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A/N: This is a mere prologue, so the initial chapter is very short. We meet Justin here. The next chapter will showcase Brian. I hope you enjoy it. :) 

Justin Taylor slid his arms around his boyfriend's waist, anchoring him closer to him, his body convulsing in helpless shudders, a feeling of dread overwhelming him. "Seth, please don't go out tonight. I have a really bad feeling."


Pulling back to disengage his boyfriend's tight hold, and with a surprising degree of difficulty, his voice was slightly admonishing when he declared, "No, Justin. Not a feeling. It's never just that with you." Shaking his head, Seth walked away, checking himself in the mirror, slightly wincing when he turned to see the hurt in Justin's eyes. "Baby, don't be mad at me. You know I don't buy into this premonition bullshit. I am a registered nurse and a damn good one. I believe in cold, hard facts - not the supernatural."


"I never believed in it either; or, at least, I don't think I did." Justin shook his head, scrunching up his nose as confusion overwhelmed him. "You know that I remember very little before that night. Most of which I remember are fragments, and what my family and friends told me."


"Family..." Seth sneered. "Your father tossed you out right after your discharge from the hospital. He didn't even give you a chance to get settled... and your mother, well, she did very little to intercede on your behalf." At the pained look in Justin's eyes, Seth moved closer, placing his hands on each side of his boyfriend's face. "I'm not saying that to hurt you, Justin. But, you need to face the facts. If not for me, you would be on the streets, fending for yourself. In the shape you were in... that would only have had one outcome---"


Justin looked at his boyfriend incredulously. "My mother was afraid of him. She wasn't independent at the time, and he was verbally abusive, in addition to being an alcoholic. She had my sister to think about. And, whether you believe it or not, I am not that weak. I can take care of myself!" Sighing in resignation, Justin walked away; he went to sit down on the sofa, his hand reaching for the television remote. "I know you won't heed my advice, but something is going to happen tonight. Not only do I feel it... I have seen it."


"What exactly have you seen?" Seth forced himself to keep the mockery from his voice. Despite the fact that he didn't believe in Justin's so-called premonitions, he knew that Justin did. He had already upset him enough tonight. The last thing he wanted was for his boyfriend to worry about him all evening.


The pallor on Justin's face was immediate. "Red eyes hunting you, Seth. And then, cornering and capturing you. The eyes of a monster."


"That's ridiculous, Justin. Red eyes? What about a face? A body? That just doesn't make any sense."


Shrugging his shoulders, Justin couldn't totally disagree, but he knew what he had seen. Sadly, he had only seen the eyes. "Take my advice and avoid any dark alleys. If you do that, you just might survive tonight."


Seth's eyes widened, a tremor at once coursing down his spine, but not enough to change his plans. He often took a shortcut down a couple of alleys. They were usually empty. How had Justin known that? "I'll be careful, Justin. I always am. After all, I have you. Why would I want to risk that?"


"Why indeed..." Justin agreed, offering his lips for a kiss when Seth approached, for once, hoping his premonitions were misguided. When Seth locked and closed the door behind him, Justin closed his eyes as he recalled those eyes again. At once, he shivered.


He had never seen red, glowing eyes. Quite simply, they were beautiful... and terrifying.



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A/N: Another short chapter; however, much longer than the prologue. Please bear with me on the updates. This chapter was previously written, so I am posting it now. Finishing 'Primitive' remains my priority. After that, I can devote all of my writing time to this story. Thank you for reading and the initial response. Please continue sharing your feedback with me. It motivates me more than I can say. :) 

A cold smile twisting his lips, Brian Kinney stalked his prey, moving at a much slower pace than was normal when he was hunting his next meal. In actuality, there was no reason to rush. He was immortal; therefore, no human could outrun him. Nor could they hide from him once he had captured their scent. His fangs remained retracted as he slightly increased his pace. There was no need to reveal himself to strangers, or even this man that began to pick up his steps; the end of tonight's hunt would be soon. Brian almost laughed when the man darted down a dark alley, an abandoned area that saw very little activity. Fools. Didn't these mindless humans ever watch the films they created? Nothing good ever came from a dash down a dark alley... whether inhabited or not. When would they ever learn?


He had been a vampire for nearly seventy-five years now. His skills were practiced and refined. He only killed when circumstances necessitated it. As he had progressed in his specific craft, the killing occurrences had lessened; however, it was something he could do with ease and discretion. Brian whistled as he quickened his steps, the sound an echo in the alley that would otherwise only produce the sounds of each of their hurried footsteps. He was closing in now. The smell of the man's fear was redolent in the air. He could almost taste the life-giving essence now. Soon, he would be.


Suddenly, the man stopped and turned to see who appeared to be approaching him, his smaller legs shaking as the beautiful man with the glowing red eyes now closed in on him. Terror gripped the man as he was consumed by the red orbs, unable to look away as the monster's supreme power overwhelmed his weaker will. "P-please... don't kill me."


