphas, but their vibe was peaceful. Happy, even.

"Leave it to Niall to show up half drunk before the ceremony even starts," the brown haired boy stated, motioning for them to both sit across them. "Go on, sit down before you bust something of yours open."

The black haired boy laughed as he stretched his hand out to Louis once he situated himself in the seat across him. Louis took it gently and cautiously, his hand small and overpowered by the other as they shook hands.

"You must be new? I've never seen your face around here before," the man asked, his head tilting a little.

Louis just nodded in response, his hair bouncing and lips pressing together in a tight line. He wasn't very social, but the man smiled a trustworthy smile.

“Well, I'm Zayn, the head doctor of the pack," the man said to him before turning to the brown haired other, his smile never failing to falter as their eyes meet. "And this is Liam, my mate, who's the lead hunter."

Louis raised his eyebrow and let a crooked smile crawl onto his face. It explained the lovingly looks they kept sending each other, and the small touches or the brushes of their hands against each other that he noticed within the small span he was there for. "I'm Louis. It's a pleasure to meet you both."

“This bugger doesn't drink. Who doesn't drink?" Niall butted into the conversation as he changed the subject, wiggling his eyebrows as he looked at the pure Omega.

Louis shared a look with both Liam and Zayn, a smile threatening to break along all three of their faces. Niall sighed deeply before resting his elbow on the table, his palm digging into his cheek as he leaned on it. With his other hand, he began to swirl the leftover liquid in his bottle before taking a quick swig.

"It's okay to not drink. At least he won't end up like you and find himself passed out with a large gash mysteriously bleeding out on his head," Zayn defended Louis for his healthy life choices, and it made him smile. He decided that he liked Zayn. "Niall finds himself in the hospital about once every month, so don't take any advice from him. It's, it is dangerous."

Louis laughed at that. It seemed like something Niall would do if he were to be honest. The blonde had a personality that screamed funny, but dangerous to oneself. Niall didn't even fight it either, he just smiled shyly as he stared at the bottle in his hand.

"So," Louis attempted to redirect the conversation from him and onto something else. "When does the bonding ceremony start, if I may ask?"

"Anytime now," Liam responded, his eyes scanning the people around him before his gaze stopped up near the front of the crowd. "Actually, any second. Harry and...what's her name are up on stage right now. They're probably just waiting for someone to get up and make the fake proposal speech."

Louis turned his head to where Liam's gaze was and surveyed the large platform that he happened to never notice. There were a lot of people standing in the way of his vision, causing him to position his back straighter in an attempt to view the two on the stage.

There, on the large wooden stage, sat four chairs. One was empty, but the two middle ones were occupied with both Harry, who was sat on the left, and Sasha, who was sat on the right. The one that was next to Sasha was also occupied with an older man, his hair now completely grayed and face wrinkled from what Louis could see. He wore expensive, velvet red clothes that made him stand out from the others on stage who all wore a sense of black, almost like they were all at a funeral.

"Who's the man in the red?" Louis asked, his body leaning forward towards Zayn as he never took his eyes off the stage.

“That's Leader Reddair, Sasha's father. Right next to him is, of course, Sasha," Zayn answered him. Louis shook his head in understanding as he watched them all.

Leader Reddair had one of his legs thrown over the other with his palms resting on-top of his patella. His face was stern and hard, reading business all over his features as he watched the crowd below him. Sasha, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of her father. She was slouched in her chair with her arms crossed over her chest. She was looking down at her feet, not even bothering to stare at anyone close or far from her. He couldn't read her expression, as it was hidden from pieces of hair falling into her face, but he could sense her distress signals with his heightened senses.

Next was Harry. He sat leaned back in his chair, one arm slung over and dangling over the back as his other hand picked at a fabric of his black jeans. He looked calm and collected, showing no signs of nervousness or idea of a planned strike. His long, brown hair ran down to his shoulders, just asking to have Louis' fingers run through them. He could almost feel the ghost of each individual strand glide down his fingers, a slight shiver cascading down his spine as he looked down at his fingertips.

Louis picked his head back up again, but this time, when he went to look back at Harry for one last time, he caught his green gaze. He instantly felt hot under the stare as goosebumps waved down his whole body. His leg began to bounce up and down due to his nerves, almost startling a drunk Niall next to him. Harry smirked at him, almost like he knew what he was doing to Louis at such a distance.

Niall obliviously flung his arm around Louis' shoulders and within a fraction of a second, the smirk that dressed Harry's lips instantly turned to a clenched jaw before Louis forced himself to look away. Niall was saying something, he could tell from his friends moving lips, but he found himself not hearing until he rubbed at his eyes and shook the distraction away.

“Whatd'ya say?" Louis mumbled together, his glance full of confusion.

”Liam wanted to know if you could put ‘is bag next to you, there’s no room on ‘is side of the bench,” Niall began to hiccup, his voice now completely missing the total pronunciation of the word ‘his’ as he rested his head against the table top.

”Of course,” Louis grabbed Liam’s bag and planted it on the side of him, the brown haired boy mumbling a small thank you before a voice broke above all others. 

“Excuse me! Attention please! My name is Atticus Lebrunski and I’m here to deliver the proposal between your two beautiful leaders,” a man—who now went by the name Atticus—roared out to the crowd. He was dressed in what looked like a long, white robe with a golden tie. His white hat was tall as a golden cross rose from the top of it, standing high in the air as he talked with a book—which Louis guessed was the Hell hound Bible—underneath his arm. A group of people near the stage hollered, their voices loud and straining against Louis’ almost sensitive eardrums.

“How about we start off with introducing the chess pieces, shall we? As you see, here we have Harry Styles, the one and only Pure Alpha Hell hound to safety guide us in life to become successful and strong. He is an absolute brute in combat, and a healthy, loving mate behind closed doors. He was carved to be the perfect leader. Now, we have dear Sasha Reddair, a lovely Alpha Hell hound to show us the base of what a true warrior must be made of. These two things are strong together.”

”Next is the best man of his generation, Mr. Reddair. Please, give the man an applause for all that he is sacrificing tonight,” Atticus stopped to allow the fierce clapping, perhaps getting a few knowingly whistles in there as he smirked out to the crowd in a fiery blaze. 

Niall quickly picked his head up and cheered, leaving the rest of them at the picnic table to be quiet. It wasn’t that Louis was excited, don’t get him wrong. He was, but he was more into observing the moment than celebrating it. The other two Alphas at the table sat still. Liam looked like he wanted to yell out into a full on cheer, his eyes wide and lips quivering from a hidden smile. His fists were clenched on the table and his knuckles were white from clenching his palms. Zayn, however, couldn’t even find himself to look up at Atticus. His jaw was clenched as he picked at a dark spot in the wood of the picnic table.

He heard Atticus speak from the front of the crowd, but Louis didn’t bother to pay attention to the man. Instead, he placed his hand on-top of Zayns to comfort him the best he could. 

“What’s wrong?” Louis’ voice was soft and gentle, and he was surprised that Zayn could hear it over more cheers from something that he didn’t hear.

”This whole thing just gets on my nerves,” Zayn admitted, his eyes staring at their two touching hands. Louis moved his hand away from the Alphas, but he still tried to send a comforting vibe towards the man by giving him his full undivided attention. “I’m a doctor, my job is to help people get hurt because I can’t stand people in pain. It’s what my passion is. But sitting here and knowing that that man up there is gonna die, I just...”

Zayn forced himself to look away from Louis. His waterline began to grow moist as he rubbed at his eyes. Louis felt for the man, he could feel how uncomfortable he was and his silent distress. 

“Is this your first one?” Louis asked softly before motioning his head towards the stage. “Your first ceremony, I mean.” 

Zayn shook his head from side to side as Liam turned to them both, his attention resting on his slouching mate. His hand slithered from his side and found it’s way into Zayn's palm. He tangled their fingers together and smiled at his lover, his thumb brushing over the knuckles of the other man.

“Zayn's just sensitive when it comes to others but he’ll have to get use to it. There’s been more strikes against us from the werewolves and I know damn well that we aren’t gonna save everyone,” Liam admitted as he squeezed his mates hand. 

Louis looked between them both as Zayn brushed up against Liam, finding comfort in his mate. He watched their knuckles turn white from gripping tightly, the action to help support Zayn’s emotions and increase his comfortability there. Niall looked at Liam, all their gazes landing on the brown haired man as his face grew hard.

