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Unexpected Gift

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Unexpected Gift

Chapter 1

Magnus loft Brooklyn New York, July 1,2014.

Magnus Bedroom (7:55pm)

Magnus stood in front of the mirror on his closet door looking at himself as he got ready to attend a party at the Institute. He looked at his stomach where his hands touched the sides of his small baby bump. Where his and Alec's baby is growing deep and safely inside him.

He smiled as he thought about the night their baby was made and what a night it was indeed.

Magnus frowned and tears gathered in his eyes when he thought what happened after that night.

Tears fell down his face as he remembered what happened the next morning and the weeks, months later.

Magnus wiped the tears away even though his heart ached with the way things worked out between him and Alec. He new that Alec has romantic feelings for his Parabatai Jace Wayland and even though Magnus new that Alexander Lightwood is his true soul mate it hurt him that Alec wasn't his and never would be know matter how much Magnus wished he was his.

Magnus pulled himself away from his thoughts and put himself in to getting ready for the party.

Magnus stroked his baby bump for a few seconds before magically applying his makeup.

Then he put on his black jeans that barely fit over his baby bump without being to tight against his baby bump. He then put on a lose fitting yellow button down shirt that his 13 week pregnant belly from everyone for now. Because in a few weeks it would be noticeable and everyone would know he's pregnant.

Magnus looked at himself one more time and liked what he saw. He hoped that know that Alec has come out and told his parents and the Clave that he's gay and the wedding to Lydia is off. That he maybe stood a chance at being with Alec as boyfriends and they could raise their child together once it was born. He also hoped that maybe with time Alec would forget about Jace and maybe start having feelings for him.

Magnus was pulled from his hopes when his cell phone's alarm started going off telling him that it's time to leave for the party. He grabbed his cell off of his bed and turned the alarm off before putting it in his jean pocket.

Magnus made a portal that would put him a block away from the church that was actually the institute in disguise and went through the portal.

New York Institute (7:58 pm)

Isabelle Lightwood looked around the room as the music blared out of the speakers and people danced and mingled with each other.

She spotted her brother Alec and his Parabatai Jace a.k.a their adopted brother standing by the drink table talking to each other.

Isabelle hoped that Magnus got her invite and decided to come and get his man. She knows how much Magnus loves her big brother Alec. She also seen hurt and tears in his eyes as Alec avoids him when they are in the same room or he snappy and cold when he does say something to Magnus.

Isabelle snapped out of her hopes for Magnus and Alec when she saw Jace leave Alec and move to find Clary on the dance floor. She watched them dance for a few seconds before she looked back to Alec who hasn't moved from the spot he and Jace were talking at.

Isabelle watched her brother looking towards the dance floor and she knew that her brother was watching Jace and Clary dance together. She saw the jealous look on Alec's face and she wounded if it was jealousy that Clary had Jace's affection or jealous because Jace had who he wanted. And that the Clave approved of the relationship and the may not approve of who ever Alec wants to be in a relationship with.

Isabelle is happy that Alec came out to their parents and the Clave before he called of his wedding to Lydia. She glad that her parents accepted Alec's sexual orientation and the Clave did to.

Isabelle watched as her little brother Max bounced his way over to Alec. She watched as Alec pulled his gaze away from Jace and Clary and looked at Max when he called for him.

Isabelle saw Alec smile at their baby brother the jealous look leave his eyes as he talked to Max.

Isabelle turned away from her brothers and looked for Simon the vampire boy she'd starting to like as more than a friend.

Few mins later (8:05pm)

Magnus came in to the place they are holding the party at. He looked around the room watching as people talked and some danced on the dance floor to the music coming from the speakers around the room.

Magnus moved father in to the room wiving through people before stopping and looking around the room for Alec.

Magnus finely spots Alec and he freezes tears feeling his eyes at what he see's.

At the same time a few feet away from Magnus stood Lydia Branwell.

Lydia watched as High Warlock Magnus Bane spotted Alec Lightwood. She also watched as tears filled the warlocks eyes. She followed his gaze and saw what caused those tears was Alec slow dancing closely with a fellow Shadowhunter Draco Smith with a smile on his face that reached his eyes as he listened to what Draco was telling him while they danced.

Lydia turned back to look at Magnus Bane only to see tears sliding down the warlocks face one after another smearing the warlocks makeup. She watched as Magnus started to turn away from the couple on the dance floor probable to leave the party.

With Magnus

Tears fell down Magnus face as he saw Alec smiling at the Shadowhunter he's closely slow dancing with who was telling Alec something as they danced.

Magnus heart shattered in to a thousand tiny pieces at what he's seeing. He knew he had to leave before he broke down in front of all the people at the party including Alexander his love and the father of his unborn child.

So Magnus looked at Alec one more time before turning and walking away.

Magnus started to head to the exit of the institute to head home for the night. He had know idea that Lydia saw him and watched him leave with Max Lightwood following him.

A/N: I hope this was a good start for this story sorry the chapters short. I hope to make the other chapters longer. More to come people.