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It Was Only A Kiss

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The Alibi is packed, possibly beyond the legal limit. The sounds of laughter and music float down the streets, enough to catch a passerby’s attention. The dirty blonde, curly haired individual looked up and focused on the glass windows. Definitely packed. Definitely a party of some kind….

“Huh, wonder what they’re celebrating?” He mumbled to himself. It had to be a birthday because the drunken patrons were wearing those corny plastic hats with colorful streamers hanging down. Then again, the shenanigans that took place in the Alibi could warrant any unusual dress wear. He took a long drag of his cigarette and debated on going home or….

Two men barge through the front door while another is literally tossed onto the cold pavement. A big, brooding man steps out of the bar and balls up his fists. “No money. No alcohol. Get the fuck out of here!”

The man scrambles to his feet and races down the sidewalk to catch up with his friends.

“Oh! Hey what’s up Lip?” Kevin finally noticed the younger male hovering near the windows.

“Yo, what’s with the party inside? Somebody’s birthday?” Lip took a drag of his cigarette, blue eyes glancing from Kevin and then to the window.

“It’s Svetlana’s birthday! Me and V got a sitter for the girls and Yevgeny, so we could help her celebrate tonight. They’re both TRASHED! And Svetlana keeps yelling at me in Russian.” Kevin shook his head, he was slightly annoyed that he did end up babysitting one way or another. “Hey do you know Russian?”

“Uh, no, sorry man my Russian is rusty. I’m afraid I only know the swear words.” Lip finished his cigarette and flicked it onto the sidewalk before stepping on it.

“Yeah, so does Svetlana.” Kevin sighed and turned around to grab the door handle. “Oh Ian’s inside too if you were looking for him.”

Lip knew better then to go inside the bar and it wasn’t as though Kevin was pressuring him…. But the innocent remark had dire consequences. “Yeah, alright I’ll go check him out.”

“Now you’re talking!” Kevin grinned and he pulled the front door open.

Lip followed the taller man inside the bar. Right away he came face-to-face with a vast sea of drunks. Most were shouting and cheering for V and Svetlana to take belly shots off an overweight man, whom was lying on a table with his shirt unbuttoned. The unsightly belly fat and hairy chest made Lip shudder, obviously the two women were too drunk to notice. Lip leaned up on his tiptoes to search the crowd for his brother and he spotted him, the only redhead, at the corner of the room. Lip pushed past people and had to step around some that were dancing, sort of. “Hey beautiful can I buy you a drink?” Lip purposely spoke an octave lower when addressing his younger brother.

Ian had a beer in his hand and he was staring down at the tabletop with a solemn expression. Upon hearing the voice, he shook his head. “No thanks man, I’m not looking to-“ Ian trailed off when he lifted his hazel-green eyes and saw his brother smirking at him. “Lip?!” Ian set his beer down and he got up from the table. He raised his arms and embraced the other male.

The amused smirk never left and he reached up and hugged Ian back. “Got cha. Geez you must be in a bad mood if you wouldn’t let a random guy buy you a drink.”

Ian laughed and pulled back from the hug. “You know me, fuck em’ first then worry about drinks later.”

Lip chuckled and he motioned to the seats. “You alone?”

Ian sat back down and nodded. “Yeah uh, me and Trevor….well I’m not sure what’s going to happen now.”

“Ooh, you told him about Mickey huh?” Lip sat down across from Ian.

“Yeah, I feel like an asshole….” Ian looked down at the tabletop.

“You did ditch your boyfriend for your ex to go on a road trip across the country. I’d say that qualifies you as a big, fucking, asshole of a boyfriend.” Lip pulled out his pack of cigarettes.

“Sheesh, thanks that makes me feel a whole lot better.” Ian said sarcastically.

Using a lighter, Lip propped the cigarette into his mouth and lit it. He tucked the lighter back into his pocket before exhaling a cloud of smoke. “You’re a big boy, you don’t need me or anyone to tell you otherwise. You’re gonna feel like a piece of shit for a while but it’ll eventually pass.”

