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Turning eighteen is a pretty big deal. For your whole life you wait for it, look forward to it, wondering what turn things will take once you've finally come of age and you're no longer a teenager. Will you feel different? Will people treat you any differently? If anything, your nation definitely will. Coming of age means legal drinking, political voting, driving, and an infinite list of a lot more boring responsibilities that seem almost bearable only thanks to the most important thing that being eighteen should gift you, and that is freedom.

But Jeongguk knows the sad truth behind all of that: there is no such thing as freedom. Turning eighteen does not magically free you from all your duties, but even adds a lot more to the list. You're still not allowed to do what you want because there still is school to attend, and parents to listen to, and you have no financial stability whatsoever -- where's the thrill? Jeongguk doesn't get it.

That's exactly what he told everyone trying to set him up for a party. Sure he still wanted to celebrate his birthday, but he didn't need any "big" celebrations, didn't get the fuss for it, and wished the day would pass as quickly as any other. His family settled for a big lunch instead, and then Jeongguk will probably spend the rest of the day with his friends - Jimin promised to get him drunk by the end of the night, and Jeongguk knows he will have no choice but to comply.

He throws a glance at the digital clock on his bedside table: it reads 23.36. He left dinner around 22 and has been locked up in his room ever since. His family didn't question him, and Jeongguk has been free to play his video-games for about an hour and an half now. He pretends he doesn't care about what will happen in little more than twenty minutes, but he's kind of excited - who will be the first to wish him happy birthday? Will he get some sappy messages? He will get one from Namjoon, that's for sure, and maybe one from Hoseok, and Jimin will send him an awful lot of heart emojis. He's pretty sure his parents got him that camera he literally can't shut up about, and now he's almost jumping in his seat - even if he's sitting on the floor. He definitely looks forward to his gifts and the love and affection from his family and friends, but feels the sudden urge to roll his eyes at the prospect of the long family lunch tomorrow - his grandma will pinch his cheeks like he's still a baby, Jeongguk's sure; last year she pinched them so hard that she left two big red marks on his cheeks, and Jimin and Seokjin teased him for a lifetime. And there will be questions, calls, texts, and Jeongguk will have to deal with so much people all at once - he can feel his head pounding from exhaustion just thinking about it.

But that's for tomorrow. Tonight, he's still seventeen. No one's calling, no one's texting, Jeongguk is alone in his room with the only company of his video-games. He sighs and turns his attention back to the screen of his monitor, going back and forth through the list of characters in the game and trying to pick one.

That's when a sudden oomph catches his attention, and Jeongguk almost thinks he's made it up. But the sound keeps going again, and this time Jeongguk's certain: there's a knock at his window. He turns abruptly towards the sound, but can't see anything - until he squints his eyes and leaves his joystick on the floor to go closer to the window, and Taehyung's smiling face almost scares him.

Jeongguk goes immediately to the window to let him in. He would feel very concerned at someone knocking on his window at almost midnight in any other circumstances, but this is just Taehyung, and Taehyung does this so many times that Jeongguk's parents are no longer surprised when they catch him sleeping in his bed the next morning - but Jeonghyun gets very pissed when Taehyung stays in the bathroom for more than twenty minutes.

Jeongguk opens his window, and Taehyung's boxy smile makes him roll his eyes in annoyance. He steps away to let Taehyung crouch and enter his bedroom one leg at the time, until he's fully in and lets out a sigh of triumph. Jeongguk goes back to the window to close it, and spares a glance underneath.

«One day you're gonna break your bones trying to sneak this high to my room.»

Taehyung scoffs and ignores him like any other time he's told him so; he walks in the bedroom with ease, and plops down on Jeongguk's bed. «This isn't any good way to greet a friend who brought you a gift.»

Jeongguk's eyes widen at the word, and his eyes beam with excitement. «A gift?» he echoes, «But it's not my birthday yet.»

Taehyung smirks. «It's not really a gift. Jimin took care of that, and you're gonna love it, I'm sure. This is just something I thought you would like.»

Jeongguk tries hard to ignore the part about Jimin's supposedly amazing gift, and joins Taehyung on the bed. He plops down next to him. «What is it?»

And there it is, the twinkle in Taehyung's eyes and his big smile. This is the look the older gives him when he's about to suggest some dumb idea that they will end up doing anyway, and he's super excited about something. Maybe this time it's a mix of both.

Taehyung starts rummaging in his backpack - Jeongguk didn't notice he had one until he took it off his shoulders and put it on his lap - and when he finally retrieves what he's been looking for, Jeongguk knows it's a dumb idea.

«Tae-,» he starts, but he's instantly silenced by one of Taehyung's long fingers against his lips. Jeongguk licks it playfully, and the older removes it in a second, his face distorted in some made-up disgusted expression.

«Don't even try to whine. You're eighteen, you can do it legally now.»

«Technically, I'm not eighteen yet.»

«Technically, you're annoying.»

Jeongguk pouts at him, and the older can't resist a smile. He eyes carefully what Taehyung's holding in his hand - he's never drunk whiskey. He's only ever drunk some champagne at weddings, some beer and wine, sometimes even vodka, but never whiskey. He's not the drinking type, and he thinks whiskey is too cliche-y anyway - something about it reminds him of a sad, grumpy man trying to repress his feelings, and he's not any of those things.

«How did you even get it?»

«I stole it from my uncle's last week. He has a whole sideboard full of alcohol, you wouldn't believe it. I think he's got some addiction, or he's just weird.»

«Why whiskey?»

Taehyung seems to be lost in thought for just a moment, like he's genuinely thinking about a proper answer. «There's something manly about whiskey, don't you think? It's perfect. You're turning into a man tonight, and we will celebrate it with a manly drink.» He smiles widely, like what he's just said makes any sense. «About that,» he starts talking again, when Jeongguk's busy inspecting the flask, and moves a little on the bed trying to take something out of the back pocket of his jeans. When he stops moving, Jeongguk's almost blinded out by the light from Taehyung's phone screen - and his lips curve into a tiny smile, when he catches a photo of them from last summer on the lockscreen. «It's just fifteen minutes!»

Jeongguk eyes him skeptically before looking at the lockscreen. Indeed, it reads 23:45. And Taehyung's definitely more excited than him. He suddenly gets up from the bed and clutches Jeongguk's wrist in his hand, trying to pull him up. «Come on, I wanna go to the roof.»

Jeongguk furrows his eyebrows, but gets up anyway. «This is so cliche-y, Tae. You show up in my room minutes before my birthday with alcohol, and now you wanna drink it on the roof? Are we gonna stargaze?» he questions with a dumb voice, that has him cracking a smile.

Taehyung doesn't spare a single glance in his direction, and keeps guiding him to the window where he's come from. «If I wanna stargaze, we're gonna stargaze» he declares. He takes a step away then, pushing Jeongguk ahead with a little slap on his butt that makes him blush. «Take your pretty little butt out of here, come on.»

He forces down the urge to grunt, and crouches out of the window. He takes one leg out at the time carefully and starts climbing to the roof following the same path him and Taehyung have done thousand of times. When he reaches the tiles and pulls himself up, he feels the usual dizziness caused by the height, and sits down. He waits for Taehyung, and his best friend follows right after, the flask of whiskey back to the security of his backpack while he climbs with both hands and legs. He motions to Jeongguk to go a little bit further and he complies, letting Taehyung take the seat he had originally taken.

Up here and without any artificial light, Taehyung's eyes look almost black. But it's a strange kind of black, so warm and endearing, that can't help but take a smile away from Jeongguk. The older takes the flask of whiskey back from his backpack, and looks excitedly at him, a question in his eyes - Jeongguk just nods, because there's no way he's gonna convince Taehyung to let go of this. Not that he would try, anyway.

«You're gonna take the first shot!»

He doesn't argue with it, because there's no help to it. And he lets Taehyung pop the flask open with some difficulty, getting his nose close to smell the drink. He scrunches his nose. «Seems strong.»

«Of course it's strong. It's whiskey, not strawberry juice.»

Taehyung sticks his tongue out at him. «You're lucky it's just me, you wouldn't hear the end of it if you dared talking this sassy to Yoongi hyung.»

Jeongguk shrugs. «What sassy? This is just me reacting to the dumb shit you say. Nothing sassy about it.»

They quickly dismiss the argument, and Taehyung hands him the flask. He takes out his phone in the meantime, eyeing the time on his lockscreen. «Ten minutes. First shot, come on.»

Jeongguk takes the flask in his hand and eyes it skeptically. «Jimin hyung promised he would get me drunk, I'm pretty sure he would feel offended by you trying to beat him in time.»

Taehyung lets out a little laugh. «I'm not trying to get you drunk, idiot. Though you're funny when you're tipsy. But that's for tomorrow night. Right now, I just wanna celebrate.»

Jeongguk arches an eyebrow at him. «Why are you so excited about this? I'm turning eighteen, it's not that special.»

«It's your birthday. Of course it's special.»

The rising heat on his cheeks is very clear to Jeongguk, but he pretends he's not affected. He wouldn't benefit anything from blushing at a compliment anyway, since he's turning eighteen and he's supposed to act mature now. And mature people don't blush at compliments, even if those come from the people they like. But the tone of affection in Taehyung's voice and his little smile surely make him warm.

He scoffs loudly, and snatches the flask away from the older. He spares a single worried glance towards the other, who's smiling widely to encourage him. And he just knows he's got no way out of this, so he just has to give in. He takes the flask closer to his face to sniff the drink like Taehyung has done some moments ago, and lightly scrunches his nose at the smell - he doesn't have the same exaggerated reaction the former had, but that one is just inevitable. It is a very strong smell, indeed - kinda sour, with something that Jeongguk can't get his head around. The smell alone gives the impression of burning, and Jeongguk wonders if the liquid will actually burn down his throat. He's tried vodka, but it had some fruity flavor in it anyway, so it can't really compete with this. Vodka stung just a little, but it was still kind of nice to drink - whiskey feels like it's gonna burn his lungs.

«Gukkie! Come on!»

