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Mother Dearest

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He had been dreading this night ever since his dad told him what tonight would consist of. It was 'meet the girlfriend' night, or as Kurt liked to call it, 'meet the bitch with no soul who is about to ruin my life' night. He might sound over dramatic, but why would he try kidding himself when he already knew how this night was going to turn out.

His frown persisted as his dad checked the clock on the wall for probably the millionth time that evening; quite honestly, Kurt was getting sick of it. His dad had been bouncing on his toes all afternoon, getting more excited as the minutes ticked by. He had even had the nerve to ask Kurt to help him organize everything for this evening. Kurt had refused, but it hadn't ended quite so well. He was given two options; he could be grounded for two weeks without seeing Blaine and his credit card, or he could help out. He was a bit surprised by the ultimatum, but finally obliged. All he really had to do was cook so that his dad didn't burn the house down.

Kurt had picked out a very flattering outfit for himself, knowing that he would easily out dress everyone at this sham of an event. Channeling his inner Adam Lambert, he decided to wear all black. He would be sporting his knee high Doc Marten boots, a pair of studded fingerless gloves, extremely tight skinny jeans, and a fitted cotton shirt with a rebel punk leather jack over top to complete the outfit. He even decided to spike his hair like Mr. Lambert usually would and spent the afternoon on YouTube looking up tutorials on how to apply eyeliner and create the perfect smoky eye look. Hopefully it would scare off his father's potential girlfriend. He had to admit though, he did look fierce.

Kurt sighed loudly when he saw his dad check the clock once again; he also looked at the clock. It was around 6:30pm and Blaine still wasn't here even though he had planned to arrive half an hour ago. Kurt couldn't figure out what was keeping him. Blaine knew how he felt about what tonight was going to be; the Warbler had promised to be there for him.

Kurt looked back at his dad who was currently cutting up a tomato, about to place it on top of the lettuce in the salad bowl when Kurt growled angrily.

"You'll ruin the salad if you put the tomato in now; it will go soggy and disgusting. You're going to taint the lettuce!" Kurt scolded his father, tightening his arms over his chest. Burt turned around and looked at Kurt with that stupid love smile still plastered on his face.

"Oh, okay," Burt simply said and left it on top of the chopping board; he walked off to the other side of the kitchen, quietly humming while he busied himself in the pantry. Humming!

For as long as Kurt had known his dad, quite a few years actually, he had never heard him hum! It was completely unacceptable! Kurt sighed and decided to text Blaine to ask where the hell he was.

He tried to be patient, but after 5 minutes without a reply, he stuffed his phoned back into his pocket. Kurt couldn't listen to anymore of the ridiculous humming and decided to put an end to it.

"So tell me about this wench," Kurt spat out the last word. Burt turned his head away from the pantry, his smile faltering for a second.

"Kurt, I know you're not looking forward to this evening, and I have seen how moody you've been all afternoon. But could you not refer to her as a wench? She is a really lovely person," Burt assured his son.

"That's what all gold diggers claim to be," Kurt muttered.

"Kurt," Burt warned. Kurt sighed dramatically and glanced back at his dad.

"It's a free country; I'm entitled to my own opinions you know," Kurt said defensively while sporting his best diva glare.

"Keep this attitude and I won't let you see Blaine for a week," Burt threatened.

"I thought it was two?" Kurt stated sarcastically. He knew he was pushing his luck, but he didn't really care.

"I'll make it three if you continue to act like a child," Burt warned.

"I'm so scared," Kurt replied sarcastically.

"Kurt!" Burt growled angrily. Kurt would never admit it, but he was always a tiny bit scared when his dad would use that tone. He only ever used it when Kurt had done something extremely bad. Kurt held up his hands in surrender and frowned.

"Fine; whatever, I'm sorry," Kurt said nonchalantly. He looked at the knife in his dad's hand. "Can you put the knife down so I know you won't accidently stab me? I don't think your new gal pal would think very highly of you if you stabbed your own son."