“What would you do? I mean…” Ian glanced at the cigarette. “If you were me?”

“I’d get shit faced like V and Svetlana over there.” Lip saw where Ian’s gaze was and he leaned over and held the cigarette out to his brother.

Ian took the offered cigarette and took a drag. “Yeah? Maybe I’ll do just that but…..are you sure you should be here Lip?”

“Yeah, I’m good….I haven’t had a drink in two weeks.” Lip shrugged but that was a bullshit lie, he drank a few nights ago and woke up in the subway train with no memory. Thankfully, he had his cellphone and wallet on him still.

“That’s good to hear.” Ian flicked the cigarette ash into a small plastic cup. “How’s everything going-“

“LIIIPPPPPPPP!” V stumbled forward with her arms outstretched.

Lip quickly turned in his seat to catch V. “Holy shit, you okay?” Lip was alarmed.

“Yeah I’m fiiiiiiiine honey.” V gripped Lip’s shoulders and pushed herself up onto her feet, although she swayed slightly. “It’s my wife’s birthday! Take a birthday shot with us Lip! We haven’t seen you in weeks.” V slapped her hand to Lip’s shoulder.

Ian glanced from V and then to Lip, paying close attention to Lip’s expression.

Lip felt a light wave of anxiety wash over him. He wanted to drink, oh God he fucking needed some alcohol in his life…. Things weren’t going too great with his new roommate, and some asshole stole most of his clothes last week. He was in a shitty situation but it wasn’t an excuse to drink…. “If you insist.” Lip grinned and he stood up from his chair. He held his arm out to V.

V linked her right arm with Lip’s left. “Such a gentleman. Come on Ian you too! Birthday shots WHOOO!!!”

Ian laughed and shook his head. “Alright I’m coming.”

“That’s what HE said.” Lip chimed in.

“HAH! That’s what he said! Omg you’re so funny!” V burst into a fit of giggles.

Ian rolled his eyes and he got up from his seat to follow the two to the center of the floor where Svetlana was passing out shot glasses full of whiskey.

As soon as Svetlana spotted Ian and Lip, she shouted at them in Russian.

Lip and Ian couldn't tell if she was greeting them in a friendly manner or if she was cursing at them in anger; she was always shouting, didn't matter if it was English or Russian.

"Shots. You drink yeah?" Svetlana pushed two shot glasses into Lip's hand and two more into Ian's hand. "My birthday so we drink to me!"

V raised her drink. "To Svetlana!"

Lip and Ian looked at each other with a grin. Both Gallaghers raised their drinks, "To Svetlana!" they shouted at the same time.

They all shoved their drinks together, clinking in unison.

The bar stayed open well past 2:30AM, some people went home while others passed out underneath tables or in the bathrooms. Just a dozen people or so were still partying. 14 shots and 5 beers later, Lip Gallagher found himself dancing on top of the counter with Svetlana.

"WOO work it!" V threw a handful of bills at the two.

Svetlana was moving her hips with the R & B song playing, and she purposely thrust her ass against the younger male's crotch.

Lip was enjoying this, he always found Svetlana attractive and holy shit she knew how to move her hips. Lip pushed his hips against that plump rear, he was dangerously close to developing a hard on. But that didn't happen because the alcohol had Lip seeing double. He misjudged the distance on the counter and took one too many steps to the side before falling off.

Ian was sitting at a table and nursing a beer. Unlike his brother, Ian limited the amount of drinks he consumed. He had work in the afternoon and didn't want to go on shift with a hangover. He would've left a long time ago if it wasn't for Lip. He was pretty sure his brother blacked out hours ago, judging by his slurring and staggering. Ian watched as Lip stumbled off the counter and went crashing onto the floor head first. Ian laughed and he shook his head. "Okay I think that's our cue to leave." Ian stood up from his seat and he grabbed his and Lip's jacket off the chair.

"Aww already?" V fake pouted.

