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Unexpected Gift

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Unexpected Gift

Chapter 10

Tokyo, Japan

Tessa Gray's apartment (4:10pm)

Tessa Gray set down on her couch with a cup of tea with a TV show going on the the background as she drank her tea.

She taking a day off after the long day she had the day before to let her magic rest because unlike other Warlocks she doesn't have as much power as a normal on does because she's half Warlock half Shadowhunter one of a kind and the only one that they know of who's like she is.

Tessa looked out her window form her spot on the couch wondering if her old friend Magnus Bane who's now the High Warlock of Brooklyn is doing. She hopes he is being careful and on the lock out because Valentine is looking for him or so she heard.

She remembers the call she got from her and Magnus's friend and fellow Warlock Catarina Loss asking her if she's seen or heard from Magnus who apparently has a young Shadowhunter who happens to be the youngest Lightwood child who's only 10 years old named Max.

Tessa told them that no she's not seen or heard from Magnus in four months. She told them she'd keep a look out for them and if she see them she'll let them know.

Tessa set her empty tea cup down on her coffee table and gather her magic up in her hands when she felt something or someone portaling outside her apartment building.

~A minute later~

Tessa sighed and let her magic dissipate from her hands as she felt a familiar tingle of magic go through her wards that she knows belongs to Magnus Bane her flamboyant bisexual old friend.

She opened the front door with her magic when she felt Magnus outside her door getting ready to knock on the door.

"Come...on in Magnus I know your here along with a Shadowhunter who I never felt them pass through my wards before. I'm in the living room dear Magnus."said Tessa sweetly to her old friend who's at her one of her many apartments that she owns which happens to be in Japan.

Tessa watched as her old friend Magnus walked into her living room with a short dark haired blue eyed by with glasses who looked to be about ten years old and who is most defiantly a Shadowhunter in training slightly behind him.

What shocked Tessa the most was the small bump on her friends abdomen who had his hands on the underside of his bump pulling the plain black t-shirt that's not something he's own tight against his belly showing the bump he has.

Magnus and Max watched as Tessa Gray stared at Magnus belly in shook mouth opening and closing like she was going to say something, but nothing came out.

"'s good to see you again been about four months. This here is Max Lightwood ….I've told him a little about you before we arrived here." said Magnus looking in to his friends eyes as he and Max waited for her to say something.

Max and Magnus watched as Tessa took in what Magnus said as she slowly came out of her shook at the sight of her old friend's belly.

"It's, good to see you to Magnus and its a pleasure to meat you young Max. come on over here and have a set."said Tessa coming out of her shock before standing up in front of her couch as she waited for the two boys to move into her living room.

Tessa watched as the two boys moved and came in to her room coming to a stop in front of her.

Tessa reaches out and pulled her old friend Magnus in to a big hug both of them with there arms around each other only Magnus bump between them form getting a tight hug.

"It's, a pleasure to meat you to Miss Gray."said Max politely to the twenty something women Warlock in front of him. Who's hugging the pregnant Warlock who growing his niece or nephew inside his belly.

Tessa smiled at the young boy surprised that he was so well mannered with a downworlder considering he's a Shadowhunter in training and most shadowhunters dislike downworlders.

"Well, it's nice to meet a Shadowhunter who's polite to a Warlock."said Tessa as she let go of Magnus and set back down on her couch.

With that Magnus set down next to Tessa with Max setting in his other side way from Tessa.

"Can, I get you guys anything to drink?"asked Tessa politely to her two house guest setting on her couch with her.

Tessa watched Magnus and Max waiting to see if they wanted anything to drink.

"Well, have some tea if you don't mind Ma'am."said Max nicely to the Warlock he met seconds ago speaking for himself and Magnus.

Tessa nodded and with a snap of her fingers tea cup with tea in it appeared in Max and Magnus's hands.

"Thanks."said Max his face surprised when she snapped her finger just like Magnus does and teacup appeared in his and Magnus's hands.