Burt looked down at the knife with a tiny smile before placing it safely on the chopping board. "Well maybe if you gave her a chance, you would know what she's like," Burt responded. Kurt rolled his eyes and huffed agitatedly.

"She's your girlfriend, not mine. And I don't really think that I have to pretend to care like I really want to know her," Kurt explained defiantly. Burt sighed and leant heavily against the counter with his previous smile nowhere to be seen.

"Kurt, could you please try and be supportive about this? Don't you think this is twice as hard for me as it is for you?" Burt asked quizzically.

"No actually, I don't. If this goes well then great; well good for you, for getting back out there. But if I don't like her and you do, don't you think it will be harder for me to have to put up with her?" Kurt asked earnestly. Burt titled his head a little to the side as he listened to Kurt.

"I wouldn't pursue anyone if you weren't happy with them; your happiness comes first. But I can assure you that you'll love her," Burt said.

"Pfft, sure," Kurt muttered. "Look, just forget what I said. I don't want to talk about this anymore. I will sit and try to smile, but don't think I want to be included in the conversation. I don't want to be here as it is, but I know how important Friday night dinners are to you. I'm still not all that thrilled about her intruding on this tradition just to let you know, this was once just a family thing."

"Blaine is here for most Friday dinners, Kurt," But reminded him firmly. Kurt shifted a little uncomfortably under his father's glare but tried not to show his discomfort.

"Yes, but Blaine and I have been together for almost four years so I think that qualifies him as a part of the family," Kurt said defensively. Burt stood up straighter from leaning against the bench and gave Kurt one of his best smirks.

"Really, then if Blaine is such an important member of the family… where is he?" Burt challenged; Kurt suppressed a growl and glowered at his father.

"I don't know. He was supposed to be here ages ago," Kurt said as he looked at the clock again. 6:40pm.

"Well I guess he can't be Mr. Perfect all the time," Burt said smugly and turned back to his chopping board.

"He is, but as long as this hoe you are introducing me to doesn't become Mrs. Right, I'll be happy." Kurt crossed his arms tighter over his chest.

Okay, so he had to admit that he might have overstepped on that one, but he knew he only said these things that he couldn't take back when he was extremely angry. But it wasn't like what he said might not be true! Kurt swore he almost pissed himself from fright when he heard his dad slam down the knife on the chopping board in the quiet room.

"Kurt, I am not going to warn you again. Stop referring to her by derogatory names!" Burt shouted as he glowered fiercely.

"Fine, but I don't even know what this whor- woman's name is," Kurt said emphatically.

"I have told you countless times about her; I am sure even Blaine was listening when I told you. Her name is Carole, she is a nurse at the local hospital and she has a son about your age. You probably even know him. Carole is a wonderful person and I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. You have a chance at happiness with Blaine, so why can't I try with Carole?" Burt asked curiously. Kurt huffed in defeat and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Fine, I will try and be civilized but I am not making any promises," Kurt surrendered. Burt smiled proudly before cuffing Kurt on the shoulder.

"That's all I can ask for," Burt said as he patted his son on the shoulder and turned to get a drink out of the fridge. The hum of a faint melody return to the kitchen air and Kurt rolled his eyes, a scowl reappearing to his face..

"Dad, stop with the humming. It's really disconcerting," Kurt said. Burt looked over his shoulder at the disgruntled teen with a smug grin on his face before humming louder and turning back to his cooking. Kurt sighed loudly and slumped back against the counter. But before he could become too comfortable though, he heard the distinct ding dong that signaled the arrival of at least one of their guests.

"That'll be Blaine," Burt said nonchalantly.

"Took him long enough," Kurt muttered; Burt let out a tiny chuckle as Kurt slouched up from the counter.

"Is he going to get the third degree like me?" Burt asked curiously.