He looks at Taehyung again, and he's looking back at him expectantly. He's got this look on his face, the one he wears when he's challenging him to do something, and he wants to either motivate or annoy him. It usually works whatever the case, and it works again this time.

Jeongguk closes his eyes and takes the flask to his mouth, circling the bore with his lips. He tilts his head back along with the flask, and the liquid first reaches his mouth, then it goes down his throat. Taehyung is cheering him like an idiot, calling something like "You're an adult now!", but Jeongguk can't really tell, since his first try at drinking straight whiskey has him sagging and taking his tongue out the right moment the liquid settles down his throat, his lips and whole face curved into utter disgust. He guessed right: this really feels like burning. It kinda reminds him of a burnt toast, and it's nothing like vodka. His throat feels suddenly dry, and above anything else he just wishes Taehyung would stop having these dumb ideas.

That's his voice calling him, now slightly concerned, and a hand is soon snatching the flask out of Jeongguk's grasp. «You didn't have to swallow right away!» - he's almost scolding him - «That's stupid!»

At this point Jeongguk is just producing a lot of saliva to get his throat to feel normal again, but he manages to throw a not-so-friendly glance towards the older, who's just looking at him like he's stupid. «It fucking burnt, Tae.»

«'Cause you're an idiot! To taste whiskey you have to keep it in your mouth a bit, you don't swallow right away. Of course it tasted like shit.»

Jeongguk just side-eyes him, still annoyed about this whole situation and his throat still felling terribly dry, but now wonders how Taehyung knows so much about drinking whiskey. He's about to ask him, maybe screaming at him because he could've fucking told him, when the older melts into a giggle and leans over to playfully pinch his cheek, causing a cute little pout to adorn Jeongguk's mouth now. And he just knows he can't stay mad at him, not even for a single second.

Taehyung clears his throat with a little cough. «I'm gonna show you how it's done.»

The serious statement and the stern expression on his face are amusing, and Jeongguk can't help a little smile. «Enlighten me» he whispers in a low voice and very bad imitation of that woman in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie they watched last week - Jimin had suggested it, even assured them it would be good, but they ended up laughing and mocking the characters the whole movie, to the point where Jimin had given up on it and turned Netflix on.

Taehyung has the time to let a single giggle out before his expression turns serious again and he eyes him heavily. Then he brings the flask to his mouth, and takes a big sip from it. Unexpectedly, he takes the drink easy - he doesn't cough, gag, there's not a single hint of disgust on his face. Then Jeongguk remembers, and notices how Taehyung has his cheeks slightly puffed, so he's maybe still tasting it. He's got an expression on, like he's thinking about the taste, still not sure if he likes or not, and Jeongguk keeps looking at him expectantly, waiting for the moment when he will swallow the drink and feel the same burning in his throat.

But the moment doesn't arrive. Taehyung swallows the drink, and he squints his eyes a little, but doesn't have any other major reaction. He just sighs when he's done, and claims he needs some water.

«How did you do it? It fucking burnt to me!»

The older smiles at him, the same smile he gives him when he's proud about something. «I told you. No swallow.»

«How come you can't drink beer but you like whiskey?»

Taehyung just shrugs, and scrunches his nose. «I don't know. Beer is nasty. This is kinda nice.»

«You're weird.»

«Yeah I know, you remind me everyday. Wanna try again?»

«I'll pass.»

The older rolls his eyes at him, but doesn't fight it. He leans back with his hands against the tiles, and looks up at the sky. Jeongguk allows himself to relax, and notices how there are some stars in the sky tonight. Definitely less than some days ago, but they're still there. And the air is getting kind of chilly, like you would expect when it comes closer to -

«Midnight! It's almost midnight!» Taehyung frantically sits up on the tiles, and he gets dizzy for just a moment. He grabs his arm excitedly, and for some reason the stars now reflect in his eyes, or maybe that single sip of bad whiskey got to his head already. «It's just two minutes now!»

He can't help but laugh at him getting so excited over his birthday. It's endearing; it's always like that. Taehyung can get excited over the simplest things, and he never finds it weird or childish - though he can be at times. It's just how he is, and how he does things, and Jeongguk would never trade that for anything else. He realizes he's looking too fondly at him when they're not laughing anymore and there's an odd silence between them, like they don't know what to say - and they always know what to say. Taehyung is suddenly serious, almost looks nervous - no, he is nervous, because his hands are shivering, and Jeongguk is getting worried. Before he realizes it he's putting his hand on Taehyung's cheek, rubbing his thumb softly on the skin.

The older notices the gesture - he doesn't seem comfortable with it. The younger is just about to take his hand away when something warm covers it, and he realizes it's Taehyung's hand and it's somehow bigger than his - he never noticed. There's just a hint of hesitation in Taehyung's voice when he asks, «Wanna do something really cliche-y?»

Jeongguk can't think straight; he just nods, quite absentmindedly. He doesn't have a single clue about what Taehyung means by that or what he will do with his answer, but he doesn't care - he trusts him. And he's even more sure of it when Taehyung gives him a little smile, but he's soon turning his attention away from him. Jeongguk follows his actions, and watches him bring the flask to his mouth. Why is he drinking again?

He doesn't have any time to voice his question out. Taehyung is quickly putting the flask down, and Jeongguk can catch his breath for a single second before a hand cups his cheek, and Taehyung is leaning closer - until he's over him.

For a moment, Jeongguk can't feel anything. It's like his senses clouded out at the same time, or maybe he just froze in place. His breath is hitched, his eyes still wide open, and he can see the long eyelashes on Taehyung's eyes - he's got his eyes closed.

Then he feels it, a sudden warmth going through his body, the pressure of Taehyung's lips firmer on his mouth. There's a lot of chaos, and questions, in his mind at the moment, but somehow Jeongguk can't bring himself to care. The air doesn't feel chilly around him anymore, but rather warm, like something he could get cuddled in, and he wants to get caught in it, completely. Jeongguk closes his eyes and suddenly he feels relaxed, comfortable and almost melting under Taehyung's touch on both his cheek and his hand. He's sure he's blushing as he starts moving his mouth against Taehyung's slowly, carefully.

Somewhere between them there's the sound of something ringing, maybe some kind of alarm sound, but he can't focus when he gets Taehyung's lips to part against his own, and something hot is flooding into his mouth. The whiskey, Jeongguk remembers, he sipped whiskey.

There are two reasons why he should feel disgusted by this: one, he hates that shit and it almost brought him to gag earlier; two, that thing has been in Taehyung's mouth. But he doesn't feel either of them; if anything, thinking of them sharing the same drink makes him hot.

He likes the taste, now. It still stings, but now it's nice. Maybe Taehyung's right, it's not that bad if you keep the liquid in your mouth a little, but Jeongguk's sure there's something else to it. He can taste something else behind it, but can't tell what it is. But it just makes it special and intimate, and he wants to taste more. So he finds himself leaning closer, his free hand going up to cup Taehyung's nape.

The older sighs against his mouth, and now the liquid is dropping on their chins and down their necks, might even get to their shirts. But Jeongguk doesn't care, he can't care, and pushes Taehyung's face closer to his. He doesn't know what he's doing, not exactly; he just knows he wants more, and more, and more, and he's practically aching for it.

And he's having his first kiss.

He would like to tell he didn't think much about it, but that wouldn't be the truth. Even though he hates to admit it, he spent an awful lot of time thinking about what his first kiss would be like. He often wondered how come it didn't happen yet, and sometimes got teased for it. But now - now he can't imagine a better case.

Taehyung is the perfect choice. His touch is gentle against his skin, and his mouth is hesitant but sweet, and he whimpers. Jeongguk wants to embrace him, to have him against his chest, but his thoughts die on the spot when he feels Taehyung's tongue brushing against his, the whiskey most likely gone down their necks by now.

He feels excited, like he could jump right now, and every single brush of tongues sends a shiver through his spine. Taehyung is not holding back anymore, and he's moved the one hand on his cheek down to his neck, his kisses more frantic and sloppy than before. They can't keep a pace, they just feel the need to kiss, and lick and taste, and it's never enough. Jeongguk's had just this one kiss, but he knows he won't ever get enough of this.

Taehyung's taste is sweet, his mouth is hot, but above all he feels familiar. It's like having him in his arms, when they're both about to fall asleep and their breaths get mixed, but now it's happening for real. Their breaths are mixed, so are their lips and tongues, and Jeongguk feels like he can't tell where he finishes and Taehyung begins. And it's just so perfect, it feels so right.

A little smile can't help but slip trough his lips at the thought, and Jeongguk realizes Taehyung leaned back, because he can't feel the warmth of his mouth anymore. He wants to whine, wants to scream at him for leaving his mouth and to get back here, but then he hears it.

A giggle. A single giggle, and Jeongguk's opening his eyes, and looking straight at Taehyung. Taehyung's face impossibly close to his, so close he could pull a little and get his mouth back on his, but somehow he can't do that. The light is playing some tricks on his face, making his skin look like it's glowing; he's smiling with both his mouth and eyes, and his lips are red and swollen and - he did that. He made him like that. And he's never been so beautiful like he is in this moment.

Jeongguk can't speak. He doesn't know what to say. But he doesn't have to worry about it, because Taehyung is quick to bring him out of his awe with another fit of giggles, and a single peck on his lips, so quick Jeongguk didn't feel it at all.

«I kissed you at midnight» he whispers, and there's a tone of pride in his voice, and just about straight happiness. «That was a cliché.»

Jeongguk's smile widens on his face, and he quickly joins him in the giggling. «You kissed me at midnight,» he repeats, «on my eighteenth birthday and with whiskey in your mouth. I think you broke some kind of record.»

He laughs again. «You think there's a record for it? Will they give me a prize? A medal, maybe?»

«If you're not picky, I could be your prize.»

Under any other circumstances, Jeongguk would laugh at his own attempts of flirting. But he can't care now, when he still can't get the smile off his face and Taehyung's taste out of his mouth. And he doesn't want to.

