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Sounds like a Fantasy

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Zed's POV

It's been almost 3 years since Addison saved me, since risking her life to prove to everyone that zombies can be just as loving as humans. And it's helped, not solved the problems zombies have, but helped to give us more freedoms. The city has taken on some of the ways of the high school by having more shops and restaurants that allow zombies in their businesses. I can actually take Addison on dates to the ice cream parlor without hacking my Z-band. It's great!

Of course you still have people who discriminate against zombies, whether it be because they're older and set in their ways or just grew up being taught all their life to hate us. Violence has been becoming more of an issue lately as integration entirely into the city draws closer and closer. It's funny how the town will cheer on the sports teams, even with zombie players, but once they step off the field they are 'no good zombies.' I shake my head at the thought.

Both Addison and I have been so busy this week, we've barely seen each other. I want to spend more time with her. But the homecoming game was tomorrow and with Addison being the captain of the cheer squad and me, the captain of the football team, we've done nothing but preparations for the game.

Can you believe it? Me! Captain of the football team! Who would have thought a zombie fullback as captain, even over the quarterback. But everyone tells me I brought this team together. Not that I really see it, but I'm not complaining. I love playing football!

Being the captain means I have to be at the top of my game for the team. It's my responsibility. That means longer practices, and even extra ones. Addison is the same way. Cheer is a huge part of her life. She's wanted to be head cheerleader since she was little.

So how could I ever ask her to push that to the back burner when I do finally get some free time. I can't bring myself to. I know how much it means to her. And I know she feels the same with me and football. We both have our dreams and we won't stop each other from reaching for the stars.

I sighed as I stood outside the gym doors, catching a glimpse of Addison's white curls flowing through the air. She lands perfectly and her arms shoot up into a V as she and her squad shout, "GO MIGHT SHRIMP!" in unison to end their cheer.

I'm turning, about to walk away for my second practice of the day when, "Zed!" I hear her yell my name and our eyes meet, a smile instantly lit up my face seeing her happy expression.

"Take 5 guys!" She says cheerfully to her team while she's backing away before sprinting towards me. I drop my bag to the ground and open my arms for her. She leaps into my arms and our lips are crashing together, her legs wrap around my waist as I hold her tightly in my arms. Knowing how our little greeting can make others feel uncomfortable, I back us out of the gym into the mostly deserted hallway and press her back against the wall.

She's taking control, it turns me on when she gets dominant and possessive. Her kiss heated and her fingers tangled in my hair. A growl crawls up my throat as she gives the strands a light tug. I know she can feel my need for her against her leg, I can smell her need for me and it's driving me crazy! We haven't had any alone time in weeks. Maybe a month? Or more?

Our breathing is heavy when we finally pull apart. I rest my forehead against hers as I stare into those beautiful sky blue eyes.

"Hi." I whisper through my panting. She giggles.

"Hi." She replied breathlessly. Our breath mingled together in the small space between our lips for a few moments before we settle ourselves back down. I set her on her feet and she wraps her arms around me, I gladly hug her back.

"I miss you so much." She says into my shirt. I can smell her salty tears. I tighten my hold on her.

"I miss you too Addy, but it's gonna be alright!" I reassure her, pulling her back to look at me. "How about we meet up tonight after my practice!" I suggest, she smiles and nods as she wipes the tears from her eyes. I give her my biggest smile and peck her lips one more time.

"I guess I'll see you tonight then!" I say, giving her a wink before she punches my shoulder playfully. I can't help but laugh. She pulls my shirt down to press our lips together in one last passionate kiss. I can't stop the moan that creeps up my throat. She sighs happily against me before pulling apart again.

"See you tonight." She said, something about the way she said it made me gulp and suddenly she was gone. I watched her disappear around the corner back into the gym. I stood there for a good 10 seconds before I was able to move. This girl is seriously going to kill me one day.

I scoop up my duffle bag and run off to practice with a bit of pep in my step, a big grin never leaving my lips.


Addison's POV

My heart is pounding in my ears as I hide against the gym wall beside the doors, my hands folded over my chest to calm my raging heart. I almost didn't hear Bree as she called out to me.