”There’s a long war coming boys. You better be ready to let the people you love go, or be ready to take your own when a knife stops your lovers beating heart.”

And with that, Liam and Zayn shared one last look before their gazes drifted to the stage.


Before long, most of the people around Louis had either reeked of over-the-top excitement or just full on nervousness. He didn't know what category he belonged to, but Liam and Niall were both on their tippy-toes just waiting for the time when everything was to go down. The two would cheer at random times or high five each other when something was spoken of. Louis didn't understand the excitement, but maybe he would learn to soon enough. 

Zayn, however, was still slouching in his seat, his whole attitude full of peaceful cravings. There were multiple times where Louis found himself trying to comfort the man in any way as the fake proposal speech carried on into the day, but his attempts would only last for a few minutes until he could feel Zayn grow tense under the situation, again.

When the time came for the strike, Louis could practically feel the static in the air. The sky was dark and the air was now a cold breeze that was frigid enough to send chills down Louis' arms and legs. The only lighting that accompanied the ceremony were tall tiki torches paced along the outskirts of the crowded area. Louis was sure that some people in the mass of others were also carrying some as well, for the flames blocked his vision every time the holder cheered and hurled their fists in the air.

Somehow Louis had avoided Harry's gaze the whole time, that was up until the presenter—Atticus—had silenced the crowd and lifted a sheet of paper, it's color a dark gray in the night. Everyone stopped what they were doing, the crowd falling silent enough that Louis was sure he could hear his own heartbeat racing in his chest.

“And now is the time for Leader Reddair to give his precious land over, only in exchange for him and his daughter to become related to one of the worlds most powerful bloodlines, a line of pure Alpha Hell Hounds," Atticus bellowed out, his hand outstretched as he turned to showcase the two sitting men. "May we please have silence to appreciate Mr. Reddair's last day on a king."

Louis felt a nudge at his hand and he looked down to see Zayn's, his palm open and fingers shaking. Louis slid his own hand into the Alphas and watched as the man grew calmer under the pure Omegas touch, his body relaxing just ever so slightly.

"It's okay," Louis whispered as he turned back to the stage, but he wasn't sure if Zayn had heard him.

"Your time has come, Leader Reddair. You're welcome to sign the paper at any second you wish," Atticus announced.

Leader Reddair stood up from his seat, followed along by Harry. Louis couldn't help but to watch his muscles ripple under his white long sleeved shirt, the sleeves pushed up above his elbows to show off indecipherable tattoos that littered his arms. He pushed his long fingers through his hair, pulling the strands back without getting them tangled within the rings—that Louis just happened to notice at the moment—that dressed the bottom of his fingers.

Louis watched as Harry came to stand right next to the older man. He looked between the two of them, the comparison as blunt as it could ever be, almost like a red dot in a sea of blue ones.

Harry was taller, his frame more well built and masculine compared to the other. Even though he was younger, he held himself in a more dominant posture, allowing him to tower over the older man who stood next to him in a droop, his posture beginning to slouch from his old age. Harry's body rang power and danger, whereas Leader Reddairs rang serious but soft.

"May Leader Styles sign the paper first," Atticus held his hand out to stop the crowd from cheering as the name of their leader was spoken.

Atticus handed the paper to Harry as the night was silent, all eyes on the moving inked feather that was used to write his signature on the white sheet sitting in his large palm. When he was done, he bit his lip and looked up to hand the paper to Leader Reddair. The man accepted it, his smile wide as he thanked the pure Alpha Hell hound.

Louis watched as Harry smirked, the older man completely oblivious to what was to come. Harry slowly breathed through his nostrils as he closed his eyes, his head rolling in a circle on his shoulders to crack his neck. When his eyelids slowly slid back open, Louis found their gazes connecting, Harry's smirk only growing bigger as the man next to him began to sign the paper. Harry had brought his hand to reach behind him, and Louis found himself unintentionally shaking his head as if yelling at the curly haired man to stop.

But the only thing that seemed to go at a snails pace was time. It felt as if someone pressed the slow down button on his life instead of leaving it on play.

When Leader Reddair handed the paper back to Atticus, his smile brood and eyes crinkled with joy, Harry took it as his cue and pulled his hand from behind him, the glint of a dagger shinning in the flames of nearby tiki torches. His gaze never left Louis' as his hand had swiftly plunged the dagger into the older mans neck. Harry never flinched or checked to see where he had hit the man. He didn't even move a muscle when guards had taken over the stage to grab Sasha from her screaming state, her arms reaching out towards her father.

The people cheering, the intense eye contact, the sobbing posture of Sasha had all seemed to be in slow motion. A ringing in Louis’ ears caused him to retrieve his hand from Zayn's frantic grasps to cover them with his palms, but the only thing to stop the horrendous noise was the loud ‘thump’ of Leader Reddair's body falling to the stage. Blood was seeping from the hole in his throat and through the cracks of Reddairs fingers as Harry slowly rested his arm to his side, the now crimson dagger hanging loosely as he stared Louis down like a predator would a prey.

Out of everyone there, Harry had picked Louis to be his main audience member. It felt like a show put on just for him and it made him feel sick to his stomach.

Louis was too busy in his thoughts and stare down to notice that Zayn had dashed away from the picnic table in a hurry. Liam was close behind as he called for his mate to wait up, a worried tone etched in his voice as he moved through the crowd. Niall's sudden movement brought Louis to divert his attention.

"Niall?" Louis sounded confused as he surveyed the empty space on the other side of the picnic table. "Where's Liam and Zayn?"

Niall didn't answer as he picked himself up from his seat and dashed off in the same direction as the other two Alphas. Louis was left by himself as he watched his friend take off in a hurry, his small body stumbling from the alcohol still running through his system.

“Niall, wait!" Louis yelled as he quickly picked himself up from the bench.

He was about ready to take off before he noticed Liam's bag next to him. He grabbed the handle and noticed that the zipper was open, but he was too busy taking one last glance at the stage to bother properly zipping it back up. 

Louis watched as Harry winked at him before he lowered himself into the screaming crowd. He felt his heart leap in his throat and his skin crawl at the thought of not knowing where the man was. At any given second he could be right next to Louis.

It was like a game of maze, but instead of finding the exit, Harry had to find Louis within the mass of hysterical people.

“Damn it," Louis whispered to himself as he took off. He tried his best to maneuver between everyone, leaving the sound of Sasha's screaming and the packs cheering behind him.

Louis attempted at sniffing the air for any of the three scents of his friends—or Harry—but there were so many smells invading his senses all at once that it was of no use.

He pushed his way through all the sweaty bodies of people around him, their voices loud and beating against Louis' eardrums to the point where he had to cover his ears. He wanted to yell at them to quiet down or to at least shut up, but he knew that would also be of no use, so he increased his pace until he stumbled out from the massive crowd.

The air felt cooler against his skin as the bodies around him disappeared, his breathing more slow and calm as he straightened his posture. He didn't allow any time to put himself together as he swept the area with one glance, his eyes instantly pin-pointing a head of blonde hair vanishing into the edge of a nearby treeline. Louis quickly took off before he could lose sight of his friend.

"Niall! Wait up!" Louis called out, his legs carrying him across the distance the quickest they could, the cheering of the pack and the light of the tiki's fading away at each step. "Niall!"

However, Louis never got an answer back.

He found himself following anyway, his thoughts racing almost as fast as his legs could carry him. Was Zayn alright? Louis could almost feel his heart break at the thought of his new found friend crying. He was a sweet Alpha from what he could tell, and he was just wishing the best health for others, something that not a lot of people would wish nowadays.

Louis had to find him. 

It felt like an eternity of racing before Louis had to stop to catch his breath, his cheeks red and mouth partly falling open. He rested his sweaty palms on his knees as he bent over, the air in his lungs burning as he inhaled the stinging cold, causing him to cough silently into his sleeve.

He couldn't hear the cheering anymore from beyond the trees, and there was no light as far as the eye could see behind all the obstacles of nature. It was dark and quiet, producing an eerie feeling to seep through the cracks in the tree bark or to rise from the mossy floor.

The more Louis stood there trying to gain his breath back, the more he realized that there were no signs of Niall, Liam, or Zayn anywhere.

