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Beatles relationships

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June of 1963

George POV
I'm usually left behind. No one noticing me because people notice John and Paul. It has always been Lennon and McCartney that people know and others don't matter, so that's why I was surprised when Brian did notice me and Ringo and treating us all the same with no exceptions. He loves us all, equally I supouse, but sometimes we all do wonder if he ever looked at us even once in the way he looks at some other boys. Or maybe liked us in a romantic way rather than just sexually looking at us. Well, even if he did, he certainly never showed it to neither of us. We did all wonder about John's and his little holiday in Barcelona because John said nothing about the whole trip except denying the "funny" rumours that were and are still going around ever since then. When they both came back from the trip they had a pretty intense relationship and they still do. They never stay in the same room together alone except if they both don't talk or look at each other at all because they're too busy with doing something else.. we were all curious after that trip but none of us had the guts to actually ask John what the hell happened and did anything really happen then, and, it would be too awkward to ask Brian about it, because he actually is gay and asking him any sort of things about his interests in boys can get slightly awkward and embarrassing for both, him and us. I suddenly snap out of me thoughts when I hear Paul and John discussing about something and I look at them with a questioning face..


"Ey what's up with you staring at him like that?", John giggled and smirked a little


"Yeah George, what's going on?"


Paul is looking rather concerned more than ready to tease like John but I keep looking at them still lost and confused..


"Come on! You were staring right at him!" John continued


What..?" I look up at him


"You were looking directly at Brian for the whole time until he left the room because he felt uncomfortable with you looking at him like that while you're so lost in your thoughts!"


Paul said as he sat next to me and I blush when I realize what they're talking about


"What's goin' on with you mate?"


"You never look at anyone fer so long unless it's a hot girl in a pub"


John said as he wriggled his eyebrows


I roll me eyes and raise an eyebrow at him


"I just.. sometimes look at someone or something while I'm thinking about something completely different.."


"Suuuure" John laughed "Explain that to Brian will ye?"


"Right.. I'll go do that so he doesn't think something else..."


"Something like what?" Paul said and giggled


I hear John laugh behind me as I stand up and leave the room to find Brian.. right so.. this shouldn't be too awkward.. right?


I leave the room and walk down the studio hall looking around for Brian. He's probably taking some tea. I enter the kitchen and see him sitting on the couch and drinking a cuppa tea so I sit next to him.

(I don't know how does Abbey Road studio really looks like so I'll be using my imagination only and let's say that there's a small kitchen mixed with a room made like a living room where they made tea and talk and stuff)

He gives me a strange look and I look at him


"So.. about the staring.. I didn't really wanna look at ye like that and fer so long.. I was just thinking about something.."


"No George, really, it's fine. You don't have a reason to justify to me"


"I know but.. you just left the room so sudden and blushed so I just felt like I should tell ye"


"Well thank you for telling me"


He smiles gently at me and I smile back




He continues..


"Would you like to come with me for lunch today so we can talk?"


He looks at me shy but sweet, so I smile at him


"Sure. But only if ye're paying fer that lunch!"


"Deal!" He laughs and I get up to take a cuppa tea


I can feel his eyes on me as I get up and turn my back to him to take the tea. I can feel him looking at me and thinking about something as I'm taking the cup and pouring the tea in it. I know this might have been a mistake for agreeing with him taking me out to lunch, but at least I will get a meal for free. I do think he's quite of a catch but I can't exactly imagine myself with another man.. not in THAT way. I can only see myself with a guy as a best friend or.. maybe sometimes I do imagine some rather weird scenes in my head, but I can't imagine anything happening to me! Even Brian who's obviously lonely wouldn't want me in that way.. girls do like me.. but that's different. Girls want to have fun and some of them are really slutty and actually like the one night sex.. but guys are different. And I don't.. really like any guy's looks or behaviour. Brian is quite nice. I turn around still lost in my thoughts and look at him thinking again.. about some scenes that probably won't ever happen but it's just nice to imagine that..