"Addison! Over here!" She called. I tried clearing my mind of my previous perverted thoughts of my zombie boyfriend by shaking my head as I hurry over to watch Bree. She's worked so hard over the years on her flips so she can be a flier. And she has been! She's actually one of our best fliers with her technique. She really is amazing. But right now she's about to attempt the double tuck she's been working on for months. And I think she's finally got it!

Bree takes off in a run and hits the trampoline, sending her into her flip through the air. Both feet hit the mat and she sticks the landing.

"Bree you did it!" I exclaim excitedly. I rush over and hug her tightly as she squeals in excitement as well.

"Grizad zog! (Great job!)" Bree's boyfriend yells from the gym doors. We both turn to the voice and Bree has the biggest smile on her face.

"Bonzo! You saw it?!" She exclaims as she runs towards him, arms wrapping around his neck as she reaches him. I smile at how happy both of them are as they talk about Bree's newest achievement.

"She sure has come a long way, huh?" Someone says behind me, I'd know that voice anywhere. I squealed as I turned around.

"Bucky!" I greet, throwing my arms around his neck. He hugs me back before I pull back. "What are you doing here?" Bucky smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Just checking up on my baby cousin! And seeing if you need any help, being crowned captain and all." He winked. I laugh.

"I've got everything under control!" I tell him proudly.

"How bout I sit in for a run through then?" He asked, I nod eagerly.

"Of course! I was about to have us do one more go before ending practice today!" I tell him before calling the squad together.

"Ok guys! We have our former captain Bucky here to watch our routine! Let's show him what we got!" I encourage. Everyone cheers as they rush to their places. Bonzo gives Bucky one of his signature side hugs as he sits beside him on the bleachers.

"It's good seeing you too, big guy." Bucky laughs.

After the music stops, everyone yells, "GO MIGHTY SHRIMP!" and we strike our poses, pom poms waving and sparkling. Our little audience claps excitedly.

"Fantastic! Great work!" Bucky praises, he walks up to me still clapping. "You really are a great cheerleader." He told me, emphasizing the leader part.

"Thanks Bucky! That means so much coming from you!" I say happily, hugging him again. It's great to see him. He graduated last year and isn't able to come around as often with everything he has going on in college.

I turn back to my squad, "I think that will be it for practice today! See you all tomorrow at the big game!" I dismiss. Everyone is cheerful and smiling as they get their things together to leave. I catch up with Bucky a little before gathering my things as well.

"So how're things going with you and Zed? He's still treating you well, even though I'm now around, right?" Bucky asks, arms crossed. I laugh.

"Of course! Zed's the best boyfriend I could ask for. You have nothing to worry about Cous." I say, teasing him with the last part. He gives me a joking glare before we head out of the gym and ultimately go our separate ways again.

My mind wonders back to my little 'encounter' with my boyfriend in the hallway just an hour before and I bite my lip at the memory of him pressing my back against the wall. It's been a while since we've been able to have alone time together with everything coming up for us. I know he could smell how much I need him and I could definitely feel how much he needs me. I stop and lean against the lockers, my head tilted up to the ceiling and pressing my thighs together to ease the want churning in my lower belly.

I have to get some time with him. Like now. Then an idea struck. I take off sprinting down the halls like a crazy person, earning me some odd looks from the few students still occupying the corridors. But I didn't care. I just ran as fast as I could, clutching my bag strap over my shoulder to keep it from falling off.

I turn the corner and I've reached the locker room.


Zed's POV

I had stayed a little later than the others, getting some extra one-on-one time with coach to get tips and critique on my techniques. By the time I got to the locker room, the rest of my team was already gone. I throw my pads and filthy jersey on the bench in front of my locker and strip out of my football pants, wrapping a towel around my waist before heading to the shower.

I turn the corner and I'm suddenly pulled to the side and pushed against the lockers, a set of familiar lips cover mine as she stretches on her tiptoes. It takes me only a few moments before my lips reacted, my hands finding the small of her back to pull her closer. Her kiss is heated and her hands are rubbing along my bare torso, lingering on my abs and sides. Mine roam down her sides to her hips. I pull back to look at her. We're both panting and I give her a smile.

"I'm gross." I say, referring to the sweat and dirt covering my entire body. Addison giggles and pecks my lips again.

"Let's clean you up then." She says, a seductive tone coating her words, making me gulp.