He couldn't smell their scents. Couldn't see or hear anything moving. Louis began to wonder if he somehow tricked himself into taking the wrong route. Maybe he miscalculated and entered at a different spot than where he saw Niall enter in from. After all, he was at quite a distance when he saw his friend, and it wasn't like Louis could easily distinguish tree from tree in the dark. They all looked the same to him.

However, all he knew was that he ran straight, and that's what he planned to keep doing—just keep going straight until something gave him a hint. 

He took off in a slow walk as he squinted down at the ground, his blue eyes searching for any foot prints in the dark. He noticed a few paw prints and hoof indents in the mud, but there were no signs of humans to be anywhere.

Louis stopped and rested his hands on his hips as he scanned the pitch black woods around him. It was turning darker and growing colder at every second, leaving him to feel isolated and trapped within the trees around him.

"Niall?" Louis yelled in a whisper, half expecting for the man to jump out at him.

A twig snapped to his left, the sound of it almost echoing in the silence that surrounded him. Louis snapped his head to the direction of it, his body frozen in time as he tried his best to zone into the area. He couldn't hear or see anything, but he could feel the presence of something near him. Or, rather someone. He lifted his chin to smell the air and that's when he recognized the familiar, intoxicating scent.


Thoughts of finding his friends were completely erased from his mind as he took off in an instant, Liam's bag bumping against his side at every jump, twist, and dodge he blindly made. His breath was caught in his throat as he heard Harry behind him, the adrenaline pumping through his veins as it forced his legs to carry him faster then just minutes before.

He could feel Harry's presence quickly gain on him from behind, and from the rapid footsteps—that weren't his own—Louis could tell that the pure Alpha wasn't chasing him in his human form. There were too many footsteps gaining up on him and no other scents, which informed him that Harry must be in his wolf form. A form that Louis didn't have an urge to see within the darkness of the woods.

There was one thing that Louis knew for sure; Harry was determined to catch the pure Omega.

Louis put in all his might to push himself forward, his chest tightening as his legs grew sore from the constant pressure he was enduring. He couldn't find his breath, and soon enough, he couldn't find the ground beneath his own two feet anymore.

His body felt airborne for a few seconds, giving him the feeling of flying before Liams bag snaked quickly down his arm and departed from him. He wasn't sure where it went, but his thoughts were completely redirected as he felt himself falling downwards, his side hitting the ground roughly as he tumbled along the steep hill that he failed to detect.

He felt every hit, grunting at almost every impact of sticks digging into his skin and rocks bashing into every part of his body. A sudden sharp pain raced through his side and waved through his entire body until he found himself stopping at the end of the hill, his small, bruised frame submerged in a large puddle of muddy water below. The water was cold and bit at his skin as it splashed and rippled around him, his clothes instantly getting soaked and making the situation a lot more unbearable as it already was.

Soon enough, Liam's bag rolled down the hill and landed a few feet from Louis, the left over contents spilling out as it hit the ground. All what he saw in the bag were glints of shining silver. The impact of the objects against the rocky bottom reminded him of something like two swords hitting each other, making him realize what exactly was hidden within the sac.

Louis recognized the items to be small daggers of the sort, and he began to wonder why Liam had decided to carry around a bag of weapons. However, his thoughts were redirected as a wave of pain shot through his entire body.

Louis threw his head back as his mouth opened, but no words came out as he groaned in intense pain. The smell of blood began to burn his nose as it stained the water red below him, creating a puddle of now crimson mud. His hand found it's way to his side slowly—careful of the pain in his shoulder—as he felt something cold against his finger tips. He felt along the object before attempting his best to look at it in the dark, his neck killing as he rolled his head at an angle to view it. It was hard to see, but it only took him a few seconds to put together exactly what it was.

There he was, lying at the bottom of a steep, rocky hill while he bleed from every gash and cut he received.

However, he couldn't decide what was worse:

The fact that he now realized one of the daggers from Liam’s bag was stuck painfully in his side, or the fact that Harry was calling out to him worriedly as he expertly slid down the hill towards him, his body back in the form of a human.

Either way, Louis found himself far from being okay. 

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At this moment in time, of lying in a puddle of his blood stained water, Louis began to wonder why exactly he had decided to claim his new home in Hell hound territory.

Maybe it was because being himself was dangerous when it came to werewolves. Even though Hell hounds were down right terrifying, their size, stamina, and build about ten times those of Louis’ kind, they didn’t pose as much of a threat to him than werewolves. Who, mind you, were hunting him, trying to kill the last remaining chess piece of the pure Omega bloodline. 

Or perhaps it was because with the Hell hounds, they were all accepting of him. He wanted to secretly manipulate his scent to become one of them? They would obliviously embrace him with open arms. He ended up being caught as the pure Omega? He’d still be welcomed comfortably in the pack—he was the key to winning the war, and not to mention, but the only one able to successfully anchor their leaders heart unlike all the past runaway ships. 

Whatever his reason was, whether it was blunt to himself or not, he just couldn’t help but feel a deep, relaxing comfort in Harry’s voice that bounced from above him. Like his voice was made just for Louis, to draw him in and keep him there.

The man was currently still making his way down the steep hill, hidden curses under his breath as he stepped on an unstable rock, causing it to teeter before gravity was forced to clock in to work. Louis watched it stumble from the hill before stopping just feet away from his own foot, the surface of the rock turning a darker gray as it splashed into the water. 

“Louis?! Please tell me that didn’t hit you,” Harry yelled from above, his voice full of worry and frustration.

Louis attempted to shout out from below, but his right side had tensed painfully as he tried to, causing a loud, pained whine to emit loudly into the air. Instead he scrunched his nose up, threw his head back into the shallow water, and let out an irritated whine through gritted teeth. He wanted to hit something as if doing so would transfer all the pain inside him, but he could barely move to do that, just making the urge to scratch at the itch even more unbearable.

When Louis heard a splash of water come from his left, he tilted his head to the right to keep from the sprinkles of water touching his face. The object that penetrated the water, however, wasn’t caused by another rock like earlier before. It instead came from two brown boots that made their increasingly speedy way towards Louis, never stopping once until they came close enough to the injuried Omega.

”Oh god, Louis,” Harry’s voice was now directly above him, his hands hovering just inches from the injury. “How the hell did this happen?” 

Louis opened his mouth as he turned his head to look the man in the eyes. “I fell...down a hill.” It took him a while to mumble the words, but he had gotten his point across sarcastically. How else did it happen?

Harry rolled his eyes in the moonlight, his hands coming to inspect the wound despite Louis’ attempts at pushing him away. 

“Knock it off Lou, I’m trying to help you,” Harry growled, catching the Omegas wrist and pushing it away gently, both of them completely oblivious to the nickname that escaped his mouth. After a few seconds of Louis pouting and the Alpha inspecting, his green eyes had grown wide with worry. “As much as I hate to say it, but you have to get up and move.”

“No,” it hurt Louis physically just to say that one word. 

“You don’t have a choice.”

”Then...I’ll,” Louis struggled, trying to shift his weight. The pain in his side only got worse and Harry was quick to act, stopping him by pushing him down by his shoulders.

”Listen to me. We don’t have the right materials here for me to fix this up, and if I remove this dagger, who knows what could happen? It could have punctured something and if that’s the case, the dagger lodged into your side is applying enough pressure to prevent any extreme blood loss. Remove the weapon, there’s no pressure inside to stop the bleeding,” Harry pointed out before quickly adding to the statement. “We need to secure it in place so it doesn’t move and cause even more damage.” 

“Or you can go get help,” Louis managed to breathe out as quick as he could in one go, his eyes meeting Harry’s. “Leave”

The Alpha was quick to shoot down the idea, his head shaking as he quickly pushed himself forward. His large hands were now submerged in the water as they were planted on either side of Louis’ head, his body hovering just partially over the Omegas as their eyes fought for dominance.

Of course, Louis had lost as soon as he looked away. He silently told himself that not mainting the eye contact wasn’t an act of submission—but that was mostly just to protect his own little ego. He felt like he had to look away, as if Harry was looking into the depths of his soul, like he could poke and prod until he figured out Louis’ biggest and darkest secret that tainted his scent. He couldn’t have that. 