"No, he is going to get it worse than you," Kurt assured him as he slowly walked down the hallway.

"And take that make-up off!" Burt shouted after him.

"No!" Kurt screamed back, only growing more furious when he heard the doorbell again. "I'm coming!"

Kurt reached the door and ripped it open before slouching against the door frame. To say that it disappointed him, seeing Blaine standing there in his uniform didn't even begin to describe it.

"Hi!" Blaine said enthusiastically. Obviously, he hadn't seen the disappointment that was flushing Kurt's features while trying to pull him into a one armed hug. Kurt pushed Blaine back and glared at him, not noticing that Blaine was hiding his hand behind his back.

"Okay, so I knew that I wouldn't be let off that easily but I have a really good explanation," Blaine quickly assured him; Kurt looked at his boyfriend skeptically and crossed his arms over his chest once again. "The silent treatment, I can deal with that. At least I won't have to listen to you yelling at me or interrupting."

Kurt punched Blaine's shoulder. "Ow! Okay, okay!" Blaine laughed as he rubbed his shoulder. "It's really not my fault; it's all Wes's fault."

Kurt sighed. Blaine really didn't need to explain much more. Kurt knew of Wes's antics all too well having been on the receiving end of many of his pranks too many times. Kurt still didn't feel like forgiving Blaine just yet though as he was forty minutes late. Nevertheless, he waved his hand and gestured for the other boy to continue.

"Well Warbler practice was running late and I had told Wes repetitively that I needed to come here. Wes thought it would be funny to see you angry with me so he decided that we needed to go over my solo again to make it perfect for when we go to sectionals. But we ended up going over it 8 times; I think I'm starting to lose my voice," Blaine explained. Kurt pressed his lips into a firm line and looked the Warbler up and down before focusing on his shoes.

Kurt still hated those disgusting boast shoes Blaine insisted on wearing with his uniform; apparently they were 'what everyone at Dalton is wearing this year'. Of course most of the boys at Dalton thought that Alexander McQueen was Lightning McQueen's dad. Blaine started to feel awkward at Kurt's residual silence.

"Kurt, please say something. I take it back; I'd rather have you yelling at me than not talking at all. I haven't heard your voice all day and I am starting to miss it." Blaine pleaded earnestly. Kurt fought hard to keep the smile off his face and only barely succeeded. "Kurt?" Blaine asked impatiently.

"Why are you still in your uniform?" Kurt asked pointedly as he finally tore his gaze away from the ugly shoes and back up to meet Blaine's eyes. The other boy chuckled quietly to himself and started to rub the back of his neck as he smiled awkwardly.

"Well practice did only just finish twenty minutes ago, and it is a ten minute drive here from school-."

"So in that unaccounted ten minutes you couldn't have changed out of your uniform? It's quite an eyesore when you aren't in school," Kurt informed him. "Oh, and did it ever occur to you to answer your stupid phone?"

"I don't like to text while I'm driving and if you'd have let me continue talking, I would have told you that I was out buying you something to make up for my lateness," Blaine explained while casually bringing out a bouquet from behind his back. "But I can already tell you don't want them, so I might as well throw them away."

Blaine was clearly teasing him as he went to chuck them to the ground; Kurt uncrossed his arms and quickly grabbed Blaine's forearm. "No don't!" Kurt exclaimed frantically. Blaine laughed to himself and handed the flowers over to his boyfriend.

"Do you forgive me now?" Blaine asked curiously, "I think I did extremely well remembering to get you white instead of red roses as well. Seeing as you think that red are too cliché."

Kurt smiled as he lifted up the flowers to his nose to smell them daintily; they smelt wonderful. "You are forgiven for being late and the roses are beautiful, but you aren't forgiven for still being in your uniform," Kurt said as he straightened the lapel of Blaine's blazer.

"I knew if I went home to change I would be in more trouble than before, so I didn't go. Besides, there is a bunch of my clothes in your room anyway," Blaine reasoned.

