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Four Months

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“Damn it,” you could hear Hugh grumbling to himself in the other room.

He had been working on a 1500 piece puzzle for almost four months now and he had told you this morning that he was almost done with it. That was six hours ago and now it was mid afternoon, and he still hadn’t paid much attention to you all day.

As you folded the last bit of laundry, you could hear a loud sigh of defeat coming from him along with the screeching of a chair moving across the floor. When you walked out from the bedroom into the large living room, you saw him sitting a few feet away from the table that held the puzzle while he stared at it.

“How’s it going?” You questioned as you walked closer to him and placed your hands on his shoulders, gently messaging him.

“Theres only a little bit left but all the pieces are so similar which makes it more difficult.”

“Mhm,” you hummed quietly while dipping your head down into the crook of his neck to leave light kisses over his skin.

Right as your lips touched him, you felt him gulp and sit up a bit straighter, his palms rubbing over his thighs a few times while he tried to continue talking.

“I wanted to finish it today,” a kiss right below his jawline, “but I think I might have to,” a kiss at the corner of his lips, “wait until tomorrow.”

“Fuck,” he breathed as you were now standing between his legs, your lips brushing over the corner of his.

He reached up and cupped your chin in his hand for him to press your lips completely against his, a loud groan coming from him when your body fell forward into his from his movements.

His other free hand reached around to your back to pull you into his lap, your legs now straddling him while you let your hands wander over his chest to work at the buttons of his shirt. The feeling of his tongue pushing through your lips pulled a loud moan from you and you let your hips press harder into his, the bulge in his pants now extremely obvious.

“No,” he grumbled against your lips and pushed your hand away from him, and instead he reached down to unzip his pants, pushing them down with his boxers just enough to expose his cock.

His lips never once left yours but you couldn’t help but pull away to reach down to your own undergarments, but he wasn’t allowing it. As soon as you went to pull yours off, he grabbed your hand and shook his head.

“I want you to keep your eyes on me,” he said in a deeper voice than before, the lack of patience obvious in his voice.

You nodded your head and kept your eyes focused on him while his hand moved down your body to where yours was just seconds before. His fingers grasped at your panties and he pulled them to the side, a quiet groan leaving him to which you risked a glance down to see him pumping his cock in his other hand.

“I told you to keep your eyes on me,” he growled, anger and lust flashing through his eyes.

“I’m sorr-“ you were cut off as he lined himself up with your entrance and thrusted up hard into you, holding his hips up into yours while his eyes screwed shut from the overwhelming pleasure. Your hips shook over him from the intensity of his sudden movements and he held you close to him with one of his arms wrapped around you, his other hand on your hips to hold you in place as he began to thrust into you at a rapid pace.

“Fuck!” You yelled out when he pushed himself deeper inside you, his hand that was on you was now guiding your hips to move against his in time with his thrusts.

“That’s it baby,” he praised through ragged breaths, sitting back against the chair while he thrusted his cock deeper inside you, your walls clenching around him each time threatening to come undone at any second.

“Fuck yourself on daddy’s cock, make yourself cum,” he pulled both hands away from you and stopped all his movements, eliciting a loud whimper from you while you gripped tight at the fabric of his shirt.

You lifted your hips up until only his tip was inside of you and you slowly sank back down, the feeling of his cock pushing into you again was purely euphoric and the look on his face was encouragement enough as you quickly repeated the actions, over and over again.

“I’m so- fuck, I’m so close,” he grunted as he snapped his hips up into yours while you fucked yourself on him, the vein in his neck more prominent now while he dug his fingertips into the skin of your thigh. It only took a few more rolls of your hips on his cock until you were coming undone on top of him, your body shaking from the intensity of your orgasm along with the feeling of him reaching his high with you.

“Shit,” you gasped out in a quiet voice as you both came down from your high, your body now pressed against his while he held you close to him.

“Maybe I will finish it tomorrow, if this is what the rest of the day holds,” he teased, chuckling loudly while you stood up and straightened out your dress, as he also pulled his pants up and buttoned them again.