But maybe that’s what dominance was like—having someone to know all your ins and outs, that way they’d have better control over you. And Louis was one to breathe in freedom. He was as rebellious as he could be in his situation of life, but he was careful in his way of living; however, looking into the Alphas eyes left an unspoken promise of protection and love, something that he never found himself having. 

In fact, when he looked into his soft green eyes, he could see a future of some sort. He felt weird to think of someone else taking care of him rather than himself, and it strained him to no degree. But he found himself thinking of how lovely it would be to get a rest from running, to lay back and feel free from the danger, to know that wherever he was, someone was always watching to make sure he was safe. He felt peace at the thought.

Damn his inner wolf.

Louis was shaken out of his thoughts when Harry growled above him. “I am not leaving you.”

”Why?” he questioned, still lying in pain as the man removed his position from hovering over the Omega. “I’m just...” Louis paused before continuing, making sure to correctly address himself in the way that others see him. “I’m only a...Hell hound Alpha.”

Louis felt weird referring to himself as that. It was like trying a new foreign food, but instead of finding it tasty, he’d rather hack it back out in hopes of ridding the horrid aftertaste. But this wasn’t food, this was a new title, and now he found a tear of hunger shining through the blanket of pain that was currently engulfing him.

”Don't say that,” Harry warned as he gripped at his own long sleeve shirt, his grasp tight at the shoulder before he ripped it in one quick motion, a sudden popping sound occurring from the tearing of his shirt. “You're different. I can feel it.”

The Omega found himself opening his mouth to retaliate, but a sudden pressure to his side made a pained scream escape from his mouth. It ended in small cries and sent his body into a state of distress, to which Harry could sense in an instant.

”I’m sorry,” Harry’s voice was low and full of guilt at the pain he was causing Louis. “I need to tie this around to stop the dagger from moving. After that, we’ll be ready to get up and go, okay?” 

Louis found himself shaking his head as he pressed his lips together, but no tears were surprisingly shed from his blue eyes. He bit his tongue, keeping from yelling out in pain as he felt Harry tie his ripped sleeve around his torso and around the small dagger, keeping it in place as tightly as he could. It wasn’t going anywhere.

“Okay, it’s good enough, alright? I’ll let you rest a little before we’re onto the next stage of trying to get you up, okay?” Harry’s face came back into view, his smile forced and his eyes watering from seeing Louis in pain. 

His smile was comforting to the Omega, making the blue eyed man smile in return while shaking his head in understanding. Louis felt a large hand slowly slide into his palm nervously, as if asking silently if it was okay to touch him. From Louis’ tight clench on the Alphas hand, Harry found himself tangling their fingers together in an effort to provide the Omega a safe, calming touch. 

“You’re okay, Lou,” Harry found himself saying as he looked away and at Liams bag that sat close to them.

He reached over carefully to drag the bag over to them, his free hand carefully moving through the leftover daggers inside before taking one out. They were all the same, their blades short and dull, but shiny enough to reflect the moonlight off of it. Harry found a smile overcasing his face as a crease found a home between Louis’ eyebrows.

”What?” an intense pain radiated from his side, causing Louis to clench Harry’s warm hand.

Harry tightened his grip too, making sure to rub a thumb after the Omegas knuckles in an attempt to grab his attention away from the pain.

“The daggers are all the same. They’re short enough to the point where it most likely won’t pierce any of your organs if you were to be stabbed,” Harry looked over at Louis, his smile fading slightly at the sight of the Omega in pain. “But it can easily slice through muscle, and with the fall you took, you could’ve fractured a bone in the same location. Either way, I think you’re gonna be okay.”

”Thank God,” Louis struggled to breathe out, his eyes closing as he tried to focus on something else other than the pain. “I think..I’m good.”

”Are you sure?” Harry questioned nervously.

”Yes,” Louis answered, his voice shaky. He wasn’t ready, but he had to do it now or never. 

“Alright. I need both of my hands for this,” Harry squeezed Louis’ hand once more before the touch disappeared between them. “I’m gonna pull you up from your arms. Whatever you do, don’t bend at all. Try to keep yourself straight,” Harry ordered as he scurried over to Louis’ head.

He was now crouching at this point. He placed his hands under Louis’ shoulders, his hands submerged back into the water as he found his thumbs rubbing over the wet clothes for a few seconds to soothe the small whines from the Omega. He then slid his hands along under Louis’ armpits before catching his gaze.

”You need to relax your body,” Harry ordered, to which Louis tried to obey. It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

”Just lift,” Louis told him as he tried to push himself up, completely ignoring the Alphas retaliations.

He made it some of the way before Harry pushed him back down, his jaw clenched and eyes furious as he yelled at the Omega.

”Louis! You’re hurting yourself! Stop it!” Harry removed his hands from their position to wrap his arms around the squirming Omega, the water rippling around them at his attempt to stop Louis from moving around and injuring himself even more. “Please stop! Please.”

And Louis stopped, his body tired and tense as he found his head resting in the Alphas lap. 

“I just want..this damn thing out,” Louis closed his eyes, his throat bobbing as he gulped down saliva to moisten the dryness of his esophagus.

“Jesus Louis! I’ll get it out, but we cant just do it right away! Patience,” Harry stated, his hands going back to where they originally were. There was a few moments of silence as they both tried to steady their breathing. “Now I’m going to lift you, and when I say so, you try all your best to keep your body straight as a board.”

Louis shook his head in understanding. He was smart enough to know how to take care of an injury, but the flailing and nervousness of his body was different this time with Harry. He never experienced it before, not in times like when he was forced to deal with the injuries himself—no matter how small or big they were. 

“In!” Harry pulled Louis up, using all his might to keep the Omega from bending at his waist. 

Louis pushed all his weight into his feet, the soles of his shoes slipping in the muddy water as he tried to keep himself from bending. Harry supported him from the back until he found his feet flat on the ground. However, with standing, it took just as much energy from the tired Omega as he found himself falling backwards again, but Harry caught him in a flash, keeping his body upright and straight as his arms wrapped tightly around Louis’ chest. His back was pressed against the Alphas muscular chest, and if it weren’t for the thought of passing out from pain, Louis was sure that he would’ve found himself in a heap of embarrassment from the proximity. 

Damn his pure Omega heightened senses, always making him tired. 

“Hey, hey, Lou,” Harry tried to coax the Omega back into consciousness as Louis slowly slumped forward in his grasp.

The Alpha removed his left arm to lift Louis’ left one also, his body slipping underneath and throwing the Omegas arm over his shoulders so they were now leaning side by side. Harry’s left hand was tangled with Louis’ left one as it hung limply over his shoulder, and his right hand was wrapped around Louis’ right side to help him balance, his grip as far away from touching the injury as he could get it.

“Look at that, we did it Lou,” Harry soothed the other blue eyed man. “Now we get to go home, yeah?” 

Louis didn’t answer. He was too tired and his body was too overwhelmed with pain to even try to open his mouth. Harry guided him forward in his grip, the smaller boy leaning against the Alpha in an attempt to gain support with his stride. But with every step, Louis’ muscles clenched and burned under the movement. It continued to eat at his energy level, making him close his eyes and put his trusts completely to rely just on Harry. His head rolled on his shoulders at the exhaustion his body was going through. 

The thought of Liam’s bag zipped through Louis’ mind in an instant, but he didn’t have enough energy to bring it up. He’ll have to come back later to get it, if he even dared to come back at such a place. 

He felt Harry’s thumb run over his knuckles in a comforting away, but to Louis, it felt like a way of Harry saying ‘it’s okay, you can let go. I’ll keep you safe.’

Even though Louis had watched the man kill a king just an hour before, he didn’t feel scared. Instead, he felt as safe as he could ever be in the grip of the Alpha. His inner wolf was now curled up and comfy as could be, all because of one touch. Just one touch.

After all the years of building up the wall inside him, Harry was now on his way to tearing it down and fast. For all the years, Louis thought he was indestructible, but he was absolutely, completely wrong.

Harry was the wolf, and Louis was the three little pigs; however, the brick home wasn’t strong enough against the pure Alpha Hell hound. Nothing was ever going to be. Niall was right—Louis was screwed, and there was no way to back out now, not with Harry gripping him as close as he could be. Sooner or later, everyone was going to find out his secret. The only thing he could control was when exactly that would happen.

