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Unexpected Gift

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Unexpected Gift

Chapter 2

One Block away from the New York Institute (8:10pm)

Magnus numbly walked down the street heading to a spot where he could open a portal to take him back to his loft without being scene by Mundanes.

He didn't want to think about anything especially what he saw at the Institute involving his beloved Alexander Lightwood.

Magnus was startled when he heard a voice speak from behind him.

"Sir, wait up please?" asked a young male voice jogging to catch up with Magnus.

Magnus stopped and turned around once he heard the young male voice that sounded like it belonged to a child.

What he saw when he turned around was a young boy with glasses, dark hair and blue eyes who looked to be about nine or ten years old. As he looked closer at the boy in the street light he realized that this had to be Alexander's youngest brother.

Magnus watched the young Shadowhunter come to a stop a few feet in front of him. He watched the young boy push his glasses up his face again before they locked eyes.

"Sir are you alright?" asked the young Shadowhunter after taking a few deep breaths after talking.

They both kept their gaze locked on each other when the boy spoke.

"I'm alright young ShadowHunter... but shouldn't you be back at the Institute with your parents?" asked Magnus looking down at into the youngest Lightwood's eyes waiting for an answer from him.

Magnus watched the boy push his glasses up higher on his face before speaking.

"Maybe, but I saw you looking at my brother as he dance with that other guy Shadowhunter. I also saw you crying as you looked at them, before you turned and left. I decided to follow you and make sure your okay." said the young Shadowhunter watching the glittery man before him who was at the most 5 inches shorter then his brother Alec who's 6'4 who's eyes changed from brown to golden-green cat eyes.

Magnus sighed as he realized that he and the youngest Lightwood where going to have a conversation regarding the oldest Lightwood child who's 19 years old.

"Did you now? Young Shadowhunter. It's nice of you to care about the well being of a lowly downworlder like me.. young Max Lightwood, but I'll be okay with time. So don't worry about me." said Magnus giving the young one a small forced smile. Even though he knew he wouldn't be okay with time.

Magnus saw surprise flicker through the young one's blue eyes when he called him by his given name.

"Your a downworlder and you know my name?" asked Max slightly wearily at someone he doesn't know knowing his name.

"yes, Max I'm a warlock and I've known your family for century's... but you look like your brother Alexander that's how I knew who you were. Also your siblings have talked about you a few times when they've needed my help." said Magnus crossing his arms over his chest as he watched young Max.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before Max replied to what Magnus said.

"They have..." asked Max with a smile on his face happy his siblings talked about him to people besides each other and their parents.

"Yes, Max they have." said Magnus happy to make the young Max Lightwood smile happily at what he said.

Magnus and Max looked at each other both thinking the different things.

Max thinking that the way the warlock was looking at his older brother Alec was as if he had feelings for him. It would explain why the warlock was crying from watching his brother dance with another man who happened to be a Shadowhunter.

Magnus thinking that he needed to get the young boy back to the Institute because it's to dark outside for a young boy to be out after dark.

"Sorry... I forgot to ask you your name." said Max blushing bright red embarrassed that he forgot to get the name of the man he followed.

Magnus saw the young bot blush embarrassed at having forgot to ask him his name.
The blush reminded him of the way Alec blushed at the things Magnus said to him sometimes before they slept together and everything went to hell afterward.

Magnus pulled away from those thoughts and replied to max.

"My names Magnus Bane High Warlock of Brooklyn." said Magnus smiling slightly at Max when he told him his name.

Magnus watched as Max's eyes widened as he heard his name and tittle assuming that the young boy had heard of him before.

"You're a High Warlock?" asked Max stunned at that bit of information.

"Yes, Max I am." said Magnus seriously to the young Shadowhunter before him.

"That's so cool." said Max moving his arms behind his back.

Magnus watched the young boy stand in front of him with his hands behind his back waiting for someone to say something.

They looked at each other for a few seconds before Max spoke.

"Mr. Bane... I have a question for you that might be a bit personal, but I'd like to know the answer to it." said Max looking in to the taller man's eyes hoping that he'd answer his question.

Magnus saw how nervous the young Shadowhunter was and that had him dreading what the personal question Max Lightwood had for him.

"Okay, young Max what's your question?" asked Magnus hoping that it has nothing to do with Alec Lightwood his love and father of his unborn child.

Magnus watched as Max looked away from him and to the ground before he talked.

"Well, Mr. Bane... I was wondering if the reason you were crying at the dance was because you have feelings for my big brother Alec." said Max hands moving in front o him from there place behind his back as he talked to Magnus.

Seconds went by with Max fidgeting with his hands waiting for an answer from Magnus Bane.

While Magnus stood before him his face with a sad look on it as the pain in his chest became unbearable as he thought about his love who got him pregnant and now barely speaks to him when the see each other and avoids him most of the time if they are in the same room alone or full of people. His love also is very snappy and cold when he talks to him making Magnus heart brake a little more each time it happens.