Tilting his head to the side, Brian repeated, ‘Kill you?" With very little effort, Brian pushed the man forward until his back was against a brick building, his hand reaching up to clasp around the other man's throat. "As long as you give me what I need without causing me any difficulties, you will walk away reasonably unscathed." Brian laughed as the man's eyes widened further in fear, uncaring of his terror, his only concern now that of feeding his hunger and going about his evening.


Almost instantly, the man made the mistake of reacting how so many others tried to escape; a last attempt at resistance, when all hope of success had been extinguished. This nameless offering didn't realize that... but soon he would. As soon as the man opened his mouth, a scream poised at the back of his throat, Brian tightened his grasp around the man's neck, not tight enough to crush the fragile bones he held, but enough that he was cutting off the vital airways. His glowing and feral eyes became angry now, it was always the case when his meal delayed the feeding of his hunger. When the man's face began to change colors, Brian relaxed his grip. He couldn't have the man die on him; at least, not before he was fed. "Quiet, or I will break you in half..." the beast in him raged, his tone both impatient and contemptuous.


Once the man stilled, Brian turned his prey's head to the side, with his night vision able to see the pulse that was beating wildly in the man's neck. He licked his lips, his fangs now extracting. It was time to feast, for some reason, his hunger being of ravenous intensity tonight. He wasn't sure this man would be enough. The man was rather petite, although, a man he would normally pick to service him in other ways... but not tonight. His survival was all that mattered for now. He needed to feed. Sometimes he became lost in the pleasures of the flesh that he pushed his more elemental hunger aside. Brian knew he really shouldn't be doing that. Waiting too long, the need for blood became overpowering. It led to mistakes being made. That was something he prided himself on not doing.


Hungrily, Brian slid his fangs into the man's neck, growling when the blood hit his throat, his hand remaining on the other man's throat to hold him in place; however, once this connection was forged, that force was never required. Now, the man was under his power. He wouldn't attempt to escape or even call out. The man was his until he released him. Brian greedily drank the life-sustaining blood, his eyes closing as he fed in a devouring intensity. Drinking for as long as he knew it was safe to do, Brian used his saliva to close the wound, healing it to where the evidence was no longer visible.


Stepping back, Brian commanded the man to look at him. They weren't finished quite yet. "Look into my eyes."


Silently, the man obeyed, his eyes wide open, unblinking, and pulled into the hypnotic trance the vampire flawlessly invoked. When the predator remained silent, the man blinked, one small part of his mind resisting, knowing he had places to be... a home to return to. "P-please, let me go. I-I won't tell anyone." He laughed nervously. "No one would believe me---"


"Of course they wouldn't. My kind is not only feared but a myth in the eyes of humans. They can't cope with the realities of the supernatural world." Brian frowned, as his eyes stared intently into the other man's, for some reason feeling the need to utilize one of his most special skills - seeing what was in the other man's mind. It was almost like an old silent film. He could see the images, but he couldn't hear what was being said. In the forefront was an old apartment building. It appeared to be Brownstone style, an old building that appeared to be drastically in the need of repairs, and with countless windows, from the ground to the top of the building.


"C-can I go?" the man asked, his head pounding from the strain he was exerting trying to pull his mind free.  


"Not quite yet..." Brian growled, his eyes holding the other man in place, silently willing him to keep his thoughts and visions open to him, for some reason, compelled to view them all. He focused on the vision of another man; one slightly taller than this man, but shorter than himself. He was asleep in bed. Brian frowned when he realized it seemed to be a bed that was accustomed to holding two men. The young man was blond, and from what he could see of him through this man's eyes, he was one of exceptional beauty. Instantly, he became hard. One appetite had been fed; now, another was manifesting. He wanted to taste him in every way he savored such rare finds. There wasn't any conquest that ever evaded his pursuit. This man wouldn't be any different.


"Who is he?" Brian demanded, his eyes glowing again, mentally absorbing all he could of the hot young blond, and the room that surrounded him. He wanted to know everything about him. In particular, he wanted any knowledge that would entice him. If the nameless blond was committed to tonight's victim, that was about to change soon.


In a monotone voice, fully in a spellbound state, the man asked, "Who is who?"


"The blond that is in your thoughts. Who is he?" Brian hissed, impatient for an answer, aware that he had this man in a transfixed and confused state, yet uncaring of that particular detail.


"That's Justin... my roommate."


Brian arched a brow, slightly backing away, allowing the man to pull free, deciding he might get better answers if the man was coherent. "Just your roommate?"


"Uh yeah, well --- kind of... w-why?" the man stammered, his eyes still helplessly fascinated by the man that held him powerless.


"No reason." Brian's tone was devoid of any inflection, his eyes boring into the other man's, commanding his attention as he erased their encounter from his memory. Silently, he replaced the man's fear with a feeling of tranquility, releasing him from the spell a moment later. Before the man could blink, following the stupor that had held him enthrall, Brian was gone. However, not far. He wasn't finished with this encounter quite yet. His hunger had been fed, but now he needed to find where the enticing Justin lived. Following this man home would answer his question without going another path that would lead to a longer encounter with this man.