And when it did happen, Louis had to be ready. He had to face the wrath of danger from his own werewolf kind, the rumors and pressure of the public, and Harry’s wolf instincts to rightfully protect what was his—to claim him and show everyone who Louis belonged to. To even create powerful offspring, something that Louis wasn’t ever going to be ready for.

When his secret comes out, his freedom was to slip away like water between his fingers.

As Louis’ mind completely slipped away, his whole body followed suit, instantly going limp against Harry’s own.

Louis could slowly feel himself falling in and out of consciousness, his eyelids cracking every few minutes as Harry practically pulled his body along. Every snap of a twig, hoot of an owl, or song of a cricket, that’s all what he could focus on with the short little bursts of being awake. His eyelids were too tired to stay open, so he relied mostly on his hearing to pick out where they were. 

However, even his hearing had faded away, making him wonder if he was still conscious or not. Either way, the pain was the main focus for him. Every step just sent him farther and father down the hole of sleep, only for each muscle contraction at his side to wake him every few minutes. 

He found his body slumping forward, but he picked his head up, gaining Harry’s attention.

”There you are, Lou,” Harry’s voice was soft and gentle as he tried to coax him back to reality, his arm wrapped around him as he continued to walk like Louis was nothing against him. “Come back to me, darlin’.” 

But Louis wasn’t ready. Not yet. He still wanted to rest.

The next time light had hit Louis’ blue eyes, he found himself lying comfortably in a large bed. Silk sheets surrounded him and kept him in place from moving around, and the pain in his side had grown to a dull throb as he was laying on his back. The sheets felt smooth and cold against his bare torso, and he noticed that he had fluffy, loose pajamas hanging from his legs.

Louis slowly lowered his hand down under the silk blankets, expecting the dagger to still be stuck in his side, but when his fingers touched nothing but rough, white bandages, he flung the sheets off to inspect it. A pain shot through his side as he lowered his feet over the edge of the bed, and he had to heel for a few seconds, his fist clenching the fabric of the bed as he squeezed his eyes.

”Now now, be careful. You need sleep,” a deep voice arouse from the corner of the room. He recognized it as Harry’s.

Louis opened his eyes to look up at the approaching Alpha, his green eyes scanning the Omega up and down for any damage that Louis could’ve caused from the sudden movement. He was now wearing just a pair of black jeans and his torso was as bare as could be. Louis blushed and looked away before Harry could notice the red tint tainting his cheeks.

“I’m surprised that I’m not dying right now,” Louis attempted to start a conversation as he looked down at his side, his finger slightly poking at the bandage lightly. 

He heard Harry chuckle from above him before the man suddenly appeared in a crouching position in front of Louis. His finger gently touched the skin underneath the Omegas chin to get his attention—which worked quite well. Harry pulled Louis’ hand away from poking at the bandage and tangled his fingers around the Omegas.

“You need to take this, it’ll help you sleep,” Harry ordered softly as he held out his other palm, a white circular pill sitting in the middle of it. 

“Pills don’t help me sleep,” Louis took the pill from Harry’s hand and threw it over his shoulder as if it was nothing. 

To say that Louis was lying was correct—pills did help him sleep, but he wasn’t going to take them in fear of it messing with his scent. 

Harry pouted as he looked behind Louis and in the direction of the now disappeared drug. A crease had made a show between the Alphas eyebrows, and Louis’ inner wolf had an urge to wipe it away. Harry stood up, his hand still wrapped around Louis’ as he looked cluelessly at the Omega.

”But you still need to rest. It’s just pass midnight and sleep will help your side heal faster,” Harry pointed out. 

“Okay, but I’ll sleep naturally,” Louis told him before he shifted his lips to the side in thought. 

Harry caught sight of Louis’ sudden expression of change and tilted his head. “What are you thinking about?”

When Louis didn’t answer, Harry squeezed the smaller ones hand, getting the Omega to look up through long eyelashes. 

“What’s wrong?” Harry repeated himself, holding back the urge to wipe his thumb across Louis’ prominent cheekbone.

”I just have a hard time sleeping. Especially in new places,” Louis held up his finger before the man standing before him could talk. “And especially with injuries.”

Harry chuckled once again as he released their hands. He maneuvered around Louis clumsily, being careful not to harm the already injuried Omega in the process, and kicked the blankets and pillows back so he could rest against the expensive, cherry wood headboard. Louis turned slightly enough so his side wouldn’t hurt and watched the Alpha slowly fluff one of the white pillows. He then placed it in his crisscrossed lap before looking sweetly up at Louis, his green eyes yearning for the Omega to come closer as his hand patted the top of the pillow.

”Lay down, I’ll help you fall asleep,” Harry ordered. 

As much as Louis wanted to protest against it, he couldn’t. The fluff of the pillow, the red and white silk sheets, it all looked too welcoming. 

Louis plopped down carefully on his back, his head sinking into the pillow as Harry leaned forward to grab the blankets he threw just seconds ago. He fanned the sheet over Louis like a parachute before watching it slowly cascade down to cover the Omegas body. When the coldness of the silk brushed against Louis’ skin, he shivered and wrapped it closer around him, Harry helping in the process as he continued tucking the sheets around him carefully, his motions as gentle as a pure Alpha Hell hound could be.

Louis couldn't help but stifle a laugh at the irony of the situation. He remembered Niall picking on him and the fact that Harry was going to ‘tuck him into bed’. Oh, if only the blonde knew. 

Speaking of Niall, he began to wonder where his friend was, his eyes zoning out into the corner of the dimly lit room. Harry seemed to notice when he leaned back into the headboard, his fingers brushing the Omegas hair out of the way. 

“What now?” Harry dragged his fingers along Louis’ hair as he watched the man’s expression change below him. 

The fact that they were in the position they were laying in rang no alarms to the both of them. Louis was too tired to even move away, and his side was still in a dull throb for him to even attempt an escape plan that probably wouldn’t work—at least not against a pure Alpha Hell hound that most likely held ten times his own strength. Harry, however, was a wild one. Louis wanted to look into his mind, see the man’s thoughts as to why he was getting close to the Omega without questioning. For all Louis knew, Harry still thought that he was just your average Hell hound Alpha.

”I wonder where Niall is. And Liam and Zayn,” Louis desperately wanted Harry to have an answer, but there was none to be given. 

“I’m sure they’re safe. Now sleep, Lou,” Harry never stopped brushing his fingers through his hair. He now began to lightly rub at Louis’ scalp, sending his comfortability with the Alpha into overdrive.

Louis could live with this.

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Louis found himself in a daze when he woke up hours later, the sun shinning through the cracks in the only window in the room. It was covered by a large deer hide, keeping the suns rays from attacking his sensitive vision, but leaving just enough room to shine against his uncovered torso, his skin looking smooth and golden under the light. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as his mouth opened wide from a yawn, and his head rolled along the pillow as he tried to cover his mouth with the back of his hand.

He rolled to his right side, but the dull pain had prevented him from continuing trying to move. His hand instantly went to apply pressure to the injury, and when the pain finally stopped to a small throb, Louis attempted once again to throw his legs over the edge of the bed. When no hands came to stop him, that’s when he noticed Harry was nowhere around him. He instinctively whined from the sudden acknowledgment of the Alphas lack of presence, and when he realized what he had done, he slowly cursed his inner omega out for getting attached too easily. 

“Do not screw me over,” Louis told his inner wolf. “I will destroy you.”

When his get-his-feet-to-the-edge-of-the-bed mission was accomplished without any striking blow to his side, he took the time to study the room he was in.

Louis could tell he was in a log cabin of sorts. The walls were a deep brown wood and looked unpolished, as if the building was old itself. The room was large and warm, welcoming absolutely anyone, but from the only two scents within the room—his and Harry’s—people probably weren’t ever allowed in. He noticed that there were no old scents seeping into any of the furniture and with his heightened senses, he could detect months of old scents. Possibly years if he put his mind to it.

And when he did put his mind to it, all other scents stopped at the door to the room. It was just his own new scent, and years of Harry’s.

In the far right corner of the room sat two large doors that were currently closed. Above the doorframe sat a large painting of a white wolf standing in the middle of a misty, darkened forest, its eyes glowing a bright blue and taking the attention away from everything else that had been expertly drawn on the canvas. Louis tilted his head at the artwork, his hand coming up to feel the skin underneath his eye as he let out a small laugh.