"Yeah, I got work in 12 hours and I'm sure Lip has an early class." Ian walked over to where Lip was laying.

Lip groaned and he rolled over onto his back to stare up at Ian. "Fuck that hurt."

"I bet." Ian held out his hand.

Lip took it and he hoisted himself up onto his feet. "Wow...what's with the uneven floor?"

"That's just the alcohol. The floor is fine." Ian said and he slipped one sleeve of the jacket on Lip, followed by the other. Then he went around to the front and zipped the jacket up. "You should probably lean on me, unless you wanna fight the floor again."

"Man fuck this uneven floor." Lip raised his left arm and draped it over Ian's shoulders.

"Yeah fuck the floor, fuck the police!" Ian said with an amused smirk. He was going to tease Lip about this later. He wrapped his right arm around Lip's lower back to steady him. "Goodnight V and happy birthday Svetlana, thanks for the drinks."

Svetlana was sitting on the bar counter and she raised a bottle of Vodka when Ian addressed her. "Thank you freckled ginger boy." She added something in Russian.

Ian didn't know what was said in Russian but he nodded and then steered his brother towards the door.

The two brothers were walking down the street, slowly making their way back to the house.

"Man...fuck Mickey, and his sister Mandy. Fuck. Them. Both." Lip said, his voice rose with anger.

"Yeah man whatever you say." Ian rolled his eyes.

"I'm serious!" Lip turned to look at Ian. "Mickey's dumb ass choices landed him in prison. Then he expected you to wait for him all those years, only for him to make ANOTHER stupid mistake. He asked you to leave your family and home behind Ian. What kinda selfish prick DOES that?"

Ian didn't respond. His heart ached when he thought about Mickey. What Lip was saying was true, but that didn't mean he had to agree with it.

"And Mandy....fucking Mandy is as stupid as her brother." Lip's tone was bitter.

Ian could sense something was bothering Lip, and he was using anger to cope. "Yeah, how'd we ever get mixed up with the Milkovich family?"

"Bad parenting." Lip said with a laugh.

Ian smiled, his brother was witty as ever, even when intoxicated.

They make it back to the house around 4:00AM. Ian unlocks the door and tries to get Lip inside as quietly as possible.

By now Lip was staggering badly and his eyelids drooped, he was ready to pass out. He mumbled a few incoherent slurs, nothing that made sense.

Ian half carried, and half dragged his older brother up the stairs. He guided him to his room and barely got him to the bed before Lip collapsed, with his upper body on the bed and his lower half on the floor. Ian sighed and he climbed onto the bed before gripping Lip by his arms. The redhead grunted and pulled the unconscious male further up onto the bed, until his feet dangled over the edge. Ian flopped down beside his brother, panting lightly from all the effort it took to haul Lip home. "Shit you're one heavy guy. Next time I'm leaving your drunk ass at the bar." Ian turned his head to look at Lip.

Lip was fast asleep, with his lips partially open and curls hanging loosely over his forehead.

"....How is it you look like a fucking angel when you're sleeping?" Ian gave an exasperated sigh.

Of course, Lip didn't respond to any of Ian's comments.

Ian found his gaze hovering on his brother's lips. He was surprised how plump and full they were, unlike Ian who was blessed with unfortunately thin lips. That was one of his favorite things about Mickey, his luscious pink lips...Oh how that mouth could do wonders. "Mickey...." Ian felt a weight on his chest. He was still focused on Lip's mouth, it really had the similar shape and color as Mickey's lips.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the loneliness. Maybe Ian missed Mickey Milkovich so much that he was able to blur out Lip's face and replace it with the raven-haired male that stole his heart and fled to Mexico. But what happened next was unexpected and guided by sheer impulse.

Ian leaned closer and he tilted his head, closing the gap between his and Lip's mouth.

They were softer then Ian expected and slightly chapped. Ian could taste alcohol and cigarettes, something that was so Lip Gallagher. It was oddly appealing.

Ian pulled back slowly but he stopped when he saw Lip's eyes were open and staring right at him.

Oh fuck.