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Unexpected Gift

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Unexpected Gift

Chapter 7

2 days later

July 3,2014

New York Institute (1:30pm)

Alec stood around the table looking up at the monitor screens by it as everyone else went about there day in the big open room of the Institute.

He is waiting for info on where Valentine and his circle members might be and what they want with Magnus Bane. He had already asked his parents who are former circle members where Valentine's old hiding spots where. He had groups of shadowhunters go and check them out and they were all empty and no sign that anyone had been there since the first uprising when Alec was very very young.

Alec looked down at the table that had a map of all of Brooklyn and Manhattan on it trying to see where he thinks that Valentine may be setting up shop and doing all his planing get rid of all the downworlders. Even those who haven't done anything to harm shadowhunters or mundanes who just wont to live in peace until they die.

10 mins later

Alec looked up when he heard high heels come to a stop next to him and he new by the stare he felt on him that it was Isabelle his baby sister who was next to him.

Alec locked up and saw his baby sister right next to him with her arms crossed across her chest giving him a look like she ready to have a serous talk that Alec may not want to have but he knew he wont be getting out of this time.

"Yes.. Isabelle what can I do for you?" asked Alec who knew that Izzy didn't have any information on Valentine's location or on what he wants with Magnus Bane.

They locked eyes as Isabelle sighed and spoke out loud.

"You and I need to talk now and in private were no one else can over hear us Alec." said Isabelle seriously eyes reflecting how serious she is about what she just said.

Alec broke eye contact with Isabelle to look at the table that held the map he was previously studying before Isabelle came back and demanded to talk to him. He sighed before he looked back up at his sister and spoke.

"Okay, lets talk in my office Izzy." said Alec sighing as he took the maps off of the table with one tap before turning back to his sister.

Isabelle watched as he brother looked back at her after getting rid of the maps he had drawn up on the table and used his hand gesturing for her to lead the way to his office that used to be their parents office when they were the heads of the institute.

They left the room and headed to Alec's office to have there talk in private without prying eyes and ears.

Alec's office (1:44pm)

Alec shut the door behind him and his sister before taking his Stele and drawing the silence rune so no one could hear the talk he and his sister were about to have.

Isabelle took a set on Alec office couch and looked up at her brother who was about 3 feet from the couch walking back and forth in a small line waiting fir her to start talking.

"Alec... stop pacing and come over here and sit down on the couch with me please." said Isabelle softly looking at her brother with a small smile on her face instead of the smirk she usually wore around him.

Alec sighed as he stopped pacing and finally followed his sisters advice and went to sit next to her on his new office couch he had bought after getting the head of Institute job as a reward to himself for accomplishing what he's always wanted since he was little.

Alec got comfortable on the couch next to his sister before looking over to her and locking eyes with her.

"What is it that we have to talk about in private?" asked Alec looking down at his hands that we in his lap.

Isabelle watched her brother look down at his hands that are in his lap at the moment and she saw the worry on her brothers face at what they were going to talk about.

"I... want to know what happened between you and Magnus for you to treat him the way you have been for the past few months." said Isabelle seriously as she looked at her older brother who is now the head of the institute.

Silence was all that was heard for a few seconds before Alec spoke.

"What are you talking about Izzy nothing happened between me and Magnus Bane." denied Alec rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants while not looking up at his little sister.

Isabelle eyes and body filled with anger at hearing her brother nothing happened between him and the glittery High Warlock of Brooklyn.

"STOP...LYING ALEC... I know that something happened and so does everyone else. What ever happened affected you, him and everyone around you wither you wanted it to or not Alec. Jace, myself, Clary, Simon, Lydia, Max, Jocelyn and Luke have watched how you been treating Magnus the past few months and it makes us all feel sorry for Magnus and us want to hurt you or knock some since into you. The way your cold to him or ignore him when he's in the same room with you or only talk to him when needed but with a cold and clipped voice. We've seen the hurt in his face and oh his eyes the look in them is so heartbreaking." said Isabelle speaking the truth with a lot of emotion in her voice when she talked about Magnus Bane.

Isabelle watched her brother taken that in and sighed when she realized that her brother wasn't going to say anything at the moment.

Alec couldn't speak just yet after hearing what his sister said to him Magnus. He heard more emotion in her voice when she talked about Magnus then he's heard from her in a while. He knew that he's going to have to tell her what happened between him and Magnus.

"Alec, my Hermano... please tell me what happened it will make you feel better and it will help me understand why you treated Magnus who is also became a close friend of mine and shopping buddy so badly. Because Alec no one deserves to be treated that way no matter what they did." said Isabelle softly but seriously as she reached out and placed her hand on her big brothers arm to give him some comfort to maybe help him tell her everything that happened.