"Yes there is, and you should feel privileged that I have given up a drawer for you. I'm running out of space for my own stuff as it is," Kurt informed his hazel eyed boyfriend with a pout. "Alright that's enough; I can't stand to look at your uniform anymore. You have to change now."

He closed the front door and started to pull Blaine down the hallway. Kurt gently placed his roses on the little table in the hallway before walking off towards his room.

"Wait," Blaine said as they stood just outside of Kurt's bedroom door. "Have I told you how amazing you look tonight? I've never seen you dressed like this before; I like it," Blaine said as he began running his fingers over the zip on Kurt's jacket.

"No you haven't told me that. I would have led with that if I was you. You know, when you were apologizing for being late," Kurt teased as he wrapped his arms around the back of Blaine's neck. The other responded by wrapping his arms tightly around Kurt's waist, smiling suggestively.

"I'm so sorry, is there any way I could make it up to you?" Blaine asked as he pulled Kurt closer to his body.

"Well," Kurt began as he leant his head towards Blaine's. Blaine leaned forward as well but Kurt rested his head on Blaine's shoulder. "If you really love me, you'd take me away from this house so I don't have to meet the she bitch. We can go anywhere; Breadstix, the movies, The Lima Bean! Hell, I would even go bowling and wear their stupid rental shoes just so I don't have to be here," he continued complaining as he nuzzled his head into Blaine's neck. Blaine chuckled quietly and placed a kiss on his temple.

"Kurt, it won't be that bad. I will be here the whole time to help you through it even though you won't need me to be here," Blaine assured as he started to stroke Kurt's back soothingly.

"You are not allowed to leave me here by myself with that woman," Kurt stated forcefully. He lifted his head off Blaine's shoulder and glared into his eyes.

"You never know, she might be a really nice person. Your dad told me that he really likes her," Blaine said lightly.

"I don't care; it's every teenager's responsibility to hate their dad's new girlfriend. It's probably in the bible somewhere," Kurt explained. Blaine rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Like you've read the bible," Blaine teased.

"Well maybe I have taken a new interest in God, just like you have," Kurt said as he started to play with the curls that had escaped their gel coating at the back of Blaine's neck.

"What do you mean? I'm not religious," Blaine replied confusedly.

"Oh really?" Kurt asked impishly.

"Yes really," Blaine said slowly, completely confused.

"So you weren't paying homage to God the other night when you were repeating 'oh God' over and over again?"

"Shh!" Blaine whispered and silenced Kurt with a gentle kiss. "Your dad might hear." Kurt just smirked before kissing Blaine on his soft neck.

"I'm surprised he didn't hear you the other night." Kurt whispered breathily in Blaine's ear. He heard Blaine whimper before attaching his lips to Kurt's and passionately kissing him. Kurt laughed quietly against Blaine's lips before beginning to deepen the kiss.

"Ahem," Burt cleared his throat exaggeratedly from behind them.

This use to frighten Kurt but now, after being together for four years, he simply found it extremely annoying. Blaine flinched a little subconsciously and leant out of the kiss.

"I'm busy, come back later," Kurt mumbled before kissing Blaine's jaw and slowly making his way down to his neck.

"Kurt, show some class," His father said exasperatedly. Kurt sighed deeply and tore himself away from his boyfriend's neck. He wrapped his arm tightly around Blaine's waist and rested his head on his shoulder.

"Hey Burt, looking sharp," Blaine said cheekily. Burt rolled his eyes but smiled.

"I should, Kurt picked out the outfit," Burt explained. Blaine preened with pride and kissed his boyfriend's temple. Kurt blushed at the simple gesture and nuzzled into Blaine. "I'm surprised to see you alive. I was sure I would have heard more yelling coming from Kurt."

"It's the silent anger you have to watch out for; it can be extremely deadly sometimes," Blaine replied cheekily. Kurt turned his scowl from his dad and forced it on Blaine. "I was only kidding."