The color blue was a representation of pure Omegas, and to know that Harry had a painting of one hanging up shouldn’t have surprised him. Of course he was going to have one; it was like a kid having a poster of their favorite celebrity hanging in their rooms. 

He went back to studying his surroundings. If you were to walk into the room, on the left would be the large bed that Louis was currently sitting on, its location in the middle of the left wall. On either sides were two large wooden logs, and on top of each one sat a silver cast ironed candelabra with five candles, the one in the middle just inches higher than the rest. Not one candle was lit, but Louis was fine with that.

On the right side of the bed—where Louis was—sat a lonely, red velvet wingback chair in the corner of the room, and it was angled directly towards him. When there was nothing else to see, he turned around slowly to the left side of the bed and noticed a large dresser against the wall, the only window in the room resting above it. There was no decor on the dresser besides for a long red runner across it, complimenting the cherry wood it was made of.

Across from the bed sat a gigantic fireplace made of white stone. There were random carvings made in some of the stones, and when Louis moved around, small little glimmers of light twinkled in the dimly lit room, signifying that there were crystals of the sort embedded into the fireplace. There was a small mountain of wood inside with only a hint of a dying fire, and Louis pulled himself up to move closer to the heat. He first had to make his way around a large red velvet couch and a long cherry wood coffee table before he could even come close to the fire. 

Louis stopped when he neared the couch, his hand coming to grip the back of it when he stepped with his right leg. A pain shot through his side and he gritted his teeth at the feeling. He took deep breaths and focused on the fire before continuing onward. However, with each step of his right leg, a sliver of pain would race up to his side like a bolt of electricity. 

He huffed and decided to take his place on the couch, his actions slow and calculated as his hand never left the bandage. He sat down with a small bounce and rested back into the comfy cushions, his head falling back against the edge as he groaned. He sat like that for a few minutes, taking in the silence before he lifted his head and looked around the room.

”Leader Styles?” Louis’ voice was quiet.

His eyebrow was raised as he turned in all directions to look for the Alpha, but when he caught sight of no one, he turned back to the fire. He took the time alone to think and his thoughts were instantly clouded with the vision of Niall, Zayn, and Liam still out in the woods. Were they lost? Injured? He could feel his body tense in distress, but his muscles relaxed in an instant when the door slowly swung open to reveal Harry. 

He had a wooden bowl in his hand and a wooden spoon in his other, the hot smell of chicken invading Louis’ nostrils. Harry and Louis locked eye contact as the Alpha neared him, his body now covered in black pants and a tan buckskin shirt. Louis, however, was still dressed with soft pajama bottoms—that weren’t his—and a bare torso.

“Why are you out of bed?” Harry questioned him as he sat the bowl and spoon down on the table in front of Louis.

Louis leaned forward to look into the bowl and noticed that it was, indeed, filled with chicken soup. He could see small portions of carrots floating in the liquid and small square chunks of meat.

”I wanted to sit by the fire,” Louis spoke as the cushion next to him was taken by the Alpha. “Or should I say the fire that’s now just a single, sad little flame.”

He heard a deep chuckle escape from right next to him. “Want me to yell at it? Tell it to step up its game?” Harry joked as Louis puffed out his cheeks.

It felt weird to hear the man joke with him. He was taught that pure Alpha Hell hounds were not a thing to mess with. He was taught that they were dangerous people with no sense of humor—just brutes encased in a layer of cold and careless character. 

But Harry was different. Harry had laughed and joked with him. Louis felt accomplished in a way.

“Be my guest,” Louis responded with a crooked smile, his shoulders shrugging as he placed his hands in the pockets of the pajamas.

Harry looked at him, his green eyes boring into the Omegas side profile. “Well, are you cold?”

”Sorta. I mean, don’t really have a shirt on,” Louis looked down at his bare torso, the acknowledgment of his lacking clothing making a chill cascade over his arms. “I guess I am kinda cold now that I think about it.”

He glanced quickly at Harry as the Alpha rose from his spot and neared the fire, his ringed hands coming out in front of him to feel the heat—that’s if there even was any with such a small flame. He crouched down and puckered his lips as he made a small ‘hm’ sound. 

“I’ll start another fire. You can fetch a shirt from the dresser. I also made some hot soup for you,” Harry didn’t turn to look at him, but Louis shook his head in understanding.

”Will do,” Louis told him as he pushed himself up, his fingers wrapping around the armrest of the couch. 

For some odd reason, being around the Alpha made Louis forget things. When he pushed himself up, completely forgetting about his hurt side, he found himself falling back down with with a grunt. Harry furrowed his eyebrows at the sound and spun around to walk in a quick stride. He found himself instinctively towering over Louis, his shins hitting the edge of the couch as he leaned forward. He cursed under his breath as his green eyes searched the smaller body below him.

“Shit, I don’t know how I forgot about your side,” Harry had a paced tone as he looked at the yellowed bandage. “Let me get a shirt instead.” 

As Louis was getting himself situated, Harry turned around to grab the soup off the table and handed it carefully to him. Louis had no choice but to grab the bowl—thankfully it wasn’t too hot—and leaned into the backrest of the couch. The velvet of the furniture was soft and felt nice against his skin as he slowly leaned backwards, his body almost melting into the material. Harry quickly made his way around the furniture and walked over to the dresser, his long fingers pulling the silver knobs to the first compartment before digging through it. Louis observed him from his spot on the couch, the bowl still in his hands as he sat motionless. 

“Just a white shirt is good. I’m not too picky,” Louis threw in the statement when Harry had taken his time searching through the drawer. 

“Eat your soup, Lou,” Harry ordered him as he extracted a black silk shirt with short sleeves. 

Louis squinted his eyes at the shirt before looking at the back of his head. “First of all, I’m not hungry. Second of all, that shirt looks too expensive, and third of all, what’s with the nickname Lou? I have a full name.”

Harry closed the drawer and stalked towards the bed, his bottom lip in a semi pout and eyebrows scrunched in thought as the Alpha picked up something from the side of the bed that Louis couldn’t see. 

“First of all, I know you’re hungry because I stayed up with you all night. Your stomach was growling the whole night,” Harry stalked back towards the couch and plopped down next to him, his leg tucked underneath his other as he leaned his side against the couch backrest. He had gauze in his hand, along with some medical tape and a wet, clean towel. “Second of all, all my shirts are expensive, and third of all, am I not allowed to call my little pet by his nickname?” 

Little pet? I am not little, you’re just too big,” Louis retaliated without hesitation.

He tried to take his mind off of the name by scooping some chicken noodle into his wooden spoon, not one glance being sent at the Alpha as he shoved the bite into his mouth. 

“Are you done?” Harry gave him a straight, unimpressed look as Louis placed the bowl back on the table.



Louis glared at him as he crossed his arms, careful of his injured side. “If you get to call me little pet or Lou, I get to call you Jumbo.”

”Absolutely not, you twat!” Harry’s voice was high pitched as he let out a small laugh. Two dimples replaced the smoothness of his cheeks.

”Then call me Louis!” he replicated the Alphas high pitched voice, a laugh threatening to break through.

”Oh just shut up already,” Harry laughed as he looked down at the materials in his hands. “I gotta change your bandage before you can put on your shirt,” Harry threw the silk material at him, and when Louis caught it, an intense smell of rose invaded his nostrils. It smelled strongly like Harry, and he secretly didn’t mind it.

”I can’t wear this,” Louis stated as he held in it a ball in his opened palm. 

Harry leaned forward to place the supplies on the table. “Why can’t you? I thought you weren’t picky.”

”I’m not, it’s just that I was taught that wearing another persons clothes is basically a territorial, matey thing,” Louis responded. “The last time I checked, we're definitely not close to that.”

Harry looked at him with an eye roll. “You need something to wear, and that’s what I’m giving you. When you leave, I’ll give you something else if that’s what you really want, but as of now, that’s what you’re wearing in this household.”

 “Where’s my old shirt?” Louis tried to ignore the deep tone to the Alphas voice. “I can just wear that. I really don’t wanna get one of your shirts dirty.”

”God damnit, Louis,” this time, Louis stopped in his tracks.

