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MHA Spanking one shots

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Hitoshi sat on his bed and tried desperately not to cry. He looked down at his tight church pants as he sniffled. It had not been a good day.

It started out like a normal Sunday morning. He woke up, came downstairs, ate a quick breakfast before church and attended the service... thats where it started to go down hill.

During the mid after church where all the teenagers grouped together in another room for confirmation class, Hitoshi was with his usual group of friends. Up until Neito Monoma and his nasty little crew began picking on them.

Normally, Hitoshi disliked conflict and would go out of his way to avoid it. But... maybe because he was with friends he was feeling a tad cocky.
One thing lead to another and mean words were exchanged, followed by some finger pointing, taunting laughter... then pushing.. then physical fighting.

The boys ended up being separated by the confirmation class teachers.

Of course, all the families were called from the ongoing service to retrieve the misbehaving teens.
Neito's parents took him and scolded him quietly walking out, they made him apologize to the instructors before pinching his ear and dragging towards the exit.

Hitoshi gulped hearing the quick footsteps behind him. He turned to see his fathers. His dad holding onto his younger sister who he had to go pull from her Sunday school, his Papa who scowled behind his glasses towards his son.

After apologies and being dragged out by his ear like a child, a silent car ride home, Hitoshi was sent to his room with a harsh strike to his bottom from his Dad. Hitoshi whimpered as he ran up the stairs and away from his angry fathers.

So now he sat here, on his bed, thinking long and hard about the events from today and how he was likely going to be spanked.
Hitoshi sniffled and looked around his room. To others it would seem plain and borderline juvenile, but considering his family belonged to a super strict church, it was only natural that he was treated like a child still.
Maybe thats why he was still spanked at 16..

He could hear steps closing in on his room. The knob twisted and in stepped one of his father's. Hitoshi made eye contact for mere seconds but quickly turned his head away. His father closed the door, crossing his arms.

"Now I could yell and lecture you about how embarrassed our family is and how upset we are with you." Shouta started.

Hitoshi sniffled and nodded, picking at his nails and avoiding eye contact.

"But.." Shouta sighed, leaning against his sons bedroom wall. "I get it, things like this happen."

Hitoshi blinked towards his Father, confused by his statement.

"Look I get it, when your Papa and I attended the same church in our youth and I had my fair share of jerks try to rile me up." Shouta began "And it got the best of me, once or twice.."

The violet haired teen felt his mouth drop. His dad!? He would have predicted that from papa, but not his dad..

"So then you understand that?" Hitoshi murmured, a weak smile forming.

"I understand." Shouta nodded, a confident smile mirroring his sons "But you are still receiving a spanking."

"But you just said!-"

"Yes, I said I understood your emotions and the way you reacted, however, you cannot be that naive to believe I would tolerate that behavior." Shouta sighed "You know the Lord says that a parent who doesn't punish their child, does not truly love them, for they do not want them to learn."

Hitoshi groaned. He loved Jesus but he really disliked when his repentance hurt for real. But.. he did feel bad about all of this. Monoma was an idiot. He should have just ignored him. Not sunk to his level, and most of all... he should have forgiven him. The teen puffed his cheeks and looked down.

"I understand.." He sulked quietly.

"I knew you would, that wasn't you." Shouta nodded "That was a version of you that I am not used to seeing and I do not want to see again."

Shouta walked past Hitoshi and opened his top dresser drawer. Hitoshi looked down at the floor of his bedroom and accepted his situation. His father pulled out a wooden ruler from his top drawer. He walked back over to Hitoshi.

"Alright, I want you to stand up." Shouta told him.

Hitoshi nodded, obeying his father and standing up. Waiting for further instruction. Shouta sat down and turned towards Hitoshi who was still standing next to him, he unbuttoned Hitoshi's church pants and pulled those down. Hitoshi was wearing white cotton boxer briefs.

"Take off your dress shirt if you feel it would be more comfortable." Shouta told him.

Hitoshi nodded, slowly unbuttoning his dress shirt and slipping it off. He had a white tank top on underneath that only provided shielding to his torso from his itchy dress shirt.

"When you're ready." Shouta told him.