Uncertain why he was so intrigued by the sleeping blond, he followed at a distance, this time not wanting to alarm the man to his presence. He had served his purpose, and now he was onto another one. He wondered what he would see when he looked into the blond's eyes. Would they be green? Or perhaps they would be the deepest blue. That was only one question he sought to answer; although, he knew he probably wouldn't have that answer tonight. Location was an excellent place to start. After that, the blond would be his to take.



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A/N: There is no Brian in this chapter. It is morning now, so I guess we need to let our vampire get some rest... but, we will see a lot of him in the next chapter. Again, please bear with me on the updates. I am focused on finishing 'Primitive' first, and I just finished working 10 days straight, so it's been a very busy time.

Thank you for reading. As always, comments are greatly appreciated! 


Justin Taylor paced back and forth in the small apartment, his teeth anxiously biting into his bottom lip. Seth should be home soon; at least, he should be if he didn't stop along the way. His arrival was always difficult to predict. Some mornings he came straight home, and others, he was out for hours. Whenever he was going to stop for coffee or breakfast with his other co-workers, he always called to let him know. Seth hadn't called yet... so, he had to assume he'd be coming directly home.


He had awoken with a slight sigh of relief. The fact that he hadn't received a call during the night indicated that his premonition hadn't come true. Although his premonitions usually weren't time specific - it didn't have to be last night. All he knew was that his senses had told him it would be soon. A cold chill suddenly coursed down his spine. The more he thought about those penetrating and mesmerizing eyes, the more he became convinced that something had happened. The eyes were so cold... but through it all, he still remembered them as being beautiful. Who did those eyes belong to? And, was the man as dangerous as what his few glimpses of him had indicated? He might never find out, but he couldn't deny how curious he was about the rest of the man. How he wished he could have seen his face, but his premonition hadn't given him that.


So lost in his inner musings, Justin didn't hear the door being unlocked and opened, when he turned around and saw Seth walking inside, he nearly shrieked in response. "Seth! You're home. I didn't hear you come in!" Justin rushed forward, urgently wrapping his arms around him, holding him close to him. "I've been so worried. You're okay. Really okay---"


Seth grunted, his arms reaching out to hold Justin to him. "Of course I'm okay. I told you I would be. There was absolutely nothing to worry about. Perhaps one day you'll learn not to place so much importance on your so-called visions."


Justin pulled back, scowling at the almost condescending tone in his boyfriend's voice. "So-called visions?" Justin repeated. "Up until now, they have been very accurate. They just haven't been anything as serious as this one. And, how do you know it is false? It didn't tell me the date of the incident. It could be tonight, tomorrow, next week, or even beyond that. I think it's foolish not to take every precaution and treat it as a viable threat."


Seth shook his head, exhaustion causing him to feel aggravated with Justin, something that had been happening even more lately. "Justin, listen... I am tired. I worked all night, and I need to get some sleep." He didn't tell his boyfriend that he'd struggled often during his shift in staying awake. Things had been more quiet than usual at the hospital last night, and keeping his eyes open hadn't been a simple feat. He had had plenty of sleep the night before as well. Why he had suddenly become so tired was a mystery to him... but his fussbudget boyfriend didn't need to know that.


"This is how it always is, Seth. You don't want to have a discussion and an excuse prevents us from doing that. I get that you worked and that you are tired... but, my concerns are valid. I'm just trying to keep you safe!" Justin fervently urged, a grim look on his face as he analytically examined the lines in Seth's face, the fatigue clearly present.


"I get that, sweetheart... but you exaggerate everything. These visions, or whatever they are, cloud all of your common sense. They aren't real, Justin." Seth motioned to himself with his hands. "I'm here and nothing happened to me." Seth knew this would agitate Justin further, but he needed to make his point. "I even went down the alley that you warned me to stay away from... and guess what? Nothing happened! You need to get a grip on this, Justin. It's ruining your life... in fact, our lives. I think it's time we thought about therapy."


"Therapy!?" Justin shouted, uncaring of how loud he was, outrage and disbelief causing his voice to crack. "I have been through all the testing after I woke up from my coma. Everything came back normal... and you know that, Seth. After all, you were there!"


Rolling his eyes, Seth grumbled, "Of course I was there. That's when we met. I was taking care of you. The only time I have ever become personally involved with a patient." Shaking his head, Seth bit back what would be hurtful words - first time... and last. "I know the severity of your head trauma. Complications could have developed that wasn't present then. I think it warrants checking it out."


"No!" Justin snapped. "I am fine. The headaches have lessened over time. My yearly checkup with the neurologist is next month. That's as far as I intend on taking this." Justin stared heatedly at his boyfriend, not intending to back down when faced with Seth's irritated expression. Seth was extremely stubborn; although, not quite as much as himself. He wasn't backing down in this because he knew his visions were unavoidable and not a figment of his imagination. He believed in them. There wasn't a psychoanalyst that would make him believe anything different. "I need to get dressed. I work at the coffee shop this morning."


