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The Love You Brought

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Leave behind the feeling of a human. Decay in this immortality... The eternal life, not a blessing as many believe and wish to obtain- but an unbreakable curse. Time becomes irrelevant, the world moves faster but you stay the same. Something that was never asked for. May the loneliness decay this sad body of what's left of hope... leaving at bay any other feeling of humanity. A beast you shall become, and like one you shall feast upon the flesh... You are the chosen one... the one to carry on my legacy…

I snapped my eyes open, taking deep breaths, cold sweat trailing down my pale face, my sharp ears ringing. My head was pounding as I tried to get ahold of myself. I held my head with both hands as I grind my teeth, letting the headache  subside... I looked around to see that I was in my room, I moved my head to see as the quiet rain hit my window and making it foggy.

“Lo stesso incubo… di nuovo?” Said Lucca in a worried tone. I looked up to see that he was in the ceiling upside down, worry all over his face.

“Sì…” I sighed as I cleaned off the sweat from my face. “The same nightmare…” I looked out the window again

“Did you remember anything this time…?” Lucca asked, jumping off the ceiling and sitting next to me on the window.

I shaked my head side to side slowly with a disappointed face. “It’s like I’m forgetting instead…”

“Is there really nothing I can do to help you, padre ?” Lucca leaned forward, getting comfortable on my chest. “I’m really worried…”

“I’m sorry but no…” I ran my hands through Lucca’s white locks, trying to comfort him. “So am I… but I’ll be fine. Incidentally, any leads of your brother?”

“Hmmm…” Lucca made a worried sound as he looked to face me, he was pouting, I just snickered at him, running my cold fingers over his messy bangs. “About that.. I’ll have to leave again… I have a lead that he may be on North City, not sure for how long will I be gone this time…” He looked down sadly.

Lucca is my eldest adoptive son of my three children, he travels a lot in search of his missing younger brother, Giulio, who is my second son. The third one… is a special case but I’m not currently looking after them. Lucca dislikes leaving me alone for too long lately, he tries to rush his trips but I scold him when he does that, people will notice he's a vampire and things could get ugly… This society has changed through the years, let’s just say they aren’t quite friendly to us “predators”. Miraculously, I have been able to blend in rather well and have lived in this old apartment for 30 years now in the West City. North City was around a 4 to 5 days trip, and he needs to search the whole city as well. I knew he would be gone for another few months again. But I let him go because I know soon enough we'll all be together like a family, and waiting is all I'm good for at the end…

“Just be careful and be sure to send me letters when you arrive and your progress, okay Lucca?” I told him as I hugged him closer and placed an affectionate kiss on his forehead

“Stooop!” Lucca said embarrassingly with a blush, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “But yes, you know I always do. Ti amo, padre... ” He hugged me back and before I knew he was already gone

The loneliness quickly washing up, he only stayed for a day now that I think about it. He made sure to bring me more blood supplies, but I didn't have much appetite… again. I needed to do something new! I can't stay mopping here forever each time Lucca leaves. The problem is that I am being hunted down again, they only saw my bat form though, but if I’m provoked again they'll figure out this is my human form… I would have to move again. So I need to be extra careful each time I leave the house, but today was different. I really wanted to do something out of the usual, so I suited up on my tight outfit and left to the most eye-catching bar I saw first.

Entering the building, the place was packed, the young dancing to the music, the adults chatting on the tables and bar; everybody having a good time. I had picked a good bar to start off the night. I went over to the bartender and asked for an Old Fashioned cocktail. The bartender nodded with a smile as they expertly prepared my drink and served it in an old fashioned glass. I smiled as I took a sip, it tasted amazing, I generously gave them a tip for the amazing drink. Sitting on the bar, lonesome yet enjoying my cocktail and the atmosphere. Being in a closed off apartment with no sense of time for too long is never good, hearing some noise that wasn't just the cars passing by and the neighbors underneath was great to be honest.

I kept enjoying my drink; chatted with a few people that would walk up to me. My hair seemed to stand out the most for them. My hair was a mess of natural colors, going from a very dark brown that slowly changed from light brown mixed with gray and finally to a light gray right at the ends. I don't remember my original hair color when I was alive, it has been this unusual hair color for as long as I can remember… I kindly chatted with them, until they went off to enjoy the rest of their night. Just me and my fourth drink, again. The bar slowly lightened down and became a more quieter atmosphere, now I was chatting with the bartender, who wasn't as busy making drinks but would skillfully keep our conversation going as they prepared drinks.

“It's the first time I see you here, mister. You are quite the handsome devil as well.” The bartender winked at me, they were clearly flirting. “Are you new to the city?”

“You could say that. It's my first time in this bar though. I love your drinks.” I complimented them with a lopsided smile

“Aww, chucks. You are making me blush, partner. It's what I love to do.” They added making a dismissed gesture with their hands. “Around this time the bar calms down, we take a bit of break thanks to that. But what is better than that is the certain customers that walk in here… They are quite a view , if you catch my drift.” They wiggle their eyebrows and looked at the entrance.