Tessa just nods at Max before she decides to tell the youngest Lightwood to call her by her first name.

"Your... welcome and call me Tessa please dear that's what everyone who knows me calls me."said Tessa giving the young Shadowhunter a big smile as he and Magnus drank their tea.

"Okay, Tessa."said Max shyly to the older female warlock at the other end of the couch with Magnus in the middle of them.

~Few seconds later~

Tessa watched her two guest drink their tea wondering why they decided to come here and what going on with her old friend who is obviously pregnant.

"So... Magnus how far along are you old friend?"asked Tessa curiously as she looked at Magnus who's setting next to her on the couch.

"I'm 13 weeks or 3 months along Tessa dear."said Magnus putting his empty teacup down on the coffee table before looking at the younger Warlock/Shadowhunter next to him.

Magnus and Max watched as Tessa's took that in with a small smile on her face.

"WOW...that great how are you feeling?"asked Tessa seriously with a look on her face as she studied her fellow Warlock.

"I'm, doing okay Tess dear... just some light dizziness and some nausea... no morning sickness as of yet. I'm thankful for that and I'm dreading when it does come."said Magnus truthfully winching when he spoke about morning sickness that should be called all day sickness from what Magnus has heard from others and the internet.

Tessa and Max both felt sympathy for Magnus they both new that morning sickness is no walk in the park and not very fun at all.

"I, feel for you Magnus...i remember what it's like to be in your spot."said Tessa giving Magnus an sympathetic. smile as she talked.

Magnus nodded his head remembering that time long ago when he watched his friend Tessa be pregnant with Will Herondale son and daughter before Will died leaving her a widow.

Max locked between the two Warlocks on the couch with him listing to what they said to each other.

"You... been pregnant and had a baby before Tessa?" asked Max curiously as he looked at the lady warlock with surprise in his young eyes.

Tessa and Magnus both looked at each other and then over to Max Lightwood before Tessa spoke.

"Yes, I have I gave birth to twins a boy and girl very long long time ago."said Tessa softly with a big smile on her face remembering her pregnancy and birth as she talked.

"Oh that's so cool... wish I could have meet them I bet they would have been awesome"said Max sadly because he would never meet them or anyone related to Tessa Grey a half-Warlock half-Shadowhunter like he assumed Alec and Magnus baby would be too.

"Me to Max me to. But you know that your adopted brother Jace just found out that he's a Herondale and that his grandmother is none other then Imogen Herondale. "said Tessa giving Max a small smile after she just talked to him.

"Yes...what about it?"asked Max seriously hoping Tessa will tell him what ever it is she's leading up to.

Tessa looked at both Magnus and Max before she continued with what she was going to say to the youngest Lightwood child.

"Well... I was married to Will Herondale who was the father of my children before he died." said Tessa before she was interrupted by Max before she could say anything else.

"Wait... does that mean that your related to Jace my other brother?"asked Max eagerly thinking that he had just figured out where Tessa was heading to with what she was telling him.

Tessa smiled as she and Magnus watched the young shadowhunters face show wounder at what he just found out from the two Warlock seated on both his sides on the couch.

"Yes...i am he's my great however many great's grandson. Young Max." said Tessa grinning at the 10 year old next to her on the couch.

Tessa watched as the young Lightwood jaw drooped before he picked it up and spoke awed at what he just heard.

"WOW...that's awesome Tessa... I cant wait until the two of you get to meet... Jace's only knows his grandmother Inquisitor Herondale and that's all he's met of his real family." said Max seriously looking at the young lady warlock beside him.

Magnus watched his old friend Tessa and Max talk happy that they seemed to get along pretty good.

"Well, I cant wait for that to happen too Max." said Tessa serious about what she just said to it's been a long time since she's looked in to the lives of her children's children and so on.

A/N:Hope you all liked this chapter more to come soon don't worry Magnus and Alec will face each other some time soon promise guys.