Brian POV

He just looks at me sometimes like that for a while without moving. Just looking at me and bot moving his eyes off me! It's making me feel uncomfortable because I don't know what's on his mind. He just seems like he can stare at me for hours and he would if I don't leave the room. I like him, I do, but I would never make him or even try to do anything with me because I know he likes girls and that he wouldn't like me back, so I try to control myself and not fall in love, hopelessly, with him... but damn, I just can't help it looking at him sometimes when nobody's looking at me.. he's a sexy, smart and talented boy that's for sure. I'd just like to get to know him better without being pushy and avoiding John's sarcastic comments. Who am I even kidding? Like he would like me back.. a guy surely has a girl he likes and wants. But his staring is going to drive me crazy in the end.. he suddenly comes and sits next to me and I look at him curious and confused as he's looking at me and sits a little closer so our legs are touching and I suddenly feel myself blush and get hot. He moves a little closer and lays his head almost on my shoulder and I blush more.


"Uh.. are you... okay?" I clear my troat and try to sound normal


"Yeah.." he says as he closes his eyes "just tired"


I sigh and look at him


"I'll drive you home after the lunch so you can get some rest"


George POV

I smile to myself as he says that and I look at him realizing how close our heads are to each other.


"Or ye can drive to your house so I can get some rest there"


I laugh, get up and wink at him before leaving the room, knowing that he'll blush so I smirk to myself and go back to the lads.


"So? What did ye say??"


Paul says curious as soon as I enter the room and take my guitar.


"Did he offered you lunch again?"


John says and chuckles a little.


"He said that it's fine and he did ask me to take me out to lunch again" 


That has happened before that he asks me out for lunch. He still didn't ask me out for dinner so I guess lunch is alright


"..but this time I said yes"


I can feel John's and Paul's shocked looks at me and I look at them and laugh.


"It's a free lunch! If it was dinner with alcohol then I would refuse!"


"Yeah and you can never say no to the food" John says and laughs


"Hey he offered me lunch and said that we should have a talk" I continue and start playing some melody.



-An hour later Brian comes to the room where they were and looks at George-



"Let's go to that lunch"


I look at him and see that he has a gentle smile. I leave my guitar and stand up.




We leave the studio and we sit in hiscar before he started driving. He turned the radio in his car on to break the silence and, after a couple of minutes..


"Where are we going?"


I look at him and a slight smirk appears on his face


"You'll see.." he replies and smiles to himself thinking I can't see him.


"Okay.." I look out of the window and after a couple of seconds I look back at him..


"Where are we going after the lunch?"


"We'll see. I can drive you home if you'd like that"


"Yeah.." I nodd and shrug "we'll see.." I look out of the window again and we stop in front of some fancy restaurant.


"Well I was hoping for couple of sandwiches but that'll do too" I look at it and open the car door to get out as well as him.


He chuckles "it's my favorite restaurant in London so I wanted to show it to you lads too. But others will see it some other time, I guess.."


I shrug and we both get out of the car and walk in. I look around. It's a pretty fancy place, but rather nice. He walks over to the table for two and we both sit down. We look at the menu and order.


"So.. uhm.." he tries to start a conversation and I look at him.


"What was all that staring about?" He looks at me and I try to keep it calm


"Well I told ye haven't I?"


"Yes.. but no.. I mean.. you've been doing it for months.. and it's slowly going to drive me crazy.." he sighs and I look away not replying for a moment


"Is it? I haven't noticed it.."


"George.." he says with a slightly warning tone and I look up at him again.




"What's going on?" He says soft and I blush.


I can't tell him what's really going on. Not here. Not now. Not ever.. I'm not queer, am I?? My head is just full of thoughts..


"Nothing" I reply after a moment


"Don't lie to me.. I know something's going on. You've been distracted lately. You know you can tell me anything right?"


His eyes. His big, blue, worried eyes staring into mine. I can't tell him but I can't lie to him.. not when he gives me that kind of look..


I just nod and he sighs worried.


"You don't need to worry about me y'know"


"It's stronger than me, George"




"Because I care about you"


I look down again and a guy brings our meals and serves them. Brian politely thanks him and we start eating. After we ate it all up he paid and we left the restaurant. We both get into his car and he looks at me.


"Where to?" He looks at me


"Where are ye going after you drop me home?"


He starts the car


"Probably just home"


"Are ye alone there?"