And Taehyung would be the first to laugh at him, but he won't do it now. He still has his hand on his nape, and he's running his fingers softly through the little hair there. He's looking at him with so much affection in his eyes that Jeongguk feels like blushing. And he's blushing, for sure.

«It's funny,» he says, «it's your birthday, but I end up getting a gift.»

«Am I the gift?»

«Yeah. You're the best gift I could get.»



Later they would kiss some more. They would stargaze because Taehyung was a hopeless romantic, and they would share Jeongguk's hoodie because Taehyung naturally forgot his jacket. They would spend the night curled together in Jeongguk's twin size bed because neither of them wanted to let go, kissing and touching, whispering sweet nothings to each other's ears. The sun would rise, and they would laugh about how they let the flask of whiskey fall down the roof and they would have to search for it. Morning would come and Taehyung would leave his room, but Jeongguk still wouldn't sleep, still wrapped around his warmth and his smell.

With the faint taste of whiskey still on his tongue, and his heart full, so full of love.


And I was so young,
till he kissed me, like a whiskey



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a year later


Taehyung is not nervous. He isn't a generally nervous person, that's all. Yeah, sometimes he can get nervous, but it never lasts too long, 'cause he's always trying to stay positive. He doesn't do anxiety, that's Jimin's thing. He's always in the middle of laughing at him and worrying about him when Jimin gets particularly nervous, and Taehyung is usually ready to cheer him up and make him relax a little, even finding some of Jimin's worries really ridiculous.

How would Jimin laugh now.

The truth is, Taehyung has been nervous for over a week. Maybe a month, maybe since he started planning this - does it matter? He can't calm down. He has been fidgeting for over a month, counting down to this particular day, and dreading it at the same time. He has been curious, busy in planning, and did his best to leave his plan a surprise. And for days he tortured Jimin with his silly questions and worries, to the point where his best friend threatened to spoil it. How does Taehyung wish Jimin would be here now, trying to calm him down - but he's not. There's no one else but himself to rely on, and Taehyung has to stay strong.

That's what he's repeating to himself, while he tries not to stare like an idiot at Jeongguk's smile flying around the room. His eyes are scanning every corner, his hands are everywhere, and he looks like a child right in this moment, exploring some kind of magical castle.

«Tae!» he calls him from some other room, probably the bathroom. «There's a huge bathtub here! Holy shit!»

And okay, that's definitely the bathroom. Taehyung wonders how he managed to move from the bedroom to the bathroom, since he was right in front of his eyes just two seconds ago, but he must have been distracted. He takes a deep breath and can't help but smile, hearing Jeongguk squealing in surprise from the bathroom. «How huge?» he asks.

Jeongguk comes back in that moment, and he has the most surprised look in his eyes. «So huge! We could both fit in there!» And then his gaze softens, and he gets closer to Taehyung to hook his arms around his neck. «Can we take a bath together later? Pretty please?»

For a moment, Taehyung can't answer. He's looking at Jeongguk's eyes sparkling in wonder and excitement, and the most sincere smile on his lips. Then, when he finally catches on what his boyfriend just asked him, he blushes. The thought of them starkly naked in the bathtub, their bodies flushed against each other, is making him feel funny, and he grabs Jeongguk's waist and nuzzles his neck, trying to hide his embarrassment. Jeongguk gets ticklish every time, but Taehyung doesn't let go and leaves a kiss on his neck, only looking back at him when he's sure his cheeks aren't burning anymore. «Sure,» he answers « I mean, I paid for this, it's only fair we take a bath.»

And then Jeongguk gets gloomy again, the spark living in his eyes suddenly disappearing. He lets his hands wander to Taehyung's chest, and he starts playing rather absentmindedly with the fabric of his shirt. «You know, when I told you I wanted to go somewhere intimate for my birthday, I didn't mean a luxurious hotel room.»

Okay, maybe Taehyung did go a little over the edge. But that's the thing: he wanted to do something special. In some hours they will be dating for a year, but they never went further than aggressive making out and some casual handjobs, even a blowjob once or twice - they just never did it. And Taehyung has been the most patient and caring boyfriend, always trying to control himself around Jeongguk and never forcing anything other than what Jeongguk assured him he was comfortable with, and he's been trying to suppress his desires for a year now. So of course when Jeongguk admitted with a shy smile that he felt finally ready and that he wanted them to make love on his birthday, Taehyung completely lost his shit. He called Jimin that same night and talked for over two hours, freaking out about how sweet Jeongguk had been, asking him to make love rather than having sex, and how shy he had been about it, how romantic, for he thought of doing it on his birthday, on their first anniversary, exactly one year apart from their first kiss - Jimin had squealed along with him, and calmed him down when Taehyung burst into tears for just how much he loved him.

They have talked about what to do on Jeongguk's birthday for weeks. He expressed his desire to have some privacy for themselves, to go somewhere intimate, and Taehyung couldn't think of a single place that could grant that, both of them living with their families. It was Jimin that suggested renting an hotel room, and Taehyung liked it; but the more he went through online searching, he more he felt like he had to make it special - and when he stumbled onto the website of this luxurious hotel downtown Seoul, he knew it had to be there. He got a small job that Jeongguk didn't know about, and he got scolded multiple times from Jimin for being so goddamn extra, but Taehyung had set his mind on it already, and he felt purposeful.

So there he is now, with his soon to be 19-year-old boyfriend in his arms, in the middle of the most expensive hotel room he's ever been to and with his palms sweating in anticipation. He boops Jeongguk's nose and he scrunches it, making Taehyung smile.

«Why not here? You like it.»

«I do. Of course I do, but there was no need. It must be expensive.»

When he notices Jeongguk is not looking at him in the eyes, Taehyung tilts his head to catch his boyfriend's mouth in a small kiss. Jeongguk actually lets out a sigh against his lips, and then he's looking directly at him. «Maybe this is a little too much, okay» he admits, «but you like it and we're here anyway, so stop thinking about it. Besides, it's not like we could stay at one of our houses.»

Jeongguk sighs again, and Taehyung knows he's giving up on arguing with him. «I know that,» he says, with the smallest voice Taehyung has ever heard of him. Then his lips curve into a small smile, and Taehyung thinks his cheeks got a little rosy. «You wanna know what I've been thinking all this time, ever since I told you I wanted to do it?»

Taehyung lets a hand wander on Jeongguk's back, rubbing it quite absentmindedly. «What?»

He stands a little on his toes - he could easily avoid that, but Taehyung thinks his boyfriend actually likes feeling small - and puts his hands on Taehyung's shoulders. rubbing them gently. He lets a single finger travel up to his neck, and then their eyes lock. «I thought of your bed,» he says, with a low voice. He curves his lips in a side smirk, and proceeds tracing the outline of Taehyung's neck with his index. «Just the two of us, naked and sweating in your sheets, your hands everywhere on my body, and the bed screeching under our weight... Screech, screech, screech...»

«I fucking hate you.» Taehyung pushes Jeongguk away and his boyfriend tries to get back at him, his loud laughter echoing in the room. «You're horrible! I should've brought Jimin here!»

Jeongguk stops in his tracks for just a moment, necessary to open his mouth wide in an offended expression. «You wanna fuck Jimin?! What kind of betrayal is this?!»

«At least he doesn't tease me! You're really the worst person ever.»

«So you do wanna fuck him!»

Taehyung can't help a little laugh at Jeongguk's offended expression. He can see Jimin's face in his mind now, had he known they are wasting their time arguing like kids and talking about him, and he finally bursts into full laughter. Jeongguk moves fast in the room, approaching the bedroom - he's grabbing a pillow. Before he can act on it, Taehyung sprints backwards.

«Come here, you fucking cheater!»

Jeongguk starts running after him with a pillow in hand, throwing every kind of insult at him, but Taehyung can't help but laugh. He's almost tempted to lock himself up in the bathroom, but he doesn't really want their little game to end like that, so he just keeps running around the room. He moves some of the furniture to create some kind of obstacle to Jeongguk's fake wrath, but the younger dodges every attempt of his, and when he's finally cornered him Taehyung feels like he can't breathe properly. Jeongguk is in front of him, walking forward slowly and quite menacingly, swinging the pillow in his hand like a weapon. He's standing right in front of the huge bed, Taehyung notices. And he decides that it's now or never.

He springs towards his boyfriend and definitely catches him off guard, but he can't manage to lay a single blow on him 'cause Taehyung's putting his hands on the younger's waist, lifting him from the ground and making him go oh for just a moment, before he's spread out on the bed's silken purple sheets, full confusion on his face and his arms around Taehyung's neck, the older hovering over him with his hands still tight on his tiny waist.

And then they're laughing. Jeongguk has the widest smile on his face, his eyes crinkling and almost disappearing, and his laugh echoing right into Taehyung's ears. Taehyung could live off this moment, with the boy he loves in his arms and the sound of his laugh in his ears, his heart so full of love and happiness.

It's Jeongguk that connects their mouths together in a kiss. It's a sweet kiss, their teeth actually colliding against each other's for smiling too wide, but Taehyung loves it. Jeongguk is hooking his arms tighter around Taehyung's neck, and Taehyung lowers and tilts his head, providing a better angle for kissing. Jeongguk gets the hint, and he pliantly opens his mouth for his boyfriend, who wastes no time making his tongue slip past the younger's lips and deepening their kiss.

The change in the air is so clear, and Taehyung feels hungry again. He feels hungry like every other time he's with Jeongguk like this, when their kissing becomes too rough and frantic to stay just like that. And he can't help but kissing him harder, licking and biting his lips, for he wants so much more. And he's finally getting it, tonight.

He lets a hand travel down to Jeongguk's thigh and he grabs it, quickly bringing it up around his waist. He takes his sweet time making his hand go up and down, slowly tracing the skin on his thigh. Until his fingers are ghosting over Jeongguk's ass, and he decides to go for it and just squeeze it. This earns him a surprised gasp from Jeongguk against his mouth, and before he knows it the younger is disconnecting their kiss, peppering his lips with small pecks as he leaves.