"Just consider what I'm saying, Justin. We can set the idea aside for now. I just want you to think about it..."


"There's nothing to think about, Seth. I am fine. I don't need some shrink poking around in my head, dredging up a past that I no longer want to remember. I just want to live my life now." When he noticed Seth shaking his head in irritation, Justin told him, "If you want me to keep my premonitions to myself, then fine, I can do that. I was only trying to protect you!"


Seth grunted, his eyes rolling simultaneously. "Protect me? I can look out for myself, Justin." Moving closer, Seth placed his hand on the side of Justin's face, staring deeply into his beautiful blue eyes. "I don't want you to keep anything from me. If it makes you feel better to talk about these things you see, then I want you to do that. I just want you to understand that it won't make me believe in them too. That will never happen."


"Okay, I get that." Justin half-heartedly laughed. "I suppose it's hard to believe something you can't see for yourself. I'm glad nothing bad happened last night... but I'm confused at the same time." Justin bit at his bottom lip. "Are you absolutely sure nothing unexpected happened?"


"Yes, Justin. I'm sure. I worked all night; although, I have felt exhausted all night." Seth frowned for a minute, before he continued, "I have no explanation for that. I was wide awake when I left for work, but once I got there, I was just totally depleted. I have no answer for what could have caused that."


His brows furrowing in concern, Justin observed, "That's not like you, Seth. You are always alert and particularly attentive on the job. I would know..."


Seth nodded, unable to argue that point. He didn't tell Justin that part of the walk to walk was a blur to him. He did remember going down the alley Justin warned him about, and then, nothing until he was well out of it and on his way to the hospital. Why couldn't he remember those minutes he had walked through the alley? Vaguely, he could remember a slight moment of fear, a feeling that had been replaced with a more tranquil feeling as he neared the hospital. Perhaps something had happened, but not what Justin had predicted. "I think I'll get some juice and lay down for a few hours. That should recharge me."


Leaning forward, Justin kissed Seth briefly on the lips, knowing he needed to be moving along as well. "I hope so. I know you're off tonight. Maybe we should just hang out here. Take things easy."


"No!" Seth protested, uncertain why he was so against the idea. "I want us to go out. You have never been to any of the clubs on Liberty Avenue, and I know you've wanted to see them. I thought we could stop at one of the bars, and then see if any of the clubs appealed to you. It's so rare that I get a weekend night off. I'd like to take advantage of it."


"I can't deny that I'd like to check it out. We live close to that neighborhood, it's strange that we've never been there together." Justin smiled warmly at his boyfriend, hopeful that a night out would rekindle the passion in their relationship. At times, it felt they stayed together because it was a familiar routine neither one of them wanted to change. It used to be more. He wanted it to be more again. "However, only if you're feeling better."


"Well, I'm not exactly a novice. I've been to Babylon a few times. It was a bit crazy then, but I hear it's under new ownership, so it could be a good place to start." Seth yawned, his eyelids beginning to droop, his fatigue strangely worsening. "I'm going to get that juice and go to sleep. We can firm up our plans later."


Justin kissed him again, telling him goodnight, watching him closely as he slowly sauntered into the kitchen, pouring his juice before taking it with him into the bedroom. He shook his head. Seth hadn't seemed ill, but what else could cause such sudden fatigue? As much as he would enjoy a night out, he wanted Seth back to normal even more.


Without any warning, a chill coursed down his spine. Justin gasped as another vision assailed him, this one much stronger than the first one.


Again, it was those glowing red eyes. And yet, still, no face attached. Who did those eyes belong to? Was it man or beast... or perhaps both? Justin rolled his eyes at his own impossible thought. It wasn't possible it could be both man and beast. Perhaps he was losing his mind. Closing his mind, he tried to focus on what he had seen.


Glowing red eyes. This time, they seemed to be fixated on him. Justin saw himself walking toward them. He couldn't sense any fear present; in fact, just the opposite. As he walked towards the man with the penetrating eyes, he saw the hunger in them, and still, he kept walking forward, unable to do anything else.


Who was this man? And, even more important than that... if these premonitions were true, what were his intentions for him?





A/N: It seems that Brian didn't discover Justin's location since Seth walked to work instead. I'm sure that will be a temporary delay for Justin's determined admirer. Haha. More to come...

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A/N: I slipped in an update for this story to keep it moving along, and so that you don't forget where we are when I can return to it exclusively. My priority is still to finish 'Primitive,' which I hope to do soon. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the chapter. :) 

Brian awoke much earlier than was customary for him; primarily, because he had taken his rest earlier when his plans for the previous evening had become unexpectedly unraveled. If he had been following his victim more closely, he could have stopped him before he reached what he assumed to be his workplace. As he'd followed last night's meal into the hospital, he had discovered that he was a nurse. He had been fortunate in overhearing a conversation between him and another nurse that was about to be off duty. That discovery could be useful in the event he struggled with tracking the blond by any other means.


