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Spencer Reid Blurbs

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“How long does it take to test blood?” you groaned in pain, attempting to find a comfortable enough position to lay on the small exam table.

You and Spencer had just moved into a new apartment, and instead of patiently waiting for Spencer to get home from work in order to help you carry an exceptionally heavy box upstairs, you decided to do it yourself.

Consequently, leading you to pull a muscle in your back and immediately regret your impatience.

The sound of the doorknob turning caught your attention, and instead of seeing your nurse as you had expected, you were greeted with the sight of a frazzled Spencer.

“Baby,” Spencer quickly came to your side and took both of your hands in his, “Are you okay? What happened?”

“I’m fine, Spencer. I just pulled a muscle in my lower back.” you ran your thumb over his knuckles in an attempt to soothe his worry. Apparently, your text to inform him that you were going to the emergency room came out more cryptic than you had thought.

A sigh of relief escaped Spencer’s lips as you continued, “They’re testing my blood right now and then they’re going to give me a shot for pain. I should be able to go home pretty soon.”

Spencer nodded and leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead, “I’ll call Hotch and tell him that I won’t be able to come back in today.”

Before Spencer had a chance to reach for his cell phone, the door opened and your nurse from before entered the room.

“It’s me again. I see you got yourself some company,” she smirked, gesturing to Spencer who was still right by your side.

“Yes I did,” you lightly laughed, sitting up slowly with the aid of Spencer, “This is my fiance, Spencer.”

“Oh good!” the nurse pulled her stool to be in front of the two of you and opened up the file she carried with her “So, does he know about the baby then?”

At the same time, your head snapped up straight to face the nurse while Spencer turned his head to face you. Both of your eyes as wide as they had ever been before.

“The baby?” you and Spencer simultaneously questioned.

The nurse’s complexion quickly turned pale, “Neither of you knew that you were pregnant?”

Both of you vigorously shook your heads, too shell-shocked to speak. Yes, you and Spencer had wanted children, but neither of you had planned on having them this early on.

“Well, um, I’m going to go get a doctor,” the nurse blurted out, collecting herself before rushing to the door, “And he can talk to you two about it more.”

Silence didn’t last long in the small room as Spencer whispered, “We’re going to be parents.”

Turning to look at Spencer, a fluttering filled your stomach at seeing the wide smile that he held.

“I-I’m going to be a dad! You’re going to be a mom! Y/N! We’re going to have a baby!” Spencer was practically shouting now, undeniably excited.

Being mindful of your back, Spencer came to wrap you in his arms and hold you close, placing kisses and whispers of happiness against your neck.

Tears of joy were now streaming down your face as his excitement began to fill you, “We’re going to have a baby.”