He looks at me




"Care if I join ye then?" I smile and he does as well as I say it


"Not at all. But.. are ye sure?" He starts driving and I keep looking at him


"Completely. I have nothing to do for the rest of the day anyway so I can at least keep ye company"


He blushes slightly and turns the radio on. Elvis is on and I can hear him humming quietly. I smile to myself and as he keeps humming I join him.

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We keep humming with the radio until we arrive in front of his building. I look out of the window and right when I was about to open the car doors he puts his hand on his shoulder and looks at me with a weird but happy smile, so I, confused, smile back and we both get out of the car.


"Is this where you live?"


I ask him while looking at the building. A typical, but pretty, London building.


"Yeah. This part of it is mine"


He shows me with his hand while locking the car


"It looks really nice"


I smile to myself but then from the corner of my eye I can see him looking at me and smiling as well.


"Well I like it"


He smiles and looks at me while opening the door for me so I come to the door of his part of the building and I walk in. He follows me and locks the door behind for safety because of the fans and all the creeps walking around.


"Right" he says and looks at me "So where do you wanna go now??"


I shrug




I joke and wink at him, seeing him blush again before we walk into the living room. Now this flat is quite nice. He has lots of fancy stuff and he decorated it quite well. I sit down on the couch and he sits on the other part of the couch.


"Hey, Bri?"


I look at him and he looks at me as well


"What time is it?"


"It's 17:57"


I nod


"Do you live alone here?"


I ask while looking around the room and he nods




"Do ye ever get lonely in here all alone?"


I look at him


"No.. not really.."


He says that as he looks away and I can see that he's lying and I can see the sadness in his eyes. I sit close to him and put a hand on his leg a little above the knee


"Would I bother ye if I slept here tonight then??"


He looks at me with wide eyes


"George... what are ye doing..?"


He says carefully and I sit closer to him so that our legs are touching and I move my hand a little higher


"Nothing...You just seem lonely in this big flat all alone"


I say and put my head on his neck like I'm kissing it and leave it there. After a moment I give his neck a small kiss and I feel my heart speed as I'm so close to him


After a moment he pushes me away and gets up with fear and confussion in his eyes and I look down. I shouldn't have done that. It was a stupid idea. Now he might hate me or even kick me out


"What are you doing!?"


He looks at me and I look down feeling ashamed


"Why are you doing this to me George?! Do you think it's so funny to play with my feelings like that??!! If you want to tease me for being gay then bloody do that but don't play with me like this!!!"


He says annoyed and I look up at him when he says that


"WHAT? It's not like that!! I would never hurt your feelings!!!"


It even hurts me that he thought I'd do something like that to him. He's too precious and too good to be treated bad. I wouldn't do that. Never.

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I can see the pain and fear in his eyes. He's so mad it seems like someone did that to him before. Was it John?? What the hell happened???


"Then why the fuck are you doing this?!! Why are you teasing me like this?!"


I take a deep breath and look away again


He calms down when he sees me like that and sits next to me. He cups my chin and makes me look at him




I just look at him blankly trying to hide all the questioning of who I am


"What's going on with you?"


He says softly and I look away again before he makes me look at him again. Damn his eyes are pretty. And he looks so cute when he's worried. What the hell am I thinking?? Am I really gay? Damnit


"I'll do something and ifmy guesses are wrong then you have every right to punch me.."


I look at him with wide eyes and he gently kisses my cheek and I blush and feel my heart speed up again. His lips are so fucking soft it makes me wanna kiss him but I can't. I don't even know what's inside my head anymore. What's in his head? What are we both thinking? Are we thinking the same? There's only one way to find out..


He then kisses me again and I move my head so instead of my cheek, he kisses the corner of my lips and we both blush before pulling away. I'm completely red and I look down again. He then pushes me down so I can lie on the couch and he goes over me. He sits on my stomach low, above my hips and makes me look at him again.


I'm totally lost. I'm just lost into his eyes and with million thoughts going through my head right now. He then moves down so his face is right above mine, around an inch away and I just stare at him blankly.


"I knew there was something going on with you.. but I would never guess.. that it's this.."


