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Ninja of the Fiery Fields

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I ran to my place next to Iwabe and Metal. "Boruto, you're late," Shino Sensei said. I gave him the letter from my mother. "We had some problems with our home and I needed to help," I said. "Good enough," Shino Sensei said and put the letter in his pocket.
"Shino Sensei, I need to go to the toilet really bad!," Namida shouted. "Wait after my explanation, Namida. You had lunch break just a few minutes ago," Shino Sensei said. "That's always and excuse of them...," I whispered to Iwabe. In the summer break, our bond became stronger and we can get along much better than before.
Namida ran downstairs. We were on the Hokage Office again because we're going to an art museum. Totally boring. I know Inojin likes it, but we don't really have the same interests. Just as how he lost against Hima in the art contest from Hidden Leaf. And the fact that Hima was his art teacher. That was so embarassing. But anyways, I still think it's boring.
"Alright, let us proceed," Shino Sensei said and we walked downstairs after Namida came back. "This trip is gonna be so boring!," I said and yawned. "It is going to be fun, I promise," Inojin said. "It is easy for you to say. Drawing is your passion," I said.
"What? Why are all these people here?! What did I do?!".
A lot of journalists were asking questions to me and I was just shocked because why were they here at the same time and what did I do? Well, I defeated an enemy but I didn't do it alone. All my friends and I worked together and it seems I'm the only one who is actually important. I know that I said that I wanted to become the strongest of Hidden Leaf, but this is not what I meant.
"Mitsuki, Sarada!".
"What? What happened here?," Sarada asked when she mamaged to get out of the huge crowd. "It's of the enemy we defeated together," I said. "Call Konohamaru Sensei! And Shino Sensei too!". "Clear!," Sarada said and dissapeared in the crowd.
"Mitsuki, you're here".
"Yeah. What has happened here?," Mitsuki asked. "It's... of the enemy! You remeber? That one from the past which we defeated together, but now it seems that I'm the "Hero"," I said. "But we did it together," Mitsuki said and I nodded. "Yes, together". "Boruto, Mitsuki! They're here!".
"What has happened here? Silence!". The loud voice of Konohamaru Sensei silenced the room. "What does this actually mean?". "Your student is a hero! I want an autograph from him!," a journalist said. "But I didn't do it all by myself. My friends helped me, and that means that we are all heroes," I said. "Now, who wants an autograph from the Legendary Heroes from Konoha?!".
"How many autographs did we actually give?," ChoCho asked. "How many? It depends on the persons, so you should actually count by yourself," Shikadai said. "I have over 100". "Over 200," I said. As everyone was saying their autograph count, I looked into the distance. "Hey, who's that?," I asked. "Another enemy?," Metal asked. "Really?," ChoCho asked. "Oh, no. It's a dummy," I said. "Stop fooling around," Sarada said. "Do you need glasses?". "Says the one who actually has glasses," . "We weren't talking about me".
"Anyways, Mitsuki! Come over here!". "Yes?". "Well, it's been a while and I wondered if you liked the game?," I asked. Mitsuki nodded. "I did, but I am stuck at the last battle," Mitsuki said. "Damn, are you that fast? Katasuke told me it is very hard to actually beat some levels...". "I have my ways!". "Did you cheat?". Mitsuki shook his head. "I don't cheat. That's not my sort of thing". "Well, then you really ARE fast, I guess. Teach me your ways!," I said. "Another day, alright?". "Alright!". "Let's go, the others are calling for us".
"What were you talking about?," Metal asked and I shrugged my shoulders. "We were just talking about the progress of the game". "You are always talking about that game, aren't you tired of it?," Wasabi asked. "Says the one who was actually impatient that other day," I said. "I am actually getting tires of those "Says the one who" quotes. We know you don't want to get bashed, but it's getting annoying and it makes me less likely wanting to be friends with you, Boruto," Sarada said. "What? I really don't understand. You're getting mad at me every time, but when I want to say something I'm not allowed to?". "That's not what I meant. What I'm trying to say is that you should talk less and act more". "I've always been trying that, but you always seem to get it in a bad way. Please excuse me, Inojin". I picked up my tray from the table. "I see you at school tomorrow".
"Boruto, Mitsuki is here for you!". "Let him come upstairs!". After a moment Mitsuki came in and put his shoes besides mine. He had his school bag and 2 another bags with him. He's probably staying here for over a week or something.
"Hello". "Hello, Mitsuki...". "Do you still remember what I told you that time?". "If I'm being honest, I don't remember". Mitsuki smiled and looked at me. "You shouldn't care about what they say. They're just jealous that you have it excellent". "I don't. My father is never home, doesn't care about me and Himawari and I have friends who get mad at me for no reason". "It's because they care about you. It doesn't seem like it, but deep inside their hearts I know they love you. You're Boruto, after all. And the Boruto I know doesn't care about what people think of him. Am I right?". "You are! I guess I just shouldn't listen to them. I'm my own person. I have feelings too and I won't spill them". "That is the spirit!".
"I see you're having fun". "Yes!". "But dinners ready, so please wash your hands. The chit chat can wait until later," my mother said. "I already ate at home, miss. I just wait until the sweets...".