The teen hesitated as usual but eventually climbed onto the bed and over his Father's lap. It was weird how he used to feel so small and physically now he wasn't, but this made him feel small. Hitoshi settled. Shouta taking his upper body and locking him in. Some more small adjustments were made until Shouta picked up the wooden ruler and lightly patted Hitoshi's bottom with it. Hitoshi gulped. The ruler was raised and as Shouta took a better grip onto it a series of quick, sharp slaps began to sting Hitoshi's underwear clad bottom.
He winced and let out a small whine.

Shouta did not hold back with his boy. Ohh no sir. He was strict on him. He knew that to an extent boys would be boys, but there was only so much he would tolerate within that regard. Boys will be boys, but his boy will be responsible for his actions. He and Hizashi, like many of the parents in their small town, did not want their children to fall into sinful habits and behaviors. So when Hitoshi misbehaved, he was punished.

The smacks continued in the same quick sequence with no rest. That was the problem with the ruler. With the belt there was at least wind up, with the paddle there was pause but with the ruler it was merciless.

Soon enough there a small pause.

To Hitoshi's horror as the slaps quickly began to start being delivered to his thighs!

Hitoshi wiggled and begged, his tears breaking through. He felt like a small and sorry little boy. Begging his Father to grant him even a little mercy.

"D-dad!" Hitoshi gasped, gripping his blue and white striped bed sheets "Da-dad! Please not my thighs!!! On my bottom, please!"

"Revelations 3:19." Shouta tsked as he paddled away at his son's thighs "You will learn from this, son, I will not tolerate that type of naughty behavior from you."

Hitoshi loudly sobbed. He was miserable. His bottom hurt, his thighs were getting cooked and his chest was filled with guilt. He put his head down into the bed and bawled like a baby. He knew he deserved this spanking. He knew he deserved it for fighting with Monoma, for disturbing the class and the service and humiliating his parents.

He gave in and took the spanking.

The ruler never stopped peppering down onto his smooth, firm thighs. His pale thighs turning into a rosy pink. Shouta worked his way back to his already sore bottom from before. Hitoshi kicked a little bit, but Shouta was fully prepared to go right back to his thighs if he kept it up.

Hitoshi did not, laying his head back down. Shouta appreciated this as he continued with his sons much needed spanking.

After several minutes of no rest and a continuous paddling with the ruler, Shouta stopped. He could actually see a deep red blush forming under Hitoshi's white undies.
Hitoshi blubbered into his bed. Desperately wanting the spanking to be over, he ached terribly.

Shouta put his free hand into the back of Hitoshi's hair and lovingly ran his fingers through his son's hair. Hitoshi sobbed.

"Its over." Shouta spoke quietly "I know you have learned your lesson, you are a good boy Toshi, I know you are."

"Th-thank you da-dadd-daddy!" Hitoshi whimpered hopefully "Ca-Can I pl-please get up!?"

"You may." Shouta nodded, standing his baby boy up.

Hitoshi's face was dripping with sweat and tears. He wiped his eyes and then his hands quickly darted down to rub his aching bottom and thighs.

Shouta stood up and put the ruler away in the top dresser drawer where all of Hitoshi's punishment tools stay. He turned and walked towards his son, wrapping his arms around him and hugging him tightly. Hitoshi sunk into this and sniffled, trying not to burst into tears again.

"I-I will b-be better." Hitoshi whimpered "I promise.."

"You will do fine Toshi, everyone is faced with conviction and repentance." Shouta rubbed his back "I love you very much, I know you're a good boy."

Hitoshi took a deep breath and felt much better. His guilt had left him and his body felt lighter.

"Everyone? Even you dad? And Papa?" Hitoshi asked.

"Especially your Papa." Shouta rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath.

"What?" Hitoshi asked

"Ohh, uh, yes Toshi everyone, everyone should talk to God about the things they feel guilty or shameful about." Shouta nodded "Do not stress over this, it's over now and you are better for it."

"Thanks Dad.." Hitoshi whimpered as he stood away.

"I'm thinking someone needs a cool down nap right about now." Shouta crossed his arms "Sound good? Want me to lay you down and read to you some?"

Hitoshi nodded, a rush of relief in his body. He quickly went to his bed and got underneath the quilt. Unfortunately he immediately switched to laying on his tummy. Shouta took out one of Hitoshi's devotionals and dimmed the lights. He sat down on Hitoshi's bed and opened the book up to a random page and began reading aloud to his son.