He leans down slowly and presses my lips with his very softly to see if I approve. I just put my hands on the collar of his shirt and pull him closer. It feels so damn good but so wrong at the same time. I would never move from this position but what if it's wrong.. millions thought going through my head but my head is speeding up even more and I can feel it hitting Brian's chest. He gently pulls away and puts his hand on my chest before kissing my cheek. I just close my eyes enjoying in his attention.


After a moment he smiles gently and I smile like mad as soon as I see his smile. Gosh he's adorable..

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He gets up from me and sits on the couch, offering me a hand so I can sit up as well. I take his hand and sit up still embarrassed but I still sit close to him. Our legs are touching again and I put a hand on his knee. I start to move my hand up on his thigh and gently stroke his thigh. But this time, he doesn't push me off. He just shivers and tries really hard not to get hard. I then sit up and sit on his lap. I don't even care anymore. I don't care how wrong or bad is it as long as it feels good to be with him. I put both of my hands on both of his thighs and stroke them gently. He wraps his arms around my waist and I kiss his neck gently again. A little moan escapes his mouth and I chuckle but he blushes. I can feel him slowly getting hard so I move away a bit and I move my hands away. He blushes even more and looks away.


"I get it y'know.."


He looks at me cofused


"I understand why you get hard... and I'd like to help ye with this trust me, more than anything. But I can't.. I just.. I don't even know who I am and I can't do THAT now.."


I speak quickly and blush red but he only puts hands on my waist and kisses me to shut me up.

After a moment we pull away and I sit next to him


"We'll go as far as you want and whenever you want... and if you want.."


He smiles gently and I smile back.




I continue


"Can I sleep here tonight then?"


He laughs and smirks


"Only if you sleep with me"


He winks at me to get me back for teasing him for all these months. Of course he meant sleep sleeping and not sex but still he made me blush and he knew exactly that would happen


He then laughs and gets up. I spank his ass as a joke and laugh and he blushes and gets hard




He turns around to look at me and I just keep laughing before he smiles because of me


"I was just going to fix this and you make it worse!"


He's pretendind to be mad so I spank him again and he moans and blushes


I laugh and do it again


"So you like this then don't ye?"


I tease him on purpose and he blushes red so I do it again and smirk


"Lie here"


I say as I tap my lap


"On yer stomach!"


He laughs and does it


"What do you have now in your mind?"


I start spanking his ass more and more and I feel his buldge on my legs. He's moaning as I'm doing it. After 2 more spanking I get hard as well. He feels it on his stomach and I blush. He then gets up and takes my hand


"Come on"


"Where are we going?"


I look at him


"To the bedroom. Like ye said yourself"


He winks at me and I feel my heart beat louder and quicker. He takes me to the bedroom and closes the doors behind

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I felt hot at the bedroom with him but wasn't sure what should I do so I started unbuttoning my shirt with his eyes on me. He came close to me and helped me unbutton the shirt. After I took it off he then started unbuttoning his so I helped him undo it and take it off.

He sat on the bed and I sat next to him very turned on. I started unbuckling my belt but then his hands came in and he did it for me. So he took it off and unziped my trousers and soon leaving me only in pants.

Then I unziped his trousers and took them off leaving him only in his pants. He looks at me as if he can continue and I just nod unsurely.

He pushes me to lie on the bed and sits next to me. I close my eyes and I can feel his hands slowly pulling down my pants. I felt my heart speed up again and soon I was fully naked in front of him.

I felt kinda uncomfortable, but more scared and embarrassed. He didn't touch me at all because he wasn't sure if he was spouse to, since I said that I don't wanna go that far.

Then I put hands on his pants and pulled them down looking at his.. member. He smiles shy and blushes and I gently touched it since I never really was this close to any man before.

I put a hand on him and started stroking him slow to turn him on more. He moaned and put his hands on my and I saw him getting close by the precum so I stop.

He gasps and kisses me passionatly but still kinda shy. I put my hands on his waist and lie down on the bed next to him and look at him unsure.



I started and he looked at me waiting for me to say what I want to

"How do you do that?"

I asked shy and he chuckled uncomfortably


"It doesn't hurt if you know what to do y'know.."