Few mins later (8:13pm)

Max looked up when he heard sniffling and saw tears falling down the warlocks face as said warlock wiped them away. He realized that he upset the warlock by asking him that question.

Max also realized that he was right when he looked in to the golden green cat eyes of Magnus and saw the hurt, sadness and love in his tear filled eyes.

"Yes, Max... I've fallen in love with your brother Alexander.. but you can't tell him or anyone Max please... it's for the best that I disappear for a while. Maybe until I can be in the same room with him without it hurting because where not together... or until I can watch him with another guy and fill happiness for him and his man. Or until I can get over my love for him and move on to someone else..." said Magnus rambling on as sobs escaped him and tears fell down his face as he forgot about the child in front of him as he rambled on.

Max listened to everything Magnus said as he rambled on and sobs escaped him along with tears down the warlocks face. He knows how much Magnus loves his brother Alec as he hears Magnus talking about trying to be happy for Alec and who ever he decides to date.

Max rushes forward and through his arms around the warlocks waist pulling him in to a hug.

Magnus continued to sob as he through his arms around the Shadowhunter hugging his waist.

Few mins later (8:15pm)

Magnus pulled away from Max Lightwood and wiped his eye after he finally stopped sobbing.

Max and Magnus looked at each other foe a few seconds before Max spoke.

"Mr. Bane... I promise not to say anything to my brother or anyone, but maybe you should try and talk to my brother... you never know he could have feelings for you too." said Max with a child like innocents in his voice and in his eyes also.

Magnus realized that Max Lightwood is so innocent and young that he doesn't know much about how the world works let alone anything about adult relationships and feeling people may have.

"I don't think that's a good idea young Max... but I'll think about it. Thanks for agreeing to keep this between us it means more to me then you'll ever know." said Magnus seriously to Max as he looks down at him with a tinny smile in his face.

"You're welcome Mr. Bane." said Max smiling at the older warlock before him.

They look at each other for a few seconds before Magnus speaks.

"We should get you back to the Institute Max and you can call me Magnus." said Magnus seriously as a small smile graced his face.

Max nodded his head in agreement with the warlock before him.

"Okay Magnus." said Max sighing as he realized his time with Magnus is up and time to return to his parents and to the party at the Institute.

With that Magnus held out his hand for Max to take before they headed back to the Institute.

Magnus watched as the young Lightwood reached out and took his hand.. with that they started on their walk back to the New York Institute.

Few mins later (8:17pm)

Magnus and Max Lightwood walked in comfortable silence in the direction of the Institute.

They were just walking by a street light when out of know where came Shadowhunters with circle member runes on there necks and there Seraph blades ready for attack.

Magnus released Max's hand as he let his magic flow out of his hands in blue sparks.

Magnus quickly glanced around them and saw that there were about 10 circle members around him and Max in a circle blades raised and pointed at the two of them.

Max grabbed a hold of Magnus's waist and clung to him as he watched the shadowhunters surround them and Magnus blue magic at the ready for when they attack.

Magnus readied himself with his magic to get himself and Max Lightwood out of here no matter what. Even if him and Max have to disappear until they are safe from Valentine. He knew that Valentine most likely knows that Max Lightwood is with him and that puts Max in big danger.

"What can I do for you gentlemen this fine night." said Magnus sarcastically magic flowing through and out of his hands the whole time.

Magnus waited ready to get this over with so he, his unborn baby and it's uncle Max could get to a safe place. So he can let Maryse and Robert Lightwood and his siblings know that Max is okay and safe for the time being.

"Warlock Bane... you come with us willingly and we let Max Lightwood go. But if you don't then Max here will die. Your choice Warlock." said the short blond circle member viciously to the cat eyed warlock before him.

Magnus felt Max tighten his hold around the his waist in fear of the multiple circle members around them.

Magnus knows what he has to do for Max and himself plus his unborn baby.

"How about Not... Max and myself will be leaving and you'll be on your way also." said Magnus seriously to the circle members surrounding him and Max.

Max buried his face in the Warlocks shirt only to come against a bulge extending from Magnus Bane's abdomen. It took a few seconds for it to click inside Max's mind.. the crying at the party, the crying because Alec was mentioned and when he talked about letting Alec go and watching Alec with someone else.
Magnus Bane High Warlock of Brooklyn is pregnant with what he feels like is his big brother Alec's baby.

Max was pulled from his thoughts when two people screamed in pain. He turned his head slightly and watched as Magnus magic attacked two circle members in front of them.. throwing them at lest 3 feet away from them.

Seconds later

Magnus throw more magic at the circle members behind them throwing them 10 feet away before he quickly opened a portal and pulled Max through it closing it behind them.

