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Pregnancy Complex

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Naruto had just came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waste to find Ino hugging a pillow. “What's wrong?”

Ino hugged the pillow tighter. “I don't really feel good...”

The Uzumaki stared at his wife for a moment. “Then why tightly hug a pillow?”

She hugged the pillow once again. “It's.... it's something I used to do...”

Naruto shrugged before moving towards the dresser and pulling out his pajamas. A white shirt with some shorts. “If you want, we can go see Sakura later to find out what's up.”

“No.” Ino shook her head. She hugged the pillow a little tighter, gazing down at the small roundness of her stomach area. It was usually flat until now. “I'm not visiting forehead to find out what's wrong.”

“Please? For me?”

Ino sighed. “Fine.” Thought it was clear she wasn't going to hold her word to Naruto, who got the message at the tone in her voice. Naruto crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around his lover. Ino moved slightly. “Not in the mood...”

Naruto gave his wife a warm smile. “Wasn't going to suggest we do that when you're feeling down.” He smiled when he felt his wife moved back a little, resting her head on his chest with a soft sigh. Dropping the pillow a little.

The gaze was clear at the roundness but the Uzumaki paid no mind to it. Only his wife.

“You're going to visit Sakura, right?” Naruto asked.

Ino's head rest quietly on his chest before slightly and slowly nodding. And judging by her expression, she clearly wasn't looking forward to see Sakura. That is, if she was still feeling unwell.

“I guess I have no choice,” Ino groaned, placing a hand on her forehead. Feeling the room spin a little. “Better than taking the chances of it being something very wrong...”

Naruto nuzzled her happily. “Thank you.”

The Uzumaki hung her head before bolting it towards the bathroom. Almost surprising Naruto when she suddenly got up from the bed and ran. It only took Naruto a few seconds before rushing over to the bathroom door and knocking on it.

Hearing her throw up and wincing before speaking up.

“You okay? Can I come in?” Naruto asked, placing his hand on the doorknob, twisting it only to find it locked. “Hey, sweetie, the door's locked. Mind opening it for me?”

“You're not coming in here, Uzumaki!” Ino snapped.

Naruto sighed. “Ino, open the door.”

Ino's voice quietly came back through the door. “No...”

“Please?” Naruto softly asked.

Silently reaching up to unlock the door, Ino moved out of the way when she unlocked the door and as Naruto came in. Naruto kneed down in front of his wife and ran a thumb along her cheek. Clearly this illness was getting stronger by the moment and he wasn't liking it.

The Uzumaki wife gave a slight glare at her husband before looking down again. Hating this feeling of illness before she felt Naruto pick her up bridal style and bring her to the bed.

Laying her down carefully and she turned away from him.

“Here, you'll feel better once you rest,” Naruto said, moving the blankets over her.

“I doubt that....” Ino mumbled before gazing over her shoulder, biting her lip softly. “Naruto...? Do you think I'm fat?”

Naruto blinked in surprise. “What? No, you're not fat! Why do you think you're fat?”

“Because I am fat.”

“Hey, you aren't fat! You know what you are?”


Naruto smirked. “You're downright gorgeous. I promise.” He kissed her head gently before pulling away and getting under the covers himself. Pulling her into an embrace. “Now, get some sleep.”

Eventually Naruto had found out Ino refused to see Sakura about the illness just two days ago, and well, it seemed she was getting better. Though, granted, she did throw up still. But he couldn't make her see Sakura, no, he would have Sakura see Ino herself.

Which was what he had done. He arranged Sakura to come get his wife to take her out for lunch while he hung out with Shikamaru and Chouji like the old days while they did whatever. When Sakura came around their house, Ino answered the door with a confused gaze. “Forehead? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you, now, come! We're going out for lunch and you can't say no!” Sakura beamed, pulling her best friend along.

“I don't have a say...” Ino mumbled to herself while being dragged along.

Arriving at the location, Sakura had sat across from Ino after ordering their food. While they waited, Sakura could see Ino wasn't herself as the Uzumaki-Yamanaka had her head on the table on her arms.

“Spill. What's wrong?” Sakura demanded. Not asked.

Ino looked up and sighed. “Been feeling unwell for awhile.”

“Thought so. Here.” Sakura said, putting something on the table and Ino reached out and grabbed the item. Only for her eyes to go wide and give a frown at the pinkette. “Hey, it might be possible. Take it when you get home.”

“But, a pregnancy test?” Ino stuttered. The thought of carrying a child always made her nervous. But if she was then she could only assume this kid would act like Naruto. “There's no way...”

“Always a chance, Ino-pig.” Sakura smirked.

Holding the pregnancy box was one thing, but taking it was another. Ino never thought about becoming a mother, and she was sure Naruto didn't even think about being a father.

But Sakura was right. There was a chance.

And it would explain the thoughts about being fat and the sudden need to throw up in the mornings. Plus, it had been enough time for the start of pregnancy. But why was her nerves acting up?

Ino shook her head. No... it'll be fine...

Slowly taking the stick out, she headed towards the bathroom to take the test. Knowing she would have to wait about five minutes or so to get the results back.

When the minutes were up, Ino nearly wanted to faint when she saw the answer.

It was positive. Which only meant one thing...

“We're going to be parents...”