I just kept looking at him confused and then he continued with a sigh


"This.." he takes the lube out of the drawer next to the bed " what makes it not hurt"


I still looked confused so he thought about explaining it to me and not get too awkward


"You.. put this on you.. and then just relax your arse as much as you can.. so when whoever-is-inside-you hits the sweet spot. It starts to feel really good"


"The sweet spot??"


I felt even more confused and then he continues


"Yes.. uhm.. it's the spot in your arse that feels really good if someone presses it... if you get it.."


"Well.. are you sure it doesn't hurt..?"


I went kinda scared and he goes


"It does. It always hurts the first time.. but then when you have sex more times.. it starts to feel really good"


I felt unsure and scared so he cuts me off before I could even think of anything


"We don't have to do it y'know. Not now. Or ever if you don't want it.."


"When did you first have this kind of sex?"


He blushes and coninues


"Uhm.. maybe 5-ish years ago..?"


"How did it happen?"


I suddenly feel like a little kid for asking so many questions like this so he continues feeling uncomfortable


"Well.. I went to the public bathroom... kinda.. looked at some guys.. and this one guy noticed it and we went to his place and he explained it all to me.. so.. then it just kinda happened.."


"Did he do you?"


He blushes even more


"Uhm.. well.. yes.. he was in me... and even tho he wasn't really big.. it hurt a lot at first so I nearly cried.."


He notice me looking at him with the empathy look


"Oh no! Don't you feel sorry for me. If that didn't happen then I wouldn't completely realize who I am. And besides! I could've had bad luck and end up with someone bigger who wouldn't even be gentle!"


I then chuckle and smile



I sighed nervous and put a hand on his chest first looking at his naked body next to mine. He blushes


"We don't have to do anything tonight y'know. It's okay. You're probably confused as hell right now so we could just cuddle if you want to.."


He's unsure and I can see it. He doesn't know what to do to make it less uncomfortable and how to please me since, apparently, he didn't have anyone around in quite long..

Chapter Text

"Oh no"


He gives me a confused look


"But I want it"


He smiles and blushes at the same time and I smile back and start kissing his chest

His chest are so soft. I start kissing his nipple and I hear him moan so I go on. He's just looking down at me with wide eyes not knowing what I'm gonna do.

I keep kissing it harder and bite it gently so he moaned really loud. I stop up and look up at him


"Not good?"


"No no!! It was great..!"


He blushes softly and smiles shily so I continue. I start kissing his chest again and move lower on his stomach. He moans louder and I can feel how hard he is on my chest, as I'm over him.

He's just looking at me not knowing how far I'll go so I continue to kiss down his stomach. He looks at me with wide eyes wondering if I'll go down on him.

Of course he doesn't know if I will. I'm not even sure if I will, so how could he know?

I keep kissing his stomach lower and lower. He moans and puts his hands in my hair, gently playing with it. I keep moving lower until I reach his low area.

I look up at him unsure and he gives me the "you don't have to" look. I look at his member and take it gently in my hand before kissing it slowly. He looks at me with wide eyes and moans loud.

I put another hand on mini him as well and start playing gently with his balls not even knowing what to do, so I just pull away from the kissing and look at it for a while.

He blushes and feels hot and uncomfortable suddenly so I look up at him. He's fully red. I keep looking up at him and give his tip a slow lick. He moans really loud.

I pull away again to look at it. I'm looking at him with the mixed feelings but gosh he's hot and beautiful.

I put my hands on his inner thighs and spred his legs slowly and gentle. He keeps my eyes straight on me, not knowing what I'm gonna do. I'm just looking at him with hungry eyes. I feel like I can't stop looking at him.

I take his balls in my hand and start playing with them. I feel like a child right now but he seems to enjoy it anyway. He keeps gasping and moaning at however I touch him.

I just keep playing with his balls for a while to turn him on more until he bucks his hips. I look at his penis again and take it in one hand and start playing with it now by moving it up and down. I put finger on the hole of his tip and start moving my finger around. He moans even louder and pulls my hair gently getting even more turned on.

Then I pull the finger away and give him a slow long lick from the balls to the tip. He moans really lpud this time so I decide I teased him enough so I start wanking him slowly. He gasps and relax his hands in my hair.