Isabelle watched as her brother looked up from his lap and up into her eyes. She saw how troubled her brothers face was at what she just said to him.

Alec locked eyes with his sister and realized that what she said was right no one should be treated they way he treated Magnus Bane. That didn't help with the doubts he has swirling around in his mind 24/7 since he slept with Magnus Bane.

"Okay, Izzy you win! I'll tell you what you want to know." said Alec giving in to his sister as he looked away from his baby sister and looked straight in front of him.

"Thanks big brother. Go a head and let it all out" said Isabelle glad that her brother was finally going to get everything off of his chest.

Isabelle watched her brother waiting for him to gather himself and start telling her what is going on between him and Magnus.

"We had sex Izzy... that's what started all of this." whispered Alec voice full of emotion as he looked out in front of him instead of at his baby sister.

Isabelle mouth opened and closed in shock at what Alec just reviled to her.

"You had sex with Magnus Bane.. and never told me or Jace." said Isabelle still having trouble with the fact that her brother slept with someone who just so happens to be her friend and in love with her idiot brother.

"Yes, Isabelle I did and it's not anyone's business but mine and Magnus."said Alec seriously to his sister.

Isabelle locked at her brother who was looking straight ahead and not at her as they were having this conversation.

"Alec tell me what happened after you guys had sex." asked Isabelle softly placing her hand on Alec arm.

Alec sighed and nodded to his sister before he turned to look her in the eyes as he spoke.

"After Magnus and I head sex we both fell asleep on his bed next to each other. Then when I woke up next it was 6 in the morning and I realized that I was naked and not in my bed at the institute. When I realized that I looked around the room and saw Magnus next to me on the bed naked sheets around his lower body and his legs entwined with mine under the covers and head on my out stretched arm fast asleep. Then it hit me I had sex with Magnus last night. Then I untangled myself slowly as to not wake Magnus then got dressed in the cloths I wore that night and left heading back to the Institute to shower before the meeting I had at 7:30." said Alec looking away from Isabelle and around his office instead.

Silence swept through the room after Alec spoke and as Isabelle set next to her brother taking in what he just reviled to her in the last few seconds.

"Are you telling me that you slept with Magnus and then left him in the morning with out a note or anything?" asked Isabelle seriously as she looked at her big brother trying to catch his gaze.

"Yes, Isabelle that's what I did." said Alec finally looking up and into his sisters eyes.

The siblings kept there gaze looked as Isabelle took a deep breath before speaking.

" ALEXANDER LIGHTWOOD... how could you do that to Magnus of all people?" asked Isabelle angrily eyes blazing with fury at what her brother did to a sweet man who loves him with all that he is.

Alec's eyes widen as his sister called him by his full name and asking him how he did that to Magnus of all people. She lost him with that last part. He was scared by the anger in his sisters vice and the fury he could see in her eyes as she spoke.

"What, do you mean how could I do that to Magnus? You have lost me Izzy." said Alec stiffly as he looked at his angry sister waiting for her answer to what he just asked.

Isabelle looked at her brother trying to control her anger at her brother for not understanding what he did to Magnus and why she was so upset at him.

"Alexander, what I mean is how could you have sex with that sweet man who anyone could see wants you to be with him and not some other man. Who cares so much about you and what happens to you. Let me spell it out for you Alec... Magnus Bane is in love with you. So can you imagine finally getting the man you want and having sex with him..then falling asleep with him at your side only to wake up in the morning and for him to be gone. No note or anything left behind to show that he had been there at all. Then that same person start being cold to him or ignore him when he's in the same room with them or only talk to him when needed but with a cold and clipped voice. Tell me Alec how would you feel if that happened to you huh?" asked Isabelle slowly losing her anger until it was gone and she looked at her brother with pleading eyes waiting his answer.

Alec looked at Isabelle thanking about what she just said and wondering if she was right about Magnus being in love with him or if that's just an exaggeration of the truth.

Few mins pass before Alec gathers himself enough and answers his sister.

"I'd feel sad, hurt and used?" said Alec truthfully to his baby sister rubbing his hands together on his lap.

Isabelle sighed as she thought that Alec might be starting to understand what Magnus feels and what it might have done to him.

"Then what do you think Magnus felt a pawn waking to an empty bed and no note or anything from the man he loves? Magnus may be century's old but even he has feelings and that can be hurt by people. He must have been heartbroken when he realized that you dressed and then ran from his loft and then again when you started acting like you did to him." said Isabelle watching as her brother looked down to his hands in his lap as she talked.

Isabelle watched as her big brother sighed before looking up at her and speaking.

"I'm sorry I didn't think about what it would do to him when I left that morning or when I started ignoring him and stuff." said Alec looking up from his hands and into his sister eyes.

Isabelle saw understanding in Alec's eyes now and she also saw that he was still holding some stuff in and not telling her everything.