"Are you done? I haven't seen Blaine all day and you are preventing me from talking to him," Kurt said impatiently. "Besides, Blaine needs to get changed."

Burt inspected Blaine's outfit and nodded understandably, "Fine, but I need some help in the kitchen when you come back," Burt said. Blaine nodded and Kurt grasped his hand and started pulling him down the stairs. "Oh, and Kurt," Kurt turned back to look up at his dad from the stairs leading down to his room. "Hurry back and don't stop to make out with Blaine on the way."

Kurt threw his dad a sarcastic look before grabbing Blaine's ass and digging his nails in. The other boy jumped a little in surprise and stared at Kurt before removing his hand.

"Kurt," Burt warned. Kurt didn't care anymore and started dragging Blaine downstairs. Blaine was rapidly assuring his boyfriend's protective father that nothing was going to happen as Kurt pulled him into his bedroom.

"You could have warned me that you were going to do that," Blaine said sternly. Kurt ignored him and walked over to his dresser and began searching through the Blaine designated drawer. "I am only saying that because you know I find it extremely hot when you do that." He walked towards Kurt and hugged him from behind.

"It was there or your crotch, but I thought I would leave you some dignity," Kurt said playfully as he continued his search through the drawer.

"You're so considerate," Blaine muttered before he started to place chaste kisses to the other's neck.

"I know, now take off your clothes," Kurt ordered. Blaine froze mid kiss and lifted his head from Kurt's neck.

"What?" Blaine asked quizzically. Kurt rolled his eyes and closed the drawer. He faced Blaine and handed him a pile of clothes.

"Put these on," Kurt said clearly.

"I don't get to pick out my own clothes for the evening?" Blaine asked curiously. The sarcastic look he received in response told him everything. "Yeah, that was a stupid question wasn't it?"

Kurt nodded and made his way over to his bed and carefully sat down. He leant his head back against the pillow, carefully avoiding messing up his hair, he sighed. "Blaine I can't do this. I don't want to meet her," Kurt whined; he glanced over at Blaine.

"Yes you can, she's going to love you," Blaine said as he hung his blazer over the back of Kurt's desk chair and started unbuttoning his long white sleeved oxford.

"Oh, there is no denying that she won't love me, how could she not? I'm amazing," Kurt smirked as he watched Blaine fold up his oxford, standing there shirtless. Kurt had to admit, it was a pretty amazing sight.

"You're a bit full of yourself aren't you?" Blaine teased; Kurt tore his gaze away from Blaine's torso to meet his eyes and shrugged.

"No, but I don't want to do this. It's going to be awkward sitting there trying to make small talk. I've already warned my dad about trying to include me into conversations; I've advised him not to," Kurt said; Blaine rolled his eyes at his boyfriend, making no effort to put his new shirt on.

"Kurt, you have to at least try to make an effort tonight. Your dad hasn't dated anyone since your mom, so it would have taken a lot to make him think that this woman could potentially his new wife," Blaine said. Kurt's eyes widened as he quickly sat up on his bed.

"Wife? Who said anything about a wife? Please tell me that they're not getting married! God, I don't think I could live through that! Imagine all the things I would have to put up with; I don't think I could handle having a step brother, oh god a step brother! What if he touches my stuff? What if I turn into Cinderella and she is the evil step mother that kills my father? No! NO!" Kurt started frantically shaking his head clear of the thought. He felt the bed dip and Blaine's arms wrap tightly around him.

"Kurt you need to calm down. You'll have a panic attack if you don't calm down. Come on, breath with me," Blaine instructed as he gently stroked Kurt's back and took a deep breath. Kurt clutched onto the Warbler tightly and took in a shaky breath. He tried to calm himself down and took in another deep breath before letting it out slowly.