I start licking the tip while wanking him. He's getting wet bc I'm licking him. Then I stop moving my hand and put the tip slowly in my mouth. I know it feels good when girls do this to me and the lads so it gotta feel good for him now too.

I take his balls in my hand and keep pressing them and massaging them while moving my head slowly deeper and deeper. He moans loud. I put my other hand on his belly low. His whole body is burning right now. He's so hot.

I keep moving deeper until I take him almost fully in my mouth. I can't go any further. I feel like I might choke, so I start moving up and down again. Slowly. Really slowly. He keeps moaning and gasping louder and hotter. I get really hard by the sounds he's making.

I've been sectretly imagining this for so long and now it's actually happening. I put my both hands on his inner thighs and keep going faster and faster up and down. He keeps moaning and gently bucking his hips so he doesn't choke me and then he pulls my hair a little harder this time..


"George.." he says between the gasps "I'm close.. please pull away..."


No matter how much he loves this, he still cares about me. I look up at him straight in the eyes while moving slower up and down and he moans loud when our eyes meet. He puts his hands on my chin and gently starts pulling me up so I pull away and start wanking him fast. He moans loud and sighs relieved that he doesn't have to hold it in anymore.

A couple of seconds later he cums hard over his stomach. He tried not to moan too loud so nobody would hear him. I bend down to his belly and slowly start licking his cum, unsure. It tastes better than I expected so I lick it all up. He keeps moaning while I'm doing it.

Then, a few moments later, he looks at me while gasping tiredly


"Jesus George.. I didn't know.. ye had this in yourself.."


I blush and he smiles at me so I smile back


Then he notices that I'm hard and pulls me up so I can lie next to him..

Chapter Text

I kiss him and he puts hands around my waist while kissing. He starts kissing my neck and low moan escapes my mouth. Gosh he's good.

I can suddenly feel his hand going down my torso lower and lower so I reflexively put my hand on his. He pulls away from kissing and looks at me.


"Do you want it?"


His eyes are sparkling so much when he looks at me. I just nod while looking at him and then he looks down at me and I blush but look after him. He puts a hand on it and takes it in his hand. I blush even more and barely hold in a moan.

He bends down and kisses it. I moan at that and he pushes me down to lie again. He starts licking me really good.. everywhere in that area. I can't even hold the moans in anymore.

He starts sucking on my tip like a lollypop. I moan really loud and keep my eyes down at him. Then he looks up at me and starts licking my butt and balls. I don't even know what he's doing.. but damn it feels good.

He keeps doing it and starts literally eating my balls out. I moan really loud as he bites me gently and he starts sucking them. I buck my hips getting even more turned on like that.

Then he moves his hand up and starts wanking me. His moves are hard and slow at first but soon become faster. He's so experienced. So good.

I put my hands in his hair and look at him. His face is so pretty. Soon, his mouth replace his hand and I can't even hold a moan in anymore. I can feel his teeth going deeper and up again. Repeatedly. My moans turn louder and louder.

I can already feel myself getting close so I buck my hips. I try to pull his head away gently by his hair.




I'm gasping and speaking. He keeps going harder and faster and I cum in his mouth.


"Briann..!! Ohhhh fuckk..!!!"


I can hear him chuckle and he keeps sucking me until I finish and after a moment he pulled away. I look at hkm concerned.


"Are you alright?"


"You taste nice y'know"


I gasp at that and blush but he winks at me. I pull him up in a hug and hug him tight. He hugs me back, confused.


"Thank you.."


I can feel him smile


"I thought you might hate me or think I'm faking it when you find out.... I was too scared to tell you.. but I only like ye.."


I pull away from the hug to look at him


"From all the boys I only like you. I can't stop thinking about you no matter what.."


I look away thinking he still might hate me or use me for one night. I feel his hand on my chin. He makes me look at him and kisses me passionately. But slowly. And good. I kiss him back. Never kissed anyone with a beard before. Never thought it's gonna feel that good


"I like you too, George.."


He smiles at me and kisses my cheek. I blush and smile shily. He takes my hand and kisses it.


"Y'know.. you didn't have to.. do that for me... I could've just wank it off..."


I smile and look at him


"But I wanted it. I wanted to try and see does it feel good when you're down as well"


"Not to everyone"


"But I liked it"


I grin at him and he smiles back


"We should take a shower.."


