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You Are My Hero

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Bakugou paced around the room, growling and clenching his fist. “Where the fuck is he!?”

Todoroki sighed and stood from his spot at the table. “We should go check the track field. He might still be working out again.”

Bakugou let out a yell. “He better not be! We told him to stop overworking himself.”

Todoroki shook his head and grabbed his jacket, then passed Bakugou his. “Izuku doesn’t know the meaning of overworking himself. He probably lost track of time and didn’t realize he was late for dinner.”

That was, in fact, exactly what happened.

Midoriya laid panting on the ground, arm over his eyes. After the increase in villain attacks, he knew that he had to master One for All as fast as he could, even if that meant training during all his free time.

Groaning slightly, he got back up and started lightly jogging around the track. He glanced up and noticed it was starting to get dark. He froze, remembering how he, Katsuki, and Shoto made plans for dinner. “Shoot…”

He didn’t get to think anymore as a fist came down on his head, causing the green-haired hero to squat in pain. “Ow…”

“Idiot Deku! What did we say about overworking yourself!”

Izuku looked up to see Bakugou standing over him, a scowl on his face. Todoroki stood nearby, shaking his head.

“No! Um, I wasn’t...I wasn’t overworking! I was just going for a walk and...lost...track...of time?” Midoriya knew that that was a weak excuse, and he knew that the other two wouldn’t believe him.

Todoroki went over and helped Deku up. “Izuku, you made us worry when you didn’t show up for dinner in Katsuki’s room. You can’t keep pushing yourself so hard.”

Izuku sighed. “I’m sorry. I just…” he shook his head. “Nevermind. So, is it too late for dinner?” He smiled shyly.

Katsuki growled. “Stupid Deku with your stupid smile…” he mumbled, blush on his cheeks.

Todoroki smiled slightly. “Let’s go back. Katsuki made some pork cutlet bowls.”

Midoriya perked up, hearing the name of his favorite food. He immediately pulled Bakugou into a tight hug. “Thank you Kacchan!”

Bakugou turned bright red and looked away, putting a hand on Izuku’s head. “Yeah yeah, whatever.”


Midoriya groaned as he woke up, having a splitting headache. He snuggled back into someone, he was guessing Todoroki’s, chest. The person he snuggled into started to gently petting his head. Midoriya relaxed slightly. It was definitely Todoroki.

“Hey, are you alright? You’re feeling a little warm,” Todoroki asked, gently putting his lips to Deku’s forehead.

Deku tried to answer, but he could only make weird groaning noises.

Bakugou rolled over and pulled both of them into his grip. “What's going on?”

Todoroki sighed. “I think Izuku is sick. He can't talk and I believe he has a fever.”

Bakugou growled. “See? This is what happens when you push yourself too hard.” He sat up and sighed. “You're staying here today. I'll make you some soup to eat during the day.”

Izuku turned to look at Bakugou. He shook his head and managed to mumble out, “I can...go.” He coughed and curled up slightly.

Bakugou sucked in a breath, trying not to yell. “No, you’re staying here. Shoto will bring you notes, and I’ll make you food for the day. No arguing.”

Todoroki nodded and sat up, rubbing the green-haired teen. “Don’t worry, you can afford to skip a day. We’ll let the teachers know.” He bent down to kiss Midoriya’s forehead, then got up to get ready.

“Don’t let...All Might know. Don’t worry him.” Midoriya got out, accepting his fate and curling up under the sheets. He was kinda glad that it was Bakugou’s bed. It smelled like the fiery blond, which helped him relax.

“Tch, and what should we tell him? That you’re skipping class?” Bakugou asked sarcastically.

Midoriya did his best to glare, but it only ended up as a pout that sent arrows through his boyfriends’ hearts. Even when he tried to be mad, he only succeeded in looking cute.

Todoroki smiled slightly. “Alright, we won’t tell him. I’ll think up a valid excuse because we know Katsuki can’t. We have to get ready now though, so go back to sleep.”

Izuku nodded and closed his eyes, trying to go back to sleep. He knew that there was no point in protesting anymore because Kachann and Shoto would tie him to the bed just to make him stay. Well, maybe not Shoto, but definitely Kachann.

The other two got ready for school, including making soup for Midoriya to eat when he woke up. They then headed to school, walking close to each other.

“Bakugou! Todoroki!”

They paused and looked to see Uraraka running towards them with Iida. When they finally caught up, Uraraka looked around in confusion. “Where’s Izuku?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “The idiot worked himself too hard and got sick.”