Remaining in his horizontal position in bed, Brian felt no need to rush. His bedroom was in the lower level of his house, airtight windows and doors protecting him from the sunlight that weakened him. Contrary to myths and the countless stories written about his kind, he could survive in the direct sunlight; however, his powers and senses became less effective. In the unlikely occurrence that an enemy threatened, that weakness could be a problem.


Moving his hand to the table next to his bed, Brian reached for his cell phone, scrolling through his messages with one sweep of a finger. Another power he possessed. He could read a long series of entries in a mere instant. Often, that was a very useful skill. Brian scowled when he saw the identity of who had sent a large number of messages.


Michael Novotny. Brian shook his head in irritation. He had only arrived in Pittsburgh a few months ago, just another move that his lifestyle forced him to make in time. It was difficult making friends, and living within a community atmosphere given the fact that he never grew older. Although mind control was always an option, it became tedious after a while, and it was difficult to determine suspicion in those that could be observing him from a distance. Because of that, he was somewhat reclusive, only coming out in the darkness of night, and inviting very few into his inner circle.


For the past few weeks, Michael had become a nuisance, but not by chasing after him as so many others before him had done. Michael was more personal in his stalking. Although Michael stopped by Babylon nearly every night to have a few drinks with his friends, he was also in a committed relationship. Brian sneered at the thought. Committed relationship. Instantly, it evoked a shudder in him. He couldn't fathom how any self-respecting queer could use the same labels as a breeder couple. Long ago, even when he had still been alive, he had vowed not to ever be part of a ‘couple.' Even though he had occasionally relented in his rules regarding not fucking a man more than once, he had never been personally invested in one of his tricks. He had always sworn that would never change.


Initially, he had thought that Michael was another victim to his aura, despite the fact that he seemed to be in a solid relationship. Even though he hadn't attempted to instill that in Michael, at times, weaker humans became susceptible to his immortal charm. A few nights ago, Brian had discovered that wasn't the case here. Michael had begun asking him to come over for dinner to meet his live-in partner, he had even suggested he bring a date if he would be more comfortable. Once more, Brian shuddered. A date? It was a revolting thought and one that would never be attributed to him. Brian Kinney didn't date. He fucked and fed. That was the beginning... and the end. Such an attachment would endanger him, and he wasn't the kind of man to take unnecessary risks.


When the phone began to vibrate in his hand, Brian accepted the call, realizing he needed to end this bizarre obsession - once and for all. "What time is it, Michael? And... that being so - why the fuck are you calling me?"


"Brian? You're awake?" Michael's voice sounded confused to the irritated immortal, not a doubt present that this call would become even more annoying. He had told all of them never to contact him before six o'clock, making it clear that he would either be sleeping or attending to business. Of course, Michael wasn't one to follow instructions.


"It appears so..." Brian replied blandly. "Now, I will repeat myself. What the fuck do you want?"


Michael grunted. "It seems that someone needed to sleep longer. Do you need to be so unpleasant?"


"Unpleasant?" For a moment, Brian's eyes became fiery red, the impulse to extract his fangs nearly overwhelming. The only reason he refrained from doing so was the knowledge that he didn't have a victim to either maim or feed on... preferably the latter. At the moment, Michael could easily be placed in the maim category. "You are the one who called me!"


"Yes, I did... and I'm beginning to regret that..." Michael continued to grumble, the whine clearly detected in his voice.


"Just get to the fucking point, Michael. Despite the fact that I am not sleeping today, I do have other interests outside of Babylon." Brian's eyes continued to flare as he spoke, certain that he would be forced to make a choice that would distance Michael from him. His interference in his life could become a problem, and since he had so recently settled in Pittsburgh, he wasn't looking to make another change so soon.


"Well, I didn't know that, Bri. You tell us so little about your life." Michael sighed dramatically, before he continued, "I just want you to meet my partner. I thought we could hang out and get to know each other better. Ben will be returning from a writer's convention in a couple of days; I wanted to make some plans."


Brian sat up in the bed, kicking the sheet and comforter off, before turning to sit on the side of the bed with his feet now on the floor. "Michael, I've already told you that I'm not interested. If you bring your boyfriend around the club and we meet, that's one thing, but I don't have the time or the desire to attend social events. It's not what I do."


"B-but..." Michael began to sputter. "I - I thought we were becoming friends. That's what friends do, Brian. We become a part of each other's lives---"


"Michael, be realistic. We've only known each other for a few months. You are thirty fucking years old, or however old you are. I don't know, and honestly, I don't give a fuck. We are acquaintances that hang out at my business. I like you and the rest of your friends, and undoubtedly, I appreciate your business, but that doesn't make us friends. The phone calls and texts need to stop. My answer isn't going to change." Brian was silent, a voice whispered inside of him, ‘please listen this time, I don't want to feel forced to kill you'.