He says while still smiling. I nod and we both get up and go to his bathroom..

Chapter Text

He closes the door behind. I walk in the bathtub and I feel his arms around my waist. He's hugging me from behind and I turn around to hug him back.

He turns the water on and pulls me out of the shower


"Wanna take a bath instead? It's much more relaxing and it's not late at all so we have time.."


I nod and sit on the toilet and pull him to sit on my lap. He chuckles and put arms around my waist, slowly stroking my torso. I smile and kiss him. I put a hand on his ass. It all feels like a dream. Like an unbelievable dream. He smiles shily and I put another hand on his ass as well and slowly start massaging it.

He gasps and starts kissing my neck. I smile and gasp as well before leaning on the wall behind me. He keeps kissing my neck and I keep massaging his ass.


"I can't even believe that I am living this.."


I mumble and he looks at me confused.


"Is that a bad thing?"


I look at him


"No no! It's a great thing.. I meant.. I can't believe that I'm this lucky to live this dream.."


I say that while looking at his naked body on my lap. He look at me straight in the eyes and I look back at him confused.






"Be honest.. how long were you thinking about boys?"


We both blush at the question..


"Well.. I never really think about boys.. I only think about ye.. and I can't stop thinking about you for bloody months.."


I say that while looking at him with love in me eyes. He blushes reder


"Oh... well.. I'm flattered.. I could say that I've been thinking about you after I started noticing your staring.. I never thought you'd ever feel the same.."


He smiles happy and I kiss him. He kisses me back and we start to make out. He's such a great kisser.

I put my hands on his back and hug him close to me while kissing. He smiles in the kiss and soon we realize that the bath is full enough..

Chapter Text

He gets up from my lap and puts shampoo in the water. I can't even help staring at his ass as he's doing so. When he notices it as he turns around we both blush.


"It's ready"


He smiles and pulls me up by my hand. I get up and he first puts me into the bath and then gets in as well. He hugs me. The warm water with beautiful smell and being in his arms. Is this heaven? I feel so peaceful and I close my eyes.

He strokes my chest and stomach slowly while looking at my bare body next to his.


"I could stay like this forever y'know"


He smirks at me


"I'd like you to stay like that forever.."


I chuckle and he does as well.




He starts talking


"Do you wanna sleep here tonight? It'd be really nice to have someone next to me that isn't just for one night.."


I lean to him and kiss him. He kisses me back


"So that's a yes?"


He smiles shy and I nod




He smiles really wide and I start stroking his torso gently. I can't stop looking at him because of how damn good he looks. I can't stop. I could never stop. I put my head on his chest. He smiles and puts his hand on my head. In my hair, and starts playing with it. Even tho we are sitting in silence it isn't awkward. It's nice. It's really nice. And really relaxing.

Whenever I look at him when he thinks I don't see him, I catch him staring at my body. I guess we both can't stop looking at each other's bodies. He then taps my shoulder and I look at him confused.


"Would you mind sitting on my stomach?"


He blushes but surely seems like he wants it. I nod and sit up on him. His hungry eyes attached to my body. I blush but let him look. He smiles while looking at me. He literally can't stop looking..


"I haven't seen such a fine body in so long.."


He puts a hand on my nipple and keeps sliding it down to my inner thigh. I gasp. He keeps looking at me and I blush dark red.


"What do you mean? Don't you like all the boys you sleep with?"


"I do. I'm just saying that you're the most beautiful I've ever seen"


He smiles and starts looking at my cock. I keep looking at him. He touches it. Takes it in his hand and keeps looking at me. I slowly get hard in his hand and blush because he just sucked me off.. he smiles wide as he notices that I'm slowly getting hard again.


"It's beautiful.."


He keeps looking at it and puts another hand on my ass to move me closer to him, on his chest. But now I'm on my knees, not sitting on him anymore so I don't bother him with breathing. He keeps pushing me to his neck and slowly moves his head under me so it's like I'm sitting on his face, just that I'm on my knees. He starts kissing my balls. I moan and get really hard. I keep looking down at him. The sight makes me moan even louder.

