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Forever His

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Jacob's eyes flew open. His heart raced. Something had pulled him out of a sound sleep. His wolf, buried deep inside him, had its hackles raised in warning. It sensed danger. An overwhelming need to protect what was his surged hot through his veins. Instinctively he tightened his arms around the woman who lay asleep, snuggled up against him. The feel of her naked body touching his reassured him that she was safe. And breathing deep of her intoxicating scent soothed the wolf's agitation to some extent.

Renesmee had a way of doing that; always calming his wolf and putting it at ease. Always, without words, letting him know that she was his.

Jacob had been blessed to be holding in his arms the most beautiful creature that ever existed. She was his treasure. He had always watched over her and protected her ever since the day she was born seven years ago. In that short amount of time, she had grown at an astonishing rate. The freckled-face little girl was gone. In her place was an intelligent, strong-willed woman with a mind of her own.

He'd been a brother and friend to her in the beginning; but, as time passed, the imprinting, which bound their two souls together, had grown stronger. Inevitably, just a few months ago, they'd become lovers. Renesmee was the woman that which destiny had chosen for him. She was his whole life, his only reason for living. She was his very existence. And he would die for her.

Jacob focused on his immediate surroundings as he mentally wiped away the last remaining cobwebs of sleep from his mind. With the room bathed in shadows, save for the soft moonlight streaming through the room's solitary window, he relied on his heightened senses to pick up anything - sound or smell - out of the ordinary. The only thing he heard, however, was that of Renesmee's slow, steady breathing as she slept in his arms. By all accounts, they were alone in the room.

Then what had the wolf so agitated? Why had it nudged him out of a sound sleep so damn early; sunrise wasn't for another few hours. According to the clock on the nightstand, it was only two in the morning, and except for him, everyone under the roof of the Somerset House was fast asleep.

The Somerset.

What an odd little establishment located in an equally bizarre little town. They'd come across the bed and breakfast a couple of days ago during their travels. As they'd ridden down Main street on his Harley, both he and Renesmee, agreed that the whole town had seen better days. Many of the storefronts were abandoned. The only businesses that showed signs of life were a small mom and pop grocery store that boasted of a post office inside, a hole-in-the-wall diner that served the worst coffee ever, a convenience store with only one gas pump and, of course, this strange little B&B.

He had wanted to keep going. He had wanted to get to the next town before nightfall. However, when they'd passed the Somerset House, Renesmee fell instantly in love with the place. She had called it a fairytale cottage and insisted that it would be a very romantic place to stop. She said it had a feel to it.

It had a feel to it alright. Condemned sounded about right. And romantic wasn't the word that exactly came to mind when he'd stood in front of the dilapidated structure. Romantic? Try tragic. The place was more like a bottomless money pit ready to fall apart. Oh, in its day the two-story Victorian-style house with its turrets, gables and gingerbread lattice, was, he guessed, the crown jewel of the small ghost-like town. But now what the old girl needed was a major facelift. An overhaul from top to bottom. Or a bulldozer and a match.

However, standing at the front desk two days ago and seeing the look on Renesmee's beautiful face was enough to do him in. He couldn't say no and so paid for the room.

Now the two elderly sisters who owned the place had been thrilled to death to have guests. And even more excited that he and Renesmee had decided to stay not one but two nights with them. The old bats couldn't stop whispering and giggling amongst themselves. Just like the house, they were timeworn. The women appeared sweet, but there was something about them that Jacob couldn't quite put his finger on, other than the fact that one sister was hard of hearing and the other nearly blind.

For now, the old ladies didn't concern him. He planned to leave with Renesmee once the sun was up and their bags were packed. What did bother him, though, was the uneasy feeling of danger nearby.

Reluctantly he disentangled himself from Renesmee's tempting form to take a look outside. But before he did, he couldn't resist nuzzling the crook of her neck, nipping at her ear, then softly placing a kiss on her cheek. She sighed in her sleep as his lips lingered on her perfect skin a fraction of a second more than intended.

In her sleep, she stretched like a contented feline and rolled over onto her stomach where he'd just been laying. A devilish grin crossed his face as he stood at the bedside looking down at her. What a tempting sight. Long, shapely legs tangled up in the bed covers and her bare backside calling to him like a siren, enticing him to crawl back into bed with her.

Tightening the reins on his desire, he pulled what little cover he could up over her without waking her. Then on padded feet, walked across the hardwood floor to stand by the open window.

A light summer breeze caressed his bare skin and played with the sheer curtains, making them drift gracefully about him. The nightly orchestra of crickets and tree frogs filled the air, while lacey wisps of clouds moved lazily across the face of a full moon.

Not caring about his nudity, he stood peering down at the empty street below. From the second story bedroom window, his keen eyes saw nothing unusual. But, the hairs on the back of his neck were still standing on end.

Someone – or something – was out there in the shadows watching. He was sure of it.

But who? It could be Aros out there skulking around, but then again that wasn't the lead bloodsucker's MO. No, The Volturi wouldn't hide in the shadows; they would have already made their presence known if it were them. Besides, it'd been nearly seven years since the confrontation involving the Cullens, The Packs, and The Volturi. Ever since then everything between the factions was relatively peaceful. The only times when things got tense were when Aros would send an emissary once a year to check on Renesmee's progress. He wanted to be kept abreast of her astonishing transformation into adulthood.

So, several months back, Jacob had been surprised when, out of the blue, Alice had taken him aside and told him that he had to take Renesmee and leave. To disappear. She instructed him not to tell anyone, not even Bella or Edward, where they were going. That it was a matter of life and death. And when he'd asked why they had to leave, she'd only told him that a storm was coming. He didn't doubt Alice's prediction, so, without hesitation, took Renesmee far away.

Unfortunately, they'd left a month before the next Volturi visit. Jacob was certain that Aros was livid at their disappearance or, to be more precise, at Renesmee's departure from his watchful eye.

Still racking his brain on who might be following them, Jacob was caught off guard when from behind Renesmee wrapped her arms around him. Breathing in deeply to control the startled wolf inside, Jacob let himself relax. A vision of them together just hours before making love skimmed his consciousness. Smiling he turned around and cupped her face, "Is that a hint, love?" he asked as he looked into her dark brown eyes.

"It is a reminder," she promised seductively, "of what awaits you in our bed."

Jacob tenderly brushed back her long dark hair from her sweet face. "I see." He said as his thumb skimmed across her lips. Mesmerized, Jacob bent his head and captured her mouth in a kiss. A low growl escaped him when her tongue darted into his mouth. He deepened the kiss as he slid his hands down her back and over her ass. Pulling her roughly against him, he let her feel just how much he wanted her. White-hot desire shot through him when she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered his name. In one swift movement, he lifted her up causing her to wrap her legs tight around his waist.

He savored the feel of her body against his as he walked them over to the bed. He gently laid her down then stretched his full length on top of her. Supporting his weight on his forearms, Jacob looked down at the woman that was his.

"Why were you standing at the window? What's out there." She asked as her hands glided up and down his back.

Trying to keep his wits about him, he shook his dark head, "Nothing," he said nipping at her neck.

And as she giggled and squirmed underneath him, he informed her, "I was just waiting for you to wake up."


"Yeah." He said as he kissed the tip of her nose.


"So that we could start where we left off."

"Oh? And where was that?"

With a wicked, wolfish grin, he kissed his way down to the juncture of her thighs and before feasting on what she had to offer told her, "I'm not for sure, but I think it was right here."

Laughter turned into moans as the two lovers once again explored each other.

Even during their lovemaking, the wolf, deep within, kept vigil. The threat may have passed for the moment, but something lurked just out of sight.

Something was coming.