Taehyung hums against his mouth, desperately trying to get him back to kissing, but he's too used to this and he knows it won't work. So he just gives up and opens his eyes, actually smiling with the sight of his boyfriend's tousled hair and swollen lips under him.

Jeongguk lifts a hand to Taehyung's cheek, and he caresses it gently. «Hey,» he whispers.

Taehyung gets his hand back on his waist. «Hey.»

«These sheets are fucking soft.»

Taehyung rolls his eyes, and then he's rolling off Jeongguk to get on his side. But Jeongguk is quick to throw a leg over him, and then he's lifting himself to straddle his lap, sitting directly on his crotch. «Hey,» he calls again «do you think we can order some food?»

Taehyung nods, turning his head to show the elegant menus on the small coffee table next to the sofa. Jeongguk pops off his lap and Taehyung almost misses him, and he walks over to pick up the menus. He stays in bed, waiting - hoping - for Jeongguk to come back on his lap until «Tae!» he hears Jeongguk calling him again, «CAN WE HAVE LOBTERS FOR DINNER?»


They don't have lobsters for dinner. Jeongguk pretends to be disappointed but he's not, and they settle for burgers - a lot of burgers. They come back to the hotel with at least three bags of food, and hurry through the lobby to avoid being seen. When they reach their room safely, they waste no time munching on their food, sometimes feeding each other.

They're eating on the floor, too scared to ruin the furniture with their greasy food, and Jeongguk is munching on his third portion of fries. He suddenly hums, like he wants to say something, but he just gets closer to Taehyung - as fast as he can move, sitting cross-legged. Taehyung notices he's holding a fry.

«Open your mouth» he says, lifting the fry.

Taehyung scrunches his nose, eyeing the object. «I don't want it, you put mayo on yours.»

«What's wrong with mayo?»

«I just don't like it.»

«Come here.»

Taehyung doesn't exactly know where he's supposed to go, so he eyes Jeongguk skeptically. Until the younger relaxes his legs, and leans forward. He grabs his side with one hand, the other occupied by the fry, and pulls his weight in - Taehyung doesn't know how he can manage to do that with just one hand, but he's learned not to question his boyfriend a long time ago. So when Jeongguk looks down on his lap, Taehyung gets the hint and moves forward to sit on him. And soon Jeongguk is holding him by his waist with just one arm, and Taehyung hooks his arms around his neck. The younger didn't put down the fry, though.

«I'll eat the side with mayo.»

He lifts the fry and puts it in his mouth by the side with mayo, and moves his other hand to the other side of Taehyung's waist, holding him close. He keeps his lips tight around the fry, and tries to poke at the other's mouth with it, smiling. Taehyung lets out a small laugh, and then dives in, closing his mouth around their shared fry. They bite it in one go, and munch on it until there's only their mouths left, extremely close, lips brushing against each other. Jeongguk gives him a knowing smile, and Taehyung dives in to kiss him.

They've been kissing a lot since they got here. They made out on the bed, made out in the elevator, made out in the restroom of the McDonald's, and in the elevator again, their bags of food extremely in danger with their hands flying on each other's body. They can't get enough of each other, and Taehyung's been itching with want ever since this day began. So he kisses him breathless, catching his bottom lip in his teeth and pulling to make the younger part his lips, sucking on it and feeling dizzy every time Jeongguk's fingertips brush against his skin. He keeps sucking on his bottom lip and he bites it, and Jeongguk lets out a particularly raspy breath, right against Taehyung's mouth. So Taehyung slides his tongue in, almost immediately colliding with Jeongguk's.

They know this part. They know the rough kissing, the sneaky touches and then the heavy ones, their breaths hitching and their hearts beating faster. They're used to this, and they stay like this for a while, kissing each other with eagerness and ease, until the sound of their mouths sloppily making out is the only one in the room. And in this moment, Taehyung is grateful - grateful for Jeongguk, for the intimacy they can have here, and he thinks he's never had a better idea than renting this hotel room for Jeongguk's birthday.

Until he's reminded of the reason of their visit here. And it's Jeongguk that reminds him, when his hands slide down his waist and behind his back, until they settle - a little unsure - on Taehyung's ass. The sudden touch makes Taehyung gasp right into his mouth, and Jeongguk stops kissing him. When the older looks at him, he can easily read worry in his big doe eyes.

«Is this okay?»

For just a second, Taehyung has no idea what he's talking about. Then he feels Jeongguk's hands shifting and moving under his ass, and he's quick to reassure his boyfriend with his hands on his cheeks and a peck on his lips.

«Of course it's okay, Gukkie. You touched me before. You can touch me.»

The younger nods quite absentmindedly, like he remembers now. But Taehyung knows him well enough to know he's just nervous, and he touches his cheeks with some extra care, his voice sweeter than ever. It lasts for just some seconds. 'Cause when Jeongguk goes back to him, there's no trace of hesitation in his kisses. He kisses him like he's been starving, like he wants to eat him, and Taehyung happily returns the kisses with the same eagerness. His hands move up to pull at his hair, and Jeongguk happily hums at that, while the younger's hands press against Taehyung's ass cheeks - and squeeze.

The surprise makes his mouth go wide and his head tilt back, and Jeongguk wastes no time attacking his throat. He drags his mouth along Taehyung's throat with open-mouthed kisses, and moves to the vein on his neck, where he drags his tongue on. He keeps kissing and biting the skin there, until he moves further down to his shoulder.

«Your shirt. Off.»

The guttural tone of Jeongguk's voice makes Taehyung shiver. He wishes he could look at him in the eyes, but he's mouthing at his jaw and has his eyes closed. So Taehyung complies, grabbing his shirt by the hems - he's glad he's taken off his hoodie earlier - and lifting it to his head, until it comes off and he carelessly throws it on the floor.

He must look a little funny. He knows his hair is a mess, and he must have some strange expression on his face, but Jeongguk can't help but look at him. He has his eyes glued to his chest, and Taehyung feels like blushing. He's been shirtless in front of him before, of course, but somehow everything tonight seems a lot more important, and a lot more different. Maybe it's just anticipation, even if they only got Taehyung's shirt off yet - but he wants, and can't help but feel a little hopeless about it.

They lock eyes for a moment, and Jeongguk has that look - the look of love, as Jimin once called it, where he just blinks with his big doe eyes and doesn't say anything, just looks at him in some kind of awe, for what feels like eternity. But it lasts for just a second, 'cause Jeongguk is quick to peck him on the lips, and then he goes down his throat with some little sweet pecks, a longer kiss in the middle of his chest. Taehyung can't resist, and he threads his fingers through his hair with care. Jeongguk seems to like it, 'cause he pulls him closer by his ass and he attaches his lips to Taehyung's chest with more intent.

He lets out a whimper when Jeongguk's tongue grazes his nipple. He runs the tip of his tongue around the bud, and then finally wraps his lips around it, slowly sucking. Taehyung keeps his eyes closed, but he can feel Jeongguk's breath against his hot skin, and it's making him itchy. He feels like burning all over, and Jeongguk doesn't make things easier with his kisses and bites.

He catches the bud carefully with his teeth and pulls slightly, and Taehyung tightens his grip on his boyfriend's hair. Jeongguk seems to like having his hair pulled as he tilts his head back and parts his lips, and Taehyung instantly dives in for a kiss.

This kiss is nothing like the others; this is just mouthing at each other, sloppily making out, and it's full of lust and desire. Taehyung can't help but kissing him harder, sucking on Jeongguk's tongue. He's taken aback for just a moment when Jeongguk thrusts in with his hips, and Taehyung finds him already hard under him. This just motivates him more; he pulls his hair hard and attaches his lips to the younger's throat, wanting to taste him. And while his lips eagerly kiss every inch of his throat, Taehyung makes sure to give an experimental thrust with his hips. He's so satisfied when he hears his boyfriend groaning, and holding him tightly by the waist to get more friction. So Taehyung keeps on thrusting in, slowly grinding on him with no pace at all, while his lips create a pretty pattern of colors and shapes on the younger's clear skin. When he detaches his mouth, Jeongguk's throat is decorated with some pretty teeth marks and a hot red hickey - Taehyung's pleased.

But he still wants more. And while Jeongguk desperately moves his hips up to meet him, Taehyung gets closer and kisses his ear, sensually biting his earlobe. «Bed,» he just breathes against his ear, not quire sure Jeongguk has heard him at all, but the younger puts his hands back on Taehyung's ass with a renewed determination, and the next second Taehyung is being lifted in the air.

He's always loved Jeongguk's strength; even if he's younger and slightly shorter than him, he's a lot more muscular and can handle him well. Taehyung lets his mind go wild for a second at the possibilities, but tonight's not the time. Tonight's for Jeongguk and Jeongguk only - his fantasies can wait.

When his back touches the soft surface of the mattress, Taehyung feels light. Jeongguk hovers over him with his elbows at each side of his face so that he doesn't weigh on him, and he's such a heavenly vision. He has his big eyes on Taehyung, and it makes him want to blush. But he lifts his arms to circle Jeongguk's neck, and he locks eyes with him and giggles, not exactly sure of the reason why. «What are you looking at?» he whispers, and he swears he can hear the soft laugh in his own voice.

Jeongguk blushes hard, like he's just been caught doing something inappropriate, and reveals his big smile. «I'm looking at you» he replies, so softly «you are so beautiful.»

For a moment, Taehyung just stares back. And he can see it now – the look of love Jimin's always teasing him about. He can see Jeongguk's eyes fixed on him, his fingertips brushing against his skin like he's the most delicate thing, and the sincerity in his voice, in his loving gaze. He feels beautiful, when Jeongguk's looking at him like that – like he wants to love him, he wants to cherish him, and he wants to stay with him.

Then he blushes, and lets out another giggle. He gently pulls Jeongguk closer by the neck, and when he's close enough he presses his lips in a small peck on the tip of his nose. He does this often, and Jeongguk usually whines about how he should kiss his lips, not his nose, but this time all he does is laughing. And he relaxes his muscles a little, so that he's not holding himself straight on his elbows anymore.