"Alec that's good now when you see him again you should apologizes to him and have a nice long talk with him to set everything straight. But can you tell me what you were thinking when you left his loft the morning after?" asked Isabelle compassionately as she looked into her brothers blue eyes.

Alec sighed rubbing his hands on his pants as he got ready to tell Isabelle his fears and thoughts about the morning after sex with Magnus.

"Okay... I'll talk to him when I see him again and talk through everything promise Izzy." said Alec giving Isabelle a small smile before looking around his office once again.

Isabelle watched her brother for a second before nodding and saying.

"Okay, Alec you do that, but what was going through your head the morning after you to had sex. I think I know what day this happened because the next day was when you saw Magnus again and started with how you acted to him." said Isabelle trying to catch her brothers eyes.

Isabelle saw Alec gulp when she said that she knew which day they had sex because the next day was when he started treating Magnus bad.

She watched as her big brother got up off of the couch and started moving around his office before he answered her.

"Well the first thought went through my head after realizing that I wasn't in my room at the Institute and I was naked was who did I give my virginity to and who house and I at. Then I looked around the room and saw that it was Magnus Bane next to me sleeping naked on my out stretched arm. That when I realized that I had sex with Magnus and that I was at his loft and it was the next morning. I panicked slowly untangled myself from him and dressed left right after as fast as I could. Then I came back here thinking on the whole way back what had I just done. Than I took a shower scrubbed myself washing away any evidence of what I had done with Magnus. Also I was afraid of being just another notch on Magnus bed post or being just on of his latest one night stands that he had then wonted nothing to do with the next time he see's them. I didn't no that he had more then friendship feelings for me Izzy. I didn't no... also I thought what would the High Warlock of Brooklyn want with a Nephilim with so little experience who never dated anyone before. He could have anyone he wants just by looking at them why would he want me, I also thought that he can do better then me and he would soon get bored of me and get rid of me. If that happened I don't no what I would do Izzy." said Alec stopping to look at his sister with fear and uncertainty in his blue eyes.

Alec watched as Isabelle got up off of the couch and came to a stop in front of him taking his left hand in hers before speaking in a soft voice to him.

"Oh... Alec I didn't think you felt that way. Liston to me Alec.. I can understand the panicking at first and the need to flee and the need to shower when you got back. Along being afraid of just being a notch on Magnus bed post, but you would never be a one night stand to Magnus. Alec he loves you and respects you to much to do that to you. And Magnus hasn't been with anyone since the night he meet you Alec you had him from the begins even though it want love right away for him. I know that hasn't been with anyone since then because we talked about one night stand when we went shopping together multiple time Alec, but he wouldn't come out and say that he was waiting for you to me or eventually being in love with you. Besides Magnus probably doesn't care that you have never dated anyone or that you were a virgin before you had sex with him. Maybe he can have anyone he wants but I know that he wants you Alec and no one else I've seen it in his eyes over the last few months. Magnus would never get bored of you and get rid of you Alec that I can promise you big brother." said Isabelle squeezing her brothers hand that she still holding to comfort him as much as she could.

Brother and sister just looked at each other both with thoughts ruining through their minds and thinking about everything they've said to each other so far.

A few mins pass by as they keep looking at each other in silence before Alec talks.

"Okay, Izzy your probably right about it all anyway. Thanks for telling and listing to me.. it really did make me feel better just like you said." said Alec pulling Isabelle in to a hug then letting her go.

Isabelle gave her brother a big smile after the hug she got from him.

"Alec... please tell me how you feel about Magnus Bane please." pleaded Isabelle with her big brother who is also her boss here at the Institute.

Alec and Isabelle locked eyes as Alec thought about what he was going to say to his baby sister.

"I... uh...umm... Izzy the way I feel about Magnus I've never felt this way about anyone.. not even when I thought that I was in love with Jace." said Alec seriously trying for once in his life to talk about his feelings instead of holding them in and never letting them out.

Isabelle could read in her brothers eyes that he was being serious about his feelings about the glittery warlock.

She knew that what Alec felt for Jace was just because he new that he could never have him and he was the safe option for a closeted gay Shadowhunter, but Alec is no longer in the closet he is an out and happy gay man and fellow Shadowhunter who is the head of the New York Institute.

"It, sounds like to me that you have very strong feelings for Magnus that have nothing to do with friendship... I would go as far to say that you are falling in love with him." said Isabelle with a smirk on her face and a knowing look in her eyes.

Alec saw the smirk on his sisters face and the knowing look in her eyes as she said that. He realized that Isabelle is right he does have strong feeling more the friendship for Magnus.

"Your, right Isabelle I have strong feelings for him but falling in love with him that I don't know yet Izzy." said Alec truthfully to his baby sister hoping that it good enough for her.