"Kurt, she isn't going to kill your dad like the evil step mother from Cinderella. I wouldn't let her," Blaine promised. Kurt laughed half heartedly and pressed himself closer to the shirtless boy. "Kurt you just need to meet her and you will understand that everything will be fine." Blaine assured him; Kurt shook his head and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Please don't make me do this; you have never had to go through this. Your parents are still married and you haven't had to have the meet the girlfriend dinner before. Blaine, I'm scared," Kurt said earnestly. He could tell Blaine didn't know how to respond to that. The other boy leant forward and firmly pressed his lips to Kurt's forehead leaving them there for a full five seconds before smiling down at him.

"There is no need to be scared; I'll be there to hold your hand through this," Blaine assured him.

"Promise?" Kurt asked in a small voice. Blaine nodded and pressed their lips together.

"Promise," Blaine stated before kissing Kurt again. Kurt pressed his lips to Blaine's and started to run his fingers slowly over Blaine's exposed skin and smiled a little when he felt the shiver run through the exposed body at the delicate touch. Kurt moved down to Blaine's neck and started to suck, biting down firmly before swiping his tongue over the spot.

"Kurt, uh- we should go back and help your dad," Blaine reminded breathlessly; Kurt growled quietly against Blaine's neck and went back to the hickey he was working on.

"Kurt," Blaine breathed; Kurt stopped with a sigh.

"Fine you spoil sport, go up there shirtless," Kurt challenged; Blaine looked down at his chest and blushed.

"Maybe a shirt would be acceptable," Blaine mused and got off the bed, walking over to the area he had placed his clothes in. Kurt watched appreciatively as Blaine removed his slacks and put them over the chair. He started to giggle when he saw Blaine's briefs.

"Batman briefs? How old are you, five?" Kurt chortled; Blaine shrugged as he started to put on a pair of dark blue Levis.

"They were the only clean pair I could find this morning," Blaine said nonchalantly but Kurt could see a faint tinge of pink grade his cheeks.

"Well I think they are darling and I wouldn't mind seeing them later on tonight," Kurt said suggestively. Blaine smirked before putting on a white undershirt.

"I would like that too, but we should probably go upstairs first," Blaine said as he slipped on a black long sleeved button up shirt.

"I really don't see why we should. I think if we stayed down here we would have a much more enjoyable evening," Kurt said as he lay down on the bed and got into a seductive pose. He smirked smugly when he heard Blaine's breathing catch; Kurt started to run his fingers slowly up his thighs and smiled coquettishly at Blaine.

"Um- I, Kurt… I think-."

"Personally, I think that all the blood from your brain has travelled south." Kurt said amusedly. Blaine cleared his throat and shook his head to rid it of any provocative thoughts he had.

"No we can't do anything now; we have to help your dad," Blaine sounded like he was asking more than telling. Kurt rolled over onto his back and sighing loudly.

"Such a waste on an evening," Kurt said defeated.

"It's not," Blaine said as he slipped on a charcoal grey V-neck cardigan before walking over to Kurt's bed and sitting down next to him.

"You're getting a chance to meet your dad's new girlfriend; I think you should feel honoured that he is giving you such an amazing opportunity. Your dad wouldn't do this if he didn't think that she wasn't a good person and-."

"Oh my god, you sounded like Rachel Berry so could you please just shut up," Kurt stated exasperatedly.

"Sure," Blaine said happily as he leant down and kissed Kurt sweetly on the lips. Kurt hummed into the kiss as he tangled his hand in the back of Blaine's hair pulling him closer. Kurt frowned after a second and Blaine could tell something was up.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked in concern, looking down at Kurt as he

"Well apart from my distaste on the events on tonight's agenda, your hair is disgusting. What did you do? Did you get bored and decide to put butter in your hair?" Kurt asked as he lightly pulled at Blaine's hair who was currently trying to hide a smile as he shook his head.

"No, my hair was slightly disheveled this morning and it needed more product than normal," Blaine explained. Kurt sighed and pulled Blaine's forehead to rest against his own.

