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Doki Doki Murder Club

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Finn’s POV

I sat up from my desk, surprised. I quickly looked around, realizing nobody else was in the classroom. I must’ve fallen asleep during class and missed the bell. I looked up to see who had awoken me and was met with a pair of bright, azure eyes.
“Sleeping during class isn’t very smart, dummy,” the owner of the eyes insulted.
The owner of the eyes was an annoying girl and my childhood friend, Sayori. Sayori’s just one of those friends that I couldn’t imagine myself making now, but it just kinda works out because we’ve known each other for so long.
“Sayori?” I asked. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, this morning you said you would join a club,” Sayori started, “so, I thought I could take you to my club.”
Oh yeah. I did promise Sayori I would check out some clubs after school.
“Sayori,” I started, “I don’t need help finding a club.”
“But,” Sayori smiled widely, “I kinda promised the other members that I would bring in a new member today.”
Sayori was the vice president of the Literature Club. I don’t know why. She’s never really shown any interest in literature. I think she just joined it because she thought it’d be fun to help start something new. There was no way I was going to her club with her. I’m pretty sure my interest in literature is even less than hers.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” was my only response. “I’m heading to the Anime Club.”
I began to stand up out of my desk before Sayori tightly gripped onto my arm. I immediately stopped. Sayori was always strangely strong and there was something about her that always scared me. It felt like she could cut off circulation to my arm without even trying.
“Please come for at least one meeting,” Sayori pleaded, not releasing her grip. “Natsuki even made cupcakes and everything.”
Now that was tempting.
Sayori didn’t realise her grip at all which was slightly unsettling. My only choice at the time was to go to Sayori’s club with her. I know Sayori would never do anything to purposely hurt me but her tight grip made some scary outcomes play out in my head.
“Please,” Sayori repeated.
I sighed. “Alright, fine. I’ll check out your club, but only for the cupcakes.”
A large smile spread onto Sayori’s face. “Yay!” she celebrated.
Today marks the day I sold my soul for a cupcake.
Sayori drags me up to the third floor. An area of the school I hardly visit, mostly being used for third year classes and activities.
Sayori swung open a classroom door and dragged me inside.
“Our new member is here!” Sayori called.
“Sayori, don’t call me the new member,” I complained.
I looked into the room to see three other girls crowded around a few desks that were rearranged to look like a table. That’s when I realized something. This club, was fun of incredibly cute girls!
“Hello, welcome to the Literature Club,” the tall girl with long purple hair and matching amethyst eyes greeted.
“You brought a boy?” the short girl with short pink hair and matching rose eyes groaned. Her small figure making me believe she was probably a first year. “Way to kill the atmosphere.”
The way the word “kill” came out of her mouth sounded very disturbing to me.
“Natsuki, be polite to our new guest,” the violet haired girl scolded.
The fuchsia haired girl, Natsuki I heard her name was, groaned at the violet haired girl’s comment. She apparently was also the one who made cupcakes.
“You can just ignore her when she gets moody,” Sayori whispered to me.
“Oh, hey Finn,” another voice greeted. This girl was tall, just a little bit shorter than the violet haired girl. She had long cinnamon hair and emerald eyes. This girl’s name was Monika. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”
“Well, let me introduce everyone,” Sayori said, enthusiastically. First, she pointed at Natsuki. “This is Natsuki, energetic as ever,” she pointed at the violet haired girl, “this is Yuri, the smartest one here.”
That comment obviously made Yuri uncomfortable. “Don’t say things like that,” Yuri whispered, hiding her face in her hair.
“And sounds like you already know Monika,” Sayori said, ignoring Yuri and pointing at Monika.
“Yeah we know each other,” Monika replied.
Well, I guess we know each other. We were in the same class last year but we never talked. Monika was always too athletic, smart, popular, and beautiful. Basically completely out of my league.
“Well, why don’t you join us Finn?” Monika suggested, gesturing to the makeshift table.
“I’ll get the cupcakes,” Sayori exclaimed.
“Hey,” Natsuki snapped, “I made them, I’ll get them.”
“Sorry,” Sayori apologized. “I get excited.”
Natsuki slightly rolled her eyes before walking to the teacher’s desk.
“I’ll make some tea,” Yuri said, following Natsuki to the teacher’s desk.
“Come on, Finn,” Sayori said. “We made space for you at the table.”
Which was true, a small gap had been made in the table so I could either sit next to Monika or Sayori. Still feeling a bit awkward, I took a seat next to Sayori.
Yuri came over and poured us each a cup of tea.
“You keep a whole tea set in the classroom?” I asked, curious.
“Don’t worry,” Yuri ressured, “the teacher’s gave us permission.”
That didn’t really answer my question.
Yuri took a seat when Natsuki came over with a tray with tin foil over it. Natsuki took the tin foil off as a proud smile spread across her face. Natsuki revealed cupcakes with little cat faces on them. The cupcakes had pearly, white frosting with the cat whiskers draw on in black icing.
“Wow, they’re beautiful, Natsuki,” Monika commented.
“I know,” Natsuki replied, in a cocky tone of voice.
The rest of the meeting went on smoothly. We ate Natsuki’s cupcakes and drank Yuri’s tea as we talked about literature. Monika asked me why I decided to check out the Literature Club, and I replied with a lie because I don’t think being dragged here by Sayori was a good answer. I asked Monika about why she quit the Debate Club and decided to create the Literature Club, I asked Yuri what kind of literature she liked, Natsuki tried to convince me that the cupcakes weren’t made for me, and the girls peer pressured me into joining the Literature Club. Just great.
I couldn’t help but notice that there was something off about all four of the girls. There was always this weird vibe I got off of Sayori, but I was getting that weird vibe off of all of them. Murderous was the only word I could think of but I knew that wasn’t right. Sayori was probably the sweetest girl I know. She would never hurt anyone on purpose, and I bet that the other three were like that too. At least I thought so.