A soft gasp was Michael's answer, followed by him clearing his throat. There wasn't a doubt that Michael was offended, but what Michael didn't realize, was that his very life could hinge on how he handled this warning going forward. "Fine. It's not like I can force you. I just thought we really hit it off and that we could all be friends. I even thought we could be best friends..."


"Well, you thought wrong. I don't do that. I'm a loner. It's how I live my life and it's not going to change. And now, I have things to do. Goodbye Michael." Brian ended the call, his patience with both Michael and the situation at an end.


A few blocks away, Michael frowned as he stared at his phone, intently looking at it as if he thought it would give him the answers to his questions. "What gives with you, Brian Kinney? You are the center of attention at your own club, interacting and mingling with everyone. But privately, you are a recluse. What are you hiding?" Michael sat down on the couch, staring silently ahead. "Perhaps if I find the answer, you will be more open to my offer of friendship." With that thought in mind, Michael reached into his pocket for his phone, immediately calling Ted, the one that had spent the most time with Brian since his arrival in Pittsburgh. Perhaps Brian's new accountant and friend to all of them would have some insight.


Justin smiled at his boyfriend as they almost leisurely walked down Liberty Avenue, thankful to see that Seth seemed to be returning to his old self, at least, on the outside. "Your nap must have done you good. Your color has returned."


Seth grunted. "Are you a medical professional now?"


"Hardly," Justin snapped. "This morning you were paler than I am. I am just glad it passed."


"Me too. It was only fatigue, Justin. Nothing for you to worry about." Seth forced himself not to sound condescending, realizing that was never the way to proceed with Justin. Often, he simply couldn't help himself, and when that happened, things never went his way. This morning had been a prime example.


"I worry, Seth. That's just how I am. I can't shake these visions, or how they seem to revolve around you---" Justin turned to look at Seth when he sensed him freezing at his side, his own steps stilling when he noticed the irritation on his boyfriend's face. "I'm sorry. I promised not to dwell on this, and I don't want to ruin our night out."


Seth rolled his eyes, uncertain if Justin could help himself. He stood by what he had tried to discuss with Justin earlier. His boyfriend needed more therapy. If he didn't relent willingly, perhaps he needed to force the issue. He wouldn't do that unless things worsened, but if they did, there were things he could do as a medical professional. He wouldn't hesitate if he thought it would benefit not only Justin but their future as well. "Let's have a couple of drinks at Woody's, and then we can check out Babylon. You'll really like it there; I know how much you love to dance."


Justin laughed. "As long as you're there to protect me from the big bad's, I know I'll be fine."


"Always..." Seth agreed, knowing he couldn't mean anything more. He had nursed Justin back to health, seduced him when he was mentally weakened, and incapable of his own rational thinking. Unethical after being his caregiver, but in his mind, the ends justified the means. He had gotten what he had wanted. There was no way he would let anyone take Justin from him.


As they walked inside of Woody's, they were each oblivious to eyes following their every movement, eyes that instantly became hungry, a man not the least bit hesitant of capitalizing on the gift fate was clearly handing him, no matter if his prey was with another man or not. Dark eyes narrowed into tiny slits as he watched the man handling the smaller and younger man in a proprietorial manner, a long and deep kiss exchanged between them, not a doubt in his mind that he was staking a claim for everyone in Woody's that currently eyed this hot piece of fresh meat.


Watching them from the far end of the bar, Brian was instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the blond, utilizing his heightened vision to see the young man's eyes, pleased to see that they were vivid blue, just as he had imagined. As the young couple ordered their drinks, Brian continued to watch them, thankful that none of the ‘gang' as Michael referred to them as had descended on him yet. He wanted to absorb everything about the couple, the blond in particular. The other man might think he had the blond chained to his side, but Brian had other ideas. It was just a matter of how to most effectively proceed.


Brian wished he had tasted the blond. If he had, it would be easy to compel him to glance in his direction. Once he achieved eye contact, the true hunt would begin. As he salivated in hunger, and his dick throbbed in anticipation, Brian knew he wouldn't be able to resist for long. For now, though, he would be satisfied with his observations, leaping at any opportunities that destiny afforded him. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that he would make his own opportunity if fate didn't work to his advantage. This man was meant for him. Brian had never felt such a strong pull to another man, victim or trick.


One thought prevailed, repeating itself over and over in his mind. No matter the obstacles involved, he had to have this man.


Brian never stopped to realize that his interest went far beyond his typical lust for a new trick. All that registered was his burning lust and hunger. Both of which, the hunter was determined to appease.



Chapter Text

Brian's eyes remained fixated on the couple at the end of the bar, uncaring of the familiar voice he heard calling out to him from the distance. Emmett Honeycutt. At least, it wasn't Michael; although, he was fairly certain that relief would be short-lived. Emmett didn't really bother him; in fact, he found him entertaining. He had already started to like him, which for him, was extremely odd. When Emmett sat at the stool next to him in a dramatic flourish, Brian briefly turned his head to the side, his eyebrow raising in a silent question.