They stared at each other, the crimson tint to the Omegas cheeks growing apparent as Harry’s eyes bored into him. His jaw was clenched and eyes low. When no one said a word and no muscle was moved, Louis broke the eye contact as he looked down at the bundle of silk, a sigh escaping his lips in a defeated okay-you-win tone. 

“Thank you,” Harry looked away before reaching towards him.

Louis flinched, but his muscles relaxed when he watched the man remove his bandage from his side. It surprisingly didn’t hurt, and maybe it was because he was either too focused on looking at how big Harry’s hands were, or how his fingertips lightly brushed the soft skin of his side. Harry then placed the used material on the table before grabbing the wet towel and turning back towards Louis.

”Tell me if this hurts,” Harry pressed the towel to his injury, quickly but gently dabbing the area as Louis clenched his teeth. 

It wasn’t as bad as he thought, he could pull through the pain. 

“So, what happened to Sasha?” Louis asked as Harry pulled the towel away, his eyes squinting at the area to see how clean it was. 

“I threw her out to the rogues,” Harry bluntly responded as he placed the towel on the table and grabbed the gauze and tape.

He motioned Louis to sit back against the armrest and he obeyed. His mind was more focused on getting information out of the Alpha rather than the light fingertips that brushed his side. 

“Isn’t that dangerous? To throw her out to the rogues?” Louis cringed as a quick pressure was applied to his side. 

It wasn’t that he cared much for Sasha, he barely knew her, but he remembered being out there with just Sam and him. He remembered the pain, the running, and the constant hiding. And they were just children trying to survive a childhood that blew through their fingers like dust. 

“Yeah, but it’s better than being here. She was disowned by me, and when someone is disowned by the leader, the pack is basically against that being too. So yes, it’s dangerous out there, but it’ll be worse in here,” Harry bit the inside of his cheek as he taped the gauze down against Louis’ soft skin. 

The Omega watched as the other man’s long fingers played against the material to get it to stick. Once Harry pulled away, he grabbed the silk shirt and looked at Louis as the blue eyed man pulled himself back up to sit normally on the couch. He barely had any time to reposition himself before he felt the cold silk against his face, and then his shoulders, and then along his entire torso. The smell of roses invaded his nostrils and he inhaled, making his mouth water uncontrollably.

“Arms,” Harry ordered as Louis popped his head out from the top of the cold shirt.

He pushed his arms through the sleeves as the Harry ruffled Louis’ hair. Louis raised an eyebrow as he mumbled under his breath and sent a glare to Harry, who was currently standing up to stretch with a wide yawn escaping from his mouth. Louis noted the small patch of skin that shown between his lifted shirt and black jeans. It looked soft. Kissable.

He had to look down at his lap as he fixed his fringe, cursing to himself silently at how easily his inner wolf fell into the Alphas trap.

”The bandage needs to be looked at every few hours. If I’m not around, go to the clinic where Zayn works and he’ll patch it up for you. Other than that, I’ll find you to change it myself,” Harry told him as his arms swung back down to his sides.

Louis perked at the name of his friend, and he tilted his head as he looked up innocently at the Alpha. “Zayn? He’s okay?” 

Before Harry could answer, there was a knock at his door that made them both look. The Alpha didn’t make a move to get it, instead he looked at Louis and shook his head yes, some curls falling in front of his face as he did. The Omega sighed in relief as he fell backwards into the couch. 

“Thank god,” he mumbled under his breath before catching Harry squinting at him, his eyes glaring at the silk shirt he was wearing. “What?”

“I still haven’t gotten back to you about those details,” Harry stated, cursing under his breath as another knock came from the door. This time it sounded more stern.

“I’m aware of that fact, but you might wanna get the door first,” Louis motioned his head over to where the door was, signaling for him that the chat between the two of them was over—at least for now.

Harry took one last glance up and down Louis’ small frame that was sagging into the couch before he twisted in his spot. He trudged towards the door and when he was close enough, he cracked it open just inches, his body blocking out who was behind the door.

“What do you want, Clyde?” Harry asked between the crack, making Louis straighten up in an attempt to see who this mysterious Clyde was. 

“Leader Styles, I've called a meeting to address a situation. Reddairs people are rioting—“ the voice was in a whisper, but Louis could make the words out until Harry stopped the man. 

“Alright, alright. I’ll be there in a minute. I gotta take care of something first,” Harry pointed out before shooing the mystery man away.

“Who was that, Harry?” Louis asked as he watched the man run his fingers through his hair.

It took him a while to answer. Louis watched him shut the door before he gathered the old bandage from the table and threw it in a small wooden basket next to the fireplace. Louis observed Harry as he moved around the room before he found himself right back at the door, his hand turning the knob as he looked at the confused Omega.  

“Don’t worry about who it is. Just finish your soup and go back to bed. Watch the side,” Harry tapped at his own side to get the point across. “I’ll be back soon. And don’t leave this room, okay? If you need something, I got crutches in the corner. Other than that, I won’t be long.”

Louis shook his head in understanding as he watched the Alpha press his lips into a line. Louis looked towards the single chair in the corner of the room and noticed that there were, indeed, two wooden crutches sitting propped up behind it. He then looked back to watch Harry turn around and open the door before stepping out and closing it behind him. Once it was just the Omega left in the room, Louis slumped over the side of the couch and let out a defeated groan. 

There was no possibly way Louis was going to stay in this room. There was nothing to do but sleep, and sleeping wasn’t on his to do list—until later, of course. He pulled himself up and leaned forward against his lap to grab the bowl of soup from the table, it’s contents now cold as he set it to balance between his legs. 

The best he could do was find something before he went crazy with boredom. Maybe he could search for those papers that Harry had written on his kind. Not only would he be interested in reading them, but he’d also like to write some stuff down for Harry in return for helping him. 

Louis made a mental note to do just that.


To say the least, Louis wasn’t good with directions. He lived the recent years of his life giving directions—not listening to them. So to say that he found himself wandering around the pack camp was one thing, but to have him obliviously find his way to the clinic was another thing. 

The clinic was another really long cabin—he swore every building was a log one—but the wood was old and missing in some places, and there were no windows either. It was surrounded by large pine trees, and the only way to get there was to follow along a large dirt path from the main camp, right next to where the church was—the place that both Harry and Louis first meet. It was empty as he wobbled by it on his crutches, but he could still see the illumination of candles through the doorway as he struggled by.

Louis was currently standing a few feet from the clinic doors as he peered inside, his eyes searching the opening the best he could. His armpits were hurting from the pressure of the crutches and he was sure his knuckles were turning white from the tight grip he had on them. His right foot was currently inches off the ground as he leaned forward into the support the wood crutches gave him.

“You’re okay, it’s all good,” Louis told himself as he inhaled sharply. 

It wasn’t that he was nervous because of the fact he was stepping into a clinic. In fact, he was excited to go in to see Zayn. He wanted to make sure the man was okay and he also had every intention to ask him why he ran yesterday. 

No, he was nervous because he didn’t know how much time he had left until Harry was to come back and see his room empty. He didn’t know what the man would do if one of his rules had been broken—so he had to make the reunion with all three of his friends quick, first starting with Zayn.

Louis took in a deep breath before pulling himself along with the crutches. It took him a while to cross the distance, not being use to having to use support, and he slowly lifted himself up onto each step before reaching the top. He gathered his breath as he neared the door and when he found himself halfway through the entryway, his eyes first scanned the room he entered.

It was just a cube shaped room. There were old wooden chairs and benches leaning on each wall, and right across from the entry was another closed door. Right next to it was a signed nailed into the wood, it reading ‘Please Take A Seat And Wait.”

Louis then realized that right next to that sign happened to be a small painting, it’s focus directed on a man with a sharp jawline and green, piercing eyes. But his hair was styled similar to Louis’ with it upward into a fringe. His features were more soft and babylike, making him look younger than the present time. Louis looked down at the golden frame to notice the words ‘Leader Styles ~ 18 Year’ carved into it.

A small smile dragged along his lips as he thought about a younger Harry. He wondered what he was like, if he was as obsessed with the pure Omega like he was now, or if he had problems with coming to terms that he was the last of his bloodline—just like Louis had.

