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Ben sighed, shoving his fingers into his hair as he pulled loose tendrils back away from his face. This paper was taking fucking forever. He should have known that when he had signed up for the Exoplanet Systems class that it would end up just being a shit load of busy work. Ben much preferred to spend his time in the lab; searching the stars was a much better use of his time that writing about them. He was almost at the end of his Doctorate program and then he would be free of this educational hell and out to make an actual difference. He stopped suddenly, hearing a small thump coming from the bedroom. He smiled a slightly crooked smirk as he heard her pad her way down the hall into the kitchen. 

“Mm, baby. What are you still doing up?” Rey cooed from the doorway. 

“Just finishing up this paper... you should be in bed.” He chided. 

“I couldn’t sleep without you... it’s so lonely in that big bed.” She purred, slinking towards him. She wore nothing but his dress shirt, the buttons undone dangerously low to reveal the soft swell of her breasts. Coming up behind him, she let her hands trail over his shoulders and down the front of his bare chest, humming in approval over the hardness of his pectorals. 

“Lonely?” He asked, his voice low and sensual, “what do you suppose we should do about that?” 

“A big bed like that is just begging to be filled.” She replied breathily as she lowered her mouth near his ear, her tongue darting out to trace its shell. Ben shivered at the contact; he loved it when Rey teased him. She was such a bad girl. 

“Oh, I’m really good at filling things.” He hummed. 

“Oh baby, I know you are. You’re just so big.” She half whispered, letting her hand trail down to his hardening cock. She palmed him through his boxers, the front already wet from his escaping precum. She gripped his aching cock through the fabric, rubbing it roughly. 

A moan escaped him, her touch driving him wild. He could feel her tight nipples poking against the skin of his back, a sign that she was just as turned on as he was. He turned his head to meet her, her mouth finding his in a wild gnashing of tongue and teeth. He plundered her mouth, relishing the warm wetness of her tongue and sucked her bottom lip between his own, nibbling on the plump flesh. 

Rey moaned into his mouth, fisting his cock between the fabric of his boxers. He groaned and thrust into her hand, needing more contact. He shot upwards, using his massive arms to sweep the papers from the table’s surface. They fell to the floor in a wild flutter, raining down around them. Ben grabbed Rey roughly and threw her on top of the table, splaying her out like he was serving her up for a meal. 

His eyes went wide when he saw what she was hiding underneath his shirt. “No panties? Oh you are a bad girl.” He growled. 

So bad.” Rey breathed. “Maybe you should punish me.” 

His mouth fell to the slender column of tanned skin at her throat, pressing his lips there to let his tongue run over the spattering of freckles there. He loved how they dusted her skin, it drove him crazy to think about tasting them. He suckled lightly at the soft flesh of her neck, letting his hands fall between them to slowly undo the buttons of his shirt. 

Rey mewled beneath him, begging for him to touch her. She loved it when Ben touched her, his hands drove her crazy and only sharpened her need for his massive cock. “Ben.. hurry.. I need you.” She begged. 

“Shh, baby, I’ve got you. I’ve got exactly what you need.” He purred. 

Oh, Ben. You take such good care of me. You’re so much better than that loser I used to date.” She moaned. 

He preened above her, smiling into her skin. It felt good to hear her say that she preferred him. He knew he was a better specimen. He was the only one in the world who could make Rey feel like this. The only one who could make her this needy. It was his cock alone that she craved. 

The buttons undone, Ben pushed the pieces of his shirt aside, baring her perfect tits to him. Rey’s chest heaved with lust, quietly whimpering, begging him to touch more of her. He roughly squeezed her breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers before lowering to suck the opposite one between his plump lips. 

Rey’s back arched under the assault of his tongue, pressing her nipple further into his mouth. He sucked harder, rolling his tongue around the taut bud as he pinched its twin between his fingers. Rey hissed, the border of pleasure and pain too much to take. 

He slid another hand down her belly, skimming over the neat patch of hair covering her pussy and sliding a finger between her drenched folds, stroking the wet expanse between. “You’re so wet, Rey.” 

She moaned loudly. “You make me wet, Ben. Just the thought of your big cock has me soaked.” 

He hummed in approval, knowing she meant what she said. He gave her everything she wanted, everything she needed. He eased a finger inside her, her opening sucking him in greedily. 

“Oh, Ben. I need more.” She begged. 

She ground her hips down onto his hand, trying to force more contact. He hooked a finger upwards, stroking the ridged inner flesh there, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. 

Ben.” She rasped. “I need you. I need your cock.” 

Not able to wait any longer, Ben hastily shoved his boxers down, freeing his massive, weeping cock. He let the thick, purpled head slide between her soaking folds to rub against her throbbing clit. Rey moaned loudly, begging him to enter her. “Shhh, baby. I’m going to give you everything you need. Are you ready for me?” He reared back, needing to sink into her. The head of his aching cock was just at her entrance about to slide in- 


Ben’s eyes snapped open, the bell signaling the end of class and jolting him out of his vivid daydream. His eyes flew around the class wildly, fearful he might have accidentally made some sort of lewd noise while he’d fantasized. No one’s eyes seemed to be on him, so he assumed he was safe. He fidgeted slightly in his seat, adjusting his clothing away from his now obvious erection. 