"Can I buy you a drink?" Brian asked in boredom, thinking that would be the quickest way to turn Emmett's attention away from him, enabling him to concentrate fully on his hunt.


Emmett gasped in surprise. "Buy me a drink?" He held his hand to his chest. "What's come over you, stud?" Waving his hand in the air boisterously, Emmett exuberantly proclaimed, "It takes more than a drink to get my pants off, especially before Babylon opens."


Brian almost choked on his own drink. "Relax, Honeycutt. I have no aspirations for acquiring either your pants... or what's inside of them."


Shrugging uncaringly, he told him, "That's your loss, hot stuff." Turning away, Emmett motioned the bartender over, saying in a voice loud enough for everyone nearby to hear, "I'd like a Cosmo... and Brian is buying---"


The bartender looked at Brian inquiringly, not moving to make the drink until receiving a nod from Brian in response. "I'm filled with a generous spirit tonight." Brian looked down at the two men that held his attention, one of them in particular, deciding it was time to make his presence known. "In fact, Chaz, those two men at the end of the bar, set them up with another round."


"Sure thing, Brian." Mixing Emmett's drink first, and placing it in front of him, he took the bills that Brian extended, nodding his head in thanks when he was waved away, knowing it was his way of telling him to keep the change.


Emmett turned to look at Brian, and then at the two at the end of the bar, unsure which man Brian was chasing, but thinking this could be a fun evening. "Which one? Or is it both?" Emmett took a drink, laughing excitedly, knowing he would soon see the stud in action. He squinted when he watched the blond looking down the length of the bar, amazed at the gorgeous baby blue eyes. "What a cutie! No, it couldn't be him. He seems so sweet. Much too tame for you."


"Shut the fuck up, Honeycutt!" Brian growled, finally successful in making eye contact with the hot blond. Emmett wasn't the least bit mistaken. Those eyes were fucking beautiful. He couldn't wait to see them shimmering in desire... all for him. The blond stared at him for a long moment, before he smiled and raised his glass, only lowering his gaze when his boyfriend harshly cleared his throat next to him.


Emmett glared at his new friend. "I've told you, don't call me Honeycutt! And, it seems your blond bombshell is already taken. I don't think his boyfriend likes your attention."


Brian's attention turned to the man next to the blond, his victim of last night. He smiled mockingly as the man glared at him, knowing he was aware that it was the younger man's attention he sought. He frowned when he noticed the blond looking around, but not focusing on anything or anyone for long, almost as if he was uncomfortable to do so. Brian knew there was a story there, and that it probably had to do with his boyfriend, but he didn't plan on involving himself in that. Once he had fucked the blond, it would be finished. That's how it always was. This man wouldn't be any different.


Looking toward the door, Emmett mumbled, "Where are Michael and Ted? They are usually here before now---"


Brian grunted. "Ted is probably at the club already crunching my numbers. And, Michael, who the fuck cares?"


"Did the two of you have a fight?" Emmett asked, his eyes traveling around the room while he talked to Brian.


Staring at him incredulously, Brian shook his head. "What the fuck are you talking about? I don't have time for this." Brian finished his drink in one quick swallow, before standing to his feet and moving away from the bar. "It's time I met my friends at the end of the bar." His eyes swept over Emmett in dismissal. "Later, Honeycutt."


"Don't call me that!" Emmett shouted as Brian moved away, before cheerily calling out, "And, thanks for the drink!"


Ignoring Emmett and everyone else around him, Brian advanced to the two men seated at the end of the bar, his eyes eating one of them alive. He couldn't wait to feast his eyes on all of him before he proceeded to take him in every possible way. "Good evening..." he spoke in a low husky voice, his eyes completely on the nervous blond, the near shyness the boy possessed only turning him on even more.


Standing to his feet, the other man unwisely decided to step in between them. "I'm Seth, and this is Justin. Thank you for the drinks, but we're not interested in whatever it is you're offering."


"I'm Brian Kinney." Instantly, he enforced calm in himself. Now wasn't the time to become overbearing... but he could feel the compulsion to do so quickly building. "I haven't offered anything... yet, but let me assure you, when I do, you'll know it."


"Uhhh, Seth. Maybe we should just go home..." Justin mumbled, suddenly feeling extremely uneasy.


"Nonsense. I can handle this." Seth's eyes moved over the man that he was certain was hoping for a hook-up with Justin, convinced that once he set him straight, the evening could progress as he had planned. They hadn't fucked in such a long time. He'd be damned if this man would prevent that from happening. 


For the moment, Brian's interest moved to the man he now knew as ‘Seth,' the man from last night. I can handle this, he had said. He realized that equated into him saying that he could handle him. This could be more fun than he'd ever imagined. As much as he wanted to toy with the pretentious Seth, he wanted to become better acquainted with Justin even more. It was time to use all the weapons he possessed.