The next thing that Louis happened to realize was that half the people sitting around in the chairs instantly turned their heads to glare at him. The looks contained wide eyes and hanging mouths. Once Louis’ eyes connected with their gazes, they looked away within seconds, their cheeks red with embarrassment.

Was something wrong with him?

Louis gulped as he found the nearest chair to sit in. He lowered himself down carefully and placed the crutches between his legs so they wouldn’t clatter to the ground. The man right next to him seemed to turn himself away from the Omega as soon as he took a seat, and Louis furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the man.

He was older than Louis by far, his hair a little grey at the roots and face sharp as he stared forward. He was motionless like a stone statue. The smell coming off from him was that of a Hell hound Beta—a kind that Louis wasn’t very fond of. 

“Is something wrong?” Louis whispered to the man, irritated at the sudden looks he got from the people around him. They all turned away when Louis looked at them.

The man looked at him, his brown eyes filling with fear as he looked into Louis’ blue ones. He then looked down at the black silk shirt Louis currently had on before looking away and coughing into his elbow.

”I have to go,” the man stated before basically bolting out the door. 

Louis would’ve found it weird if it wasn’t for a sudden realization that had snapped inside of him. He looked down at his shirt.

He was still wearing Harry’s shirt. It reeked of Leader Styles, and for all these pack members sitting in the room, they could probably smell it too. He could only imagine all the thoughts they had. 

“Ah crap,” Louis mumbled under his breath.

How in the world did he forget to change into a different shirt? Or even his pants? Neither material was his, and now here he was, sitting in a room full of people who now had the suspicion that some random Hell Hound Alpha—who’s not really one—was wearing something of their leaders. 

And wearing another ones clothing was an act of claiming someone. 

Louis slowly shoved his face into his open palms, his body slumping in the chair in defeat as he signed into his hands.

“Damn it,” he whispered, making sure it was inaudible to the others around him. “This is it, I’m probably gonna die.” 

Louis picked his head up lazily to the sound of a creaking door. He surveyed the room quickly before peering directly at Zayn. He watched as his friends nostrils flared to gather the intoxicating scent, and when his eyes landed on Louis, his eyes went wide and his mouth hung. He stood in the doorway, staring quietly before he snapped out of his expression within a fraction of a second. He looked down at a folded paper in his hands. 

“Next up is Louis Tomlinson,” Zayns voice was trembling as his grip began to crinkle the paper. 

Louis took no extra time to gather himself up in his crutches and cross the room, his mind telling him to ignore all the glares before he was stopped just inches within the next hallway. Zayn shut the door behind him before he twisted towards Louis, his eyes searching the Omega as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. 

“Why the hell do you smell like that?” Zayn asked, referring to the aroma of Harry from the shirt.

Before Louis could dive into an explanation, he was wrapped into a hug that caused him to gasp and cringe from the pain. Once Zayn realized, he pushed himself away from the embrace and looked Louis over. 

“What happened?!” Zayn roared as he looked between the crutches. “Here, sit down,” he urged Louis forward into a room just to the left of them. 

When they entered, Louis realized that is was just occupied with empty chairs and tables of the sort. There was a small pitcher of water in the corner, and a large candle sat on the wall opposite to give the room exposure to some form of light. There were no paintings, but he noticed small pieces of paper with crayons littering one of the tables in the other corner. 

“Here,” Zayn pulled out a chair closest to the door and urged him to sit down. 

Once Louis found himself comfortable in his chair and placed the crutches behind him, he waited patiently for Zayn to take his seat across from him. 

“I’ll tell you everything, but you gotta promise that you won’t repeat this to anyone,” Louis placed his elbow on the table, his pinky waving in the air as Zayn looked at it.

He felt relieved when Zayn took it by his own; their pinkies lacing together in a small knot. He and Sam always use to do what they called “Pinky Laces,” which Louis was sure was actually called “Pinky Promise,” but he didn’t dare correct Sam. 

Louis started out his story when he first entered into the church and meet Harry. The green eyed Alpha was oblivious then and still was, but Louis never bothered to mention to Zayn the fact that he was, indeed, the last pure Omega to grace the planet. His secret was most likely going to be spilled sometime, but at this point of time, especially in such an early phase, he wasn’t going to do it himself. No thanks. 

He made sure to include the reason why he also smelled insanely like Harry. He told him of how he ran after them, then ended up falling on one of Liam’s daggers, to which Zayn apologized on his mates behalf. Louis didn’t question why he had a bag full of daggers, but he felt like he didn’t need to anyways. Liam was the lead hunter, he probably needed them for something, right?

”Anyways, I wanted to make sure you guys were alright. I didn’t know why you left or where you all went,” Louis finished off as Zayn scratched nervously at his scalp. 

“Yeah, we’re good. I just don’t like seeing people die, you know? I’m a doctor, I like helping people. But watching them die? It’s not my thing,” Zayn let out a deep sigh before continuing. “It’s like an instinct to run whenever I see something like that that I can’t help, you know?” 

Louis shook his head. He felt like he could understand the Alpha, even if he hasn’t been in his shoes exactly. 

“Don’t worry Zayn, you don’t have to explain yourself,” Louis smiled at him. “I mean, you just spent a good five minutes listening to me gossip, the least I can do is understand something that you’re deeply passionate about.”

Zayn smiled at him, a white set of straight teeth breaking through the crack between his lips. “Thanks Louis, really.”

Louis chuckled before movement at the door caught his eye. He turned fully to peer at the image of an old women, her hair pure white and face full of deep wrinkles. Her eyes were a clouded gray as she reached a weak limb out, a tiny finger pointing at Louis in a definitely-not-creepy way. She was sitting upwards in a rolling bed, a white sheet covering up just until her waist as her other fist enclosed on the white shirt she wore.

He didn’t know whether he should wave or smile back at her, so he sat awkwardly while staring at her as she was rolled slowly across. Her mouth opened but closed as quickly as it did. Zayn spun in his chair to see what Louis was glaring at, and when he saw the old women, he turned back to Louis and motioned over to where she was just seconds before she disappeared.

”Who was that?” Louis questioned quietly.

”That right there was Rwanda. She’s losing her sight rapidly and needs daily checkups, but she can see shapes and blurs of things. That’s about it though. She’s also our spiritual guide, claims to know everything and deep secrets. She’s ancient,” Zayn pinched at the bridge of his nose as he sneezed. “Within the next year or two, it’s most likely lights out for her.”

Louis raised his eyebrow. “Do you think she knows everyone’s deep secrets?” 

“Honestly? Yeah, she knows anything. I guess it comes with going blind—says you gotta give up something for a gift like hers. But she’s definitely a spiritual one alright, she’s old and even  claims to have a connection with God himself,” Zayn told him. 

A small silence fell between them two as Louis was left in thought. “Do you believe in her?”

Zayn shrugged his shoulders. “All I can say is that there’s been things that she knew about me, things that I’ve never told anyone before.”

Louis tilted his head to the side while listening to his friend, his fingernails digging into his sweaty palms. He found his cheeks growing red and he looked down at his shirt.

”Yeah, that’s a little weird, huh?” Louis ran his fingers through his hair before looking back up. He made a mental note to keep away from Rwanda...or maybe she already knew of his secret? Maybe all it took was one look. “Do you know where Niall is? Is he alright?”

”Of course he is, Niall is always alright,” Zayn joked before his smile faded at Louis’ nervous state. “He’s a scout, so he’s probably at the scouting house,” he paused before quickly adding. “Is everything okay, Louis? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Louis shook his head and tried his best to attempt a wide, crooked smile. “I’m good. Just tired.”

”Would you like me to look at the bandage first before you leave?” Zayn asked as Louis stood up, his hands grabbing at the crutches behind him.

”Nope,” Louis pushed his head forward and smiled a tight lipped smile, his eyes crinkling at the sides before he turned away to journey towards the door. “I’m as perfect as can be. Thank you.” 

Louis pushed himself out the door without another word, his eyes scanning the small hallway for Rwanda before he exited through the door to the so called waiting room. No one had moved a muscle since he left, and when he opened the door, all eyes landed on him as he tried his best to leave in lightening speed. 

He and Harry had a lot to talk about. That’s if Harry wasn’t going to kill him after hearing about the fact that Louis was wearing his shirt around the pack camp, potentially throwing rumors around about their “affairs”. 

Yup, Louis was going to die. But he had to see Niall first.