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Monopoly and Gift Bags

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It was chilly out, but not enough to dwindle the fire of pure nerves in Dean’s stomach. Today was Cas' birthday, so it was definitely the most special day in all of creation. But there was one problem.


Dean didn't have a physical gift to give.


Dean walked up to the front door of Cas’ house, swallowing thickly.


Just a night, right?


He could hold himself together and not fall completely and utterly into a storm of adoration for his best friend. Dean raised his fist, tapping it on the door lightly before he waited for a response.


It was only a few moments until the door swung open.


“Dean! I almost thought you were going to skip.” Anna said, opening the door farther to make way for the Winchester.


A small, courteous smile quirked on Dean’s lips, followed by a slight nod. He stepped into Cas’ house, and god he instantly regretted it.


Cas stood with a group of his friends, mingling and talking shyly just as he always does, those full lips pull up just slight at the corner whenever he talks. He had this wonderful insistent look on his face, passionate while he discussed something with the group.


Dean fucked.


And of course, Castiel noticed his staring, his blue eyes slowly turning to meet his own.


Cas smiled and ignored whatever his friends were saying, his hand swirling the wine within his glass. Their eyes stay locked for what seemed like an eternity, that is until Cas murmured something to the group and started sauntering over.


As soon as Cas was in front of him, Dean could get a good look at his outfit. It was slim fitting dress pants, a dress shirt that hugs his lean frame, and his tie, a deep blue that matched his eyes. Cas’ hair was tousled like he just rolled out of bed.


Damn Dean loved it.


Dean cleared his throat and sheepishly smiled at Cas, rubbing the back of his neck. “Happy birthday, Cas.”


Cas raised an eyebrow and smiled back, looking down at the floor. “Hello, Dean. Thank you.” He looked around the room a bit, sighing tiredly.


“They’re all as talkative as Gabriel. I don’t even know half of them” Cas admitted with a laugh. Dean chuckled at that, Cas was still as introverted as he was in High School, he just got better at staying calm and collected.


“So how’s college treating you?”


“Good. Although studying to be an Environmental Science teacher is hard, but I love the subject. Is the garage going well?” Cas’ eyes became soft and concerned.


Last year he had a bit of a mishap, an engine fell off the shelf near a few fuel tanks, and everything went up in flames. His crew barely made it out alive. After a giant lawsuit for the damage and endangerment of citizens, Dean didn’t have much of a punishment at least, just to pay for the damage and keep all equipment in special safety cases.


“’s good,” Dean said awkwardly.


“Yo! Let’s get this party actually started!” Gabriel hollered, holding up a monopoly board with a mischievous grin.


They all gathered around the table, earning an eye roll from Anna and Charlie. “Try not to break the board! Dean gets a little fussy!” She called.


“I do not!” Dean complained with a stubborn pout.


Gabriel snickered, flopping the board onto the table and placing all the money down. “I call banker. Jus’ sayin’.” Gabe grinned, a cheeky look on his face.


Cas snorted and rolled his eyes. “I call Gabriel on my team, then.”


A look passed between the two brothers that only meant mischief, and Dean squinted at it. “You two aren’t planning something...are you?” He asked suspiciously.


“I don’t know what you're talking about.” Cas retorted with a smug look.


“Uh huh…” Dean hummed.


Ten minutes into the game, Castiel chucked a green hotel at Dean with a scowl.


“Hey!” Dean yelped, glaring and crossing his arms. “Sam. Sue him.” He pouted.


Sam burst out laughing, rolling the dice and moving his player. “Oh calm down ya big baby.” He teased.


“I’m not a baby!” Dean fired back.


“Are too,” Sam said smugly.


“Am not,” Dean said.


“Yep.” Sam grinned.


“No-” Dean started again, but Cas cut him off.


“Oh for god’s sake!” Cas groaned.


Out of the corner of Dean’s eye, he saw Gabriel stuff some money into the bottom of his pile, immediately turning and pointing at him. “Hey! He’s cheating!” Dean yelped stubbornly.


“Am not!” Gabriel denied.


“Are fucking too!” Dean snapped and stood up.


“Dean! Shut the hell up and just play. Stop being a baby about everything.” Castiel said, hiding a smirk.


Dean gawked and slowly sat down, squinting at Cas suspiciously. He pouted and looked away, crossing his arms again. Fucking Gabe and his fucking tricks. God, he was like an annoying in-law.


“Gabe is turning this into a fucking monopoly,” Dean muttered grumpily.


“We are playing monopoly, Dean,” Castiel said in amusement, handing the dice to the pouting Winchester.


At the end of the game, Gabe and Cas won. Which pissed Dean off even more than it should because Gabriel fucking cheated to win. Dean would’ve won if he hadn’t stolen all the money little by little!


“Oh come on, Dean. Don’t be such a pussy.” Gabriel snickered, tossing his money around, smirking proudly. “You just suck at monopoly because you're too busy staring at Cas.”


Dean choked on his spit, turning a deep red.


“No! I don’t stare at him!” Dean said defensively.


Castiel smiled to himself from his spot next to Sam, the two of them cleaning the game up and organizing all the thrown around money.


“You kinda do, Dean. You like...eye fuck him.” Sam said blatantly.


“I don’t! I’m straight! I like pussies and women… Tits!” Dean rambled, glaring at Sam and Gabriel stubbornly.


“The word tits isn't a sentence, Dean. Sorry to break it to you.” Sam corrected smugly.


“Hey. If it helps, Cas is a twink.” Gabriel snickered, bursting into laughter.


“Like hell I am! I’m not a twink!” Castiel squeaked, tossing a pillow at Gabriel and cutting off his hysterical amusement.


Oh yeah, Cas was so a twink. He had a slim body, a round ass that did all sorts of things to Dean’s fantasies at night. Cas had legs that went on for miles, and they’d look great wrapped around his waist. And he could go on forever about those blue eyes. They were timid and stubborn, just all the perfect things that made Dean’s heart beat in his chest.


“Dean. Put your wood away.” Sam said with a chuckle.


Dean suddenly snapped out of it, realizing that he was staring at Cas, a boner poking a huge bulge in his jeans. Cas smiled shyly and turned red, looking away.




“Fuck, um. I’m sorry.” Dean muttered, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.


Thankfully, Charlie chose that moment to burst in, holding bags and grinning. “I come bearing gifts!” She chirped cheekily, setting the gift bags on the table and starting to carry boxes in. Dean busied himself with helping, adding to the pyramid that was already forming on the table. Anna started carrying out a cake, turning the lights off with a smile.


Everyone started singing Happy Birthday to Cas, and Dean couldn’t stop grinning at the huge smile on his best friend’s face.