He made to grab his bag from the floor, shoveling his notes into it. He never meant to fall into such an all encompassing fantasy in the middle of class, but being his third time to sit through this class as its tutor, the material had become so well known to him that he found attendance boring. 

It didn’t help that she was sitting only one row down every single week. Her dickhead boyfriend’s lazy arm was usually draped around her like she was a prize horse he needed to stake a claim to. He never seemed to let her out of his sight, the control freak. Armitage Hux, who most people just called Hux, (What kind of name was Armitage anyway?) was an over privileged shit who treated those he felt were beneath him like garbage. 

Unfortunately, Ben had fallen into this category soon after being introduced to Hux. His baggy nerd shirts and over worn shoes were a screaming beacon for assholes like Hux that said, “You’re so much better than me! Please, treat me like shit!” Ben didn’t let it bother him, Hux wasn’t worth his time. Rey however... his eyes fell over her as she gathered her things, rolling her eyes as Hux urged her to hurry it up. He glared around the room, flipping his floppy red hair off his face in a total douchebag move. God, he was such a dick. 

Ben skipped down the aisle, hoping to maybe get close enough to get a whiff of her perfume. He knew he was a little bit of a creep for wanting to, but she smelled like honeysuckle and sunshine and he had become a bit like an addict for it, her scent being his heroin. If only. He wouldn’t hesitate to shoot her light into his veins until he was so high he could taste her. 

He was lucky enough to catch a waft of her pleasant scent within his long nose and Ben almost sighed in contentment. She passed by him without ever looking his way. Why would she? He was a nobody as far as she was concerned. He tore his gaze away from her and caught Hux’s sneer. Ben must have stared a little too long and now Hux would just take the opportunity to dish out more ridicule. 

“Hey, Ben ‘doing-it’ Solo.” Hux shot at him, his pale face contorted with derision. “Don’t you have a meeting to get to with ‘What Not to Wear’? You definitely don’t want to be late to that.” 

Ben adjusted his glasses and stared down at his papers, not bothering to give him the satisfaction of responding. Rey giggled at Hux’s jibe, which hurt more than Hux’s words ever could. It felt like a direct punch to the solar plexus. It would be better for her to not know he existed rather than share Hux’s remarkably low opinion of him. He sighed and pushed passed them, making his way to the wide double doors that let out on campus. 

It was a typical Friday afternoon in Boston; Harvard was supposedly beautiful this time of year but he didn’t pay attention to that shit. Sure it was nice to shed the winter coats and to not have to trudge through built berms of snow, but in context every day was the same as the last. Wake up, work out, shower, go to class, tutor, go home, homework, masturbate, sleep, and repeat. The only bright spots in his day were the spasms of time that he shared with Rey, even if she never acknowledged him. Except for laughing at him today. Fuck Hux. 

Ben punched the door to his old truck as he unlocked it, throwing his bags across the seat. It was his Dad’s; an old rusty grey 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero. The inside was just barely big enough for Ben to fold his tall frame into comfortably, but he had always appreciated the chuckle of the engine as he zoomed down the Boston roads. He hit a couple of potholes, his busty, topless hula girl doing her little wiggle as his tires bounced. Ben smirked and bopped her head and watched her shake her chest at him again. 

He pulled into the paved alley that led to his home, which was just a quick drive away from the Center of Astrophysics. It cost him a pretty fucking penny, but it was worth it to get out of the student housing. It took all of one month of having to share his space with a stranger, before he called home and cashed in for a down payment. It was a small English Tudor style brick bungalow, with overgrown landscaping that seemed to bury the house from view. He paid the monthly HOA fine to keep it that way and he hoped the nosy pricks enjoyed the view of his wayward hedges.       

Inside his home was all original, from the huge wooden door to the exposed beams and hardwood. Ben had it renovated slightly to accommodate a more modern kitchen and bath (there was no way his 6’3” frame would fit under the old spicket), but left everything else as it came. He dumped his bags on his table and grabbed a Muscle Milk from the fridge before heading to his room. 

The thought of Rey had been giving him a half chub since he had day dreamed about her in her Physics class and Ben was well and ready to work her out of his system hand over fist. He flicked on the lights and powered down the last of his drink before shedding his clothes, tossing his shirt (this one had the qwerty keyboard with the words ‘The Final Frontier’ written on the space bar) into the hamper. His jeans could go for a few more days and he kicked them to the floor. 

The tall walk-in shower was in his master bath and he groaned in contentment as the hot water hit his back. It was a roomy space decked in sleek black tiles, with a matching bench on the far wall, the perfect size for two to share. He imagined that Rey would like the various pressure settings that were built in the shower head and his mind immediately guttered, thinking about how she would look, standing naked before him with the water running in rivets down her freckled skin.

