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Welcome to the Dark Side

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  It was Friday around midnight when the two tortued souls met in Pop's diner. Both there to distract their mind from all the problems in life. Jughead had just gotten back from a drop off that could have been the end of his life if it wasn't for his best friend Sweet Pea, if he didn't get there when he did. Well Jughead wouldn't be ordering his usual from the retro diner. When he walked in there he noticed that there was only one other cutsomer here. It was a girl around his age and he started to wonder why she was here so late, she must be new because he would recognize a girl that beautiful anywhere. His focus is now on the girl who is drinking a vanilla milkshake and diping her fries in the drink. The waiter comes out to bring his order to the table and then his focus is on eating before going back to the Whyte Wyrm. Veronica was pissed, she couldn't believe what she walked into at her now ex-boyfriends house. How dare Archie, he had some guts for cheating on her with her now former best friend Betty. The two people she trusted in the world had betrayed her and in the worst way possible. She knew there was always something suspicious about their friendship after her and Archie got together. She just ignored the feeling because they were best friends and knew each other since diapers so of course they would be close. But she didn't know that they were also sneaking behind her back and hooking up. Apparently they were in love and that broke Veronica's heart because why couldn't they just come clean or why did Archie keep stringing her a long while he was fooling around with Betty. That is what brougt her to Pop's tonight, a broken heart and a damaged soul. She took the booth farthest from the door so no one could see her, she ordered her regluar vanilla milkshake and fries. It was beyond herself why her two friends would be so cruel to her, after all she was being nothing like the old Veronica. She didn't know what was going to happen tomorrow but she does not want to see Archie and Betty at all.

Jughead finished his meal and leaned back in the booth. He could never get tired of how good Pop's food is and yeah only eats the burgers and frieis but he is a 100% sure Pop can make anything taste great, After checking the time on his watch, it read one in the morning. He glanced up and seen that the girl was still in her booth, her milkshake empty and fries gone. He felt this need to talk to her, without realzing what he was doing he got up and walked over to her.

"What's a girl like you doing out so late? Don't you have school tomorrow Princess?" Jughead took a seat across from her. Veronica was broken out of her thoughts when the boy sat down in front of her. She didn't know who he was or why he is talking to her. She really just wanted to be alone right now, tonight wasn't going well and talking to a stranger isn't going to help. He is very hot though, she thought.

"First of all, don't call me princess. Second I do have school but I think it would be pretty hard to try to sleep after finding out my boyfriend cheated on me, not only that but with my supposely best friend!" Veronica replied, crossig her arms. "Why are you here late?"

" I was hungry." Jughead shrugged. He didn't know anything about this girl but the fact that some idiot douche would cheat on this raven haired beauty is insane and makes him upset. If he was wit her there is no way in hell would he cheat on her or even think about another girl. She is gorgeous and deserves someone better than her ex. Jughead isn't one for realtionships, yeah he has hooked up with girls in the past but that was out of boredom and wanting the thrill of sex.

"That didn't bother you before so why the sudden need to leave"?

"Why do you care? You don't know me. We literally met five seconds ago and I could really careless about you. I don't have the energy for this. I just got my heart broken by two people who were suppose to be my friends! I know that you might not get that but I just want to be alone okay? I am gonna end up alone anyways so might as well start now." Veronica said as tears started stremaing down her face. She could not believe that she was crying in front of a stranger in Pop's. Although it was late at night and no one else was around besides the waiter and Pop. Still she shouldn't be this easy to break, she is Veronica Lodge she should be stronger than this.

"Thank you but like I said you don't even know me." Veronica reachers for her purse. Right when she is about to stand up the raven haired boy speaks up, "I'm Jughead. Jughead Jones."

At first she doesn't reconigze the name but a second later it clicks. He is the Jughead Jones, the leader of the Southside gang, what were they called again? Snakes? She always hears her father bickering about some gang stopping him from taking over the South. She wonders if he is the reason behind all of her father's recent stress at work. She isn't quite sure if telling him who she was is a good idea but the words leave her mouth before she realizes it. " Hello Jughead, I'm Veronica Lodge"

"Veronica Lodge? Any relation to Hiram Lodge?" Jughead asks while getting slighty angry. He should have known nothing good happens to him, if she has any ties to Hiram well she might as well be dead. How could anyone stand by a man who is set out to destroy lives on the South?!

"Why yes, Hiram is my father." she replies.

"Oh well this was nice but as you said, you should get going, I don't want to keep daddy's girl out all night." he leans back and puts his arm against the back of the booth.

She doesn't know what she has done to piss him off but she can tell he is upset. She guesses that he is not a fan of her father. "Well then, good-bye Jughead." she waves after leaving the booth.

"Bye Princess."


Jughead is laying down in his bed after today's events it isn't easy to fall asleep. Especially when a certain girl with the cutest smile is on his mind, he tried to quit thinking of her but he couldn't. This girl he has heard so much about her through the gang. Toni's girlfriend Cheryl is always gossiping in the Whyte Wyrm and most of the times he doesn't care what she is yapping about, The name Veronica is famliiar, apparently she got kicked out of her last school in New York and was dating some jock. He didn't know all the details but he isn't going to lie, he wants to know more about her and why would someone in their right mind cheat on a girl like her?. That answer is beyond him and then seeing her cry was worse, his heart broke a little when he noticed the tears splling out of her eyes. How dare someone make her cry? She was too good for this world, he thought. Why did she have to be related to Hiram, even worse be his only daughter! The world must hate Jughead to bring this amazing girl in his life but make it so compliacted to get to know her.

"Fuck it." he thought right before his eyes shut. he was going to get to know her one way or another.