I can suddenly feel his tongue. He starts licking the shaft and my balls with my cock. I moan loud. Then he keeps kissing and licking slowly. I feel like my heart will jump out of my chest. He keeps doing that for a couple of minutes until I moan because of the aching in my cock and he smiles.


"Can you sit on the edge of the bath tub now?"


I nod confused and do so. He then goes on his knees in front of me. He slowly spreds my legs wide open. I blush because no one ever spred my legs that wide open. He starts licking my hole. I moan loud and then he gives me a long lick. From my hole, over my balls and cock, over to my stomach and chest. He then goes between my legs and starts moving his hips reflexively. I can feel his hard cock on mine. Pressing against each other. We both moan and I hug him close to me.

He start kissing me passionately. I keep moaning and gasping. He does as well. He starts stroking my thighs and keeps pressing against me. I shut my eyes and let out a really loud moan. He then starts kissing my neck. I keep moaning loud.


"Do you wanna.. go back to the bedroom and come back here.. later?"


I say between moans. He nods and takes me in my arms. He's holding me like a bride and has a proper look of me. I feel my cock aching more and more. He wraps a towel around us and takes me to the bedroom, close the door behind and leaves me on the bed. He pushes me down to pleasure me again, but I want to do it for him, so I push his ass up above my face lik he did to me before.

I moan loud at this beautiful sight of him from this angle. I start licking all over him. Feeling how hard he is and feeling his everything, beautifully pressed against my tongue. He moans loudly. Then he starts taking between moans and gasps as I keep licking him everywhere, very slowly.


"I have... an idea.. how we can both.. feel pleased.. without anyone getting hurt.."


I stop up and look up at him. He smirks, sits next to me and takes that lube from the drawer next to the bed. I look at it with wide eyes and wait for an explanation.


"It would hurt you.. but I enjoy it, I love the feeling of having someone inside and you love the feeling of being inside.. it's a perfect combination. You can go on top of me. Missionary. We will both enjoy. It will maybe feel even better for you, because I sure am tighter than a girl.. so you should enjoy it.."


I get even more turned on by his words and smile.


"I love that idea.."


I smile and take the lube from his hand. I push him to lie on the bed and spred his legs widely open. I start licking everything of his again. Then I pull away and put some lube in my hand, I start rubbing his hole and look at him.


"What now..?"


He looks at me while moaning low


"Push a finger inside. Then another one and pull them out when you think I'm ready.."


We both blush and I slowly push a finger in him. He moans really loud. Then I add more lube on my hand and push another finger in. And the third one. He keeps moaning really loud without stopping. I start pushing fingers deeper in him and then start moving them in and out. He moves his hips. He already has precum. I pull away when I feel he's when enough.

He then takes the lube and puts it in his hand. He starts putting it on my cock and I moan really loud at the feeling of his wet hand moving so eaisly on my cock. Then he pulls his hand away and lies back, with his legs spred really wide. I go between his legs. Slowly take my cock in my hand and put the tip on his hole.

He keeps his eyes on us and so do I. I slowly and gently push my tip in scared not to hurt him. He basically screams but moans in pleasure and pain. I freeze hoping I didn't hurt him..


"Are ye okay?"


He nods and gasps


"Just keep moving as deep as ye can.."


I nod and start pushing my cock in him, going deeper and deeper as he said. I can't and don't want to hold any moans. It feels better than any girl. The feeling of his ass holding my cock tight makes me moan louder. I go as deep as I can until my cock is fully in him and I stop up. We're both moaning at the feeling.


"Start moving.. p-please.."


He's gasping. I nod and start moving slowly out and in again. The sounds he's making are priceless.. I moan only at the sounds that he's making. I keep moving in and out and go faster. He starts wanking himself and I move his hand so I can do it instead of him. I start wanking him slowly and gently. I keep moving my hand in the same rythm I'm moving in him. We both keep moaning loud and I start moving faster but still gentle. Soon I cum hard in his ass and not so long after he cums over my hand.

I pull away and fall tiredly beside him gasping loudly. He chuckles and gasps as well. We look at each other and smile tired.


"How did you like that?"


"It was amazing..!"


He laughs and soon after he hugs me and pulls a blanket over us. Not so long after, we both fall asleep..