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Unexpected Gift

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Unexpected Gift

Chapter 6

New York Institute (2:01am)

Alec's office

Alec yawned as stretched in his black office chair as he set behind it. He had been siting behind his desk for almost an hour doing reports that he had to finish and sent off to the Clave as soon as possible.

Everyone else had fished picking up after the party and had gone off to bed for the night but Alec.

Alec sighed and closed the report he was doing and slowly stood up pushing in his chair before he turned off his lamp and office light before he made his way out of his office and down to his bedroom for the night.

Alec's bedroom (2:10am)

Alec laid back and put his head on his pillow and then pulled his blanket up around him. He closed his eyes and sighed as he thought about what unfolded after the party ended hours ago.

He's having trouble believing some of what he was told earlier by Lydia. He couldn't believe that Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brooklyn was hurt and crying because he dance with a male Shadowhunter at the party. It made no since because Magnus could have anyone he could ever wont so why would the High Warlock of Brooklyn be stuck on someone awkward and as inexperienced as him. The answer is he wouldn't there has to be another reason as to why Magnus was crying as he left the party that had nothing to do with him.

Few seconds later Alec was lost in the same thoughts that he has been for weeks and longer.

Alec had no idea that leaving the morning after he had sex with Magnus Bane after coming over upset last night would matter to the Warlock who probably had one night stands all the time.

Alec was embarrassed that morning because he through himself at the bisexual Warlock who flirted with him and everyone else all the time. So he distance himself from Magnus Bane and was cold and ignored him if he could. Even though doing that tore him up inside but it had to be done.

Alec didn't wont to think about what he feels for the Warlock and what he no longer feels for Jace his adopted brother and Clary's boyfriend. He also doesn't want to think about how disappointed his parents or the Clave would be if they found out about him having sex with Magnus and that he has some kind of feelings for him to.

Alec sighed and looked over to his nightstand and saw that his alarm clock said that it is 2:30 in the morning.

He know that he had to get some sleep so that he's wide awake later to help his people find out what the circle and Valentine Morgenstern are up to now and what they may wont with Magnus Bane.

Alec also new that his sister would probably wont to talk to him later alone so she could bother him about what has happened between him and Magnus months ago. He new that he wouldn't get out of it and that he would have to tell her everything that happened between them. He been watching her and he new that she was close to asking him why he was being that way to Magnus Bane.

Alec closed his eyes and shut his brain down and slowly fall asleep for the time being.

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