Taehyung takes the chance to hug him, and having Jeongguk pressed against him like this seems a lot different – he feels small, and he's taking big slow breaths against Taehyung's neck. The older starts peppering him with kisses, on every surface of skin he can reach; he presses a particular kiss under Jeongguk's ear, and the younger silently giggles against his body. So Taehyung bites his earlobe playfully, and Jeongguk laughs harder; and he ventures with his hands on his back, until both of his hands are at the very end of his spine, softly caressing the soft skin left uncovered there. But he wants to feel more, and his hands carefully wander higher, tracing a slow line of careful caresses along his spine.

Jeongguk's breath hitches; he likes this, he likes to be touched like this. And Taehyung would never do anything that wouldn't please him. So he keeps moving his palms up and down his back, soothingly, feeling Jeongguk's muscles relaxing right under his touch. And he resumes kissing his face, leaving soft innocent pecks all over his cheeks, until his lips move down his jaw and Jeongguk must have enough of this, 'cause he tilts his head sideways and meets Taehyung's lips with his. It's a slow and sweet kiss, and when Taehyung breaks it he locks eyes with his boyfriend. His fingertips keep hovering over the younger's naked skin, and Taehyung hopefully grabs one hem of his sweater. He looks at Jeongguk expectantly. «Can I?» he gently asks, twisting the soft fabric between his fingers.

Jeongguk widens his eyes. Taehyung's almost sure he's gonna back out, but his boyfriend slowly shifts on his position, and he lifts himself up with his hands, pressing the knees against the mattress until he's sitting directly on Taehyung's crotch. Taehyung swallows down a gasp, and he pushes himself up with his hands.

He watches it all with a captured look. He follows the movements of Jeongguk's fingers, caressing slowly his own hips before grabbing the hems of his sweater. And he keeps looking when Jeongguk tilts his head back and lifts his sweater up his abs, and then his chest, until it reaches his arms and the shirt is off completely, being carelessly thrown behind him. And he never breaks eye contact, like he wants Taehyung to see – he wants his boyfriend to watch him, wants his full attention, and Taehyung finds himself not able to look away for the whole process. Until Jeongguk smirks, and Taehyung realizes what he's done.

He pokes him hard on a hip, his lips pouting. «You little shit, I want to undress you.»

The younger whines for a second, then he pinches one of Taehyung's nipples. «You hurt me, dumbass!»

They're both laughing, lost in their precious moments of playfulness, when Taehyung's gaze falls upon his boyfriend's chest, and his throat feels suddenly dry. He can hear the change of atmosphere in the air, how they're not laughing anymore but Jeongguk is slightly getting closer to him, awkwardly moving against his crotch. Taehyung unexpectedly lets a choked moan out of his mouth, when he notices he can feel the perfect outline of Jeongguk's dick against his own, both gradually getting hard. So he grabs Jeongguk's hips and he violently rolls them over, Jeongguk falling gracefully against the soft mattress.

Taehyung's got his boyfriend's gaze on him; he can read excitement and fear in his eyes at the same time, and he can't help leaning forward and pecking him on the lips. «Are you okay?» he asks, softly rubbing his thumb against Jeongguk's cheek.

Jeongguk nods. «I'm fine, baby. We're used to this.»

Taehyung nods, a warm puff of breath coming out of his mouth and against Jeongguk's own lips, that instantly curve into a smile. They meet halfway in a sweet and chaste kiss, and Jeongguk tugs at the older's bottom lip with his teeth for a few seconds. He lets go, and gently licks on it.

Taehyung pulls back, and he takes a look – or maybe more than one – at the man underneath him. His eyes get lost on his collarbones, then his nipples, down to his abs and his small waist, and he wonders how he got so lucky. He gets his hands on his hips and starts caressing them gently, then he moves them up his chest, and to his shoulders. Jeongguk closes his eyes and pulls his head back, slightly parting his lips. So Taehyung leans forward, and he lets the tip of his tongue brush against Jeongguk's warm skin.

He can feel him shivering at the contact, but Taehyung doesn't pull back. He slowly drags his tongue on his skin, tracing the lines of his abs like he's always wanted to do. Jeongguk gets a little agitated and starts shifting on the bed, and Taehyung dips the tip of his tongue into his navel, licking all around it. He goes up to his chest, and finally attaches his full lips on the skin, leaving open-mouthed kisses along the way to his neck. He's still caressing his hips, and he decides to take advantage and dip his hands under the fabric of Jeongguk's jeans, wanting to test it out first before going any further like he wants to.

Jeongguk gasps, and his lips stay parted to let out small breaths every time Taehyung's lips leave a wet kiss on his skin. He involuntarily bucks up with his hips, and Taehyung's teeth nibble on a nipple, trying to force a loud moan down. But Jeongguk keeps bucking up and he parts his legs, making Taehyung fall right in the middle, just against his erection. And when Jeongguk's hands settle onto his ass, Taehyung knows he's trying to get friction.

So he keeps kissing on his skin with more vigor, sucking small bruises up the way to his neck. When he finally reaches his mouth he bucks up hard with his hips, and swallows Jeongguk's loud moan with his lips. They kiss sloppily, languidly, crashing their tongues repeatedly, and Taehyung keeps thrusting against him, regretting very much the layers of clothes between their erections. Jeongguk threads his fingers in Taehyung's hair, and he pulls at it every time the older thrusts against him particularly hard.

He's panting heavily, when he speaks with the lowest voice, «Take it off. Take all off.»

Taehyung is surprised and extremely turned on by the neediness in his boyfriend's voice, and he instantly pulls his mouth back down his body and gets his hands on Jeongguk's jeans. Jeongguk's hands dip into Taehyung's back pockets and squeeze his asscheeks, and Taehyung undoes the only button of his jeans, his fingers a little nervous on the zip. He looks up at Jeongguk and finds his boyfriend already looking at him, slowly nodding as if he caught Taehyung's uncertainty and wants to reassure him it's okay, that he wants this. And it works, for Taehyung's fingers unzip his pants, only for his mouth to fall open when his gaze is met with Jeongguk's tent right below it.

Taehyung can clearly see a damp spot at the center, and his mouth waters at the vision. He licks his lips, and wastes no time reaching for the jeans's hems, his fingers tightly grabbing them and pulling the jeans down Jeongguk's thighs. He's careful and does it slowly, so that his hands can't help brushin against Jeongguk's thighs, and the younger starts biting at his bottom lip nervously. He drags the fabric up his knees and down his ankles with a little help from Jeongguk, and takes them off completely, throwing them carelessly on the floor behind him.

When he finally settles his gaze on him, Taehyung finds himself in a state of awe. Jeongguk is right underneath him, his almost naked body in full display and just for him, the first one he's ever let having him like this, seizing and whimpering in clear impatience. There's so much desire in his eyes, wandering freely on the older's body, and Taehyung almost wants to blush. Until he feels something pushing against his crotch, hard, knocking his breath out.

«Sorry,» Jeongguk mumbles, getting his hands steady on Taehyung's hips. «I don't know what – I just need something, anything.»

Contrary to his grip on Taehyung's hips, Jeongguk's voice is very unsteady. He's sweating, yet shivering, and he feels so needy. Taehyung finds it endearing, how vulnerable he looks in this moment, caged right below him with their bodies getting hot. And it just makes him swell with pride, how he's the only one that ever got Jeongguk looking like that, feeling like that, and how desperate he sounds. He's hit with a wave of possessiveness all of a sudden, for he wants to be not only his first, but his only one. And he wants to make Jeongguk feel the best he can ever feel, wants him to enjoy this, to wish nothing but this.

He leans down and kisses him again, smashing their mouths together and enjoying every little whiny sound he can get out of his boyfriend. «I'm gonna take care of you» he mumbles, when he disconnects their mouths. Jeongguk's lips are red and swollen, his eyes wide and lost on his feelings, and Taehyung feels himself getting harder. «Gonna take so much care of you, baby.»

Jeongguk giggles. «Love it when you call me that.»

Taehyung smiles, even though this isn't the right moment to smile so genuinely, with the air around them getting so hot and suffocating, but he can't help it. He loves him, and loves everything about him. And he's determined to show him with his body. He gets down, lazily dragging his mouth along his chest and abs, until it reaches Jeongguk's crotch area. Taehyung doesn't hesitate, and he licks at the damp spot on his briefs. He can hear Jeongguk's breath hitching so abruptly, gasping for air, and he starts mouthing at the outline of his dick, giving it a few licks just to tease him.

Jeongguk is soon letting out small moans, and he started clutching at the sheets with his right hand, so tight Taehyung can see the veins popping on his skin. So he leaves some kisses and then gets his hand on it, palming him through the fabric.

Jeongguk arches his back, letting his mouth fall open. And Taehyung goes back to him, licking inside his mouth while he keeps palming him with one hand, and grips hard at his hip with the other. Jeongguk brings his arms around Taehyung's neck and his fingers carded through his hair, and kisses back with the same lust, Taehyung actually feeling out of breath but refusing to let go of his lips. Then Jeongguk pulls away and he lets a hand slide down his back, until it settles on the back of Taehyung's pants. «Take them off,» he says, with ragged breath «I want you n-naked.»

Taehyung is most definitely blushing. But his embarrassment gets lost in the haze of the moment, and he bites on Jeongguk's bottom lip. «Eager, are we?»

Jeongguk gets closer, and he licks at the top of Taehyung's mouth. «Y-You're touching my dick and I'm not touching a-anything, how is that fair?»

Taehyung lets out a little laugh, and he lets go of Jeongguk's lip, to which he pouts. He grabs Jeongguk's dick in his hand and gives a light squeeze, but it's enough to shut Jeongguk up and make him gape again. «You're right, baby boy. Let's get me naked, would you?» he whispers seductively to his ear, and Jeongguk nods.

Jeongguk's hands start working at his pants right away. He undoes the button and unzips them so fast, and he grabs both his pants and his briefs when he tries to pull them down. Taehyung helps him, momentarily letting go of his boyfriend's dick, and they push the fabric of his clothes down his legs together, Jeongguk's touch leaving a trail of hot sparkles on his naked skin. They manage to undress him, Taehyung ultimately pushing the clothes away with his feet, and Taehyung's never felt so relieved. He's been feeling so tight ever since they started to fool around, and he's happy to let his erection free now, slapping right against Jeongguk's thigh.