Seconds later

Vancouver, Canada

Ragor's apartment

Magnus closed the portal behind himself and Max as they stepped in to the living room in Magnus old friend Ragor fell's many apartments.

Max watched as Magnus stumbled his way over to the couch that was in the middle of the living room of the apartment they portaled in to and set down on it before leaning his head back on to the back of the couch and closing his eyes.

He slowly made his way over to the couch that the pregnant Warlock set on.

Max set down next to the Warlock slowly as not to startle the pregnant man.

"Magnus are you feeling okay?" asked Max concerned for the Warlock and his unborn niece of nephew.

Magnus opened his eyes and locked down at the young Shadowhunter setting next to him.

"Yes, Max I'm fine...just a little nauseous that's all.
Are you okay Max?" spoke Magnus his voice full of worry for the young Lightwood with him.

Max shot Magnus a smile before he answered the Warlock who's company he's in.

"I'm fine Magnus really...just a little shaken up by what happen that s all. It will pass don't worry. I'm more worried about you then me." said Max seriously as he locked into the cat eyes of Magnus Bane.

They locked eyes in silence for a few seconds before Magnus said anything.

"Why's that?" asked Magnus eyebrows raised as he stared at the young Lightwood who set beside him.

Magnus watched as his loves youngest brother thought about what to say in replay to that. While he waited with out much thought at to what he was doing his left hand went to his baby bump and he gently caressed it over and over again.

"Because your pregnant aren't you Magnus?" asked Max gently with genital innocent eyes.

Magnus gasped eyes wide...hand frozen on his pregnant belly.

Max stared at Magnus who's cat eyes were wide in shock and surprised at what he said.

Magnus mind was racing Max new he's pregnant... what if...Max hate's him because Alec's first Born will be half-warlock, half-Shadowhunter. What if... he tells Alec to make shore he gets custody of their child and Magnus loses...his to his Alexander for good...with out getting to spent tine with his child or its other father.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by Max grabbing his right hand and giving it a squeeze before letting it go.

"Yes... Max I'm pregnant." whispered Magnus eyes dropping to his pregnant belly as he gently rubbed it in circles afraid of what his baby's uncle might say.

Max watched as Magnus looked down at his lap and rubbing his pregnant belly as he spoke.

They set in silence for a few mins.. Max watching Magnus and Magnus looking at his lap while rubbing his hand over his small baby bump soothingly.

"It's Alec's... isn't it... Magnus?" asked Max softly as he put his hand on Magnus hand not on his abdomen and giving it a squeeze.

Magnus hand on his bump stopped moving and he stopped breathing for a second before turning his head to look at Max with wide eyes. While Max moved his hand off of Magnus free hand.

Max watched as Magnus stopped rubbing his belly and turned his head to look at him with wide cat eyes shocked that he guessed that it's Alec's baby the Warlock is carrying.

He watched as Magnus's hand on his bump started moving in circles again and then Magnus turned his head away from him before speaking in a whispered voice.

"Yes, Max... its Alexander's baby... I'm carrying." whispered Magnus feeling the sting of tears in his eyes and fighting them back and succeeding with it.

Few mins pass in silence between them before someone spoke braking the silence.

"That's.. amazing Magnus, but how far along are you?"questioned Max big smile on his face as he waited for the warlock to answer him.

Magnus turned to face Max and he saw the youngest Lightwood with a big smile on his face as he looked at Magnus.

Magnus new then that he and the young Max Lightwood where going to be fine with what ever may come. Also he realized that Max is excited about the baby and didn't hat ether of them... so maybe everything will be okay.

"I'm 13 weeks pregnant or 3 months pregnant...Max." said Magnus with a truly happy smile on his face while also caressing his lower abdomen lovingly.

Min's later (8:26 pm)

Magnus and Max talked about anything but the baby and Alec.

Magnus sighed before he spoke.

"Max... why don't you watch some TV. While I add more wards to the apartment and then I'll send a fire message to your parents to let them know that your with me and safe. Also that I will return you to them when it's safe." said Magnus standing up and stretching his arms above his head popping his back in the processes and loosening the muscles of his slightly sore back.

Magnus watched Max grab the remote to Ragor's TV before his spoke.

"Okay, Magnus... but let me know if you need my help okay... Don't overdue it... for your and my niece or nephews sake okay." said Max seriously giving Magnus Bane a stern look.

Magnus was touched by his unborn baby's uncle's concern for him and his baby.

"Thanks, Max and I'll try not to overdue it. I'll call for you if I need you...i promise Max." said Magnus teary eyed still by Max's concern for him and his baby.

"Good." said Max flickering through the TV channels.

With that Magnus moved to the front door and started strengthening the wards around the apartment.

Few mins later Magnus finished warding the place and sent a fore message to Max's parents Maryse and Robert Lightwood at the New York institute.

After doing all that he returned to his set in the living room on the couch next to Max and they both watched Tom and Jerry reruns.