“Ben, could you soap my back? I can’t reach.” Ben took a palm full of bodywash, lathering it into foamy suds between his large hands and spread them over Rey’s bare skin. She moans in pleasure as his fingers glide over wet skin, rubbing the bubbles over the soft expanses. He dips his fingertips in at her waist, marveling at how small she was in his hands. His hands continue down, slipping between the rounds of her rear and she gasped as his fingers slipped through her folds before pulling up and circling her bud. Rey whirls around, a mischievous smile crinkling her eyes and he chuckles. “Naughty.” Rey scolded playfully. “Now… my turn.” Rey reached past him to get her own handful of soap, eyes twinkling again.

 Ben grunted as his cock quickly went from half mast to full and hard, pointing up past his navel. He grabbed a handful of body wash, hissing in pleasure as he worked quick hard strokes over himself, twisting his wrist slightly each time he crested the head. 

Reys hands worked over him in long strokes, her smaller fingers not quite able to encompass him entirely. “You’re so big.” She says, tugging gently on his tip before sliding her hand all the way to the base. “I can’t believe I can fit all of that inside me.” She uses two hands now, twisting them in counter to each other and Ben sees stars.

“Just like that, Rey.” He groaned, picturing her hands working him. Ben quickly squeezed himself at the base of his cock to keep from coming as he lost himself in his fantasy. He knew he was bigger than most, almost all the videos he watched online showed woman being fucked with dicks much smaller than his. 

He had Rey pressed against the shower wall now; her legs wrapped snuggly around his hips. His fingers were moving inside her as she undulated her hips against him. He knew he had what it would take to make her squeal and shout beneath him, on top of him, under his mouth, or perched on his large fingers like a fucking puppet. He would have her  any  and every way possible. She came quietly at first; a gasp, a shudder, a clenching on his fingers as her thighs trembled around him. Rey then let out a breathy scream, but not ridiculous fake porn screams for show. No, she was crying out for him alone, her breath exhaling in rapid hot pants against his skin.

Ben sucked air in heavily through his nose as he thrust his hips into his fist faster, the tip of his cock turning a dark, needy purple. 

He was going to come so hard his teeth hurt. 

After coaxing a gentle climax from his Rey he finally pushed himself into her still twitching pussy, letting it swallow him whole until his balls could rub against her skin. The heat felt so good enveloping him and Ben struggled not to lose his control before he could even move. Rey writhed on him, impaled to the womb. “Please Ben, I need you. I need your cock to fuck me hard.”

He slid out, letting the tip of himself stay snug in her wet heat before plunging back in, causing Rey’s back to arch off of the shower walls. He would be unstoppable at this point, fucking her hard, relentlessly filling her again and again. He pressed lightly on the soft flesh below her navel and felt himself, a hard massive intrusion moving back and forth into the soft folds of her body

Ben groaned, feeling his balls tighten and that white pressure of pleasure that began to signal the tipping point. 

Rey.” He gasped, slamming his fist on the tile as he leaned forward into his fist. The water dripped from his long hair, over his brows, and down his nose, but all he could focus on was the throbbing of his impending release. 

“Take it. Take it, baby.” He whined, coming inside her.

His cock shoots thick ropes of cum, painting the black tiles in streams of white. Ben’s chest heaved as he finished, his cock pulsing the last few dribbles over his fingers. 

The shower seemed to echo with the fact that he was alone as he quickly sprayed his Pollack masterpiece from the wall. He made quick work of washing his hair, rinsing it thoroughly before stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel from the rack to dry off. Wrapping it around his waist, he walked into his bedroom to grab a pair of athletic shorts from his heavy, oak bureau and slipped the navy, mesh material over his meaty thighs, foregoing underwear. 

 He flounced backwards onto his massive four poster bed, a necessary piece of furniture for someone of his stature. He closed his eyes, listening to the hum of the overhead fan, his earlier release already leaving him wanting. He sighed into the empty space, allowing himself for a moment to wallow in self pity over his misfortune. 

 How could a girl like Rey end up with a weasel like Hux? Ben would never understand it. He’d give anything just to have her look his fucking way, but she barely knew he even existed. He heard a ping! from his laptop on the oak desk that matched the rest of his bedroom furniture, a rolltop that had come with the set that had once been his mothers. 

 He rolled off the bed, padding over to his desk chair and settling in to check into the email notification he’d received. He groaned when he saw it was from the Physics professor, the subject line reading: Tutor Request. Fuck, another one. He had enough shit on his plate. Sometimes he regret ever taking this job, but to be fair it was easy money and the professor had sort of begged him to do it. He clicked open the email to read the request. 




There is a scholarship student who has fallen behind in class, and as you can imagine she needs an above passing grade in order to maintain her scholarship status. I’ve forwarded her your phone number, so she will be in contact soon. As always, I appreciate your help in the matter. 


Professor Gial Ackbar


Ben typed out a quick reply stating that he would be looking for her text, then closed the lid of his laptop. He ran a hand over his face in frustration; cursing his bad luck. He wasn’t even sure how he was going to fit more tutor sessions into his schedule. 

 “Well,” he sighed. “Maybe she’ll at least be hot.”