«O-Oh my God», he almost hiccups, and Taehyung puts his hands on his thighs, caressing reassuringly.

«You okay, babe?»

Jeongguk nods, and Taehyung can see he's nervous. So he just caresses his thighs slowly, ignoring the urgency from his dick to favor his boyfriend's needs. Until Jeongguk cups his jaw and suddenly kisses him, the kisses seeming to get him some confidence.

«Get me naked, too.»

Taehyung gulps in between their kisses, and nods. So his fingers reach Jeongguk's briefs, and he pushes them down in one go, stopping to look at his boyfriend's dick only when they're both free of clothes, stealing glances at each other.

Jeongguk is so hard. His dick slaps against his stomach, and the tip is so red it must hurt. Taehyung knows he's staring, but he's feeling shameless and helplessly horny at this point, and he immediately leans down, licking with his tongue from the base to the top of his dick, closing his lips on the tip and slightly sucking on it.

«A-ah,» Jeongguk lets out a strangled moan, and his hands move on his body to grip hard at his shoulders. And Taehyung closes a hand around the base of Jeongguk's dick, pumping him slowly. His fingers go up and down his length, and he keeps lapping at it, dragging the tip of his tongue along the vein on the underside, until it comes back to the top and the circles the tip with his lips, sucking.

He's so aware of Jeongguk, seizing and writhing on the bed above him, and every little moan he makes goes straight to Taehyung's dick, making him hum around him. So he decides to finally take him in his mouth and giving him a proper blowjob, and Jeongguk tugs hard at his hair.

And Taehyung's so high on the feeling, the weight of Jeongguk's dick feeling so right on his tongue and his mind hazing, so set on making Jeongguk feel as best as he can. And he's feeling so good, Taehyung's making him squirm and whine under his ministrations, so wet that his tip is starting to leak now, and Taehyung wastes no time to lick at the precome, until Jeongguk's hand tugs on him harder, gaining Taehyung's attention.

«I-I don't wanna come like this, T-Tae.» The distress in his boyfriend's voice gets him attentive immediately, and he lets go of his dick with a loud bop to come up to his face and meet him in a wet kiss, feeling just a little hot at the thought of Jeongguk tasting himself right on his lips.

When he pulls back, Jeongguk gets a hand on his cheek, and his eyes set on his. «I wanna make love, Tae.»

The words, so simple yet so meaningful, get Taehyung's head spinning, and his heart beating a little faster. He wonders if Jeongguk can feel the loud pounding against his chest. He moves a hand up his cheek in a sort of mirror move, and looks back at him. «Do you feel ready?» he asks, even though he knows what answer he's gonna get.

And Jeongguk smiles, and it takes Taehyung's breath away. His hair is a mess, his skin is flushing red, and he's still getting back to breathe normally, but he's smiling and he's got so much love in his eyes. And he wants to give this love to Taehyung and Taehyung only.

«I am,» he nods, «I want you, Tae.» And Taehyung's not even registering how Jeongguk's gently caressing his cheek, 'cause he feels too lost in his eyes, until he smiles again, wider. «Make love to me, please?» he says, and it feels like a request. Like he's asking, and Taehyung wonders why he would feel the need to ask. He would give him the whole world if he could, and he wants to love him whole, let him own him, as if he didn't already. Taehyung knows very well he's completely in love with him, and of course he nods, still marveling at the sincere and happy smile on Jeongguk's face.


«I'm gonna prep you now, okay?»

Jeongguk nods, trying to relax as he cards his fingers through Taehyung's soft hair. «Okay.»

He expects his boyfriend to get partly off him to go get the lube and the condom – oh my god, they're really gonna do it – but Taehyung stays still, and Jeongguk almost wants to ask him to hurry up.

«Please tell me if you feel uncomfortable and I'll stop right away. We don't have to do this if you don't want it –»

Jeongguk wants to roll his eyes, but he cups his boyfriend's jaw and he pecks him on the lips to make him stop talking. «Tae,» he calls his name, and keeps caressing his cheek as Taehyung takes a deep breath. «You talk too much.»

Taehyung pouts a little, and Jeongguk can't resist and gives him another kiss. He nibbles at Taehyung's bottom lip, and he feels so proud for how swollen his lips taste against his mouth – he made him like this.

He keeps kissing him, Taehyung gradually falling pliant against his mouth, and he licks at his lips, trying to let his tongue slip between and kiss him more deeply, but Taehyung suddenly pulls back, and now Jeongguk is the one pouting.

«I'm serious!» he snaps, his hands coming to rest on the sides of Jeongguk's face. He sighs. «I just want you to feel good,» he admits, while he plays absentmindedly with Jeongguk's hair. «Your feelings are first priority to me.»

Jeongguk feels it, his heart swelling with so much love it could jump out of his chest. He feels it in every gentle touch of his fingertips, in every careful swipe of his tongue, and tonight he feels like he could drown in all the sweetness and affection Taehyung's giving him. What's he been giving him for over a year, now – trust, affection, and a lot of love.

He doesn't need to say it, Jeongguk knows Taehyung loves him. He knows from every smile, every gaze, every touch and every single word he says to him; Jeongguk knows he's so loved. That's why he doesn't feel afraid of this, of finally giving himself over to Taehyung, the only one he's ever wanted to do this with – he knows he's always belonged to him anyway. He still feels like panicking whenever Taehyung gets too close and personal to where he wants him the most, but that's just 'cause he's new to this – he doesn't really know what to expect, so he's left surprised. But he doesn't regret this; he doesn't regret this in the slightest, he still wants to do this, and he's glad he's with Taehyung right now, even if his boyfriend has been freaking out ever since they started kissing in what feels like it was a long time ago.

He looks at him so lovingly, and can read the same love in Taehyung's eyes. «I know,» he says, his voice gotten sweeter and lower «I know, love.» He catches the little blush on Taehyung's cheeks at the word, and he curves his lips in a little smile. «That's why you should stop worrying about this.»

Taehyung sighs heavily, like he's not sure. He drops a small peck on Jeongguk's nose, then he brushes his hair back to leave another peck on his forehead. Jeongguk recognizes his little habit of kissing him whenever he feels stressed, but he doesn't comment on it. «But it's your first time,» he whines «and I feel so nervous. I feel responsible.»

Jeongguk jokingly rolls his eyes now, and he gives him a peck back, on his jaw. «I'm nervous, too» he says, and he leaves another peck on the tip of his nose. «Fuck, I think I have more right than you to feel nervous. But I trust you, love.» He pecks him on the lips last, enjoying the shy smile on Taehyung's face. «Besides, I'm really fucking horny right now, so you better do something or I'll gladly let you go back to sucking me off. At least I'll get off somehow.»

He smirks at the end, trying to get a smile out of him, and he manages, for Taehyung gently slaps him on the ass. Jeongguk bites his lip, enjoying a little too much that single slap that was meant to be nothing but playful, but he will blame his horny self and try not to think about this. He needs to get off right now and with Taehyung inside him, he can't risk getting turned on by his fantasies – in which Taehyung would certainly indulge, if he just asked him.

«Shut up,» Taehyung shushes him. «Pass me the lube.»

Jeongguk nods, and arches his body to reach the bottle of lube on the bedside table. He can feel Taehyung's hands going up and down his thighs while he can't see him, and it distracts him a little. But he eventually grabs the bottle, and turns back to Taehyung, his mouth hanging a little when he finds him on his knees, his naked body on full display for him and his hands roaming over his thighs, so dangerously attractive. He can feel saliva forming up in his mouth, and he's feeling hot again just from seeing him like this. Taehyung would laugh at him, but he fortunately manages to look away when his boyfriend looks up to grab the lube from him. So Jeongguk takes a deep breath and tries to relax his muscles, letting Taehyung take over both of them.

He's starting to feel nervous, now that he has his boyfriend in all his naked glory pressed just right up against him and the same boyfriend announced he's gonna finger him, but he won't tell him and he will try to be brave. He looks as Taehyung uncaps the bottle and spreads some lube on his fingers, and Jeongguk's never really noticed how long they are, but he can't think about anything else now. Those fingers are gonna be inside him in a little, and Jeongguk feels a strange mix of fear and excitement.

Taehyung pulls him a little closer, and he looks up to him. This doesn't feel sexy at all, and Jeongguk feels rather awkward if he looks too long at his terrified face. But he holds his gaze, trying to stay serious.

«The lube is a little cold, I'm warming it up. Also, this may hurt a bit at the beginning, but it will loosen you up for when... well, then.»

Jeongguk wants to laugh. «I know how fingering works, baby. But thanks for warning, I guess.»

Taehyung furrows his eyebrows in offense. «Why did you get so bossy all of a sudden?»

«'Cause I'm impatient and horny, and you're taking forever.»

Taehyung holds his gaze down. «Well you're being mean.»

Jeongguk hears the tone of his voice shifting, and he lifts himself up to sit down in front of him and cup his face in his hands, Taehyung still looking down.

«I'm sorry, baby.» He tilts his head, and connects their lips in a brief kiss, until Taehyung is looking up at him again. «You know I love you, right?»

Then Taehyung cracks a smile. «Love you too. But stop bossing me around, it's so annoying.»

Jeongguk giggles, and he bites playfully at his jaw, making Taehyung grunt in fake annoyance. He leans back down, relaxing against the mattress once again. «Can't help it, you're too cute.»

«You're cuter.»

Jeongguk wants to answer back that no, he's definitely the cuter one between them, but he's caught off guard when Taehyung presses the tip of a finger against his entrance, and he massages slowly at the rim. Jeongguk lets out a loud sigh, and he shuts up completely. He knows Taehyung is looking at him attentively, searching for any sign of discomfort on his face, so Jeongguk nods, even though he doesn't really know why.

«I'm going in now.»

