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RiDe and TaNi One Shots!

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The last notes of the Juggernog jingle echoed around the abandoned theatre.

Richtofen was sat on the Mystery Box in some desperate attempt to prevent it from moving to another location.

He was starting to get tired, and the Juggernog jingle was becoming horribly repetitive.

"Hey! Doc!" Dempsey called, walking out of the dressing room.

"Dempsey!~ Darling! Where have you been?~" Richtofen asked, smiling brightly at the American.

"Been hanging out with Tak' and Nikolai." Dempsey replied, quickly jumping down from the stage and walking over to Richtofen.

"Ah. I'm guessing you're here for the Mystery Box?" Richtofen's smile faded a little bit, as he wanted to spend more time around Dempsey.

Noticing the sudden hint of sadness in Richtofen's smile, Dempsey answered quickly:

"Nope! Here to spend time with you." He replied, sitting next to Richtofen. Suddenly the bright smile returned again.

Richtofen hesitated for a second, before resting his head on Dempsey's chest. He loved listening to Dempsey's heartbeat.

There was a long, almost awkward silence. They both had a lot of things to say to each other.

Finally, the silence was broken by Richtofen.

"Dempsey?" He whispered, looking up at Dempsey's bright blue eyes, "If we were living a normal life... and the world wasn't ending...

Would you still love me?"

That was a question Dempsey never expected.

"Aww. Eddy. Of course I'd still love you!" He reassured him, gently running his fingers through Richtofen's hair.
"In all honesty, if we were living a normal life...

I would've asked to marry you."

Richtofen's eyes lit up with joy (and a slight sadness at the fact they weren't living a normal life) and he suddenly kissed Dempsey.

"And I would've said yes." He mumbled, lightly pressing his forehead against Dempsey's.

There was another silence. This time, it was a happy silence.

Again, Richtofen spoke.

"Dempsey?" He wrapped his arms around Dempsey's waist. "If we survive this... apocalypse... Promise you'll marry me?"

A huge smile spread across Dempsey's face.
"Yeah. I promise." He replied, pulling Richtofen closer until there was barely any space between them. "I love you, Edward Richtofen."

Richtofen laughed happily,
"And I love you too, 'Tank' Dempsey."