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Inside Falls: From-Midnight-2-Night

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It was a calm start of morning (7:00 AM). Inside the shack,on the giftshop,Lapis was reading the newspaper,Chara was reading the book with the three cover...and Frisk,out of boredom,was spinning a globe with her finger. Chara heard the globe's noises and found out her sister was spinning it.

"Frisk,you think ghosts are real?",Chara asked to her twin sister.

"At least,I know our world is.",Frisk answered very vaguely. Chara nodded in agreement,resuming to read the book.

Pearl opened the entrance book,entering in the tourist trap from inside.

"Asriel? Lazuli?",Pearl called out.

Asriel quickly dashed into the room,panting. "Ahoy Mrs. Crystal Dreemurr!",Asriel said,after recovering his breath.

"I must go attend off some bussiness. You will clean the bathrooms,right?",Pearl said,and aske dto both Asriel and Lapis.

"You can be sure!",Asriel said,in a soldier-like pose.

"You can be not sure!",Lapis said,also making a soldier pose.

"Be careful,you two!",Pearl warned the two Crystal Shack workers,closing up the door as quickly as she opened it.

The four were once again alone and feeling bored. That is,until Lapis pushed up a pair of curtains on the side of the room,finding a old ladder,and above them,the sky.

"Woah! Look at that! A ladder that can take us to the roof!",Lapis said,opening a large smile after looking below the ladder.

"Lapis...Mr. Crystal Dreemurr will surely ground us! ...and you are slightly scaring me off.",Asriel warned out to Lapis in a scared tone.

"We can climb that?",Chara said,closing the book and growing a interest on the ladders Lapis found out.

"Of course!",Lapis happily announced out,after sucessfuly testing out the stairs to see if they were still solid enough to support someone climbing them. "Time for roof!"

"Time for roof!",Chara cheered out. Frisk also joined the cheering,but Asriel didn't. He was looking at the window,hoping for Pearl to not be near,or listening to everything from the distance.

When Lapis climbed up the ladders,she found herself on the triangle-shaped roof of the giftshop. She carefully jumped out of the hole. Chara and Frisk also carefully climbed out.

"Hey! Check this out!",Lapis said. She climbed the roof above the three,and slided down to a platform near the chimney. Chara and Frisk followed suit,and the twins discovered that,in the same platform Lapis landed out,there was a umbrella and chair typical of beachs,a small water box with the writting "Beach Summer Fun",and a bucket full of throwing darts.

"It was you who putted it here?",Chara asked,impressed about how the objects were placed in so casually above the roof of a building.

"That is a ability I devolped to ease the boredom of work.",Lapis answered indirectly. She picked one of the darts of the bucket,and threw it of the bullseye fixed up in a totem pole,that looked like something from the Mayas. It hitted straight on the middle. "Yes.",she quietly said in a victorious voice.

"Guess I'll give it a shot.",Chara simply said in a calm voice as she extended her hand to the bucket to pick up a dart.

"Me too.",Frisk said along,also picking up a dart of her own.

Chara and Frisk threw their darts,hitting specific spots on the bullseye. That kept going on,until the moment that one of Chara's darts accidentaly felt on a blue car,making its alarm go off. She blushed out of shame,above her blush stickers.

"Nice shot! Hi-five!",Lapis exclaimed,and afterwards,extended her hand towards Chara,expecting a high-five. Just to not make everything worse,Chara accepted the hi-five awkwardly. "Oh! Those are my buddies!",Lapis spoke,after noticing the people inside the car.

"Hey Lapis!",the voice of a 'cool' male tennager said,as a half-fingered gloved hand waved to Lapis from the car's window.

"Don't tell to Pearl what happened,okay?",Lapis said to Chara and Frisk,turning back to the two.

Chara approached her fingers to her lips,who were now showing a immense smile,and extended them as far as she could. It was her way of promising she wouldn't tell a secret to anyone. Lapis made the same thing as Chara,which is,extend her smiling lips from the tips.

"Later,dudettes!",Lapis said. She spin-jumped out of the roof's platform and landed on the ground,in a kind of elegant pose. She ran to the car and it drived away.

"See you next time Lapis!",Chara happily said,waving bye-bye for Lapis.

"...You kind of look up on her like she was our family...right?",Frisk asked,as she watched the car go away in the street besides her older twin sister.

"Yeah...but I'm not the kind that looks upon her enough to stay awake in the night thinking on her.",Chara said in a confident voice.

But actually,on that same day's night,she could just lay on her bed widely awake thinking on how she could be as cool as Lapis. No wonder why her eye bags were big and of a solid black color.


n the next Crystal Shack morning...

"Lets dance! Come on Frisk!",Lapis announced out for Frisk,as she began to dance something similar to step dance.

"Okay...",Frisk awkwardly tagged along. Her dance was more timid and shy,but also extremely slow-paced and peaceful,unlike Lapis one.

"This is a wrotten clipboard.",Chara said,reading out loud the phrase she was writting on the clipboard. She was distracted out by that,and when she listened for Lapis voice calling out her name,she gasped in surprise and accidentaly thew the clipboard upwards,and it felt on her head. "Ouch...Ahoy,miss!",Chara said,putting her arms on her back and attempting to make a sassy smile to hide her shame.

"You don't want to try?",Lapis asked to Chara,making a dance while clicking her fingers.

"Nah. Dancing ins't Chara's style.",Chara answered,still trying to hide her big shame.

" kind of is. Back in Cave Junction,Chara would reunite me,mum and dad on the living room and dress up in a seal costume,and afterwards,do the Seal Jam.",Frisk corrected out. Afterwards,she showed to Lapis a picture decepting a five-years old Chara with a adorable face and wearing the costume of a seal,with long mustaches.

"Frisky...your making me filled up with regret.",Chara said,slipping off some hints of anger on her voice.

"Seal costume? Coool. And the coolest part: it comes up with everything a seal has.",Lapis complimented the outfit the five-years old Chara was wearing on the picture.

"I remember how she clapped her hands,and sang about a seal that loved to jam and sing.",Frisk proudly said with a smile.

Lapis' phone bipped,and she picked it up,to see a message of her friends.

"Oh. Sorry dudettes,but my friends are waiting for me.",Lapis said,as she readed the messages with her eyes.

"Well...can I- I mean,we come along you?",Chara said,correcting herself to not sound too selfish over the blue-haired girl.

" of my friends is pretty tough and strong. How old you two are exactly?",Lapis asked,not sure if she really should bring the twins along the ride.

"Twelves about to become thirteens. So,we are twolve teens.",Chara joked off with a smirk over her face.

"Well,if you say so...I'll go get my things.",Lapis said in a unsure voice as she leaved the giftshop of the Crystal Shack.

"Chara...we are not exactly about to become thirteens. It will take more than one week.",Frisk innocently corrected her older sister. She was behind the table in the entrance door.

"You don't get it! We'll hang around with the coolest teens! And probably watch Lapis do cool stuff.",Chara replied,swinging her arms in a storytelling-way.

"Uh,it sounds more like you love her,rather than you look up to her as a sister.",Frisk confessed out,blushing and scratching her head's backhair.

Chara,out of shame,took out her yellow hat with the buttercup flower symbol,and putted on her hoodie in a way it could help her hair cover her eyes. Her smile was distorted because of the shame and anger,and Frisk also stood paralyzed in a ashamed way.