So Taehyung presses his finger further up his hole, and Jeongguk's mouth hangs open. He feels like he can't breathe, and he involuntarily arches his back, but that's just for a moment. He expects Taehyung to say something but he doesn't, and he just keeps massaging inside his hole, gradually going further.

Jeongguk feels so weird. Having a finger up his hole doesn't hurt and doesn't turn him on, it just makes him feel weird. He tries so hard to focus, he shuts his eyes and he focuses on the sensation, trying to get the weird feeling out of his mind. And he chokes on his breath, when Taehyung's long finger is pressed further and his lips are suddenly on his thigh, leaving some wet kisses he would likely not be aware of, if only he didn't squeeze one of his ass cheeks so hard to hurt him.

Taehyung's index keeps pulling out of him and then pulls back in, and admittedly it's starting to feel rather nice. He likes how his wet finger slides up and down, every time pushing a little deeper, a little faster. And Taehyung is working his mouth on his thigh, dragging his lips up and down his skin, forcing Jeongguk to spread his legs wider when he gets rather near to his crotch.

He's taken by surprise when he gets grabbed and pulled closer, Taehyung lifting one of his legs up to his face and over his shoulder. And oh, this is better. Like this, Taehyung's finger can reach deeper inside of him somehow, and it's making him feel so good Jeongguk is starting to let out small little whimpers.

He chokes on a moan so abruptly, a sudden wave of pleasure going through his whole body and igniting it like electricity. He moves his hands, he wants to grab something, anything, and he ends up grabbing the sheets under him, eliciting some very desperate sounds every time Taehyung keeps pushing there.

«Found your prostate.»

He barely registers Taehyung's words. But he must know about this, since he keeps hitting that same spot over and over again, making Jeongguk sob in pleasure, all previous awkwardness completely forgotten. «T-Tae,» he sobs.

«Shhh. I got you, baby.»

The petname makes him bite his lip hard, so much Jeongguk feels like it's bleeding. He's sweating so much, and he's barely aware of everything around him, just his body writhing on the bed and his knuckles turning almost white. But he feels it, when Taehyung bites on his thigh and it makes him moan, the thought of being marked hazing his mind with arousal. He feels so hot down there, but he doesn't know exactly where – it's like his body is on fire, and he can't control it.

«I'm gonna add another, baby.»

He nods, even if he's not sure of what Taehyung just told him. But he flinches so hard when something cold enters him all of a sudden, and Taehyung has to hold him steady, gripping hard at his thigh.

«I'm sorry babe, I forgot to warm it up.»

Jeongguk sobs at the stretch. Having two fingers inside is getting him to breathe a little harder, and he can't help but grip harder at the sheets. Taehyung moves them both at the same pace, pulling in and out of his hole while he keeps kissing and biting at his thigh, and Jeongguk can't breathe properly. Until he presses both of his fingers against that same spot deep inside him, and Jeongguk cries out in pleasure. He knows he's sobbing, and he may be even tearing up, but he feels so good. The stretch bothers him a little, but it's so worth it when Taehyung hits on his prostate over and over again, and he can feel his dick twitching.

He spreads his legs further, feeling suddenly too hot, but that doesn't make him feel better. He's never felt so hot, and his erection is becoming so painful to stand, and Taehyung's fingers going in and out of him are making him feel delirious. It feels like he might just explode, and it's all because of Taehyung.

«T-Taehyung,» he cries out, the sudden need to call him like that even though Taehyung never asked for honorifics. But Jeongguk needs him, needs to feel protected, needs to be reassured that he's looking out for him, and he won't let him fall apart – right now, Jeongguk needs to be coddled. But his words get lost in the air, and he doesn't know what he wants to say, for he's panting so hard and feels out of air.

It's Taehyung that reaches out for him, calling for his name in the exact same moment when he starts moving his fingers around, trying to scissor him. Jeongguk cries out loud, and Taehyung is quick to let go of his leg and come close to his body, the pressure of his naked chest against him. His hands go up to circle his middle almost naturally, and he's glad that he can hold on to him now.

Taehyung doesn't say anything. He just goes up close to his face and he cups his jaw with one hand, smashing their mouths together. And Jeongguk feels like he can breathe again, can breathe air out of Taehyung's lungs, and he kisses him back in need, his hands clutching desperately at his body.

His fingers are still inside him, moving. And Jeongguk doesn't flinch this time, when Taehyung decides on adding a third finger. He just gasps, moans back into Taehyung's mouth, letting him swallow every sound, and he holds onto him, letting him go relentlessly in and out of his body, every push very precise against his prostate. And Jeongguk is scratching at his back, can hear Taehyung whine in pain, and he almost wants to apologize, but he feels so high right now. He feels desperate, and he wants more, he wants all of him.

«T-Tae,» he calls again. «T-tae, stop. I'm gonna – I'm gonna. Uh. Please, fuck me.»

Taehyung stops immediately, and when he opens his eyes Jeongguk swear he's never seen something so beautiful. He looks desperate, just like him. Jeongguk's never seen him like this, his eyes so dark and full of lust, and he almost wants to take a picture, take a picture of this beautiful and sexy Taehyung who's longing so bad to love him and own him.

When he talks, his voice is so goddamn deep and raspy. «Are you sure?» he asks, the sweet note of affection in his tone which Jeongguk swears it's ever present.

He nods vigorously, holding him tight. «I am,» he breathes out, taking some moments of rest now that Taehyung's stopped pushing against him. «I w-want you, Tae, I need you. Please, get inside me and fuck me.»

Taehyung stares at him for a moment, like he can't believe it or he didn't hear, but he nods right away. He pulls away and pulls his fingers out, and Jeongguk whines at the sudden emptiness, his walls clenching around nothing, feeling so weird thinking he's ever been okay without Taehyung's fingers in him. He moves around, most likely to get the condom, and when he finally comes back to him he gets his hands on his knees, keeping his legs well spread. And Jeongguk is getting mentally ready for this, is trying to keep his emotions collected, until he suddenly remembers about something, and his eyes go wide.

«The m-mirror.»

Taehyung looks confused. «What?»

Jeongguk looks back, and he nods behind him, towards the wall-sized mirror he got his eyes on earlier, thinking at the possibilities. «The mirror,» he says again. «I w-wanna face the mirror.»

Taehyung looks so lost for a moment, until he finally catches on, and his eyes stare at the mirror in wonder. «You wanna fuck standing? On your knees?»

«Standing, on the bed. You take me from behind. You can hold me up, right?»

Taehyung has the same confused expression on his face, but he eventually nods. «This is so goddamn early for having kinks, Guk» he laughs.

Jeongguk puffs his cheeks, and he lets him pull him up, his limbs feeling like they won't collaborate with his mind. Taehyung turns him over, and then Jeongguk is facing the mirror on the wall, and a strong wave of arousal hits him from his dick to his toe.

He looks at their reflection, in complete awe. They're both sweating, and they share the same mad look in their eyes. He looks at his body, and he feels a strange sensation of pleasure when he notices the bright red spots all over his skin, a gift by Taehyung that is gonna take so long to take off his mind. And then his eyes go down to his crotch area, and he sees it – his full erect dick, the tip swollen and red, leaking.

It's only when Taehyung gets behind him, that his breath gets caught in his throat. He looks so beautiful, a little taller and broader than him, but slimmer. He sees his lips leaving a gentle kiss on his shoulder before he feels the actual kiss, and he looks back at Taehyung through the mirror.

«Got the condom on,» he whispers to his ear, and Jeongguk gulps. He regrets not being able to look at it, but this is so much better. So he moves an arm behind him to tug gently at his air, and lets Taehyung kiss all over his neck. «Whenever you're ready, baby.»

Jeongguk takes a deep breath, and looks at their reflection one more time. He sees the state of his body, how broken he looks, and he has no hesitation when he finally tells him, «I'm ready.»

He feels a last kiss being pressed to his neck, and then Taehyung is pulling a little back, only for Jeongguk to choke back on air when he feels something pressing against his hole again, Taehyung trying to get to him.

It's very slow, and it feels like torture, but Taehyung gradually pushes in, every inch getting Jeongguk more and more breathless. When he finally settles in completely, Jeongguk is tearing up. Taehyung stops in his tracks, and his hands go to cup Jeongguk's face and wiping up the tears, kissing his cheeks.

«It's gonna be okay, baby. You'll get used to it. I'm right here, I will hold you. I love you so much, sweetheart.»

Jeongguk wishes he wasn't crying. Who the fuck cries when getting fucked by his boyfriend? He feels so much shame. But it hurts so much, and he's not used to this in the slightest, and he wishes for the pain to go away, but he can't do that to them. He wants Taehyung, he knows he wants this, wants him like this, and he's just being a coward. He can't cry. He can't ruin this, for neither of them.

«I'm o-okay,» he sobs, and he sounds ridiculous even to his own ears.

«You'll be okay, baby» Taehyung keeps kissing him on the face, and his hands caress him gently. «It hurts at the beginning, but it'll get so much better after. You'll like it so much. It's even better than my fingers, and I know you liked that.»

Despite everything, Jeongguk cracks a smile. «I d-did. I liked your fingers.»

«See? This will be even better. And we'll make love to each other, don't you want that?»

He nods, and kisses him back on the lips.

They stay like this for some seconds, maybe a whole minute, until Jeongguk feels good enough to let him continue, and Taehyung starts moving. Almost immediately, he wants to get back to crying. But he refuses to, and he lets Taehyung hold him tight by his waist while he starts moving slowly, getting him used to the size.

And it works. Jeongguk doesn't feel it hurting so much anymore, just a light sting that he's trying to ignore. And when Taehyung pulls back and pushes back in, the sting is forgotten. He doubles over, the push making him lose his balance, but Taehyung holds him, and he presses a hand on his chest to keep him close. His other hand is on his waist, gripping hard, and he's pushing against him, making his whole body feel like jelly.

Taehyung's thrusts are very slow and paced, and he's so careful. And Jeongguk likes it, likes how his walls clench around him when he's in, trying to desperately keep him there, and how empty he feels when he pulls away, waiting for him to come back in. He wants to keep his eyes open and watch them, watch how senseless his body looks like this, but he can't help closing them and getting lost, feeling like every thrust is getting the air out of him.