"You should've come here this morning and I could have fixed it for you. I don't care anymore though, just kiss me," Kurt said as he titled his lips up to meet Blaine's. Blaine responded eagerly and pushed himself down closer to his boyfriend.

"Kurt, hurry up the table needs to be set!" Burt shouted from upstairs. Kurt leaned out of the kiss agitated and shouted back up to his dad.

"In a minute!" Kurt yelled and kissed Blaine again.

"No, now!" Burt yelled forcefully. Kurt groaned angrily and pulled his lips reluctantly from his boyfriend's.

"We're coming," Blaine informed politely.

"I don't know about you, but I'm not," Kurt whispered back. Rolling his eyes, Blaine stood up from the bed earning him a pout and a glare from an annoyed Kurt.

"Let's go," Blaine said as he walked towards the stairs. Kurt was about to answer but stopped when he saw a purpling mark on Blaine's neck.

"Maybe you should wear a scarf," Kurt giggled as he rubbed his thumb over the quickly forming bruise. Blaine smiled embarrassedly and nodded. Kurt picked a red scarf off a hanger and placed it around his victim's neck, pulling him forward. Blaine laughed and leaned in for a kiss.

"Ready?" Blaine asked as he started walking up the stairs.

"No," Kurt said as he followed Blaine up the stairs.

"You are freaking out over nothing," Blaine said as he pulled Kurt down the hallway towards the kitchen.

"Huh, nothing," Kurt muttered sarcastically. Blaine rolled his eyes and tightened his grip on the other's hand as they walked into the kitchen. They were met by a glower from Burt.

"I thought I told you two to not make out?" Burt stated angrily. Kurt exchanged a confused glance before his eyes landed on Blaine's hair.

"We weren't, I was just trying to free Blaine's hair from its gel coated prison," Kurt said as he smoothed down Blaine's hair, fixing it to its previous style.

"I'm sure you were. That is your second warning of the night Kurt," Burt informed as he hastily started to cut up more vegetables for the salad.

"Second? What was the first thing I did wrong?" Kurt asked defensively as he crossed his arms over his chest, matching his father's glare.

"The first thing you did wrong was call Carole names. I won't warn you about that again. Now set the table," Burt ordered.

"Yes sir," Kurt muttered sarcastically under his breath.

"What was that?" Burt asked angrily.


"That's what I thought."

Kurt slowly walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the dining room. As he stood in the doorway and inspected the room, his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

"Everything okay?" Blaine asked as he looked at his boyfriend's ridged stance. Kurt surveyed the room and felt envious of this 'Carole' person. His dad was really trying to impress her. There was a new table cloth on the table; Kurt could tell it was expensive just by looking at it. There were crystal candelabras spread evenly along the centre of the table with a mirror under them to make the room look bigger. Kurt saw that the napkins had been folded into origami swans and wondered how the hell his father had managed that knowing that he wasn't very crafty. But the most important thing that had caught Kurt's eyes was the crockery. If Kurt was not mistaken, it was his mother and father's wedding china. For as long as Kurt had known he had been forbidden from touching it and there it sat; on the end of the table waiting to be placed in front of the chairs. Kurt ignored Blaine and moved on to precariously placing them on the table, not even caring when one almost crashed onto the fall before Blaine caught it.

"Kurt, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't you know how expensive these plates are?" Blaine asked quizzically. Kurt turned on his heels and jabbed the other in the chest.

"I know exactly how fucking expensive those plates are. You thought I really didn't know? After the amount of times I have asked to use them and dad keeps telling me no because they remind him too much of mom and if I broke one, he would never be able to forgive me. I know exactly how much they are; not only the price but the association that comes with them. So don't you think for a second that I don't know how important these plates are!" Kurt shouted as he stormed out of the room.

