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A Relationship Beyond The Grave

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“How did they do it?” Phil thought as he wiped the last few tears away from his eyes. How did Jack and Marzia make it look so easy? How did they get over their significant others’ deaths so easily? Phil just didn’t understand.
It has probably been over a month since the zombie outbreak, Phil didn’t know anymore, and he didn’t care. Singe and Felix were sadly lost during the outbreak, but more importantly, Dan was lost too. Phil didn’t get how Singe’s boyfriend, Jack, and Felix’s girlfriend, Marzia, were laughing and smiling with their friends while the love of their lives were gone. He honestly couldn’t relate to them.
Phil didn’t laugh and talk with his friends anymore. He didn’t even really socialize with his friends anymore. He didn’t really do anything anymore. When he wasn’t locking himself in his bedroom and crying, he was kneeling in front of Dan’s grave and talking to it, like he was right now. Most people might think it’s weird that Phil talks to someone’s grave more than he talks to actual people, but they don’t understand. Dan was the easiest person to talk to for Phil, and now the closest Phil will ever get to talking to Dan again is talking to his grave.
Right now, Phil was held up in this gated community in the woods, somewhere in California, with a bunch of other big YouTubers. Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Shane Dawson, KickThePj, and many more. Phil wished that Dan and Phil could be on that list too, but only AmazingPhil was. What was even worse was that the only other person that could make Phil happy, besides Dan, was Dan’s adopted daughter, Riley, and she wasn’t on that list either. She had gotten separated from him and Dan during the outbreak, before Dan had died. But no matter how much Phil loved her, he honestly couldn’t be bothered to look for her. Phil was struggling enough to get himself through everyday and having a daughter would only make it harder.
Phil blinked a few times before looking back up at Dan’s grave. He reached out and grazed his hand across the words etched into the stone. Phil took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. He couldn’t do this anymore.