The pace they've built is nice, and Jeongguk is glad he's not feeling like crying anymore, but it doesn't feel like enough. And Jeongguk's back falls against Taehyung's chest, their thighs crashing and Jeongguk getting his hand over their bodies, clutching at Taehyung's ass. He can feel the motion like this, how Taehyung is moving in and out of him, and he moans loudly, involuntarily pressing hard with his palm.

«Babe,» Taehyung whispers to his ear, and he bites on his earlobe. «You're doing so good, babe. So great.»

That's when Jeongguk's eyes fall open, and he stares at their reflection. He sees himself, but he feels like he can't recognize the person in front of him. His look is so lost, and his lips are parted, his body pressed up against Taehyung's, sweaty and hot. He feels like burning again, looks at his dick still red and twitching, and he wants to touch. He wants to relieve himself, wants to do something, but he just can't. He feels so weak, and so needy, and he thinks he has to keep his hands on Taehyung or he'll disappear, he'll leave him alone, and he can't let this happen.

Behind him, it's clear that Taehyung is not controlling himself so well anymore. His thrusts feel more unbalanced now, and he's breathing more raggedly right against his neck, and Jeongguk wants him so much to feel good. They can't keep going slow for long, they need to have more, both of them.

«F-faster,» he cries out, and Taehyung squeezes his hip. «G-go faster, Tae, please.»

Taehyung groans, and he bites on his neck, before he complies and pushes back in a little harder, finding his prostate by some miracle.

«A-ah,» he moans out loud, not even trying to restrain himself anymore. «T-tae, ah. It feels – it feels so good.»

Taehyung seems to get off on the praises, and he starts pushing back in a lot more faster and deeper, hitting his prostate every single time.

«You are so g-good, baby. So t-tight. Love you s-so much.»

He clutches desperately at Taehyung, and marvels at their reflection in the mirror, where Taehyung's big hands are now set on his waist, and they can almost cover it whole. Jeongguk's never liked his small waist, always made him feel like he was a girl, but he's so glad now, 'cause Taehyung's hands get to hold him in place so easily, and he thinks it's perfect. They're perfect.

He can feel it, the arousal growing more and more at the pit of his stomach, and it's driving him crazy. He wants to get off, wants to keep Taehyung inside of him, wants this to never end, but it's hurting him so much, he thinks he might cry from feeling so neglected. He knows he's close. But he wants Taehyung, wants to see him and touch him.

«Turn m-me over. Please, T-Tae, turn me over, I want to s-see you.»

He feels Taehyung's big hands on his waist forcing his body into turning, and soon he's being pressed violently into the mattress, the same hands gripping at his thighs to lift them up and Taehyung rushing back inside of him, harder than he's ever hit him. He lets a cry out, and brings his thighs up to circle Taehyung's middle and hold him tight, while he keeps pounding into him, every trace of pace lost. Taehyung's thrusts are erratic, desperate, and he must be close too, for he feels so unbalanced.

Suddenly Taehyung's hands are gripping his arms, and his arms are being thrown over his shoulders, like he wants him to hug him. Jeongguk gets his arms around his neck and his thighs in place around his middle, and Taehyung keeps pushing hard into him, forcing Jeongguk to scratch at his shoulders.

This feels so much more intimate. Taehyung's unmatched breathing is hitting the skin on his neck, and it almost sounds like a lullaby to Jeongguk. Having Taehyung like this, with his arms and legs wrapped around him and their bodies connected in the most delicious way, feels like heaven. Jeongguk wants to never let go, he wants to keep him like this forever, wants to feel him inside and all around him, he wants to breathe him. Wants to love him, wants to be loved, wants his kisses and his touch – Jeongguk wants all of him. He feels so full and in different ways, thinks his body is gonna burst eventually now, for he feels so much, too much.

A strong sting of pain hits him. His dick is throbbing and hurting so bad now, and he desperately wants to reach out and touch, but Taehyung beats him in time. A big hand wraps around his dick and starts pumping fast, and Jeongguk feels like giving in, unable to keep it in anymore, and craving release so bad.

Taehyung smashes their mouths in what's supposed to be a kiss, but it's just their lips moving without any coordination. «Let go,» he says, «let go and come for me, love. C-Come, Guk.»

Jeongguk bites on Taehyung's bottom lip, and he digs his nails into his boyfriend's flesh. Almost as a response to this, Taehyung slams back into him, hitting his prostate so hard that a single tear goes down his cheek. Taehyung keeps him close, whispering things to his ear that Jeongguk is not fully getting, but he can hear some clear “I love you”s. He wishes he could say it back to him, 'cause he loves him so damn much and Taehyung deserves to know every single second they spend together, but he feels so weak and hurting.

When the orgasm hits him, Jeongguk cries out in relief. He releases onto Taehyung's hand and on his chest, and his body shuts down completely, leaving him in a haze of bliss and confusion. He feels senseless, so light, and the best he's ever felt. He closes his eyes and just breathes out, even if he feels like he can't breathe properly yet. He lazily holds on to Taehyung, his nails retreating in favor of his fingertips gently caressing his skin, and he wishes he could kiss him, slow and sweet.

He's barely aware of Taehyung still riding his orgasm, but when a sudden hot wave releases inside of him, Jeongguk's mouth hangs open. He hears his boyfriend grunting, and then breathing out so loudly, until his grip loses its strength and his body collapses on top of him, sweaty and spent.

They stay like this for what feels like eternity, their sweaty bodies pressed against each other and still connected, neither of them able to let any words out but heavy breathing. Jeongguk finds that he enjoys this, enjoys this moment of after-sex, where they're both lost in their bliss and they're breathing against each other, the air smelling like them, and their bodies wanting to reach out to each other, but too weak to do so. He just lifts an arm to run his fingers through Taehyung's hair, and slides along the back of his thigh with his foot, trying to soothe him. He's slowly coming back to his senses, getting aware of the mess between his legs, feeling sticky and gross. But he will ignore it for now, bringing both his hands to Taehyung's hair and carding his fingers through his slightly damp hair, getting closer to leave small pecks all over his face.

Taehyung hums appreciatively, and he moves on him, hiding his face in the crook of Jeongguk's neck and leaving a single kiss there. When he comes to face him, they lock eyes. They both look and feel so tired, but Jeongguk can't mistake what he's seeing in his lover's eyes: happiness, just pure happiness. He hopes it reflects in his own eyes too.

They smile to each other, and lean in at the same time to share a sweet and loving kiss. When he pulls away, Taehyung looks at him intently, as if he wants to inspect his face. «How do you feel?» he asks, running a hand through his hair.

Jeongguk smiles wider. «Amazing,» he answers sincerely. «The best I've ever felt.»

«Glad to hear that. Do you feel pain anywhere?»

Jeongguk is a little unsure, for his limbs all seem to have broken, but he can feel a sting at the very low of his back, and his ass feels sore. «Just on my back and ass. I think I scratched you, did I hurt you?»

Taehyung gives him a side smile, and lifts a hand to touch behind his neck. «Yeah, a little. But I liked it.»

Jeongguk mirrors his smile, and lifts his eyebrows. «Glad to hear that,» he repeats. He leans in again to kiss him, and they're both smiling so wide it's hard to not let their teeth clash.

Taehyung tries to slide his hand up his thigh, but he instantly scrunches his nose, letting out a sound of disgust. «My hand is full of your come, it's sticky.»

Jeongguk blushes a little at that, but he just laughs. «Yeah, we are gross» he agrees.

So Taehyung pulls out of him and Jeongguk flinches at the sudden emptiness, making him smile. He looks as Taehyung rolls off the condom and he ties it, throwing it in a small bin he must've set next to the bed earlier. Or maybe it was just there and Jeongguk didn't notice.

The next thing he knows, Taehyung is slamming his body hard against his and throwing his arms around him to hug him, planting his dirty hand on his hip. He presses his cheek against his chest for a moment, then turns around and starts kissing the skin there, leaving quick and small pecks at the center.

«Tae!» he calls him, trying to scold him. But he can't exactly hide his laughter, so Taehyung just giggles and keeps kissing him silly, all over his chest until he reaches his face and Jeongguk meets his lips with his own.

«I'm gonna run a warm bath for both of us.»

Jeongguk's eyes twinkle, reminded of the big luxurious bathtub in the bathroom. He feels excited at the thought of taking a bath with Taehyung and just relax, and he pecks him again on the lips.

When he's finally free Taehyung goes to the bathroom and Jeongguk enjoys the full open sight of his naked boyfriend, blushing deeply when he takes notice of the red scratch marks on his back and a few other marks all over his body. Then he smiles, taking pride in what he's made to him.

When Taehyung returns Jeongguk sits back on the bed, feeling very uneasy between his legs and wishing so bad for a bath. He lifts his arms, expecting Taehyung to pick him up and carry him to the bathroom, but his boyfriend just slams back into him, making them both lay on the bed again.

«Tae! What the fuck!»

«Happy birthday, babe!»

Jeongguk shuts up, realization hitting him. He turns his head to check on the clock on his bedside table, and indeed it's past midnight. His phone is lighting up, his friends most likely to send him texts, and he's surprised he's just forgot. He remembers last year, when he was literally counting the minutes down to his birthday just to have something to do, until Taehyung had come to his rescue with a bottle of whiskey, and he almost choked when he tried to drink it. They laughed, and then they kissed. Taehyung took away his first kiss and he didn't even know, and made that the best birthday he could ever have.

This year has been the fullest and happiest for Jeongguk, and it's all thanks to Taehyung. He gave him laughter, affection, and so much love all year round, and he's given it to him the most tonight, when they finally collided together. And Jeongguk loves him, loves him so much, loves him to the point where telling him doesn't feel enough. But he thinks it will do, for now.

So he gently leans in to kiss him, and whispers an “I love you” right against his lips, making Taehyung smile wide. «Happy anniversary, love.»