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30 Day Challenge: Richard Armitage

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The costume shop was all quite that night. CAT had just packed her few personal things away and was getting ready to leave. Rehearsal had ended over an hour ago and the theatre below was quite too. She had completed her last fitting for the the evening and was exhausted. She had hoped to see her favorite actor, Richard Armitage, since she was a huge fan and there seemed to be a sort of connection between them. She had been lucky to land this little “designer exchange” with the theatre in London during the one production that season that Richard would be doing.

Oh, he made her knees weak each time he visited her in the costume loft, bringing her little treats and always carrying his own little thermal bottle of tea that he loved to share with her. They had had lunch out a couple of times and she hoped for more, knowing her time in London was limited. As soon as the production wrapped in 8 weeks, she would have to go home to Minneapolis and him back to whatever block buster movie/tv show/voice work he was working on.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging below in the back stage area. She jumped as Richard suddenly appeared in the doorway of the costume area.When she jumped out of fright, he giggled and tried to look guilty.

“I thought for a minute I was losing my sanity, but then realized it´s just you. Were you behind that racket?”

“Oh sorry about that,” he looked up and grinned sheepishly. “I accidentally knocked one of those metal rubbish bins off the steps coming up. It was empty so no harm done, just noisy. I’ll take care of it when I go back down.”

“Mmm, I see. So, everyone else gone?"

"Yes, just you and me and well, a slightly dented rubbish can,” he grinned at her as he crossed the room to stand close to her. He scooped up a weathered fedora off the table and proceeded to play with it. He danced about gracefully while he played with the hat. He often stayed later than required for rehearsals trying to perfect his dance moves for the musical they were working on.

“I came up to see if you’d like late supper with me.” He stopped moving just inches behind her. CAT stood frozen to her spot, not wanting to move away from him.

“Um, yeah, that would be nice.” She always looked forward to his little surprises. Suddenly he stopped playing with the hat and pointed from behind her toward the platform full of dress forms with various states of costume construction pinned to them.

“Is it suppose to look like this?” he asked while pointing to the one draped in muslin pattern pieces that looked wildly off-kilter.

“It isn’t anything yet, just a draped form and the odd pieces are stuck on because I was running out of patience with it. I need to get back to that one tomorrow.” She sighed as he moved away again.

He was humming as he danced back toward her. He grabbed her hands and spun her around to dance to the tune he was humming, something he’d been singing and dancing to in rehearsals. He spun her again so her back was facing him and he bent down and kissed her bare shoulder. She reached up and took the old fedora off his head and looked up over her shoulder as he continued to kiss her, this time on the lips. They both giggled and smiled at each other.

She really would have memories of her time in London!