"Kurt!" Blaine called after him as he followed him out of the dining room. Kurt was determined to make a full diva storm out that could rival Rachel Berry, but was proven to be less effective as Blaine grabbed his hand and stopped him before turning the furious boy to face him.

"Look, I'm sorry that I should have been more considerate- but I didn't know that they were your mom's," Blaine said earnestly as he gazed directly into Kurt's eyes. Kurt sighed in defeat and looked down at his shoes, trying to avoid the smoldering gaze.

"I'm not even mad at you, but I keep taking it out on you… I'm so sorry but I really don't want to be here. Can we go in the lounge room or something? I don't really want to be around my dad at the moment," Kurt said as he reluctantly looked up at Blaine. The Warbler smiled in response and nodded.

"Sure, go on ahead. I'll tell your dad," Blaine said as he gave Kurt a brief hug and walked into the kitchen. Kurt took a second to compose himself and traipsed to the lounge. He sat down on the black leather couch against the arm, picked up the remote to flick through the channels when McQueen quickly ran into the room and jumped onto Kurt's lap. Kurt was a little surprised but gradually started to pat him.

McQueen was Kurt's gorgeous, nine year old Russian Blue cat that he had gotten after his mother died. A coping mechanism as you might call it, to deal with the loss. Kurt was apprehensive at first when his dad had brought him home; he would try and move him away with his foot if he started to rub up against him or he would push him off his bed. Kurt would scowl at it if it came in a three meter radius of him, being in its presence would ruin Kurt's day. A week after receiving the kitten and making no progress with it, Kurt was left alone in the house for a couple of hours while his dad was at work. That afternoon Kurt had a pretty severe stomach ache. Not wanting to interrupt his dad at work, he simply laid on the couch in attempts to sleep it off. After half an hour of little improvement, McQueen jumped up to lay on his stomach. Kurt tried to push him off but the purring and the heat radiating off McQueen started to diminish the pain Kurt was experiencing, ever since then, the two had become the best of friends. Kurt was awoken from the memory as Blaine sat down next to him on the couch and slung an arm around his midsection.

"Hey McQueen," Blaine cooed as he gently scratched the cuddly cat behind the ear. McQueen purred loudly into the touch. Blaine looked over at Kurt, "I told your dad about the plates."

"Blaine, why did-."

"Because I didn't think it was fair. He apologized but said that they were definitely getting used and told me to tell you to get over it," Blaine said a little hastily at the reminder. Kurt scowled at the TV and absentmindedly continued to stroke McQueen, soaking up as much of the calming sensation as he could.

"Dad is changing," Kurt said under his breath and snuggled against Blaine's shoulder.

"He's not; he's still your dad," Blaine assured as he placed a reassuring kiss to Kurt's temple. The countertenor was almost about to believe him when he felt his heart drop when the door bell rung.

"I'll get it!" Burt shouted from the kitchen. Kurt couldn't help but note the hint of excitement that was seeping through it.

"Boys, you come as well," Burt ordered when he stuck his head through the living room door. Blaine slowly stood from the couch and extended a helping hand to Kurt. Kurt looked at it and folded his arms tightly over his chest, ignoring the protests from McQueen at not being petted. Kurt felt himself almost gag when he heard the kissing coming from the entrance of the house.

"It will be okay Kurt," Blaine assured for the umpteenth that night. When Kurt still didn't take Blaine's hand the Warbler dragged him off the couch, McQueen jumping off in the process. "Even if it's not, kissing me always makes the night better," Blaine smiled. Kurt resisted the urge to laugh but kissed his cheesy boyfriend anyway.

"Boys, come and meet Carole," Burt shouted again. Kurt made immature mimicking motions with his hands that made Blaine laugh. Blaine took his hand and led him to the door; Kurt would give anything to not have to go through this.

Hoped you liked it! Love to hear if you have any crazy stories about your parents having a new girlfriend or boyfriend or even step parents!

Love Squiggle xoxo