Iida started doing his notorious air chop. “Bakugou! That is no way to talk about one of your boyfriends! That is upsetting to hear though that Midoriya overworked himself like that.”

“I’ll talk about him however I want!” Bakugou yelled, his fingers having small explosions on them.

Todoroki grabbed Bakugou’s shoulder to calm him down. “We need to get going if we’re going to let All Might know Izuku is sick.”

Bakugou raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

“A father should know when his son is sick,” was Todoroki’s only response.


Midoriya groaned as he started to wake. He still felt like shit, but he felt better than earlier. He slowly sat up, squinting in the bright light. He carefully swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood.

He was dizzy, but Midoriya managed to make his way to the bathroom to do his business, and take a quick cold shower while he was at it. After that, he just put on a pair of boxers (that might have been Bakugou’s) and slowly walked into the kitchen.

On the stove was a big pot of what Midoriya assumed to be soup. He noticed a note on the counter and picked it up to read it.

Deku, there is tomato soup in the pot. There are also some grilled cheese sandwiches in the oven. If they’re cold, just heat them up. Just so you know, I won’t be this nice the next time you overwork yourself, idiot.

Izuku, please relax and try to get better today. Katsuki and I will handle telling people you’re sick and getting the notes and homework for you. And don’t worry about Katsuki, he’s just worried.

Love, Katsuki and Shoto

Midoriya smiled. “I love those two…”


Todoroki and Bakugou sat near each other during class, passing notes back and forth while Aizawa-sensei talked about some famous heroes from the past. Bakugou was about to pass another note when it was snatched out of his hand.

“Oi, what the he-,” He looked up to see Aizawa-sensei standing above him, the note in his hand.

“Let’s see what you and Todoroki found so important you’ve been passing notes.” The hero opened the note and cleared his throat. “I’m just so worried for that fucking idiot. One of these days Deku is going to push himself to the point where he’ll be unable to recover, and I don’t know how I’ll handle that. I really care about and love him. And you too.”

Bakugou turned bright red. “H-Hey! That was private!”

Todoroki also had a slight blush on his cheeks as the rest of the class awed and talked about how cute the three of them are.

Aizawa-sensei shook his head and dropped the note on Todoroki’s desk. “While it’s sweet that you two care about Midoriya, I don’t want you two passing notes in my class. Besides, he’s made it out of worse situations.” He went back up to the front of the class and continued teaching.

Bakugou spent the rest of the class hiding his flustered face.


Midoriya shivered as he pulled the blankets tighter around him. He was currently on Bakugou’s couch, watching the news. There was another villain attack, and this time Endeavor showed up. Midoriya frowned. If that jerk came near him, he would not be able to put up a nice act.

There was a knock on the door, which confused Deku. Why would someone be knocking on Kacchan’s door during school hours?

The boy got up and shambled to the door. If he wasn’t already pale he would’ve lost all of his color when he opened the door to see All Might standing there.

“A-All Might?” Midoriya coughed and backed up to let the number one hero in.

“Midoriya my boy! I heard that you were sick, so I decided to take my break time to check in on you,” All Might explained, setting down his bag and releasing his muscle form.

Midoriya closed the door and looked at All Might curiously. “Who told you I was sick?”

“Todoroki let me know. It was Bakugou though that let me know why you were sick.” All Might gestured for Midoriya to take a seat next to him on the couch, which Midoriya did. “I know that things have been getting worrying with the increase of villain attacks, and I know you’re feeling more pressured to master One for All, but you need to take things easy every once in a while. If you keep pushing yourself to the point of getting sick, then you will be of no use.”

Midoriya looked at the ground in shame. He silently cursed his boyfriends for telling All Might about this. He couldn’t stand disappointing his mentor. “I’m sorry All Might. I just...I need to be able to protect those I can reach.”

All Might patted his back. “I know, but you need to know when it’s time to take a break, alright?”

Midoriya nodded, still looking at the ground. Tears were starting to form, but he did his best to not let them fall.

All Might sighed and glanced at the television. “What are you watching?”

Midoriya quickly wiped his eyes and looked at the tv. “There was another villain attack. Endeavor showed up to take care of it.”

All Might nodded. “Soon, that will be you and your classmates on the news, defeating the villains. And you’ll be the new number one hero so that you can lead them. Isn’t that right?” He smiled at the teen.

Midoriya mustered up his best grin. “Yeah!”