I decided to do the same and see what they meant by that. The first few people that walked in were quite beautiful, they looked like models and actors. I can see why they would be the perfect eye candy for the employees. What I didn't expect was the next person that came in, I widened my eyes and even stood up from the stool. I couldn't stop staring at him…

Having an oval shaped face along with his delicate nose and heart-shaped lips complimenting him perfectly. He was quite feminine with his rosy skin but what stood out the most were his wide eyes, holding a periwinkle color; something I have never seen before... His tall figure walked towards me, quite elegantly I would say, like the whole world had to stop to see him. Bearing on his head of hair was a rainbow of pastel colors that reached his ankles tied up into a braid, to keep it from dragging on the floor. He was wearing quite the seductive outfit, a string tied top that looked like a bra with its beautiful laces, a cardigan that rested on his upper arms showing off as much skin as possible, high-waisted jeans and string tied heels. I wasn't gonna ask why he was wearing such an outfit for being a man, but he just looked amazing in it. You could see his confidence clearly, simply not caring of what the world would think of him, what you were seeing is what it was.

When he was close to me I had to swallow the saliva that had built up in my mouth. Since he was quite taller than me, I had to look up to see him face to face. He gave me a lopsided grin with those beautiful lips, then leaned down on me, easily pressing a kiss on my right cheek and asked:

"What caught your eye, boy?"

I replied breathlessly: "All of you..."

Revealing a toothy smile, he giggled; I wanted to faint. This man was literally taking my breath away.

I'm sure he knew my knees were trembling by now. His sweet scent and his everything were too much for me to handle. What could’ve made him walk up to me? But that doesn't matter right now because I feel like the luckiest vampire alive with him pressing closer to me, feeling his hand traveling along my chest, arms and resting on my hip, his other hand holding my cheek. Oh god...

"You are just a cutie, honey... Guys like you are very rare nowadays. I can even feel your honesty... I know this will be worth it for you and me..." He softly said near my ear, making me whimper a bit, sensitive ears.

Then he moved his head back and pressed another kiss on my forehead and backed away a bit, still keeping quite an intimate distance to me. I thought he was gonna kiss me!

He giggled and added: "One step at a time... You gotta earn them first, they aren't for free after all..."

I was blushing so hard and swallowed again. This man right here, was such a tease but still a beauty and one I wanted to hold…

“Lucky!” Shouted the bartender all the way from the bar. “Come get some drinks and chat… I'm so very jealous of you right now, man.”

The tall beautiful man laughed at the bartender and detached himself from me, walking with me back to the bar. We were served with some pretty looking drinks topped with fruits I hadn't seen before, I took a sip from the straw and smiled at the flavor.

“Very fruity! I like it…” I said as I looked at the bartender, they simply winked back knowing it tasted great. “I'll leave the couple by themselves now, enjoy your night.” They left us alone with a smile.

Cou-couple?! Merda, I was getting nervous again, I could feel him looking at me. I sipped faster my drink until I felt a gentle tap on my arm.

“Relax, chéri. I don't bite for now.” He giggled, not sure what he said after the relax part but I'll go along with it.

“Oh, um, sorry? I don't often talk… with people like you. I just get nervous…” I tried explaining with my nervous stutter. Look at what he was turning me into!

“Like me ? Then it's my pleasure to be the first.” His naturally seductive yet playful tone was enchanting… I didn't want him to stop talking.

“How may I address you in this lovely night?” I cleared my throat to kill the nervous tone a bit, I managed to turn a bit to look at him properly. An up close view was a blessing, I could see each detail of his body perfectly; how naturally rosy and soft his skin was, some faint freckles sprinkled over his rosy nose, long delicate curled eyelashes that looked like feathers. I could get myself lost in that lavender colored sea of his eyes, shiny plump pink lips that would easily smile looking at mine and his hair an actual pastel rainbow that had a natural shine and faint glow. It’s like he was a work of art brought to life, that someone dedicated each detail of his frame to make it perfect and refined…

“My name is Wynn. Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile. “What brings you here, Vlad?” He took a small pineapple from his drink and ate it happily.

“I-I felt like being out of the house. I wanted to do something new and explore the city.” I said as I played with the colorful straw and took a sip again

“Care if I join you?” He asked with that seductive playful tone that I was loving more and more. He popped another fruit on his mouth, this time a cherry which he kissed and gave me a seductive look. “No promises of what might happen at the end though…”

“I… wouldn't mind…” I simply said in a daze looking at him, he sure knew how to be seductive. It was working perfectly on me, ugh, why have I become so weak all the sudden? It's like he's pulling my strings or I'm on the palm of his hand… I have to be careful, I don't know what could happen if I let my guard down around him. I just met him! But I think me drooling over him mentally is a bit obvious.

He giggled, drinking his beverage. We talked briefly about a few things and the city. Wynn was so easy to talk to, I would still get nervous from time to time, but it’s not everyday I talk to someone like him or anybody at all, as a matter of fact. But I was really enjoying his company, when we finished our drinks we left the bar and walked aimlessly at the lamppost illuminated sidewalk. Right now we weren't talking, just enjoying each other's company as we walked. It was really nice.

“Thank you…” I told him as I looked up at the night sky

“For what?” He looked at me with a confused face

“For this… It really has been a long time since I have done any of this. It's really nice…” I added with a small smile looking down

He walked closer and grabbed my face with his long elegant fingers. He gave me a loud sweet smooch on the cheek. Making my pale face turn red again, that took me by surprise.

“Thank you for being such a cutie. Would you like it if… we could keep seeing each other?” He smiled at me again, his beautiful eyes reflecting on the light the lamppost provided.

“I would- love that…” I smiled back still blushing, feeling how butterflies fluttered on my stomach. Still feeling nervous and should be wary of how comfortable he seems to act around me, but I just kept alluring towards him; I just had this feeling… that I had to know him more.