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This post is going to be a series of artwork prompts, one chapter one prompt, mostly for the NCIS fandom.  

Since I like creating artworks for the sake of having fun, I thought it could be good to offer my artworks as prompts.  So, here is the Red Pink Dots Artwork Prompts Challenge.


There is no artwork claim, no deadline, no word count, and very little rules or requirements either.  All genres, pairings, categories, ratings, original characters, crossovers and warnings are allowed.  You want to write a story, create a fanvideo or even draw a fanart, it’s fine by me.  The main idea behind these artwork prompts is to keep the NCIS fandom alive.  Let your muse play with the prompts!  Have fun!  Keep the works coming!  

Who can participate:

Anyone, seriously ANYONE can participate.

There are a few rules, but they are mostly targeted towards letting me know which of my artworks people like enough to write stories or create other fanworks about and should in no way prevent people from participating.  In fact, if you feel one of the rules would prevent you from participating please let me know which rule and why so that I can consider modifying it so that you will participate.  I don’t guarantee that I will change it, but I truly want this challenge to be open to anyone.


How to participate:

1) Any artwork that you are interested in, use the comment section at the end of the artwork’s chapter to let me know that you are thinking about creating a story or a fanvid or a fanart or whatever else you desire for that artwork.  This is not like claiming.  Anyone else is still welcome to use that artwork and if you decide not to use that artwork there is no penalty and no obligation just because you commented.  The artwork prompts are for everyone like a word bingo card or the five prompts challenge on LiveJournal.  

You do not have to leave a comment to let me know of your interest, but it will be easier and more encouraging for me to be able to tell if my artwork prompts are inspiring enough and whether there may someday be something new to go with them.

2) When the story is written or the fanvid or fanart or whatever created, please put in your author’s notes that this work has been inspired by one of my artwork prompts.  You can use the link I provided to insert the artwork in your story if you want or use the title of the artwork and the name of the challenge.

Like everyone else, I like to be credited for my works and want to see the things I've inspired.  ;)

3) Add (if you want) your work in the Red Pink Dots Artwork Prompts Challenge Collection (RedPinkDots_ArtworkPromptsChallenge). The collection is going to be moderated.


That’s it, nothing fancy or complicated.  :D  I want this challenge to be easy to do and open to every creator/author/artist/etc.

I already have other artwork prompts created and you can look forward to additional artwork prompts in the future but not necessarily on a schedule, so stay tuned!


Red Pink Dots :)