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When Forces Join

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Alex yawned, and sat up in her bed in the Fairy Palace. It had been nine years since the battle between her Uncle Lloyd, and her and Connor’s story characters, and life had settled down relatively well. Alex was renamed Fairy Godmother, now 24 years of age, and Connor moved back to the Otherworld with Bree. He comes and goes from the Land of Stories. Even though life had gone back to normal, the battles they all had fought left a deep scar, alongside the scar left when their father died, and the scar left when their grandmother, the original Fairy Godmother passed away.

Alex showered and prepared herself for the day, which mainly included travelling all around the Land of Stories and finding out which regions in the land needed the most care, and assistance. She waved her wand over her and changed her nightgown into a shimmering spring green dress covered in golden swirls. After losing control of her powers due to the events that happened in that period of time, and Morina, Alex had been trying to make up for the fear she had caused in people.
As she stepped out of the palace and left in search of Cornelius, her unicorn, a young boy with blond curls and striking blue-grey eyes sprinted into her, knocking her down a few steps. He sat up, and looked at her sheepishly.

“Sorry Aunty Alex. Do you know where I can hide? I may or may not have…um…annoyed Aunt Red…”, the nine-year-old son of Jack and Goldilocks rubbed the back of his neck, and gave her a cheeky smirk.

Alex rolled her eyes. “Fine. Go hide inside, but don’t do anything to the decorations, or Emeralda will be very mad. Go on, Hero. I’ll calm her down.”
With that, Hero thanked her and ran inside the Fairy Palace. The whole kingdom was quite friendly with Hero. He was a sweet boy, who had loving parents. Sure enough, Red (Queen Red Riding Hood) stormed up to Alex with a very red face.

“Where is he! He – He – HE.” She huffed in annoyance. “He took my Shakeyfruit book”

“It’s Shakespeare, Red”, Alex giggled and watched as Prince Charlie Charming ran up to them, panting, from the long run.

“My dear…he only took it because he was interested…it does not really matter. We could just get another one, and read a different story for the time being. Oh, and hi Alex!”, Charlie grinned at her.

Charlie calmed his long-term girlfriend down, and lead her away from the Fairy Palace. Alex chuckled to herself and told Hero to come out again. Jack walked up to her.

“Hey. Going around again?”, he motioned for Hero to come. “Goldilocks and I need to start training him, just in case, you know”

Alex nodded. “I agree. Go on. Have fun, and…um…tell Goldilocks to be safe?”, Alex gave Jack a warning look and he just laughed.

“Yeah, sure. See you”, and with that he walked off towards the woods where their cottage was located.

Alex turned around and walked to the fields in search of Cornelius. She found him grazing in the back fields. She came over and patted his head as he nuzzled her right shoulder. She climbed onto him and galloped off into the forest, towards the Charming Kingdom

John Bailey sat down in the middle of the room. Chiron, Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, the Olympian Gods and Merlin sat around him.

“They are rising. Even worse than before. We need to make a move, but we need everybody to work. Do we know everyone we need?” John rubbed his temples, and sighed.

“Percy and Annabeth won’t exactly be happy, you are aware of that, aren’t you?”, Chiron rubbed his beard.

“No one will have a world to live in without getting rid of the army which has joined forces”, Gandalf said.

As Dumbledore had stayed silent through the entire conversation. He looked around. “Two enemies during their school years have also united together” His blue eyes twinkled through their half-moon spectacles. “Everyone believes that I am dead, but they are living happily so far”

“I suggest we get everyone together, and try as hard as possible to win this war that is in the making. Voldemort, Kronos, Gaia and Sauron and his army are rising, and banding together as an even stronger force. We need to end this” Chiron implied.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Then we shall begin with my children, Alex and Connor”, John stood up and walked over to the portal to the Land of Stories from his book, and stepped through it with Merlin.