Stepping around the man, and once again looking at Justin, Brian looked into his eyes, frowning when some sort of block seemed to impede him. Justin blinked as if he felt something, but he seemed unaffected by his aura. How very interesting, he thought to himself. Once he had his blood, that would all change. For now, though, Seth was helpless in resisting his commands. He would utilize that advantage. Brian's eyes became darker, twin pools that hypnotized their victim, his desire transferred silently to the other man.


Excuse yourself and meet me out back in the alley behind the building. Don't make me return for you...


Brian returned his gaze to Justin, his eyes hot and smoldering on the young man. He left no doubt as to how much he wanted him. Despite Justin's somewhat timid act, he wasn't falling for it. This man had an inner strength. He could sense it. And, being a feral creature himself, he always relied on his senses. "I'm afraid I can't stay. It's almost time for Babylon to open, and since it's my club, I do like to be on hand to welcome my guests." He reached into his pocket and pulled out two passes to get inside. "If the two of you should decide to use these, they will get you past the line and security unimpeded."


"Thank you..." Justin whispered, unable to take his eyes off of the enigmatic brunet. He was silent as the man walked away, before glancing at Seth to find him in a similar spellbound state. "Well, that was strange." Justin leaned in to give Seth a kiss on the cheek, before standing up and telling him, "I'll be right back. I'm going to the restroom." Justin frowned when Seth nodded impatiently, having the immediate feeling that something was wrong. What could it possibly be this time?



Brian smiled in the darkness, even without the gift of sound, innately knowing when his prey was near. It was a simple deduction since he had fed from him last night, but in this case, an extremely convenient one. In quick order, he would learn a bit more about Justin... and have this interfering third wheel gone from the games tonight. It might be a temporary measure, but perhaps tonight was all he would need.


With unnecessary force, Brian grabbed Seth's arm, quickly yanking him to him, and pushing him against the wall of the building, darkness acting as a shroud around them; although, Brian could clearly see the sudden terror on the man's face. It was actually amusing. After seeing Seth with Justin, he had already deduced that the man was a control freak; in fact, in some way, he knew he was controlling his young lover. He just wasn't sure about how. "You know what I want... don't you, Seth?"


Shaking his head, Seth whimpered, "L-last night... something happened. Justin was right. There was a monster. I-it was you."


"Justin?" he hissed. "What does he know about that?"


"Uhhh nothing. He has head trauma and has premonitions at times. He saw red glowing eyes... just like yours are now."


"I see." Justin was becoming even more intriguing to him, and he had to admit, a danger as well. That was why he couldn't seduce him with his aura. There must be a block in the portion of his brain that his mind control couldn't penetrate. That was certainly something to keep in mind. "Tell me about Justin's head trauma. How did it happen?"


Unblinking, Seth told the menacing man about Justin's bashing and how he had been comatose for an extended period of time. As he told his story, Brian placed a feeling of calm and trust over the other man. He wanted to know everything without having to probe too deeply. They didn't have much time with Justin waiting for his boyfriend's return. The last thing he wanted was for Justin to run off.


"The attacker was never apprehended?" Brian wasn't certain why he even cared to ask, he only knew that he needed to know everything.


"The bastard got community service. As far as I know, he's roaming the streets now."


Brian's fangs extracted, a growl erupting, one that had nothing to do with man, and more toward the faceless man that had damaged something he had wanted mercilessly, someone he would have never found if fate had been so cruel on that near tragic night. "His name?"


"Chris Hobbs."


Filing the name away to memory, Brian moved closer to Seth, licking his lips as he watched the nervous pulsation in the man's throat. Yes, he was hungry. It would be wise to satisfy that unrelenting hunger before he arrived at Babylon, hopefully with his tender prey to join him there. Without warning, Brian sunk his fangs into Seth's neck, drinking deeply and hungrily, primal desires soaring within him. Seth was actually very attractive. If not for his fixation on Justin, he would probably fuck him. In fact, he was surprised he hadn't last night. It would have been all too easy.


Pulling back, Brian sealed the wound, his eyes glowing as they penetrated the glazed ones that stared back helplessly. "You won't remember this or any of our conversation. For now, you will say goodnight to Justin and send him to Babylon on his own."


"No! I can't." When the monster tightened his grip on him, Seth explained, "Justin would know I would never do that. I don't let him out of my sight, especially around other men." Seth gritted his teeth, the truth forcing it's way out. "I've worked too hard to get him. I won't let some player take him from me."


Brian snarled, realizing he had allowed the man to relax a bit too much, also, deciding he didn't like Seth's choice of words - I've worked too hard to get him. What did that mean? "You don't have any other choice, but don't worry, I will protect him. Now, you will return and make up an excuse. If he does not arrive at Babylon alone, I WILL come after you."


Nodding his head, once again, shaking in fear, Seth agreed. "I understand."


"Good." Brian stared intensely into Seth's blurred eyes, his voice filled with venom and dark intent. "In the future, if I call on you for any reason, you will come to me and obey my every command. You do NOT want to disappoint me. Ever."