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The Nomad

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The Mission


“Coulson, I will never find him,” Haylee stated as she looked at her boss, “And, even if I was able to, what makes you think he’ll come in? They call themselves the Rogue Avengers now,” she added, blown away by his request.

Coulson shook his head, “I don’t want you to bring him in. I want you to join him, and his team, so that we’ll know how to contact you and bring them back if anything too big comes,” he explained the true nature of her task.

Haylee nodded, “That makes sense, but how am I supposed to find them? They’re completely off the grid.”

“You’re spy, Parker,” he replied, “Figure it out,” he handed her an old school pager, “This is how I’ll reach out if we need you to bring them in, other then that, we will go dark on the comms front, understood?”

She nodded, “Yes sir, I’ll go back my go bag and head out to the last known location any of them were seen. And sir,” she began grabbing his attention, “I sincerely hope I won’t need to reach out.”

“Same here, Agent, same here,” he answered, his team overwhelmed with their own crises, the thought of something else too much to bear, “Godspeed.”

Agent Haylee Parker nodded as she gathered the minimum number of things she’d need and set out on her mission to find Captain America, Black Widow, and the Falcon.


Haylee knew the last actual news Rogers and his crew might have been involved in was the breakout at the raft, the prison which held those who’d rallied on his side. She started her investigation there, looking for footage, or anything that might lead her to his next location. Luckily, Haylee didn’t always need answers in interrogations because she could hear her victim’s thoughts through her gift of Telepathy. This allowed her to know what people were hiding when she asked them questions, and gave her a jump on her search.

She interviewed several guards from ‘the Raft’ on Coulson’s authority, and found that Natasha Romanoff had been the one to free the prisoners, leaving in a Quinjet to an unknown location. Haylee suspected she’d gone to Steve after that with only Sam, as Hawkeye and Antman were currently under house arrest per an arrangement with Everett Ross.

Haylee sat in her own jet and wondered where the group may have gone next to regroup. She pulled out her phone to look for any news that was extraordinary but not quite Avenger level. Haylee knew they would still help people, but she also knew that they wouldn’t risk being found that way. An article from the Middle East caught her eye. An anonymous tip led the U.N. to bringing down a large weapons organization in Parkhur, and they were the type of weapons someone would have found in New York City. Haylee grinned as she got in her plane and set a course for the same country. If it was the Rouge Avengers behind this, then it only occured twenty-four hours ago and they may still be nearby to ensure the job is completed.

Haylee put her Quinjet down close to another one she’d found while scanning from above. She knew it would be theirs, but she had to make sure she played her moment right, and arriving in SHIELD tech probably wasn’t the best way. She shook off her concerns as she stood guard near their jets entry, waiting for them to arrive, or catch a sign of them where she could perhaps give an assist.